Safety Spotlight: IKEA Wall-Mounted Children’s Lamps Recalled for Deaths

Safety Spotlight: IKEA Children's Lamps Recalled There are few things I don’t like to write about.

This type of story is right at the top.

It appears that a 16-month-old in Europe was killed when he accidentally got entangled in the cord from the IKEA star lamp and strangled.

In a similar incident, a 15-month-old was also pulled into the crib by a baby and she became entangled, but was found in time to prevent another tragedy.

For these reasons, IKEA is recalling all 23 million lamps sold worldwide.

Here are the specific details.

It’s called the SMILA-series wall mounted lamp and they were sold in eight different styles:

  • Blue star “STJÄRNA”
  • Yellow moon “MÅNE”
  • Pink flower BLOMMA
  • White flower BLOMMA
  • Red heart HJÄRTA
  • Green bug BAGGE
  • Blue seashell SNÄCKA
  • Orange seahorse SJÖHÄST

The model name is printed on a label on the inside back of the lamp near the light bulb.

The measure about 11 inches high by 11 inches wide.  They have a 7-ft long electrical cord with an in-line switch and take a 25-watt light bulb.

They were sold exclusively at IKEA stores nationwide, the IKEA catalog, and online at from July 1999 through May 2013 for between $10 and $13.

What Should You Do with Your Lamp?

Firstly, take the lamp down right away  The contact IKEA for a free repair kit before you put the lamp up again.

The repair kit has self-adhesive fasteners to attach the cord to the wall firmly so a baby can’t pull the cord into the crib.

You can go to their recall page, but it’s annoyingly unhelpful.  

You would think in this digital age you could fill out an online form to request a free kit…but no.

You have to call their mega-line (888-966-4532) and wait online to request it.

Still…waiting online is a small price to pay for nursery safety.  Put it on speaker and multi-task.  (That’s what I did.)

Pictures & Details for Each and
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