7 Incredible Reasons to Subscribe to the Incredible Infant Newsletter

7 Reasons You Should Subscribe to the Incredible Infant NewsletterLet me get straight to the point.

I think you should subscribe to my newsletter and I’ve got seven incredible reasons why I think so.

Incredible Reason #1

You have a baby.

The Incredible Infant Newsletter comes straight into your Inbox with bite-sized (and virtually delicious!) morsels of entertaining parenting tips you can quickly absorb and apply in your daily life.

Incredible Reason #2

I don’t have a baby (at the moment).

Since my crib is a bit empty, when I get product review requests I have to turn to my CLOSE BABY-HOLDING FRIENDS (clue: this is you) as testers.

Incredible Reason #3

I’ve always got a new free infographic or ebook in the works.  Guess who gets free advance copies for feedback?

Yep. Subscribers.

Incredible Reason #4

I’m just like you. I have good parenting days…and less-than-stellar parenting days. (Like this one.  Or this one.)

This isn’t a newsletter put out by a team of 12 marketing experts.  It’s just me, my laptop, and a French Vanilla Latte (or two).

Incredible Reason #5

Every now and then I will get wind of an amazing baby freebie or coupon code.  If it’s good enough for my jaw to drop, it’s good enough to share with friends.

Incredible Reason #6

I will keep you informed on all the latest baby product recalls every month.

Each month I send out a “Baby Recall Alert” telling you the baby items recalled that month and giving you a PDF that includes every infant item recalled since January 2012.

Think recalls are rare?  I had SIX recalled products in my home last year.  And I shop where you shop.  In Normalpersonland. 

Get yourself on my “keep me updated” recall email list here. 

Incredible Reason #7

The Incredible Infant Newsletter is just enough of what you need, and nothing that you don’t.

I don’t email you every day with Buy This Now! crap.

I also don’t send out anything that doesn’t make me chuckle to myself at least once.  Laughter is infectious, and parents (especially the parents of babies!) need more of it.

I write each newsletter specifically with you in mind. If you are struggling about some aspect of parenting, tell me about it.

There’s a very good chance other parents are struggling with it too.

(Just hit reply to any newsletter, and since I’m a person and not a spambot, I will actually respond!)

A Free Gift Because I Think You’re Awesome

Okay, there’s actually an 8th incredible reason I think you’ll want to subscribe.

I didn’t count it on my list because it’s a “sometimes here, sometimes not” benefit.

Fortunately, for you, it is currently in the “here” mode.  (Otherwise, this post would have had a polite ending 4 lines ago.)

Every now and then I like to give away one of my ebooks for free.

These aren’t your standard “Isn’t that nice.  A 10-page pamphlet.”  kind of gifts.

They are actually useful. *gasp*

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  1. Aryana Delbrey says:

    II Foud Your Page Through A Link ON Facebook, And I Fell In Love. I’m A First Time Mom Of 5 Week Old Baby Girl, Lola 🙂

    I Look Forward To Getting Deeper Into Your Site And Learning From You And All Of Your Subscribers!

    One Topic Id Love To Hear More About Is Venturing Out With My Newborn. I Have Major Anxiety About Leaving The House With Her By Myself Even Just To Run To The Store For Something Simple, Forget About Having Lunch With Friends! I’m Fine When My Husband Is With Us Of Course, But He’s In The Army And Will Be Leaving Us In January For A YeaR And I’m Afraid I’mGoing To Turn Into A Hermit While He’s Gone. I’m Not Afraid Of Germs, OR Crowds, I’mAfraid Of Being Able To Juggle Her And WhatIf She Starts Screaming And I Can’t Get Her To Stop? OR What If She ExplodesHerDiaper And The Changing Table Is Broken In The Public Bathroom? Basically, Id Love To Hear TIps & Tricks When Traveling/ Running Errands With Babies. 🙂

    • Aryana, I’m so glad you are enjoying the website! And BIG TIME CONGRATS on your precious baby girl! The first step of overcoming anxiety is acknowledging the things you can do, and getting help for the things you can’t. As for screaming…all babies end screaming at some point. Eventually they just get tuckered out and fall asleep. The single best gift I can give you, friend, is to get some ear plugs. I cannot TELL YOU how they help a parent stay calm and give the tender love a baby needs, without feeling like your head is going to split.

      I love your idea about tips and tricks for running errands. I’m writing it down in my book for a future post. Thanks Aryana! I’m sure other mothers have similar worries and concerns.

  2. I am a 1st time mommy and have a 2week old. I am so lost and could use any advise I can get. My baby just sleeps and eats and sleeps pretty good through out the night. Should I worry about putting him on a schedule so early or when should I start this schedule? He will only sleep in his rock n play does not like the flat bassinet will this be a problem later when we start using the crib? Sometimes at night like last night it took him about 4 hours 8pm-11pm of feeding n rocking in my arms for him to finally fall asleep is this normal or what can I do to lessen this time?

    Thank you
    1st time mommy

    • Danielle Miller says:


      You are doing such a great job! It’s such a big deal being responsible for a brand new human being, it can seem overwhelming! Take a look at this article but also know that you are already doing the most important things, feeding him (!) and helping him get some good sleep. The Rock N Play is, in my mind, one of the best inventions of the past few years! 🙂 It worked so well for our youngest. She wouldn’t sleep in her bassinet either but loved the Rock N Play. When the time came to transition (probably around 4 months is best or a little sooner if you have an active little one) she was just fine in her crib.
      Keep up the good work, mama! And Congratulations!!!

  3. Pedi says he’s perfect Also doctor said he’s eating quite well from the weight gain we notice. We are only breastfeeding at the moment. Not sure if you need to know this Info.
    Thank you
    1st time mommy

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