Do You Need a Baby Sleep Consultant?

You know, the answer isn't an automatically a YES. Some parents really don't need to use a baby sleep consultant.  (Keep reading to find out if you're one of them!) I realize that since I do sleep consultant stuff as a profession, I may need to go the extra mile here to emphasize my honesty. *placing my hand on a Bible* Heather, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and ... [Continue Reading]

A Little Royal Baby Advice: Raise an Aragorn, Avoid a Joffrey

Brace yourself. Royal baby obsession is about to launch into a whole new orbit. If you thought the wedding was bad...wait for the heir. And since I'm always happy to find a new obsession, I'm jumping into the frenzy. After all, I do have a website about babies. Ignoring this royal birth would be a cardinal Internet sin. So the challenge is, how do I discuss this birth in a way ... [Continue Reading]

10 Weird Things About Childbirth Worth Laughing Over

There are few things about childbirth many mothers would rather forget. I'm not talking about pain. (Thank you, Mr. Epidural...) I'm talking about all that OTHER STUFF. Things we didn't realize were going to happen, and then happened, and now our husbands have excellent embarrassment ammo for public gatherings. The moment has come for me to rise up and free future generations of ... [Continue Reading]

The Muppets Solve Your Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding is something we mothers look forward to during pregnancy. We want to experience that feeling. The feeling of looking down and seeing our little rooting newborn nestling in, getting nourished from our body. It's one of the amazing things about being a woman. So when those plans go awry, and nursing doesn't just "take off and fly" like we were expecting it to, it's one of ... [Continue Reading]

Should I Breastfeed? Free Download to Help You Find the Answer

Should I breastfeed my baby? It's such a tricky little question. The politically correct answer is so simple: Yes.  Breast is best. But life is rarely that simple. Breastfeeding is more than just you, your baby, and a boobie.  It's a lifestyle. It's an art. It may come easily to you and your infant.  Or it may take a lot of adjusting and endurance. It's ... [Continue Reading]

The 8 Best Products for a Congested Baby

We want to fix it. We want to make it all better. But there your infant lies, looking at you with that sad "I feel like crap. Why aren't you fixing this?" expression. His face is sporting a yellow mustache of crusty nastiness.  The thought of touching that nose... It takes the strongest act of sacrificial love you can muster to wipe away the snot crystals. Friend, you're not ... [Continue Reading]

Avoiding My Typical Craft Disasters! First Birthday Invites Reborn

There is a reason I have not scrapbooked my children's first birthday invites. What is that reason? They always suck.  ALL-WAYS. Trust me. My kids will thank me for not trying to pretend they were worth keeping. You see,  I am a walking craft-disaster. Hobby Lobby has banned me from their store for "glue gun malfeasance". (In my defense, I swear her hair always looked ... [Continue Reading]

An Important (Gag-Free) Baby Poop Color Chart

Your infant: a Picasso of Poo. A Gucci of gastrointestinal wonders. Brown is so last year as a baby poop color, and your infant knows it. She's a fashionista. She makes STATEMENTS. The test, as the parent of such an artsy-fartsy baby is to be able to identify which of those statements are "personal expressions" and which baby poop colors are the flashing red lights of ... [Continue Reading]

How to Be Your Own Anne Geddes with Baby Photo Props

{Make Photos Worth Sniffling Over} I have a love/hate thing going on with Anne Geddes. The love side: Awwwww!! Look at those two infants dressed as cabbages!! The hate side: Phhhffftt. My kids are a LOT cuter than those two fat babies... And therein lies the problem with Anne Geddes. She takes cute photos, yes. But the photos are of nameless kids that don't mean anything to ... [Continue Reading]

22 Things You Want Inside Your Infant Medicine Cabinet

Just because I was curious, I did a Google search for "infant medicine cabinet" yesterday. Wow. What year is it again? Because, looking at those lists I could have sworn it was 1987. One article listed things like "a hot water bottle", "tongue depressors", and "a small spoon" for giving medication. Seriously? A small spoon? That is, like, sooooo last century. Surely, in this ... [Continue Reading]