The Best Brain Boosting Baby Toys: a Just-in-Time Buying Guide for Parents

The Best Brain-Boosting Baby Toys Don’t just buy a random “pretty” toy for your baby.

You want the best baby toys that will boost those brain cells all the way to Sheldon Cooper Status. 

And since you’re WAY to tired to sort through all the awards and sift through the “best of” lists, I thought I’d be a friendly neighbor and do all that research for you.  🙂

What are friends for?  

Best Brain-Boosting Toys for Babies
0 – 3 Months

The Best Brain-Boosting Baby Toys

1. Jonathan the Clacking Caterpillar (Haba)   |  2. Firefly Take Along Toy (Lamaze)
3. Baby Art Cards (Wee Gallery)   |  4. Sleep Sheep  (cloudB)
5. Stim Mobile (Wimmer-Ferguson)   |  6. Tummy Time Cruiser (Bright Starts)        
7. Alphabet Zoo Stroller Toy (Skip Hop)

Best Brain-Boosting Toys for Babies
3 – 6 Months

The Best Brain-Boosting Baby Toys

1. Scrubble Squirt Set (Boon)   |  2. Dazzle Dots Monkey (Taggies)
3. Musical Cube Activity Center (WolVol)  |  4. Cloth Peek-a-Boo  Forest Book  (Lamaze)
5. Sensory Ball Set  (Sassy)   |  6. Jungle Quest Jumper (Evenflo)
 7. Winkel  (Manhattan Toy)

Best Brain-Boosting Toys for Babies
6 – 9 Months

The Best Brain-Boosting Baby Toys

1. Baby Beads Wood Rattle (Manhattan Toy)  |  2. Laugh & Learn Singing Storytime Puppy  (Fisher Price)
3. One Two Squeeze Blocks (B. Toys)  |  4. Treehouse Wooden Stacker (Manhattan Toy)
5. Tobbles Toys  (Fat Brain)  |  6. My Busy Town Cube  (Alex Toys)
7. Clack & Slide Activity Ball (Bright Starts)

Best Brain-Boosting Toys for Babies
9 – 12 Months

The Best Brain-Boosting Baby Toys

1. Pound and Tap Bench (Hape)  |  2. 12-Piece Nesting Block Set with Animal Friends (Djeco)
3. Jungle Jingles (B. Toys)  |  4. Sit to Stand Learning Walker (Vtech)
5. Pop-Up Peg Men (Original Toy Company)  |  6. Laugh & Learn Greeting Globe (LeapFrog)
7. Zig Zag Ball Run (KidKraft)

Best Brain-Boosting Toys for Babies
12 + Months

The Best Brain-Boosting Baby Toys

1. Farm Sound Blocks (Melissa & Doug)  |  2. Poppin’ Play Piano (Arshiner)
3. Water Blocks  (Plan Toys)  |  4. Puzzle Stacker (P’Kolino)
5. Indoor Baby Swing (Haba)  |  6. Shape & Sort it Out (Plan Toys)
7. Mozart Musical Cube  (Munchkin)

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Heather Taylor

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The Best Brain-Boosting Baby Toys

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  1. Calculator! Genius!

  2. daniel adetunji says:

    Amazing toys!

    I’ll sure shop and get one of these for my kids

  3. Hi, your suggestion of #6 in the 3-6 month section, does not “strengthen muscles for crawling and walking”. Jumpers and Exersaucers are just baby sitters and do not help to strengthen the muscles needed for crawling and walking. They give infants too much support. They do not promote strengthening of a baby’s core muscles that are needed for rolling, sitting and crawling. Tummy time is the essential activity to promote at 3-6 months so that neck, shoulder, trunk and hip muscles develop for independent sitting and movement. 🙂 Debbie (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

  4. I actually disagree! My son had low muscle tone and it was recommended to me by his therapist to put him in his jumperoo for 15-30 minutes a day. That, along with other exercise did help to strengthen his leg muscles! I believe you’re right on the money, Heather! Great suggestions!

  5. Heather – love your site. Just a note – B. Blocks under toys for 6 to 9 months are not BPA free..they are made of plastic so I didn’t order them. Just fyi.

    • Thanks Toan! Just because something is plastic doesn’t mean that it has BPA. There are plastics that are made in a different way that don’t have BPA in them. That’s the case of these blocks – they are plastic, but they aren’t BPA plastic. (Make sense?)

      That said, if you’re not comfortable with them, no pressure! There are plenty of wooden blocks out there that may be a better fit. Have you seen these wooden periodic table blocks? Pretty cool…

  6. Love love love Lamaze Baby products! They are fantastic for little ones.  

  7. Thank you Heather!!! Your research is a huge help to moms! It’s a beautiful compilation, and I’m sure everyone can find a new developmental toy that would enhance their child’s play and development!

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