19 Memorable Gender Reveal Ideas You’ll Cherish Forever


19 Memorable Gender Reveal Ideas You'll Cherish Forever http://www.incredibleinfant.com

There are three significant dates during pregnancy.

  1. The day you discover you’re expecting.
  2. The day you discover WHAT you’re expecting.  (Spoiler: it’s human.)
  3. The day your little expectation becomes a bawling bundle of reality.

We thought it would be fun for all our Future Mom Club Members out there to share some of the most creative ways to  reveal your baby’s gender to your friends, family, spouse, pets, and Facebook frenemies!

Gender Reveal Ideas - Just for the Parents - http://www.incredibleinfant.com

For those parents who don’t want to know until the baby shower, these gender reveal ideas are for you!

Absolutely make sure you have a good photographer present.  This is a moment you’ll want to capture.

Just for the Couple - Gender Reveal Ideas http://www.incredibleinfant.com

#1.  Surprise Box

Who doesn’t love to open a big box of surprises? You’ll need a 30 x 30 cardboard box decorated or wrapped with fun gender reveal paper. Have a friend fill it with a pink balloon collection or a blue balloon collection.  Grab the camera and open it up!

See how it’s done (and see a boy’s box) at Snickerplum.

#2.  Popped Balloon

This great idea from Ever Love Design creates a whole series of fast-snapped photos to put into your announcements and baby books.

You’ll need a giant black polka-dot balloon (so you can’t see the confetti color inside), a strong man (to stretch the balloon open) and ultimate confetti in the big reveal color of choice.

#3.  Confetti Eggs

This is an Etsy item from Piper Loves Ollie.  Little golden eggs crack open to reveal the gender inside!

You can also make your own and smash them on each other’s heads using this DIY at Oh Happy Day.  There’s something satisfying about cracking an egg on your hubby’s head, don’t you think? Leaving (in my case) pink glitter in his hair…  *evil laugh*

#4.  Gender Paint War

Gender Reveal Paint Wars are really hot right now.  (Nod to Paddingtonway for their awesome photography!)

Grab two squeeze bottles, two blindfolds, and have a friend whip up some nontoxic edible paint.

#5.  Individualized Piñatas

I thought this idea from Bubbly Nature Creations was wonderful.  It’s an easy DIY tutorial on how to make little piñatas perfect for sibling reveals!

If you’re looking for some serious crafting, check out this heart-shaped pull piñata.

#6.  Memory Card Game

I so wish this had been available at my showers!  To-be Mom and Dad play a simple round of Memory…the last card down reveals the gender!

Gender Reveal Ideas -Party Food- http://www.incredibleinfant.com

There’s something about a nicely spread table that takes a baby shower or reveal party into “legendary”.

Here are seven deliciously creative suggestions to kick your buffet spread up a notch.

Party Food Reveals - Gender Reveal Ideas http://www.incredibleinfant.com

#1.  Peek-a-Boo Filling

This is a very easy cupcake technique that guests will love.  (Who doesn’t love a filled cupcake?)  The idea comes from Iowa Girl Eats, and I had to mention it because once an Iowa girl…always an Iowa girl (even if said girl moves to Wisconsin).

#2.  Fortune Cookies

These personalized fortune cookies can be covered with a variety of “keep ’em guessing” sprinkles.  Guests just have to crack open the cookie to see the baby fortune inside!

#3.  Fudgy Reveal BonBons

OMGoodness.  Fudge.  BonBons.  A pregnant woman’s dream.  With a little surprise inside!  Recipe at Easy Baked.

#4.  The Hershey Chocolate Reveal

The idea here is that you order in-bulk Hershey chocolate bars, color in the “he” or “she” with a colored permanent marker, wrap them in a custom wrapper, and then let guests dig in.  Photo from Kara’s Party Ideas.

#5.  Piñata Cookies

What you’ll need….

#6.  Gender Cake Surprise

Ready for a surprise?  This masterpiece only requires three steps on the Betty Crocker website.  Three steps.  

Fill it with candy pearls and blue or pink candy gems.  Then enjoy all the titters of awe and excitement pour forth from all your guests.

#7.  Cream Puffs of Fun

Since I’ve already given a nod to my roots (Iowa), it’s only fair that I high-five the state I’ve settled: Wisconsin.

What better way to do that than with their world-famous Cream Puffs?  (Are they really “world famous”?  No idea.  But they should be.  Votes for Cream Puffs!)

Sweet Twist of Blogging created this very fun, unique, and delicious gender reveal dessert.

Gender Reveal Ideas -Extended Family Fun- http://www.incredibleinfant.com

My family is very active.

We like doing things together.  It’s not uncommon for aunts/uncles/grandparents to be racing hobbling around in the dark playing Ghosts in the Graveyard with the kids.  

If you’ve got a family like mine (where there’s a standing “don’t you dare put this on YouTube” gag-order), these ideas are guaranteed to get everyone laughing!

Extended Family Fun - Gender Reveal Ideas http://www.incredibleinfant.com

#1.  Votes for Baby!

Perfect for competitive family, make everyone put their money sticker where their mouth is.

#2.  Scratch-Off Cards

If you have family who live out of state and can’t come to your gender reveal party (or maybe you’re not going to throw a party at all), this is the ideal solution: a scratch-off card!  Choose between a baby stork or a rainbow theme.

#3.  Confetti Poppers

These handmade confetti poppers give everyone the opportunity to celebrate.

#4.  Pin the Bow on the Baby

Play “Pin the Bow on the Baby” with your guests by handing out bows, blindfolding them, and letting them stick the bow on a blown up ultrasound picture of your baby.

Then count to see – where there more bows on the head (girl) or on the neck (boy)?  Is their prediction right?

#5.  Silly String Stand Off

A round of applause, please for Fenton Fever, for sharing this creative idea!  You’ll need…

  • Silly String ~ blue or pink (check out the Dollar Store)
  • Brown craft paper ~ to wrap around and hide the cannisters
  • Twine ~ to tie around the cannister so it looks cute

#6.  Tally Board

This is a great idea from Through Clouded Glass for families that are more well-behaved than mine.  Each person gets to choose a bow or a tie and then stick it on the voting board.

What Are Your Ideas?

Did you do a gender reveal at your baby shower?

How did you do yours?  (And more importantly…what gender did you end up having? 🙂 )

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19 Memorable Gender Reveal Ideas You'll Cherish Forever http://www.incredibleinfant.com



  1. Great ideas! My husband and I found out what we were having and revealed to our friends and family at our baby party. We each picked out a custom onsie in pink that represented us (his had bacon, mine had pie!) and wrapped them up. Our moms then opened the presents at the party. It was a great moment at the party, and a lot of fun tormenting people leading up to it!

  2. I bought a pink onsie and a blue onsie and had a close family friend wrap up what the color of the gender we were having and return the other one. The wrapped present sat under our Christmas tree for over a week and we opened it together on Christmas with the family. It was a lot of fun!

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