The One Simple Thing We Can Do to Save More Premature Babies

November is Prematurity Awareness Month.   Despite this title, though, it is NOT a way to bring awareness to the awkward Uncle Joe who's always asking you to pull his finger at holiday gatherings.  (You're confusing that with Immaturity Awareness Month, which I believe starts on April 1st.) It IS to bring awareness to the fact that the US is 6th with the highest number of premature ... [Continue Reading]

7 Simple Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Baby’s First Thanksgiving

It's your baby's first Thanksgiving! Your baby will be the center of attention, being gushed over in every corner of the room by relatives who've been waiting months to see your little protégé. It's a combination of excitement and nervousness.  It's your debut as a parent, and you want everything to go perfectly. Every parent has felt that anticipation...and eventually watched it crumble ... [Continue Reading]

8 Simple Ways to Stop Swaddling

Swaddling feels like magic for many parents. It's an instant-soother for babies who depend on it to fall asleep. It's a security blanket (literally) for parents who are looking for ways to calm fussy babies. But somewhere around 4-5 months old, the sweet Smeagol is transformed into a deadly dangerous Gollum. That's because the 4-5 month age range is usually when most babies start ... [Continue Reading]

6 Phrases You Will See on a Safe Baby Sunscreen Label

Downer of the Day:  the American Skin Cancer Foundation says that a single sunburn can double a baby's chances of getting skin cancer later in life. I'm not a fan of those odds. Know what else I'm not a fan of? Peeling dead nasty layers of skin off your husband's back? EXACTLY. That's why God gave me older kids. But this article is about babies, and the thought of having to ... [Continue Reading]