DIY: Build a Baby Car Kit in 3 Easy Steps

Has this ever happened to you before? You're out running errands, when baby feels the urge to empty his tummy of everything he's ever eaten. Suddenly you find yourself in the bathroom, searching your bag for something to mop up your baby, yourself, your diaper bag, and the old lady he unloaded on at the grocery store. At the bottom of the diaper bag, you uncover, like an enthusiastic gold ... [Continue Reading]

It’s Time to Ditch the Baby Scrapbook

[sc:Minted ] Read the words below, and then tell me how those words made you feel. the baby scrapbook Did you feel warm and fuzzy, thinking over all the memories and "firsts" you've captured over the months/years of your child's life? Or did you feel an ache deep in your soul of time lost and memories faded? Did guilt-hit you over the head like a bag of bricks? (Of the non-Lego ... [Continue Reading]