A Different Kind of Mom Contest (No Work Required!)

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mystery mom contestAnother year has passed…

And the Mystery Mom Contest has been tucked away into a junk drawer somewhere.

Fortunately, for YOU I will be running other contests and giveaways from time to time.

How will you know when I’ve launched a contest? 

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Several new contests I’m rolling out only last a few days, so make sure you’re on the “Need to Know” lists above to find out right away!

A big fat thanks to all my many sponsors (you totally rock), and all the hundreds of people who guessed, shared, and won things.

Winning makes sleeplessness always a little bit better, don’t you think?




The 2013 Winner’s Circle

Wondering who the clues were pointing to?  Hoping your name is listed as a winner?  Check here and find out!

Briars and Thorns

The “Briars and Thorns” mom was Rose Kennedy, mother to JFK.  Our winners were Casie B., Ashley P., Erin H., Jenna S., Heather M., and Whitney O.!

They each won $25 to shop at Beautiful Photo Props!  Thirty-three people guessed correctly! Well done everyone!

Daddy’s Girl

The “Daddy’s Girl” mom was Tori Spelling.  Our winners were Kelsey H. and Sarah C.!

Both ladies were pulled from a pool of over 350 entries and each won a $30 gift certificate to Jute Baby!  Congrats ladies!

The Purple Lady

Our “Purple Lady” was the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey! (Yes, it was a toughie!)  The winners are Jessica N., Crystal V., Helen H., Chelsea S., and Silvia A.  Each of them won $30 gift certificates to shop at My Crystal Dream!

A Fair Ballerina

The “Fair Ballerina” was Audrey Hepburn! Over 370 entries were cast, but the two lucky winners were Deena A. and Erin B.  Both ladies won $40 to splurge on the gorgeous dresses at The Naptime Project!

The Eternal Mother

The “Eternal Mother” was Marge Simpson! Our lucky number entry happened to belong to Chelsea S. who won a gorgeous modern patchwork quilt from I Guess Sew!

Funny Lady

The “Funny Lady ” was Tina Fey. Our four winners were Amber H., Danielle M., Katie Y., and Jessica F.   They each won $15 gift certificates to purchase all natural soaps, creams, diaper creams, and other things at Bon Beauty.

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