Everything Pregnant Mamas Need to Know About the Zika Virus

There's a new disease spreading across the world, causing health officials to sweat bullets. In fact, this article said it could be a bigger threat than Ebola (which killed 11,000 people). It's called the Zika virus.  Have you heard of it? Here's what has got the health officials so nervous: Infected people have no symptoms. There's no vaccine or treatment - prevention is the best ... [Continue Reading]

Say “I Do” to Your Perfect Birth Provider (Part 2)

This post is part two in a two-part series (ok, so it's more like a mini-series). In Part 1, I talked about using the same care in planning your "birth day" as you would in planning your wedding day. Because you'll remember that day forever. I gave a lot of details and suggestions for how to choose your "wedding coordinator"—i.e. birth provider. So, stop right there! Do not read any ... [Continue Reading]

Say “I Do” to Your Perfect Birth Provider (Part 1)

You're going to have a baby!  Congratulations! There's a lot of fun that comes with this season: Picking out baby clothes Designing a nursery Feeling baby kicks But one thing you may not think belongs on the "fun" list is the actual process of getting the baby out of your womb and into the world. While perhaps not "fun," having a baby is precious, and it's an experience you ... [Continue Reading]

36 Sweet Ideas for a Sugar and Spice Baby Shower

A fall pregnancy due date has its advantages… Cute and comfy maternity clothes. Hilarious Halloween costumes. A guilt-free slice of pumpkin AND apple pie at Thanksgiving. Adorable fall-themed baby showers What kind of adorable fall-themed baby showers?  Let's start with a personal favorite, Sugar and Spice (and everything nice!). The sights, smells and flavors of Fall perfectly fit ... [Continue Reading]

How to Create a Stylish Nursery Without Lifting a Paint Brush

[sc:KatieTop ] What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “It’s time to decorate the nursery for your little one”? Do you think about buying the crib and changing table? Do you think about hanging a cute saying on the wall? Do you not even know where to begin? It just seems like such an overwhelming process! Well, for many people, it starts with painting ... [Continue Reading]

19 Memorable Gender Reveal Ideas You’ll Cherish Forever

  There are three significant dates during pregnancy. The day you discover you're expecting. The day you discover WHAT you're expecting.  (Spoiler: it's human.) The day your little expectation becomes a bawling bundle of reality. We thought it would be fun for all our Future Mom Club Members out there to share some of the most creative ways to  reveal your baby's gender to ... [Continue Reading]

Do You Struggle with the Baby + Toddler Balancing Act?

Have you seen this quote from Jim Gaffigan? You want to know what it's like having a fourth kid? Imagine you're drowning... then someone hands you a baby. The only change I would make to that quote is to take out the word "fourth," because that's the feeling I had after every kid. It's like your life is suddenly off-kilter.  The nice daily spinning rhythm you worked so hard for is ... [Continue Reading]

12 Tests That Prove You’re Ready for Parenthood

Have you ever stopped to consider just how completely crazy parenting is? How it must look from the outside looking in? Ever look back at your PK days (pre-kids) and shake your head at just how naïve you were? Last week I was sent a hilarious email from one of my wonderful South African readers, Renêe. (Thanks  Renêe!) It was a collection of four tests to help parents determine whether ... [Continue Reading]

15 Newborn Photo Props that Will Make Other Moms Jealous

The following post is in honor of Beautiful Photo Props, who was kind enough to sponsor one of my Mystery Mom Contests this month. All images have been used with permission. Technically we shouldn't want to make other moms jealous. But, let's be honest...every mom in the depths of her soul wants someone to recognize just how adorable her Little Sugar is. Isn't that the REAL reason ... [Continue Reading]

10 Weird Things About Childbirth Worth Laughing Over

There are few things about childbirth many mothers would rather forget. I'm not talking about pain. (Thank you, Mr. Epidural...) I'm talking about all that OTHER STUFF. Things we didn't realize were going to happen, and then happened, and now our husbands have excellent embarrassment ammo for public gatherings. The moment has come for me to rise up and free future generations of ... [Continue Reading]