The Milestone Marker eBook

Baby's Milestone Marker: Never miss an infant milestone!


You can stop worrying and record your
baby’s milestones at the same time!

The Milestone Marker eBook is the fastest, funnest, most fantastical way to track your baby’s health and glory in her growth at the same time.

It gives you….

greenFriendly reassurance that your baby really is growing at a healthy rate and those celebratory party hats are not over the top.  (We should limit the fireworks though…)

greenLittle tricks and secrets to bring out (and show off) your baby’s budding personality in each stage of development.

greenA fun way for Dad to be more involved in newborn life.  It’s like fantasy football.  Only with milestones…and no bye-week…and no mocking co-workers…


greenMy favorite more-obscure milestones only found buried deep inside thick medical manuals and always left off of the fluffy milestone posts on other baby sites!

greenHow to play The Gender Games, and how the odds of certain milestones are always in one sex’s favor.

greenThe direct no-holds-barred way to test your baby for signs of autism.  (The earlier caught…the less life-impacting the results!)

greenA lesson we can all learn about baby growth…taught by Stewie Griffin.

Milestone Marker
The Milestone Marker: Capturing Baby's Little Moments in Big Ways!
Price: $12.95
GBP £8.03


“Why didn’t I have this a year ago?”

I LOVE (in flashing rainbow colors with fireworks coming out if it) this ebook!  The book is simply darling in its design and is so easy to use that now no one has an excuse not to keep a record of those memories.  My only question is… why didn’t I have this a year ago?  

I already started entering things from the 1-2 year milestones and plotted his last two height measurements on a growth chart.  Love, love, love.  Like Mary Poppins, it’s practically perfect in every way.  

Sarah Conlin

Bonus 1
SaveSanityOne of my biggest surprises at becoming a mother was all the tracking I had to do.

I can remember sitting at Lauren’s very first doctor’s appointment looking like a complete idiot by answering the question: “How many times did she eat yesterday?” with…

…brace yourself for the inevitable stupidity….

“More than once…?”

*palm to forehead*

Do your tired brain a favor and use these tracking sheets. There are a week’s worth of diaries for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, poops (yes, gotta go there), and sleeping.

I’ve even thrown in an extra secretly hidden BONUS inside this BONUS just for moms. (Would you like ice cream with your ice cream?)

$14.95 FREE (because I like you)

Bonus 2

BabyFoodCoverYou can’t just slap a steak dinner in front of your 6 month old and consider him “on solids”.

There’s actually a method of introducing baby foods. There are some foods that are best for beginners…and then there are foods you shouldn’t introduce until after 18 months.

In this bonus, I go through every month and list out the foods your baby’s tummy can handle for that month.

It won’t give you a recipe for baby lobster bisque, but it as a kitchen cheat-sheet, it is worth its weight in gold.

$8.95 FREE (because I like your baby)

The Milestone Marker Is the Easiest Way to Track Your Baby’s Health & Capture Fleeting Memories at the Same Time

It’s yours for the low price of $12.95.

MilestoneMarkerCoverOther milestone books are filled with sappy poems, pointless personal stories, and other filler junk to extend the page count.

The Milestone Marker is a 100% froo-froo free eBook.

It’s 67-pages of MEAT.

No poetry.  Not even a Roses are Red…

No pointless personal stories from strangers.  (Let’s be honest.  NO ONE CARES.)

It is 100% about your baby.

Let’s make a bet.

I will bet you are going to love The Milestone Marker.

If I lose, I will refund your $12.95.

At.  Any. Time.

Milestone Marker
The Milestone Marker: Capturing Baby's Little Moments in Big Ways!
Price: $12.95
GBP £8.03


“exactly what a tired, busy mushy-brained new mom needs…”

love this! It is exactly what a tired, busy, mushy-brained new mom like me needs. I love that the milestones are listed out because it gives me behaviors to watch for and encourage that I might not have thought about on my own. I also love that I can check off what my baby accomplishes or write more detailed notes about how he reached that milestone.

I’d like you to know my son is 6 months and I still use it. I like it much better than the traditional baby book I had when my daughter was born.

Heidi Bauza

Here’s to an incredible year of memories!

Heather Taylor
Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) at

You’re still reading?

Good heavens friend!

Your baby just rolled over and you missed it!

Order your copy below, RIGHT NOW, before he Gangham-style steps it right out the front door!

With my bet of 100% happiness-guaranteed, you’ve got nothing to lose.  (Except all his baby memories…)

Milestone Marker
The Milestone Marker: Capturing Baby's Little Moments in Big Ways!
Price: $12.95
GBP £8.03