How to Be Your Own Anne Geddes with Baby Photo Props

{Make Photos Worth Sniffling Over}

I have a love/hate thing going on with Anne Geddes.

baby photo props

Wouldn’t this mean a lot more
if it was YOUR baby?

The love side:


Look at those two infants dressed as cabbages!!

The hate side:


My kids are a LOT cuter than those two fat babies…

And therein lies the problem with Anne Geddes.

She takes cute photos, yes.

But the photos are of nameless kids that don’t mean anything to me.

Now, if she were to come and take photos of my kids

Well then…

I would have to shamelessly plug all her products.


But since she hasn’t called yet to set up an appointment *ahem* let me introduce you to a more meaningful alternative to an Anne Geddes’ book.

The World of Baby Photo Props

Baby photo props are the little details that move a picture from “That’s cute” to “Awwww! I love that photo!”  *tear wipe*

It could be an entire outfit, a gnome’s hat, a fuzzy blanket, hammock, or even a simple stunning headband.

Sure, you can use the limp plastic flowers at Sears for your photos.

Your baby will be adorable, and the photos will be much appreciated (and then buried in the junk drawer).

But sometimes adding just a little something can enhance the standard baby photo props at the studio and transform them into a frameworthy memory you’ll be proud to display for generations to come.

Something like this…

baby photo props discount code

And in the wide world of baby photo props, no one does it finer than Beautiful Photo Props.

They do such a good job, in fact, that I practically wet myself with excitement when owner Kimberly offered to sponsor one of my Mystery Mom contests this fall.

After all, I’m a bit of a shopping snob (ask my sister) and only want the finest things for my friends.  Her baby photo props fit perfectly!

Kimberly ALSO created an exclusive coupon code just for Incredible Infant readers

(Yay You!)

Here it is ladies and gentlemen!  Use MYSTERY20 to capture 20% off your entire order.  (That’s entire! not per-product!)

baby photo props coupon code

The Woman Behind the Baby Photo Props

This week I “sat down with” (READ: emailed) fancy fiber artist Kimberly to discuss her wonder-shop and how it’s revolutionizing baby photography one regular non-celebrity family at a time.

What inspired you to start your Etsy store?

My mother taught me to crochet and knit when I was a young child and it became a passion of mine…over the years I came up with different quirky things to make for myself and friends 🙂 Imagine my delight when I found out about Etsy and could bring my designs to others! When I began on Etsy I was solely creating adult accessories such as scarves, hats, cowls, fingerless gloves, etc in my first store, Beautiful Bridget.

But my love of photography came into play and I began making props for newborn photo shoots and just fell in love! Baby hats, cocoons, baby eggs, stork sacks, headbands…there’s just too much to mention 😉  To create an item that is used in a parents’ first portrait of their new little one is such a blessing and overflows my heart! These are portraits that will be in a family for life and it thrills me immensely to be a part of that!

Which product is your personal favorite?

One of my absolute personal faves is my Cream Bunny Set.  Sooooo adorable!

baby photo prop bunny

I can totally see why this is Kimberly’s favorite!

Tell me a little about the non baby photo prop side of your life?

I’ve been happily married to the man of my dreams for almost 25 years now and have two beautiful daughters that bring me more joy than you can imagine. One is a crafter, web designer and owner of a popular fashion blog…the other is a writer and artist. I’m so completely proud of the women they’ve become!  We live in the heart of the Ozarks in Missouri and love it here!

What do you do when you’re not creating and designing?

I love to spend any free time I can get with my nose stuck in a book or photographing something (yep, you can pretty much always find me with my Canon in my hands 😉 I thank you for stopping by my little part of the Etsy community 🙂 I’m so incredibly grateful for the “job” that God has blessed me with…I hope to do this for the rest of my life and be a blessing to others!


The Secret is Out, Anne!

Well, Anne Geddes, I hate to say it…but your secret is out.

The regular ‘ole Joe and Jane Parent can replicate your stunning results easily with a good baby photo prop.

If you’ve used photo props in your memory-making, I’d love to hear what you used!

Help us think beyond the standard silk-flowers-in-a-bucket props and move the creativity to a whole new level!

Share your prop tips in the comments.
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