How to Fix the “Baby Not Sleeping” Nightmare

How to Fix the No Sleeping Nightmare By far the worst part of babyhood is the utter exhaustion.

The nightly ritual of dragging yourself from sweet happy slumber into “mom and dad” mode.

Walking, feeding, shushing, singing…all to comfort our helpless brood into snoozes.

We cross our fingers and hope for a “good” night, where we lull them into sleep and they stay that way until morning.

My purpose in writing this article is to share the different ways Incredible Infant can help you overcome the challenges of getting your baby to sleep consistently in the first two years of life.

It all began…

It was around December 2013, when I realized that people needed more than just “my experience” to guide them.

Yes, I’d successfully sleep coached my three kids to become good baby sleepers.

But that’s only three.  Out of trillions of children.

So I decided to get an education.

I registered, attended, studied, and was tested to become a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach. 

Becoming a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach was a lot of work!  It required over 160+ hours of classroom instruction with sleep experts and medical doctors.  I’m also required to take yearly classes for continuing education credits.  If there’s a development in sleep science, I will know about it!

Since then I’ve had the joy to work with hundreds of families on their baby’s sleeping struggles – through my online webinars and one-on-one via Skype and Facetime.

If you feel hopeless towards your current sleeping situation, let me help you.

Here are the various ways you can get encouragement and practical help to conquer these sleeping issues at Incredible Infant.

Sleep-Focused Articles

Every month I try to write at least one sleep-related post or article that offers practical helpful advice. Consider it your free “Baby Not Sleeping” reference library.

The Baby Napping Know-How Webinar

Napping Know-How Baby Sleep Webinar

The Napping Know-How Webinar is designed to help parents who are struggling with anti-napping babies.  It’s designed to be a humorous, fun away to learn some very down-to-earth tricks you can use to coax longer and longer naps.

It also comes with bonus worksheets and ALL my course notes!  So all you have to do is drink some coffee, laugh at a few of my jokes, and be encouraged that you’re actually doing something about those pesky naps!

This nearly 2-hour class is only $20, and you will have immediate access to a replay, if baby calls you away.  (Life.  It happens.)  The class is offered 3 times a week at various times to fit your schedule.

Read more about the Napping Know-How Webinar.

Baby Sleep Workshops Done Live Online

Baby Sleep Coaching Workshops

A Quiet Home Baby Sleep Workshop is a LIVE online workshop where we go over your child’s specific case history and I walk you through, step-by-step how to create a personalized sleep plan that will work for your family.

We go over several effective ways to wean your baby off unnecessary night feedings.  We will talk about the one sleep-killing thing you could be doing right now (and not even realize it).

By filling out a special assessment several days early, I get to look over your child’s history and then structure the workshop to speak to your baby’s specific situation. 

Due to my personal time limitations, I only offer the workshop once every few weeks for only 4 families at a time.  (Any bigger than that, and I can’t give individualized instruction.)

Babies of ALL ages are welcome during the workshops.  If your baby isn’t quite ready for formalized coaching, I will work with you to create a sleep shaping plan for NOW, and a sleep coaching plan for later!

Click here to get more information on this opportunity.

One-on-One Coaching with Me
via Skype for 4-5 Weeks

The last option I have to help parents struggling with their child’s sleeping habits (from 18 weeks through 6 years), is one-on-one extended coaching with me personally.

Clients fill out a full assessment for me, and then we met (in person or via Skype) to discuss in detail your situation and work on an extended plan.  Then we continue to meet together over the next 4-5 weeks to make changes, answer questions, and tweak until your little one is snoozing like a hibernating bear.  

It’s me and you, working through your baby’s little quirks and struggles.

Unfortunately, similarly to the workshops above, since I only do this baby-thing part time, I can only accept 2 (or rarely 3) of these clients every month.  

I’ve never had an unsatisfied family.  ALL of my families have reached their sleeping goals during our time together.  So you can see it’s a worthy investment if you’re at the end of your rope.

Please email me at if this interests you, or if you have any questions about how this would work.



  1. Hi Heather,
    I think your site is awesome and has offered some really good tips. I have simple question to ask: What do I do if my baby suddenly looks really awake after I put her down “drowsy but awake” and fights to sleep?
    I started to implement a nap/bedtime routine a few weeks ago and it went well. I’d get pretty good at capturing the sleepy window and take her into the room, read a book and sing a song. Her eyes would get droopy and I’ll put her in bassinet and she would doze off just like that and sleep 45min-1.5hr naps.
    But lately, her naps are totally wonky and she’s been waking up tons at night too. Is this the 4month sleep regression that I’ve been dreading? (she’s almost 17weeks).
    It’s gotten so bad that she now will only sleep 35min naps and wake almost every hour at night with us rocking, patting, shushing and holding her till she is asleep before putting her down.
    We are so exhausted, how can we continue to put her down “drowsy but awake” so she can learn to self soothe, but not exhaust her from not being able to fall asleep?

    She is so sleep deprived she yawns already within 5min of waking up only lasts barely 1.5hr before she gets really tired and cranky. Which means I’m putting her down for naps all day. Help!!

    • Thanks Sharon! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Firstly, it sounds like you’re doing a great job of locating her natural sleep window. That’s wonderful. 🙂 It sounds like she may not be ready for sleep coaching. I would go back to doing “what works” for a few more weeks. Try the “Drowsy but awake” thing for the morning nap only for a few days, since the morning nap is usually the easiest. When she’s ready to sleep coach (after her 4 month milestones – you’ll notice she’s a lot more alert during the day), then start concentrating on the nighttime sleeping habits first. If you’re still having trouble, sign up for my workshop so we can go over her history form and then talk out a workable and effective coaching plan. 🙂

  2. I have a question for you. My baby is almost 7 months and resists to stay asleep in the crib for more than an hour before she starts sitting up and crying where I have to pick her up and soothe her back to sleep. So in order to get more sleep, I’ll let her sleep in the rock n play Which she does great in, till she’s starting to sit herself up and fold forward to sleep. What can I do to help prevent her waking up every hour in her crib? (And the only other issue is we are staying over at a friends house for a little while so the cry it out method is a no go at the moment. So any other advice? Thank you!

  3. Angela Maldonado says:

    I absolutely love your website and spend all my pumping time browsing and reading everything I can off of it. My baby just turned 3 months. Is it too young to sleep train? When would be the ideal age to take your web class? He was going to sleep around 9:00-9:30pm since 6 weeks and around 10 weeks he was sleeping from that time till about 3:30-4:00am. He is super inconsistent but always waking within the same hour. Lately I have been trying to teach him to go to sleep on his own during the day and he refuses, making his naps super short and at weird times. I’m frustrated cause now I’m also waking every 3 1/2 or less hours per night. Is this because he is so overtired from
    Horrible naps during the day? He has a horrible slew crutch of nursing to sleep which I am trying very very hard to stop but sometimes I’m so tired I give in, but that doesn’t even seem the problem during the evening cause he will nurse from 9-10 and then be wide awake till 11. Should I put him in his own room? Is overstimulated (tv) holding him back at night? Ok I know I asked a lot I’m just not understanding why he is going backwards in hours of sleep at night. Thank you so much for your time.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It makes sense to me why you would have a lot of questions; helping your baby sleep can sometimes be a complicated process with so many factors! 🙂
      I’ll try to answer your questions in order: at 3 months I don’t recommend sleep coaching (or training). Instead, I encourage something called Sleep Shaping – where you work on finding a good daily rhythm and work on other outside factors to help your baby sleep better. (Heather helps parents on sleep shaping in her Sleep Workshops – you can see details here) That answers your next question about when would be a good time to take the webinar. Now, is a great time! 🙂 Another factor, and it sounds like this might be a big one for him, is the three month growth spurt. If that’s what has been going on, you probably have seen improvement already. Regarding nursing your little guy to sleep, take a look at this article. Heather talks specifically about helping your little one go to sleep without having to nurse him to sleep.
      Hope this helps! You can do this, you are such a good mommy… looking for answers (browsing and reading every time you pump!) and working with your little one. Keep it up!

  4. Samantha Davidson says:

    Hi! Your website is very informative and enjoyable to read!
    I’ve been blessed with a wonderful baby girl who will be 4 months on the 1st. Since birth she has had incredible head and neck control and this has led to her being a stomach sleeper. She was up to 7 hours at night (from midnight to 7) and some healthy naps during the day but all of this changed a few weeks ago and I am exhausted. Is this just the 4month sleep regression everyone tells me it is? She is up every 3 hours at night and day naps are maybe 20 minutes long now.
    I really want her to be a great sleeper again and worry that I have to start all over with swaddling to get her used to sleeping on her back but she is rolling!! Can I make her a convert in a happy and healthy way? I am open to any suggestions at this point as I’m a zombie……eeek!
    Thanks again,

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It can be SO hard to feel like you’ve gone backwards in the “learning to sleep” process! The first thing I should say is you do not want to swaddle her at this point. As soon as your little one starts rolling over the swaddle can be dangerous (there is nothing more scary than finding your baby swaddled and face down in their crib!). Teething can be part of the picture at this point and of course, growth spurts. Look for clues, is there a lot of drooling and fist chewing going on? If so, take a look at this article. If it’s a growth spurt then she should be through it soon and back to better sleep. I recommend you take a look at this article. It will give you some ideas for helping her settle down to better sleep again. And here’s one more for good measure. 🙂

  5. Hi there-

    First off, thanks for all the great info – your site is such a help! I’m hoping you  can shed light on something going on with my 2.5 month old. She has been somewhat of a mess with naps and night sleep for the past three weeks. Thanks to the Healthy Sleep Habits book, I’ve been able to get her down within the 1-2 hour window just fine, but the issue with the naps is that she doesn’t stay down. As she goes to that next sleep cycle, she wakes up…every time. After reading all the tips about how to get babies back to sleep (most of which don’t work for us), I find myself hovering over my daughter at around the 3o min mark and when she starts coming out of her sleep (specifically when she starts crying, which is almost always the first thing she does), I find what works is the paci. But we go on for around 30 mins of my having to give her the paci everytime she tries to transition back in to that cycle. It’s not that she stirs when the paci falls out, it is that every few mins or so from that initial wake up, she jolts herself awake, cries and then the paci goes in. Eventually she does go down for the longer haul.

    If helping my daughter in this way (i.e. hovering over her for 30 mins each nap as she gets to a deeper sleep) is only temporary and she will figure out how to transition soon enough, then great, I’ll carry on. But if there is something else I need to be doing, I’d certainly appreciate the recommendations.

    As for the night sleep, we have done some adjusting to her evening schedule, and she is sleeping much better these past few days. I’m hoping this better evening sleep will help with the nap issue.

    Many many thanks,


    • Danielle Miller says:


      Congratulations on your little one! I’m glad to hear the nighttime sleep is going well for you, it was worth the work, huh?

      I am wondering if your little one needs to feel more secure in her crib (assuming that she’s in a crib, is she?). I have three options to suggest. The first is swaddling (unless you are doing this already!). If she is jolting herself awake this can help keep her calm and still. The next is, try a Rock N Play. My youngest LOVED this. She felt very supported (almost like being in her mother’s arms 🙂 ). My last idea is to try the sling that Heather describes in this article. This should also help your little one feel more secure.

      I also, always recommend Heather’s nap webinar. It’s full of helpful napping suggestions. The best $20 you will spend (more sleep for you and baby is worth a lot)!

  6. Sabrina Greer says:


    My 5 month old (born Oct 1) absolutely hates his crib.  I have been trying to put him on a sleep schedule and naps in the crib but as soon as he hits the crib, screaming begins.  I’m not talking crying or fussing I mean screaming at the top of his lungs, giant tears, convulsing, makes himself vomit, etc. He will sleep just about anywhere but the crib and we have been doing everything “wrong” as far as letting him co-sleep in our bed (where he sleeps for about 10 hours), nursing him to sleep, etc.  Have I created horrible habits that we can’t break?  I’ve tried the routine with bath, story, bottle and he will sleep in the crib for about an hour with the noise machine then wakes up screaming and will not go back to sleep.  I was considering the cry out method (and tried for about 20 min until he vomited) but I have a 14 year old senile dog that gets very upset by crying and an 8 year old that needs proper rest for school.  HELP!!!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      First of all, don’t worry about whether or not you have created unbreakable habits. The good news is that children are very moldable and flexible! 5 months is a great time to be working through some of these things.

      Take a look at this article and try the Sleep Shuffle to help with the nighttime sleep. Also, you should look at this article for ideas of how to help with the “hate the crib” syndrome. Hope this helps! If you continue to have trouble do consider Heather’s sleep workshops. The workshops are a live event. Heather works with you to help you find a sleep plan that will work for your family.

  7. Carol Woodrow says:

    Hi! My nearly 8 month old twins are starting to take consistently bad naps! They range anywhere from 25 minutes to a little over an hour but are mostly 30 minutes. We are on the three naps a day routine. Is this a sign they are ready to go to 2 naps? Thank you so much!

  8. Carol Woodrow says:

    They DO sleep well about 715-7 am though! No night wakings!

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