11 Sneaky Little Baby Formula Allergy Symptoms

11 Sneaky Little Baby Formula Allergy Symptoms - good to know! Have you every wondered if your cranky baby was showing the symptoms of a baby formula allergy?

I mean, you hear about formula allergies all the time.

It’d be nice to know if his fussiness could be fixed with a simple formula switch.

Wouldn’t it be loverly if he could just TELL you he’s allergic?

If he could raise his little chin, look straight into your caring eyes and say (like Stewie):

Mumsie dearest,

Every time you make me drink that white stuff, I feel like ants are crawling all over my body and I want to vomit my insides all over your blouse.

And that would lead you to say, in your best Mary Poppins accent:

Really, dahling? 

That sounds like the symptoms of a formula allergy!  Let’s switch to something else, shall we? 



Nothing’s ever that easy, is it?

Since that will never happen *dry those tears, missie!* it’s up to you to figure out the whole formula-allergy-thing by yourself.  (With my help, of course.)

I have three goals here.

I’ve listed them.  (Listing things makes me happy.)

  1. I want to help you understand the differences between a milk allergy and lactose intolerance.
  2. I want to share the symptoms of each so you can impress your doctor and help your infant.
  3. I want to point you in the direction of a few good formulas you should start experimenting with.

Your Baby is Not Lactose Intolerant (Probably)

When it comes to baby formula allergies, most parents jump to the assumption that their baby is lactose intolerant.


It’s very rare for a baby to be lactose intolerant.

Lactose intolerance is not the same as a milk allergy. 

A milk allergy is an immune response.

The body thinks it sees an “invader” and attacks it.  In lactose intolerance, the body simply cannot absorb the protein, and so rejects it.   (It’s a subtle, yet important, distinction.)

There are only a handful of conditions that would set up a baby to be lactose intolerant.

  • The infant was born prematurely and hasn’t yet developed the lactase enzyme he needs (but will given enough time).
  • One or both of the parents are lactose intolerant. (It’s a genetic condition.)
  • The baby had severe diarrhea, which lowered her body’s ability to make lactase for a week or two.
  • The infant is on certain medications (talk to your pediatrician).
  • The baby was diagnosed with a digestive disorder like celiac disease or Crohn’s disease.  (Do those run in the family? Talk to your doctor.)

If your baby matches one or more of those situations and is exhibiting the milk baby formula allergy symptoms below, you’ll need to discuss moving to a hypoallergenic formula (also used for colic) with your doctor.

For great “do NOT do this” guidance on transitioning between formulas, check out my blog post entitled The Bad Parent’s Guide to Switching Formula.  

The Baby Formula Allergy Symptoms

There are 11 symptoms of a baby formula allergy you can keep an eye out for.

The first 5 are signs of a slight formula allergy, and can usually be overcome by choosing a more “sensitive” baby formula.

The last 6 are indicators that your infant has a more serious formula allergy problem. 

5 Signs of an Allergy Needing a Sensitive Formula

  1. Dry, itchy, flaky patches of skin (eczema) often behind the knees or in the crooks of elbows.
  2. Hives (red blotchy spots)
  3. Swollen lips or mouth (call 911 if you see troubled breathing)
  4. A red ring around the anus that doesn’t seem to respond to diaper rash remedies
  5. Straining to pass gas, very fussy and irritable after eating.

If your baby has any of these symptoms, try switching to one of these more sensitive formulas.

6 Signs of an Allergy Requiring a Hypoallergenic Formula

Here are symptoms of a more serious baby formula allergy.  These symptoms can be very similar to colic, so these colic-friendly formulas are your best defense.

Always discuss  this switch with your doctor, as several of these symptoms could also be indicators of other things.  (Plus, the hypoallergenics are pretty gosh darn expensive.)

  1. uncontrollable crying (for hours)
  2. severe diarrhea (average of 2-4 times a day – call your doctor to prevent dehydration, which is extremely dangerous!)
  3. bloody stools
  4. a failure to thrive, not gaining weight (should double birth weight by 6 months)
  5. excessive spitting up and difficulty swallowing (consider these formulas designed for acid reflux)
  6. wheezing (with ear to chest, can hear a rattling sound when breathing)

Again, if you’re picking up on these formula allergy symptoms, give your doctor a call and consider trying one of these hypoallergenic (lactose-free) baby formulas.

What about soy? Babies with a milk allergy are usually allergic to soy as well.  Still, if you want to give soy a try, check out Should I Switch to a Soy Formula?

Sensitive Formulas for Troubled Tummies

If your baby had one of the first 5 symptoms of a baby formula allergy, these are the formulas I would start experimenting with.

I recommend starting with Good Start (it’s the gentlest of the “gentles”), and then going from there.

Good Start Gentle

baby formula allergy good start gentleUnlike the other formulas listed here, who only partially breakdown the proteins, this baby allergy formula breaks down ALL of the proteins.  It also contains DHA, ARA, and a special blends of antioxidants, vitamins, and prebiotics to support the immune system and aid in digestion.

You can purchase it in powdered form, premixed bottles, and concentrated in plastic jugs.

Enfamil Gentlease

baby formula allergy gentlease This specially formulated…um…formula is based on cow’s milk, but the proteins are already partially broken down, making it easier for your baby to digest without getting all gassy and uncomfortable.  It has only 20% of the usual amount of lactose.

It has all the same nutritional gains of the regular Enfamil brands: DHA, ARA, prebiotics, and other immune-boosting goodies.  You can find it in powder form, in premixed and ready-to-attach-a-nipple bottles, and in cans.

  • The standard size can is $1.08 an oz.
  • The big kahuna 4-pack is $1.06 an oz. (Saving $0.16 a bottle)

Similac Sensitive

Similac Sensitive is also similar to the Similac standard formula, Advance.  The only difference is that this formula breaks those proteins down a little to help keep small tummies from overworking.

baby formula allergy sensitive similac compare It is not, however, intended for infants diagnosed with galactosemia, a rare but serious disorder you can read about here.

You can purchase Similac Sensitive in powder cans, premixed, or concentrated.

Bright Beginnings Gentle

types of baby formula bright gentle Bright Beginnings is a cost-effective formula that has only 25% of the usual lactose than their standard baby formula.

It only comes in powdered cannisters, and is for infants 0-12 months old.

Parent’s Choice Formulas

Parent’s Choice  is the formula-of-choice for Walmart and Sam’s Club. They have two kinds of “sensitive” baby formulas to choose from.

types of baby formula gentle choice type of formula allergy sensitivity In the “Sensitive” version, the proteins are partially broken down, making it have 75% less lactose than the standard formula.

In the “Gentle” version, the proteins are not broken down, but they are low lactose. (If this confuses you, peek at their website.)

Both are good options to try, if you’re feeling especially strapped for cash.  You can find them exclusively at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or their online stores.

The Proof is in the Pudding Lack of Fussing

As the mother of a child with allergies, but who was too inexperienced to realize it, I’d love to hear what your experience was with any of these allergy formulas!

Which ones have worked well for your baby?

Which ones were a disaster?

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  1. It’s me again. Ok I have been giving him the enfamil A.R. For about two days now. Had a little constipation that Karo fixed right away. Spit up seems to be almost gone (almost). But now he is always hungry. He was sleeping 4 hrs at a time. Now? Uh uh. At 6 weeks he drank 4 oz at 11,& 1,one more at 2:30, then four at 4, 6, 7:30, and 9. This is rediculous. No sleep for me or him. Granted he’s a big boy. 8 lbs 8 oz at birth is now 12 lbs at 6 weeks! Everybody says no cereal but ” everybody ” isn’t up all night and day. Can’t do the nap when he does I have a 4 and 6 yr old also. HELP!!

    • Mary, first of all…three was very difficult for me to balance as well. I completely empathasize! It’s hard to balance them all when you’re so outnumbered!

      He is getting cereal in the AR formula, so adding MORE cereal won’t help much. I’m guessing the increased appetite is probably related to two things: (1) If he wasn’t gaining weight before, he may be playing catch-up, and eating so much these past few days because he’s finally realizing he can eat without hurting. If so, expect this to go away after a few days. (2)The 1 ounce at 2:30 makes me think he’s not really hungry, but is craving something else. Try to swaddle him, sing to him, give him a binky, or soothe him in other ways to help him get back to sleep. Otherwise he will assume that every time he wakes up he’s hungry. (Babies wake frequently during the night, falling back asleep is a skill he’ll need to learn). See if you can soothe him back to sleep without the bottle. (Better said than done, I realize…here are some ideas for you to start with.)
      Heather 🙂

      • Elizabeth Morales says:

        Please help! 🙁 My DD (aka Satan) is giving me issues feeding and she is staining so hard to poop that she turns bet red/purple and had recently started crying when she tries to go. When we were still in the hospital she was going at every feeding. Now she only goes once every day (sometimes every other day). She’s pushing so hard sometimes she spits up too… When she finally does go it’s a greenish color and had a slimy/peanut butter texture.

        Do I change her formula? Give her Karo and water? Give her Gerber Apple/prune juice? I’m getting advice from everyone but I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid giving her juice or Karo will give her diabetes (it runs on all of her grandparents sides).

        Last week she was staining to poop so much that when she started screaming her whole body shook and she screamed for almost 20 minutes. The only way I could get her to calm down (and eat her 4pm bottle) was to sit in the bottom of the tub with the shower running and let the warm water hit her belly.

        I’m at my wits end. Please help me. :'(

      • Firstly, Elizabeth, the warm bath idea was BRILLIANT. Excellent instincts on that one mom! I can understand about the Karo – I prefer using prune juice instead. The amount depends on your baby’s age. I would give the doctor/nurse a call and ask for their recommendations on that. There’s also something called dyschezia that can affect newborns. (Not sure how old your baby is.) Here’s a pamphlet on Dyschezia. Dyschezia sounds like a scary thing, but really it’s not. It means that the baby is learning how to poop. She will strain and strain and then pass a normal soft poop (instead of constipated pellets).

        Because she seems to be distressed after pooping (usually dyschezia causes babies to feel BETTER after pooping) I would talk to your doctor about her symptoms and see what he says. When in doubt, give Doc a shout! 🙂

      • Elizabeth Morales says:

        Thank you! 🙂

      • Elizabeth Morales says:

        I just wanted to give you our update… We ended up seducing to the Gerber Good Start Gentle and she is LOVING IT! So happy!

      • Yay! So glad to hear Elizabeth! 🙂

      • Hello Heather, I recently transitioned my daughter from BM to formula (my milk dried up) I’ve been struggling to find the right formula for her. I started with Similac Advanced after a week and a half she was having a hard time popping btw she is 5 months. My doctor recommended to switch to Similac Sensitive. She already suffers from a little eczema but it got worse it’s been two weeks and she recently started refusing the milk she is spitting more often she’s had diarrhea the whole weekend and every time I try to feed her she will only take about an ounce. I switched her formula toEnfil and right away she drank it after not wanting to eat for a couple of hours . Her first pop after the formula change was a little more solid. What could be the cause ?

      • Karla, I honestly can’t say what the cause is. Different babies react to different formulas differently. However, it sounds like you’re doing the right things – asking questions and trying new formulas. If you see that her poop is starting to get hard again, slip in a little prune juice (ask your doctor for the amount of prune juice for your baby’s size) for a few days and see if that helps soften things up. Just try to give each formula a solid week before switching (unless of course the symptoms are severe). You’re doing great Karla!

      • hello ive  been reading a lot of the posts on here and my daughter is six months old, we have tried every formula from the sensitive formulas, hypoallergenic and soy. she has been on similac soy for about 2 1/2 months now but is still having issues with constipation and throwing up, any suggestions??

      • Danielle Miller says:


        So sorry your little girl is having such tummy troubles. 🙁 The good news is that right around 6 months is when babies’ intestines are more developed and can handle food better. I hope this means that you will see a change for the better soon. That being said, you can help her intestines digest better by giving her probiotics too. This brand is one that works well for little ones, 6 months and older. If, however, you don’t see a change for the better soon you might need to talk to your doctor about a Hyper-hypoallergenic. This article explains more about it. Regarding constipation, have you tried prune juice in her bottles? If not, I recommend talking this over with your doctor. Also, take a look at this article about constipation (just published!).

        Hope this helps!

    • My little girl was born premature and is on breast milk and formula. I have been in Good Start Soothe, but over the last 3 1/2 weeks she’s been extremely gassy and colicky even after using probiotics and gas drops at every feeding. The dr suggested I try Alimentum, but she refused to take it and would scream and turn beet red! I even tried mixing in small amounts in her old formula but it wouldn’t work! I honestly don’t blame her!…the stuff smells horrible! The dr now has me trying similac total comfort. What are your thoughts on this formula?…should we try something else?

      • I think the Total Comfort is a logical switch – it’s very similar to Good Start Soothe, but since it’s a different brand small changes can end up making a big difference. (Hope that makes sense!)

    • I speak for 3 moms when I say STAY AWAY FROM THE SIMILAC!!!!! When you mix it – it bubbles up like soap that never goes away. The baby NEVER poops and is always a fussy gassy nightmare of misery. Again this is 3 different babies, 3 different moms -all same issues.  All Doctors push it and so do the stores as the Similac brand always has the biggest display everywhere you go but please realize that’s a result of big $$ and good marketing not a good product. I breastfeed but due to lack of supply and working during the day I supplement formula. I currently have my 2 month old on the Enfamil gentlease and it is so much better. He poops twice a day and there are zero soapy bubbles. I haven’t tried the Gerber brand but a friend of mine has her baby on it and she still has issues.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience, Crissy! Sometimes it’s hard to match a baby with a formula that works well with his/her digestive system. However, I’ve spoken with hundreds (if not thousands over the years) and many of them have had great experiences with Similac. I think this goes back to the idea that every parent needs to try various things and see what works for them. Not every brand is a good fit for every baby. I know many babies who have been constipated with Gerber, but were just fine with Similac (and vice versa with Enfamil, etc.). It would be nice if we could give assurances and say this ALWAYS works or this NEVER works, but when you’re talking about digestion and molecules, things are never that cut-and-dried. I’m happy to approve your comment and advice, but also want to make sure parents are aware that when you’re talking about the millions of parents using formula across the world, three does not make a strong sample size. That said, it IS VERY valuable to see hear the experiences of other parents! Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Sarah W. says:

    I have a 5 month old we are trying to transition to formula. We started him on Similac Sensitive one ounce to four ounces of BM. Did fine. The next week we increased to two ounces formula to three ounces of BM. Then on day 4 he broke out with hives from head to toe each morning after his first bottle. I don’t know what to try now. Any suggestions?

    • Yep, he’s having an allergic reaction of some kind. The challenge will be deciding if it’s coming from something you’ve eaten in the past 3-4 days or the Sensitive formula. It’s interesting to me that he didn’t seem to have a problem with the 1 ounce of formula…so that’s making me think perhaps it’s a food allergy coming through the BM. Can you think of anything in your diet that’s changed in the past few days? Just in case, drop the formula from the bottle for a few days, letting the hives clear up a bit. Then try it again, with the 2-3 ratio. If he breaks out in hives AGAIN, you may want to switch to a Good Start formula, or perhaps a soy formula. That’s what I would start with. Feel free to comment back here and let me know how it goes. 🙂

    • Marisol Zamorano says:

      Hello, my 3 week old is on enfamil gentlease but seemed really fussy so I switched him to similac sensitive in the morning, later in the evening he had mucus and some blood in his stool, do you think it was the change to similac sensitive?

      • Marisol, I’m honestly not sure. Every baby reacts to formula changes in different ways. That said, due to the mucus and blood, I would give your doctor a call and see what he says. It’s possible they may want a stool sample to check for Rotavirus (a diarrhea-causing bug). He will be able to give you the best advice on this one. 🙂

  3. Heather,
    I have 4 mo old twins (one on Similac Neosure & one on Similac Advance) with reflux. We are currently adding rice to the formula & they’re on Prevacid. Both GI & pediatrician told me not to use the formulas with rice starch because it doesn’t work with Prevacid. Today my pediatrician told me that they have found arsenic in the rice so I should switch to oatmeal (which is whole nother issue with nipple sizes etc).

    Anyway, I’m thinking of trying either a sensitive or hypoallergenic formula to see if it will make either one more comfortable. According to your list above my son may have an allergy and my daughter’s reflux is worse 1-2 hrs after a feed so a formula easier to digest maybe more gentle on her stomach. The hypoallergenic formulas are so expensive so I thought I would try the Gerber Good Start. The pediatrician gave me a sample of the Gerber Good Start Soothe. Is this different from the Gerber Gentle? Also, do I still add cereal to these as well? It is all so frustrating and the docs don’t give much direction.

    • I believe your doctor is referring to this study where they found elevated levels of arsenic in rice products (including the organic brown rice syrup used in many organic formulas). Consumer Reports wrote a kick-butt article about it. Still, it is somewhat controversial. It’s peeked my interest and I think it’s something readers would be very interested in learning more about. Expect a blog post on it. 🙂

      Back to your problem, I agree with you about trying Good Start first. It really is the gentlest formula before you get into the pricey stuff. Yes, Good Start Gentle is different than Good Start Soothe. Soothe is 100% whey, but it’s NOT hypoallergenic, which is why it’s cheaper. It’s my favorite first-step recommendation for parents who feel the gentle formulas aren’t quite gentle enough, but don’t want to take the plunge into the more expensive hypoallergenic formulas. More details on Soothe. Go ahead and switch both of your little ones onto the Soothe and see if that helps. Since your son doesn’t sound like he has as much reflux, I would see how he does on JUST the soothe, and add a LITTLE oatmeal to your daughters.

      Oh friend! I’m sure you’re tired and EXHAUSTED. (Really, two high needs baby at once!) Let me give you a hug and let you know that A) you are doing GREAT, being the perfect mom they need. B) this time, even though it is SO unbelievably hard, will pass. Get as much sleep as you can, and keep your head down and focused at home as much as possible. Feel free to write back, I’m just a “send” away and I want to help if I can. 🙂

    • I have seen a huge difference in the amount and frequency my two week old daughter spits up depending on whether I use liquid or powder formula. After a bottle of powder formula, she acts like she didn’t get enough, and spits up and fusses every time I set her down in her incline rocker/sleeper. After a bottle prepared with liquid concentrate formula, we still need to hold her upright for 30 minutes afterward, but the forcefullness and frequency of spit-up is much less. The liquid concentrate formula creates a thicker, smoother result that seems to stay down better. We are using Gerber Good Start Gentle, which helped us get past the runny poo we were seeing with Enfamil Newborn. I hope this information is helpful to someone else!

      • Wow Marie! That’s really interesting! I’m SURE that will be helpful – it’s a small distinction I certainly didn’t think of! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. Thank you so much for this post! My three month old (second child) dramatically decreased her intake about 3 weeks ago. She went from 20-24 oz a day to 15 oz a day. Since she is 11 lbs, it definitely doesn’t seem like enough. After two trips to two different pediatricians, still no real help – one says she might have silent reflux so it hurts to eat and the other says not to worry at all. We tried switching her to Similac soy (previously used the Silimac Advanced), but she started actually spitting up/throwing up (I really can’t tell the difference this young). Since she wasn’t doing this before the soy, I am attributing it to that. She had not been losing weight (just not gaining much) until last night when she was 3 oz lighter than a week ago (she also did get a stomach virus this weekend and ate even less for a day). We just started the gerber gentle last night in hopes that it would help. She is generally a really good baby – not very fussy at all and generally content. She sleeps ok at night, but she doesn’t sleep for long stretches during the day (I think because she isn’t getting enough food). I have a couple of questions:

    How long will it take to see a difference – a couple of days, a week?

    I had been mixing slightly more formula than water thinking that it might help it stay down if she had the reflux or at least get a few more calories in her. Is that ok, or should I stop doing that?

    Do you think that her intake might be related to a reaction to the formula? Should we expect it to increase if she does better on the gentle formula or do you think it is most likely something else? Any idea what it might be since the pediatrician isn’t much help right now?

    • Meagan, your poor little girl! It’s so hard to see our little ones suffer. Hopefully we can figure this out and get her feeling better soon. Mixing in extra formula isn’t really going to make much of a difference (except in cost). If it is silent reflux, you may want to switch to one of these pre-thickened formulas.. Give one of these a try for at least a week and see if you notice any improvements. As a friend (not a doctor) that would be my advice. If nothing doesn’t seem to be improving (not gaining weight, eating more, etc.) I would look over the hypoallergenic formulas commonly used for colic and give those a try. That’s the good news. You have options and things to try. We’ll figure it out. (hugs) Come back and post again if you need to!

  5. Lindsey says:

    My son was on Nutramigem A+ due to his tummy not being able to digest properly. The doc said we could switch him to a normal formula at four months but we waited til five months and have switched him to Similac sensitive to lactose amd now he will not sleep through the night. He already has his two bottom teeth so I know he is not teeething. The symptoms just aren’t there. He barely naps through the day as well and seems irritable.

    • Lindsey, I would perhaps switch to Good Start Soothe (it is the formula closest to Nutramigen without BEING actually hypoallergenic). Give that a week or so and see if that helps. If he still seems grumpy, go back to the Nutramigen and wait another few weeks. I’m not a doctor, these are just my thoughts. You can read more about Soothe on my article discussing hypoallergenic formulas. I hope this can help!

  6. I really don’t know if my baby was allergic she dint have any of the symptoms but every time I tried to feed her she would cry. What can I do

    • Candy, if she cries every time she eats, she may be struggling with acid reflux. That means the bile in her tummy is going up into her throat/mouth and burning it (since bile is acid). You can try talking with your doctor about this, or try one of these acid reflux formulas and see if any of these help. Hang in there friend!

  7. Hello!!
    My baby is really fussy, has been since birth. I am primarily breastfeeding but supplementing with similac advanced. She has eczema all over that is always there but flares up every once in a while. Gassy, and seems to have acid reflux occasionally which gripe water may or may not help. She has a red spot above her lip that flakes sometimes and keeps returning for 2-3 days and going away. I was wondering if that red spot could be another sign of an allergy to formula? THank you for posting this article!

    • Rachel, I HATE eczema. Two of my kids battle it so I totally feel for you! It certainly could be an allergy sign. Or it could be another food allergy. We found out later that Elena was allergic to eggs (still not sure what Bella is reacting too). I’d say go ahead and switch over to a different brand or type, perhaps Good Start Gentle? and see if you notice a change. It wouldn’t hurt anything, and you could actually see a benefit. 🙂

  8. My 7 1/2 week old twin boys had been on Enfamil Newborn since day 3 in the hospital and breastfeed 1 – 3 times a day. I had though early on that one of them (son B) had struggled with silent reflux, but over a few weeks it seemed improved. About 2 weeks ago my other son (A) started showing signs of it and was up 4 hrs screaming and crying in pain, showing all the symptoms of silent reflux! B also was up showing the same signs. I first switched them to Gentlease to rule out other symptoms. B slept great two nights in a row, but A was still having trouble, then B also kept showing reflux symptoms. With no help from the Ped, who apparently only wanted to call them colicky and doesn’t seem to accept silent reflux as a form of reflux, I then switched them to AR. It definitely has helped with the reflux, but now seem to have tummy trouble. It appears to me that their BMs are just a little tougher since it’s thicker thicker formula and the tummy trouble I don’t think was an issue before. I was wondering though, is there a sensitive reflux formula, or do they only make one or the other? I don’t see why they don’t just cover all the bases, instead of having all these different kinds! Wish I could have just exclusively breastfed them like I was able to my daughter. But not sure that would make a difference for reflux.

    • Nicole, well done Mom to persevere and try different things for your boys. I haven’t come across a sensitive reflux formula (I’ve listed all the 56 types of formula here.) If constipation is an issue, try putting a Tablespoon of prune juice in the bottle.

  9. angela zuniga says:

    Hi i have a 4 month old baby who has been on nutrimigen for 2 months. We tried every formula before that and she would still spit up.. projectile and even coming out her nose. Soy made her constipated to the point she screamed to poop. But now she doesn’t want to finish her bottles and her poop is so runny she always has a diaper rash that is so hard to get rid of. Doc said we could switch to regular formula at 5 months. But i was wondering what would be the best formula to switch too. We have tried baby rice cereal mixed with pureed fruits and veggies and she loves it and eats really well. Any advice on what formula to switch too?

    • Angela, my personal favorite brand was Good Start. Very VERY gentle. So that’s what I would recommend starting with. Due to her history, I would take it a little slower than the pace I describe in my “Mobsters Guide to Switching Formula” article. (If you haven’t seen that one yet, check it out here.) Perhaps take a week to do the transition and see how it goes. Hope this can help!

  10. Heather,

    Firstly, thank you so much for providing so much info on formula feeding.

    I have been feeding my 5 month old Alimentum since about 2 months of age. He’s had terrible colic and reflux, never diagnosed with milk allergy though. He’s been doing a lot better lately, so I tried to switch him over to GS Soothe last week. I did the transition over 7 days, starting with 1 ounce soothe to 3 ounces Alimentum and increased every few days until he was 100% on 4 ounces of Soothe .

    He seemed to like the taste of Soothe – yay!
    He wasn’t crying/fussy more and seemed pretty content – yay!!


    on the first day of being 100% on Soothe, he became constipated. Ugh. Like pooping dark green, clay like clumps with a lot of straining and grunting. I gave him some prune juice concentrate in his bottle and that didn’t help. He went a day without going and then more clay the following day. I let this go one for about 3 days and then just put him back on Alimentum as it was just too sad to see him struggle to go!

    My question is – do you have any experience with the constipation issues on gerber formula? Could this mean he has an allergy to it? Do you think I should try GS Gentle since it’s composition is different than Soothe, but still broken-down whey?

    I’m just afraid to get rolling into a formula roulette with him.

    Thanks so much for any insight you can provide.

    • Sarah, I haven’t heard of a direct constipation link with Gerber, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Every baby processes formula a little differently. You tried the prune juice, which is what I would have suggested first… You could also try a little apple juice or a tsp of mineral oil in the bottle. If he’s started solids, you could give him some pureed peaches or peas.

      Naturally, the next thing you could try is switching to Soothe. I know how you feel about getting into a formula roulette, but with some babies it’s inevitable. 🙁 Try these constipation suggestions for a few days, then if that doesn’t help, give Soothe a try for a few days. If THAT isn’t working, comment back here and I’ll brainstorm some other things we can try until we find the perfect thing. 🙂

      • Heather,

        Thank you for getting back to me. It was actually the Soothe that constipated him so badly. Weird! I talked with a dietician through Gerber and she had just said that maybe he isn’t ready to switch from the hypoallergenic yet.

        The thing is, he wasn’t fussy on the Soothe, just had a hard time poopin’! It makes me think that maybe there is still a routine formula out there that he can tolerate. I have been thinking about trying Similac Sensitive, although I know it is not as gentle as the Gerber Soothe.

        I guess the good thing is that he does ok on Alimentum RTF – it’s just soooo expensive at $10/day!! I’m just looking for a way to go easier on the wallet and still have a happy baby. 🙂

      • Whoops! Looks I was confused on that one, sorry! I think you’re on the right path, though. Keep trying something until you find a good match. I don’t blame you for wanting to switch away from Alimentum ASAP. $10 a day! *jaw drops* When you switch you’re going to be swimming in extra cash! Cha-ching! 🙂

  11. Hi,
    My 9 month son was on similac advance since birth cause I couldn’t produce milk so that’s why he wasn’t nursed. Problem I’m having is that he has bowel movements 2-3 a day and they are always runny!! He poops out of his diaper and up his back. It does have soke texture so not all water (tmi sorry). Hes not fussy or anything. Ut is this healthy? And he’s a chunker not like he’s losing weight. I’m not sure to switch him to different formula or have him alternate bottles with milk n formula. Thanks for listening.

    • First of all, Vassa, don’t feel like you have to explain why you didn’t nurse him and chose formula. You’re not a bad mother for not breastfeeding. (hugs) You feed your baby, and THAT is the mark of what makes a good mom. 🙂 Since he’s not acting fussy and not losing weight, I’d say that these looser poops may be normal for him. You can try switching to a different brand, and see if that helps. After all, since he’s pretty happy you don’t have much to loose. Or you could try a different diaper brand, one that doesn’t have as much as a gap at the top. Perhaps a cruiser-type diaper? (Thinking out loud here…) Hope this can help!

  12. angela zuniga says:

    Hi, We went to our 4 month check up and doc suggested we switched back to Enfamil infants from drinking Nutrimigen and it was terrible I mixed the Enfamil and the Nutrimigen like he said so I could work myself up to more Enfamil as the days went by and it was terrible her 1st bottle yesterday she threw it up coming out her nose and all she wouldn’t stop throwing up. I’m staying on Nutrimigen it kills me to see my baby go threw that. My only concern is, can drinking a hypoallergenic formula for a long time affect her?

    • Friend, I’m so sorry to hear that! Poor little baby girl! I wouldn’t worry about longer term effects of hypoallergenic formula, there haven’t been any scientific studies that have shown that should be a concern. Plus, by the time she’s a year old she won’t be on the formula anyway. At that age she’ll be getting most of her nutrition from solid foods and vitamin drops (ask your Doc about those when you get to that age).

  13. Katherine says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and thankful to find your list. I am a first time mom of a 6 week old. I tried to breastfeed but my little girl was born tongue tied and we did not know it for the first week. So she was not eating well and couldn’t really nurse. She got her tongue clipped but then she could never catch on. I tried to pump and feed her that way but I couldn’t keep up (physically or emotionally). We put her on enfamil newborn and her tummy was a disaster. Terrible gas and screaming in pain all day. So we put her on enfamil prosobee by my doctors recommendation and it was good for about a week but the past few days the gas has started to pick back up and she is starting to spit up more. We have her on Zantac because my doctor thinks she has some form of reflux but I don’t know if it is helping. I feel stuck! I don’t know if I should change her formula again and what to change it to. The enfamil newborn hurt her tummy so much that I thought she may have a problem with the milk formula but now I don’t know. Any suggestions?

    • Katherine, what a bumpy ride you and your baby have been on! But a mega-high-five for fighting to help your newborn grow and thrive. Well done, Mom! My first instinct in these situations is to encourage moms to give Good Start a try (no, I’m not being paid to say that 🙂 ) I just think looking over all the formulas that their’s is the most gentle for babies with allergies.

      Two routes you could take, I think. If your doctor suspects reflex, switching to a formula for acid reflux could help cut down on the screaming. Or, you could go the allergy-route and try Good Start Gentle, which would be like putting your toe into the hypoallergenic pool and seeing how it feels.

      Consider which condition you want to try to focus on first, and then I would start making the switch. Since Prosobee is a soy-based formula, you’ll want to ease her tummy into the new formula otherwise she could have terrible gas pains from a sudden transition. I wrote about how to do that in The Mobster’s Guide to Switching Formula, hopefully that can help.

      Give those two plans a try for a few weeks and then report back if we need to brainstorm some more! And btw, just in case, don’t feel guilty or ashamed that you had struggles breastfeeding. That’s common to women, sister. Been there, cried those tears. Accept with joy there’s another way to keep your baby healthy and lay any guilt monsters to rest. 🙂

  14. I can’t believe after all of this time I stumbled upon this website! I have a 12 month old that has been a chronic eczema sufferer for the last 9 months of his life. UNTIL last week when I took the baby formula OUT of the equation. After 2 days of being off of formula, my son’s eczema ridden skin was completely healed! I had him on Target Sensitive formula and never once was it brought to my attention by any of his pediatricians that it could be his formula!! I understand that eczema itself is not completely understood but why ? All the doctors ever did was write me more scripts for steroid cream and just give me the run around. I was so close to bringing him to an allergist for testing. I’m not sure if it would have made a difference if I had him on regular rather than sensitive formula and I really don’t think he needed to be on the sensitive in the first place. I chose to put him on that in case he was sensitive to lactose. I guess what I am trying to say is that I fully believe that eczema can be diet related and don’t be afraid to change formulas to see if it will help. It feels so good to have a child that doesn’t itch his ankles raw against my rug anymore to get relief !!!

    • Wow Nicole that’s so wonderful! Eczema sucks. Glad to hear that your little one has gotten over it, and a GREAT encouragement to fellow mothers suffering with the same situation! Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Jenny Shambaugh says:

    I have a 4 year old son ( a twin)! He developed text book colic at age 2 1/2 weeks. I had to stop breastfeeding with his feeding refusal. Alimentum was a savior. Also did some Zantac and Levsin. He grew out of the colic at at 3 months and switched back to similac. I Really think the formula helped!

  16. Hi heather,

    I am so happy I found your site!

    My fourth month old has been exclusively breastfed since birth. I am now transitioning him to formula as I head back to get my masters. He has reflux and the doctors told us he had colic when they couldn’t explain his constant fussiness. The fussiness is getting better but he’s still a very needy/fussy baby. We suspected a milk allergy and found he did impro slightly when I removed dairy from my diet.

    Yesterday I have him 4 ounces of Gentlease and all other feedings were pumped breastmilk. He did well all day yestersy. Today, I gave him another 4 ounces. Then this afternoon, a lot of his colic behavior returned. My ped is less than helpful and told us we could try Soy. But since he obviously has such a sensitive tummy, I don’t want to jump from one formula to the next.

    How should I proceed? Is Hypoallergenic the way to go?

    • Hey Laura! I’m so glad you did too! 🙂

      I would start with Good Start Soothe. It is the closest formula to hypoallergenic without actually paying for a hypoallergenic. It’s 100% whey, which is easier to digest. It still has lactose, but in the smallest amount possible before having no milk at all. If he reacts to this, than you may need to either switch to soy or go with the hypoallergenic. You can see more details on this formula in this article.

      Even better, still it’s still milk based, you should be able to switch abruptly without too much tummy disruption. If you’d rather take it slow, just in case, here’s the method I recommend for switching formulas.

      Thanks for reading Laura!

  17. Hi, My baby has acid reflex from day 1 as he keeps spitting up always. while he was on breast milk , he used to spit up but that was bearable. when my milk supply dropped we gave him enfamil gentlease because our pediatrician recommended it. but he spitted a lot and then we took him for diagnosis and came to know he has acid reflex . then we switched to similac sensitive. and his spit up has reduced a lot but at times he spits up a lot . we kept him on zantac for a while but it worsened him. he was fine without medicaiton on similac sensitive for 3 weeks. but after he got his second month vaccination, he started crying a lot, spitting up a lot. again now the doctor kept him on prevacid and changed to neocate infant. but he still kept spitting a lot. i went back to similac sensitive again . he still spits up, sometimes projectile vomits ( which is a symptom he had earlier) but it is very less when compared to neocate infant. what formula do u suggest . and do u think he has any allergy. except spit up and crying in pain he does not show any other symptoms. he is gaining weight but slowly. he was 6 lb 14 oz during birth and now he is 10 lb 85 oz.

    • Neocate is a good hypoallergenic formula, but it’s not going to be as helpful with the acid reflux. I recommend trying a pre-thickened formula like one of these. They are specially designed for acid reflux, and since they are thicker in consistency, they are easier to keep down. Give that a try for a few weeks and see if it helps!

      • is it safe to use these without pediatrician or GI advice
        can we start gerber first food in fourth month

      • Yes, you don’t need a doctor prescription to use those. Most babies don’t have the physical skills to eat before 6 months, (eating from a spoon requires different tongue movements from eating from a bottle). That said, considering his reflux issues, you could try some solids and see how it goes. Just make sure you don’t introduce foods his system isn’t ready for. Here’s a baby food schedule to help.

  18. I started out DD on Enfamil Newborn at the hospital and she did okay on it for about a week. She was only 5 lbs, 1 oz at birth (37 weeks). Soon she was having some gas issues, so we switched to Gentlease. The gas continued and got worse… and she drooled the stuff out of her mouth and choked when she drank it. She also started spitting up some. (she had a UTI at this time, so we thought that might be part of it). We switched her to Similac Gentle after a couple of weeks. She really liked the taste better, and the drooling stopped while she was eating. The gas continued and she started spitting up rather frequently… and projectile vomiting occasionally. Her gas was so bad that it woke her up every 15 minutes or so to pass it. We switched to Gerber Good Start Gentle… and she had an ultrasound to rule out internal issues for the vomiting, which was getting more frequent. The Gentle didn’t help with the gas at all.. and added a HORRIBLE aroma to it… really it was unbearable to hold her… as she farted constantly. Her poop also smelled awful and was green (due to the iron). The Dr. prescribed Zantac the same day we switched to Gerber Good Start Soothe. The combination was a life saver. The gas and vomiting stopped immediately. She seems to like the taste of the formula. Still has green stinky poop.. but she is happy and sleeps through the night.. and takes long naps. She doesn’t spit up at all anymore (except when we give her infant tylenol). She still gets the hiccups a lot.. but doesn’t seem bothered by them. She never really cried from the reflux, and we did try to wean her off the Zantac, but she started crying during her naps, so we assume she still needs it. But Gerber Good Start Soothe has been a life saver for us.

  19. I have a month old son whom was on on similac advance at birth but I switched him to similac sensitive bc he was extremely gassy and fussy (my daughter whom is now 2 was the same way) But I have noticed red bumps on his face that I associated with baby acne until tonight I noticed I feed him and his face got bright red and got more bumps about an hour later I had to change his onesie and I noticed he has a red rash my the back of his neck going up into his hair, no other place on his body though but his eyes have been watering a lot his nose is all stuffy and he’s been spitting up im wondering if this is a allergy to the formula I feel so guilty bc what I thought was baby acne hes had since birth maybe an allergic reaction to formula, he spit up a lot in the hospital as well but the nurses associated that with him swallowing amniotic fluid when he came out and then me supposedly over feeding him, and they told me that babies that young (he was 2 days old at the time) couldn’t generally be allergic to the formula or react to it, he has also been spitting up after his feedings and wakes up screaming like he hasn’t eaten in days I feed him 3 oz about every 3-4 hours! HELP I feel so guilty and helpless I was gonna rush him to the ER and pay my $100 co-pay but I realized he isn’t having a bad reaction and could wait until the morning to try and get him an appointment!

    • Thomasina, it sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Unless he seems listless (limp and unresponsive) or appears to be having trouble breathing, I think you were right to save your $100.

      As for feeling guilty about the baby acne thing, don’t. 🙂 I would have thought the same thing. You pulled a Sherlock and figured out it was a rash eventually, so don’t sweat it. You’re doing great.

      Give him a warm bath (which could help if he’s itchy). When you get him clean, pat dry him with a towel and slather on some Aquaphor to help with the rash.

      I definitely think you should try switching to one of the gentle formulas above. Then give it a few days and see if the symptoms decrease. If not, try Good Start Soothe. If that’s not helping, then you may have to try a hypoallergenic formula. But that’s step three. Start with Step One (Good Start Gentle or Enfamil Gentlease) and go from there. 🙂

  20. Hi Heather! I breastfeed my almost 7 month old but recently tried introducing Target brand formula similar to Similac Advance. He tolerated small amounts mixed in his oatmeal or evening bottle but did become fussier and had looser stools. When we increased the formula a little more he broke out into a rash on his head, face, and chest. We saw a doctor and she suggested stopping the formula until the rash clears and then trying it again to see if that is what’s really causing it. We are happy with the plan but wonder how long it usually takes for these rashes to disappear? He hasn’t had any formula in 24 hours but still has the rash. Could it take several days? Thanks in advance.

    • I would give it about 3 days, Sandra. Then try again or pick a more gentle formula and see how that one goes. It’s really trial and error sometimes, but you’ll find a good match eventually!

  21. Hi. My daughter is 11 weeks old. She has been exclusively on Similac Advanced for 6 weeks, but we have supplemented it since birth. While breastfeeding her stool was yellowish with little milk curds like it was suppose to be. Since she’s been on Similac exclusively her stool is still very runny but now brown with curds in it. I never thought anything of it since her stool has always been that way. I called her doctor earlier this week because her daycare told me that this is not normal. Her doctor said she may have a mild lactose intolerance an for me to try Enfamil Gentlease. We used it for 24 hours, but she would spit large amounts up constantly. I have gone back to Similac Advanced. She’s not fussy or gassy at all. She’s usually poops once or twice a day, but is in the top 90% of her weight. Is it possible that she just naturally has really runny stool? Did I make the right decision by switching back to Similac Advanced? I just feel that if she does have a lactose intolerance she would have more symptoms than just runny messy poop!

    • If she’s only pooping once or twice a day, then it doesn’t sound like she has diarrhea and is in danger of getting dehydrated (a very serious thing for babies). So I think you did the right thing, Samantha. If she is growing, and is showing no other signs of sickness I wouldn’t worry too much about the poop. ESPECIALLY if your doctor doesn’t seem concerned (make sure he has input on this). If she starts pooping more frequently, or develops a rash or the other allergy symptoms above, then you should consider switching to a different brand. (I’d start with Good Start Gentle.)

      As long as she doesn’t have diarrhea, I’d take the runnier stools over the constant vomiting. Well done Samantha, you’re instincts were right on! 🙂

  22. Hello Heather. My 5 1/2 month old has had diarrhea for the past 3 weeks now with runny stools after every meal, he drinks every couple of hours. He was always breast fed and I supplemented him with 3-6oz of Good Start Gentle. The diarrhea started around the time I started giving him 9 – 12 oz of formula a day and at the same time he caught a cold from his brother and had a runny nose. Initially we blamed it on the cold but the pediatrician doesn’t think it can be something viral in his body for this long. Pediatrician suggested we try Similac Alimentum which we did for a week, the diarrhea went down to 1 stool a day (he used to go once a week) and the cold went away as well. So I switched him back to Gentle and 4 days later he has diarrhea and the cold again. I am going to switch back to hypoallergenic formula for now. Does he seem to be lactose intolerant? My gut feeling is that it is a virus that he has been fighting but I could be wrong. No teething or fussiness otherwise and wet diapers so I am not worried about dehydration.

    • Amber, I’m wondering if he would have a similar reaction if you switched to Good Start SOOTHE. Soothe is a step closer to a hypoallergenic formula, without actually being a hypoallergenic (aka expensive) formula. Could you purchase a small canister and try it for a few days and see what happens?

  23. Hi, I’m hoping you might have some insight for me. My little guy is 4 1/2 ,months. I EBF for the first 4 month. He was extremely gassy, fussy, and didn’t sleep well ever. I eliminated everything from my diet that could be causing his sensitivities but no change. I tried gripe water, which helped on and off. He wasn’t eating more than an ounce or two per feeding so I needed to supplement . He wouldn’t take any formula except Similac Advanced for the last 3 weeks. However he would only eat around14-20 ounces a day and most days the lesser. I tried Similac sensitive today and he’s miserable but he ate more than he has on the regular. He refuses Enfamil also, all, kinds. I’m at a loss and have no idea what to do. Hoping you have any ideas . We are going to the doctor this week to see if its a medical issue at this point as well. TIA

    • Holly, first of all – well done there mama, on all the stuff you’ve tried already. Yes, much of it didn’t work, but you know a WHOLE lot more than you did before this started, and that can only serve to help you as you plod on and visit with the doctor. I would give Good Start Soothe a try. Some babies prefer the taste of certain formulas over others (isn’t that amazing? that they have such opinions so early?!) Good Start Soothe is as close to a hypoallergenic formula as you can get without going to the final step over TO a hypoallergenic formula. Give that a try, and if you have time, write back and tell me how that goes. Then we can try something else until we find a winner.

  24. melody puleo says:

    My 6 month old constantly gets red bumps around in anus. He was on enfamil nuetrmigen but recently switched to Gerber soothe.and he is still getting the red bumps. I constantly change his diaper. My gut is telling me its the formula. Please help!

  25. HI im wondering if you have any advice for me as im not getting very far with the pedi office. My son is on Enfamil gentlease. He has been on it since birth and he is now 8 weeks. He was a small newborn and now is most likely a lil over 8 lbs (has his dr appointment on 24th). Takes 4oz every three hours, sometimes wants more. He was doing fine on the gentlease up until a week and a half ago. Now he is only pooping once a day and it is this horrendous hunter green/army green color and really watery. It doesnt come out of his diaper but boy is it runny and it smells terrible. I dont think its diarrhea per say, but it is way more liquid than what it used to be (similar to paint), i feel like i have to use 10 wipes to get him clean, sorry for TMI. His BMs were always yellow with seeds and the consistency of peanut butter 2-3 times a day. Now im concerned with how much water is in them and the color is freaking me out. I called the dr the 2nd day it happened and he said its prolly a mild stomach bug and will pass in a day or two ( i could tell he was kind of grasping at straws), my son is acting perfectly normal..no fever…no vomiting..spitting up ANYTHING!!! I dont think its a bug bc hes acting fine and no fever…but i dont understand why it is still occurring almost 2 weeks later. He has been pretty gassy since it started. Wondering if its something to do with the formula, although hes been on it since he was 2 weeks. I have read other moms having the same BM issue on gentleease. Ive called pedi again to tell them its still occuring and they didnt even return my call. Im at a loss and not sure what to do, i dont think its an allergy…maybe a sensitivity or maybe the formula is just not agreeing with him. Im considering swtiching but have no idea to what and i cant get help from his pedi!!!!! any ideas??!?!

    • First of all, as a fellow mother, TMI is impossible with me. 🙂 It’s very hard to make me feel uncomfortable or squeamish, so no worries about that!

      Okay, your issue. It does sound (in my nonprofessional opinion) like there’s a formula issue here, although its good that he’s still eating and doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms of sickness.

      I would give him a few more days to make sure it’s not a virus first. (Give it a week at least to cycle through just in case.) Watch very closely for signs of dehydration (fewer than 6 wet diapers in 24 hours). Have you by chance seen my article on the safe and not-safe colors of baby poo?

      All that said, the next step I would consider would be to switch him over to Good Start Soothe, it is a very gentle formula that is on the last formula step before switching to hypoallergenics.

      Hope these things can help you Janine! You’re doing the right thing, asking questions. If you feel like your pedi isn’t helping and partnering with you, it may be time to search for a new doctor. It’s important you feel like your doctor is coming alongside and helping you as you parent, not fighting you or (heaven forbid) making you feel like a bother!

      • Hi heather! Thanks for your response. I called his pedi yesterday and demanded that he be seen…not that I thought it was anything serious but I was pretty aggrevated that they didn’t “bother” to call back. The dr checked him out said he looked great, gaining weight appropriately blah blah blah. They said they didn’t think it would be an allergy or sensitivity since he would most likely have more symptoms but it’s still a possibility. They did say though that because the gentlease is partially broken down proteins his body doesn’t have to work much to digest. They think that because of this it’s just going straight through him. They said green can be from iron but also occurs when food goes through the digestive track faster. They had me put him on regular formula…Enfamil Infant. They seemed pretty convinced that would do the job…we will see. Hopefully he doesn’t get constipated from it because he hasn’t gone yet!!! Thanks for your input I greatly appreciate it =)

        Ps. Sorry if this post is formatted funny, I’m posting from my phone lol

      • I hope it works Janine! Good luck!

      • Janine – did the newborn formula help? My 8 week old daughter is having same symptoms on gentlease and I’m wondering if I should switch…

      • Hi Ashlee!

        I switched to enfamil infant like the doctor suggested…I kept him on it for 2 weeks and the color slightly improved but the consistency was still all liquid all the time. I was pretty convinced it must be something in the Enfamil that wasn’t agreeing with him. I ended up switching brands completely….I ended up switching to Target Brand Up&Up the regular one that is comparable to Enfamil infant (ie nutrition wise it is very similar but ingredients are not the same). Immediately I saw a difference it cleared up completely after a few days. Now it is the normal consistency and color. He does very well on the new formula. Hope this helps!!!

  26. Hi, I have an 8 week old and hes pretty much only been breastfed since birth but we are trying to add in some formula because I went back to work a few weeks ago and I feel like I’m not producing enough milk for him now. He used to eat about 3 or 4 ounces every 3 or so hours but the last couple weeks he’s been wanting anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces every 3 hours. I’m still only producing 3 or 4 ounces every 3 hours so I can never get stocked up on bm. Its just starting to get frustrating and stressing me out plus its hard sometimes for me to pump at work(I do hair and can’t just stop in the middle of something to pump). Anyways, a couple weeks ago we added 1 oz of enfamil newborn to 3 oz of bm and seemed okay at first and later on did 1 oz formula to 2 oz of bm and he wouldn’t even drink it(had about an oz then stopped) and then threw everything up. I just stopped because I had a Dr appt the next week and figured I could talk to the pediatrician about how to transition properly without him getting sick. Well his “advice” was well he shouldn’t get sick and its normal which is his answer to everything I question(very frustrating)! So I started to give him formula again but we used the enfamil gentlease instead and did 3 to 1 ratio and he seems okay as far as not throwing it up but he just seems like he doesn’t feel good and he hasn’t pooped since yesterday afternoon so I’m wondering if its making him constipated. I’ve tried figuring out how to transition him and what the symptoms might be of switching from bm but I really can’t seem to find anything. So I guess my question is am I doing it the right way or what you would suggest and what some normal symptoms he’ll have? I would really like to have him on only formula in the next couple months if possible. I would appreciate any suggestions you have. Thanks!

    • Andrea, I never had any bankable breastmilk. I pumped constantly, and then just barely made what my kids ate. Those women with freezers full of milk always made me jealous! We also had to start moving over to formula eventually, due to supply issues. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty about it. 🙂 About the constipation, some babies go daily, some babies don’t, so don’t use frequency as your constipation guide. Instead, use texture. When he finally goes, if it’s thicker than peanut butter, than you’ll want to start adding a little bit (1-2 Tbs) of prune juice to the bottle. My Isabella wouldn’t poop for days, but she acted fine and it wasn’t super pebbly and hard, so she wasn’t constipated, it was just her body’s cycle.

      That said, if he seems “off” to you, try the prune juice trick. It may not be the formula that has caused him slow down, it may be that he just doesn’t like the taste of that particular brand. Elena wouldn’t eat Enfamil, she didn’t like the taste. But she gobbled up Good Start. Perhaps try a few brand samples and see if that seems to help? The final option is to not do the ratio, but do a blunt switch instead. It’s possible that he’s tasting his normal milk (breastmilk) but it seems off to him, because you’ve added the formula. If you JUST give the formula in some bottles, and JUST breastmilk in others, you may notice he eats more.

      These are just the random thoughts that came to mind. Filter them through and try a few until you find something that clicks! Heather

  27. Daysi Claros says:

    Hi, my child is super sensitive. When she was 2 days old she appeared to have a diaper rash, i took her to the ped and he said it was a rash and prescribed me nyaticin. With that said, i am always on top of making sure her booty is dry and i apply ointment. Two weeks ago she started with a diaper rash i tried to control it and nothing, it seemed it was out of my hands. The rash had traveled up towards her folds and that creeped me out. So i tool her to her ped, he said it was the formula. She was on enfamil premium, he switched her to gentlease…and it got even worse! 🙁 now he said prosobee. ..we switched her to that and the prosobee is working her rash is going away. But she is always pooping, her stools are pretty waterish, seed like looking. Is this normal?

  28. Hi heather!

    Your blog is a blessing! Here is my issue: my LO is now 2 weeks old and was born 37 weeks but less than 5% percentile birth weight with glucose issues. They had her enfamil newborn 24 calories 2 minutes after birth. Needless to say that developed gass and a whole lot of crying. She got switch to similac fussiness and gas and it seems to work but we have gone 3 days without a bowl movement and her spit up have gone from runny to chunky. My 3 year old is lactose intolerant (dad is a well) am I to assume this baby is also and we are not battling a milk allergy?


    • If lactose intolerance runs in your family, and your baby is showing signs of it (which she is) I would go ahead and jump straight to a hypoallergenic formula. The cheapest one I could find is Pregestimil at Amazon. Give that a try and if things don’t approve, write back and we’ll brainstorm something else. 🙂

  29. Hello Heather,

    My daughter is 3 weeks old and around 1 1/2 wks I switched her from from Gerber good start to Earths best organic formula because it had more lactose in it and less sugar. Idk if I should switch her back now. My breast milk has been lacking so I could not breastfed. Around week two she broke out with red bumps all over I think its hives but it doesn’t bother her. She also eats constantly she consumes 4 ounces! Again she’s three weeks…she was a bit small at birth but full term so maybe it’s catch up I’m just at a loss my doctor says its nothing, but my motherly instincts says she’s dead wrong. She’s very fussy after feedings but hardly spits up. Nothing will console her but the bottle. I just need an idea on what could be her issue. I went down every checklist her stool is fine she’s gassy beyond belief but that’s the only thing plus her hives that’s off. Her weight is up from 5.5 to 6.4 in 3 weeks so again I’m at a lost. Please help!

    • It does sound like hives to me (not all hives are itchy, btw). It sounds like she’s having a hard time processing the formula. What if you switch to a lower lactose formula? Perhaps pick one of the lower-lactose formulas in the article above and try that for 4-5 days to see if you see any changes in her symptoms.

  30. I have another question. We started our LO on soy a few weeks ago due to fussiness for regular formula. His fussiness improved at first but now it seems to have come back. My real problem is that he has had watery poops for a while now and has started having them 2-3 times a day. He also has a red ring around his anus. He does have some red bumps on his face. He had a bad rash before starting the soy and that cleared up but it is now red again. I’m wondering if these are indications he has an allergy to soy? Our ped had recommended nutramigen for the fussiness and rash he had. Does that should like a good switch? I don’t know if it will help him though and its expensive. Should I switch gradually like you suggest in other blogs too? Thanks

    • It sounds like an allergy, Amy. Remembering your comment on the scheduling post, I would try a reflux formula first, to see if that helps with his fussiness issues and take the rash away. If that doesn’t help, start using the formulas listed in this article, and if THESE don’t help, try moving to the hypoallergenic formulas. You’ll find a winner eventually!

  31. Stephanie says:

    I have a 6 1/2 month old who has had severe constipation for some time. We have tried dairy, soy and hypoallergenic formula-nutramigen. All of the formula changes have seemed to have helped for the 1st few days it was introduced…with it resulting in him being constipated again. We are now introducing solid foods such as pears, green beans, zuchinni, prunes..and now his constipation is worse than ever. We have to use suppositories about once a week and he is even on a prescribed stool softener Lactulose. Dr. says we need to do Miralax. I just feel terrible giving him all this medication…
    I’m at the point where I just dont know what to do. Any recommendations?

    We have done the prune juice, pured prunes, water, pear juice…nothing seems to be helping.

    • Stephanie, your little guy has bowels of steel! In this instance, I think your doctor’s Miralax suggestion is a good one. We use it around our house when necessary. It’s extremely safe to use – not habit forming like suppositories. I’ve also heard about adding a little mineral oil to a bottle to help in severe cases, but I wouldn’t use that without talking with your doctor first. Honestly, I would try miralax first. I would also make sure he’s drinking water with every meal in a bottle or sippy cup. Constipation is so difficult, because it’s hard to wait and feel like you’re not doing anything to help! The important thing is that you ARE doing things. You are doing a LOT of things, from the sound of it. Try these last few tips and then let me know if I need to research up some new ones!

  32. I have a 6 week old son and hes been on Enfamil Premium since about 3 weeks old. Before that he was on Enfamil Newborn. Hes did fine with both. Hes on wic and he was given similac advanced. The day he started he got a red ring around the anus and it got worse and worse. Desitin and Buttpaste did not help at all. (Tmi, I know) I took him off the similac after about a week and switched him back to enfamil. The redness went away almost immediately. I report this to the doctor and she brushes it off as just “rash”. Wic suggests we try soy. (Which makes no sense) the doctor says try similac again, and if he responds the same way to bring him in then she’ll write a form to wic for formula change. Im thinking “Are you serious?”, I dont want to put him through that again.
    So my questions are, why does my son react to one formula but is fine with the other when they’re both supposedly the same? Should I give soy a try? And other information on my concern would be helpful. Thank you.

    Im sorry, I know some of it rambling. I really needed to vent about this. Its been a fustrating issue for us.

    • Kris, first off there’s no such thing as TMI when you’re talking about babies. It’s almost impossible to make me feel uncomfortable about these things. About the red ring, it does sound like that’s an allergy issue. I can’t tell you exactly what he could be reacting too, but I can tell you that there is a difference in brands. Technically, all formulas have the same ingredients, but the way they put those ingredients together, and how much of Ingredient A and Ingredient B, etc. can vary. (Does that make sense?) That’s why some babies will prefer the taste of one brand over another, or will get really gassy under one brand, but not a different one.

      I would request your doctor writes the form to switch formula. It’s not like this is the fourth time you’ve requested this. You could switch to soy, but if you know the Enfamil was fine, why not just use that rather than try another “unknown” and see what happens? If he does react to the Enfamil, you can use the Enfamil soy. So go ahead and request your doctor fill out that switch form, or have a nurse do it. Be pleasant with her, but indicate that this is what you’ve both decided and when can you pick up the form? (or whatever you need to get the formula). That’s called the “Assumptive close” – by assuming she’s going to agree and asking her when you can get the form, you’re really not giving her a chance to argue – does that make sense? 🙂 You’re doing great there Mama Bear! Keep it up!

  33. Hello,
    My daughter is 7 weeks old. I’m trying to wean her off breast milk. I’ve tried bottles of enfamil newborn here and there and she took it ok. I noticed her face and chest had light rash like bumps on it but chalked it up to baby acne. Then I tried Gerber gentle ease since that is what WIC provides me. Her rash seemed to get more red and she fought me more with this formula. I’ve stopped with the formula and let her face clear up which it has a little, although there’s still a rash on her chest and her face flares up from time to time. What can it be since she’s been mostly breast fed and still has her bumps?

    • Evelyn, this sounds like eczema. You can try switching back to Enfamil to see if it clears up. Another option is, right after you bathe her cover her with something called Aquaphor by Eucerin. (You can find it at Walgreens or CVS drug stores, etc.) It locks in the moisture from the bath and helps her skin from drying out and getting those itchy red bumps. If you can’t switch formulas, try that for a week and see if it helps.

  34. We have been in the nightmare from formula street… So happy to find this blog!! My milk didn’t come in and so we started with formula… My little daughter who is 3 months now threw up pretty much everything in the hospital. Our pedicitrician switched us from good start gentle to soy when she was 10 days old cause she was having bad belly aches and throwing up. That went awful!!!!!!!! So we then switched to nutramigen because her belly aches were so bad and she was throwing up all the time… Now we just moved and our doctor said it didn’t sound like to him we needed to be on a hypoallergenic formula and good start soothe would probably be just fine…. So we switched again… Although on nutramigen she still had belly aches once in a while the big thing is she spits up all the time and we can’t lay her flat cause she will cry and spit up…. So now we are on soothe and she spits up more then ever…. I am thinking all this time we has a reflux problem but no one is pin pointing that!! Suggestions?? I just want her to be comfy and not be spitting up 7-10 times a day!! Thank you so much ahead of time!

    • I’m so glad you found it too!! 🙂 It does sound like reflux may be a factor here. I would perhaps try one of the thicker formulas I mention in this article and see if that helps. Since the formula is thicker, it helps stop the constant spitting up. Besides the formula switch, you could try using a baby bean bag to help her sleep sitting up during the day. (I wouldn’t put it inside the crib, in case she manages to roll over in it.) I’ve also heard that these tablets from Hylands are really helpful with reflux babies. Hope this can help!

  35. I have a two month old daughter and she is constantly spitting up. The doctor gave me the enfamil AR to try but my kid hates it. She’ll drink maybe about an ounce before she just gives up. After that ounce she’ll refuse to drink anymore of it. And she’s very vocal about it. She’ll scream and throw her arms around and into my face before i give up trying to get her to finish the bottle. i’ve only tried this twice but getting viciously scratched in the eye, will make you think twice about trying again. i think i’ll try the gerber formula next and see how that works.

  36. Berna Chaqui says:

    Hi I am so thankful I came across this page. I am a mom of 3 week old twin boys born at 35 weeks. This last week the boys have been their crankiest. Ladt night was the worst. They are on gerber soy because I was afraid they would be like my daughter who had reflux and formula peoblems when she was born. Twin B is taking a hard hit with the formula. He cries constantlynafter about 20min of being fed and poops during and after being fed. It sometimes looks like.mucus. I neef major help choosing a different formula. Twin A takes the feed and is okay fornmore time before he too becomes irritable like coliky but without the loose stools. Please help. What would be the adverse reactiin if I switch from soy to milk? Bm unfortunately is notncoming in ads much due to me not latching them on often and not pumping. I am at my last string.

    P.s. dr says they have reflux and to give them cereal in formula

    • Berna, you may notice increase gas in an abrupt switch. Have you seen my article on how to switch formulas? That can give you some pointers on how to go from the soy formula family to the cow’s milk formula with minimal fussing.

      As for what to switch to, I would start with Good Start Soothe, it’s the most gentle of the formulas – especially when it comes to allergy issues. Then if they are still not doing well, after a week of using it, try using a pre-thickened formula like Enfamil AR or one of these other reflux formulas. Start with those things and then let me know if you still need some help! Glad you commented, I want to help as much as I can. You are doing great. Dig your fingernails in and hold on, it will get better.

      • Berna Chaqui says:

        So because I was so desperate because of non stop crying I ended up trying gerber gentle. The boys are fussy still but not like 48 hours ago. Twin B is still pooping after each feeding and sometimes twice after each feeding but not with mucus and they are still a little cranky as in gas because they turn sometimes red before passing the gas.

        Should I switch to the soothe now again or give this more.time?

      • Sounds like you may have a winner! I would stick with this one if you think it’s working. You can always switch later, if things go bad again. 🙂

  37. I love this site. Thank you! I have a 6 month old son who seems to be exhibiting both reflux and allergies. He has eczema that comes and goes and his spit up smells pukey. I have also not been able to establish a sleep schedule with him. He wakes 2-3 times at night and his naps are sporadic in length. He has been on Enfamil AR, Good Start and Good Start Soothe most recently. I had him on cereal and some fruits and veggies and have since taken him off everything but formula in hopes that I might have put him on solids too early and maybe he was exhibiting allergy-like symptoms due to that. There was a little improvement but not much. Would Good Start Gentle make a difference? I’m confused as to whether the Soothe or Gentle is closest to hypoallergenic. Any info would help! Thank you so much!!

    • Adrienne, I wouldn’t worry too much about the sleep schedule at this point. Until you can get some of his allergy issues under control, trying to work on his sleep is going to be fruitless. I think you’re instincts in taking him off the solids was also a good one. At 6 months he’s still getting most of his nutrition from formula anyway. (When you do introduce a food, though, later, make sure you wait 3-4 days before adding a new one. It will help you find his allergy trigger foods.)

      As for formula….Good Start Soothe is as close to hypoallergenic as you can buy. It’s made of 100% whey proteins, so usually it’s absorbed a lot easier. If he didn’t seem to show much difference on the Soothe, however, I would use one of the other hypoallergenics listed in this article. Keep in mind that amino acid formula (hypoallergenic formulas) taste different than he’s used to. You may have to take a week or so to slowly integrate the two and get him used to the taste. In my article on switching formulas I mentioned a few days…but with this kind of switch I would make it about a week. Hope this can help you Adrienne! Hang in there! Once you can get a better handle on his spitting up, then start working on solids and sleeping. Good luck!

  38. I have a 5 month old son and he is currently on Similac Alimentum. I breast fed him for the first 2 months, but then had to return to work and decided to quit….felt very guilty but it was soooo overwhelming with work and trying to pump. Anyway, once I decided to quit breast feeding I began slowly adding formula to the breast milk. Well, the formula I started out with was Similac Advance. About 4 hours after drinking the breast milk mixed with formula, my son broke out in a red pin point rash all over his body! He didn’t act uncomfortable, he was actually all smiles, but the rash was sooo bad! I took him into the ER because I’m a first time mother and also a nurse and was afraid this was going to turn into something worse. The Dr. decided that he was definitely allergic to something in the formula. So I went back to just breast milk for a few days and then decided to try a different formula….I tried Similac sensitive mixed with breast milk. About 6 hrs after drinking that he broke out in the same rash all over, but it was not as red and inflamed looking as when he drank the Similac Advance. He had no respiratory difficulty with these reactions so that was a relief. So then we decided to go with the Alimentum and boy I am wishing I never quit breastfeeding. I’m just trying to find something that is hypoallergenic, or close to it, and cheaper than the Alimentum. At $28 a can and 3 cans a week, were going to go completely broke! Any recommendations? Thanks!

    • No guilt about quitting, Tricia. Every mother weans eventually. EVERY SINGLE ONE. 🙂 Breastfeeding for just a few weeks shows (scientifically) a benefit to you and the baby, so know you did a great thing. 🙂 Give Good Start Soothe a try. It’s 100% whey, so very easy to digest. I would say that’s as close as you can get to Alimentum without paying so much. Let me know how it goes!


  39. Hello! I love your site and it’s been very helpful for us since we formula feed our daughter.
    She was diagnosed with reflux and is on Zantac. We have tried a few formulas (similac regular, sensitive, spit up, and soy) both before and after starting Zantac and she still spit up a lot and has a lot of gas and constipation and seems to be in pain much of the time. We just switched to Gerber Good Start Gentle and today is the first day of her solely on that. She seems so much happier and actually even napping today, no pain! But she is spitting up a crazy amount, I called the nurse line and they said this can be normal and she’s just adjusting but what do you think? I didn’t switch as slowly as I should have so I’m guessing it just may take time. I’m just worried that she may not be responding well to this formula and I don’t want her spitting up too much. Should I be worried or just wait it out?

    • Liz, I’m glad you’re enjoying the site! Thanks for commenting! I think I would wait for a few days, and then, if she seems to be doing well with the formula in everyway, except is still spitting up, perhaps try to thicken it a little with rice formula. Not normally what I recommend (Usually recommend Enfamil AR or Similac for Spit Up) but if all systems are go on the Good Start otherwise, add the cereal and see if that helps. Good luck!

  40. Hi,
    I have a 7.5 week old…was bf and supplementing due to breast hypoplasia and low supply. Around 4-5 weeks my lo started to develop cough/ congestion, getting more fussy and spitting up more. Took him in at 6wks she thought his skin was dry and could be sensitive or allergy and suggested trying soy, but I’m not comfortable with that so I tried Alimentum the rtf because he could not handle the powder…did it for 7 days and was still fussy and his spit up got much worse! I just started gerber soothe yesterday and he seems a little better not as much spitting up but still seeming gassy and fussy. Should I try the gerber gentle? Is it okay to go back and forth between the two? I’m wondering if it’s the powder and if he’d do better with the gentle rtf instead of the soothe? Like all the moms I just want to don what’s best and I’m worried about messing around with his poor little tummy!

    • Jackie, I would give good start soothe a week, to see how he handles it. Then, if there’s no improvement, perhaps try Enfamil AR for the spit up. It’s hard to see you LO have tummy troubles! Hang in there. You’re doing great!

  41. Stephanie says:

    I’m hoping you can give me some insight. My first baby had severe reflux, to the point that we had to thicken her bottle so much that we used cereal nipples and had to make the holes bigger. We also had to use a mixer to mix her bottles!BUT she was so happy and slept great, never had any problems other than reflux. My second is now 11 weeks and is having the same problems but projectile vomits, is colicky, gassy and doesn’t sleep well unless she is being held. We’ve tried the enfamil newborn, we’ve tried the AR formula, we’ve tried the parents choice tender (gross, it made her spit up stink) and she is currently on the target brand of similac sensitive with either rice or oatmeal to thicken. We haven’t gone to making it as thick as my first’s bottles because she’s so constipated with as thick as it is now AND she’s not peeing as much. Her Ped told us to give her a bottle of 2 oz of water twice a day but she just spits that back up too. Any idea of what we should try next would be so helpful. I hate doing the formula roulette as it seems like we are just throwing our money away after a week of using it and nothing helping. She is also breastfed but she also spits that up too. :/ We are at our whits end. I keep thinking it may be an allergy BUT the only symptoms she has are the vomiting and the colic.

    • Goodness gracious Stephanie! She is a tough nut to crack! Seems to me like you have two choices. 1) stick with your current formula, thicken it up, and add 1tsp of prune juice per bottle to help with the constipation. Also, continue your doctor’s advice about the water.

      2) Switch again, over to a hypoallergenic formula like one of these (often used for colic) and thicken it up by hand, adding a little prune juice at the beginning and seeing how things go. Nutramigen AA may be a good place to start. I’ve heard good things about it.

      Start there, give it a week, and let me know if we need to think up a new plan. (Also, work as hard as you can to follow your doctor’s instructions with the water. It’s important to keep her as hydrated as possible. Try to feed her every 2 hours or so if you have to.)

      You are in the trenches. But you won’t ALWAYS be in the trenches. There is a light on the horizon, even if it feels like you can’t feel the rays yet. Hang in there, Stephanie! You are a wonderful mother!

  42. My son is 13 months old and im trying to switch him off alimentum. Have been mixing formula & milk for about 3wks. Spitting up a lot. Any other suggestions on what to try?

    • Does he spit up with any other dairy products? Any other foods or drinks? Is the milk the trigger? If so, perhaps trying a soy or almond milk (since he’s over a year old). You may need to give him some additional vitamin supplements. (I’m currently writing an article on baby supplements that will be posted the week of November 10th.)

      You could also try switching to a gentle toddler formula, if his body isn’t ready for milk. Enfamil makes Enfagrow Gentlease and Good Start makes Good Start 2 Soy – which actually may be a great choice, if he’s having trouble with milk proteins.

      Hope these things can give you some ideas!

  43. Hi, My consern is with whole milk, My baby boy was drinking regular enfamil infant formula and did fine, even when he started solids he did great, now just turned one I tried to do the switch to red cap whole milk and on the second day he started the day with yellow smelly loose stools and had many of them thru out the day (i think it was 6-7 dirty diapers some right after another) I knew it had to be diarrhea, I stoped giving him whole milk and went to buy him a pedialyte his diarrhea stoped but the next day inthe afternoon he pooped hard as if he was constipated, is that a good sign? Does that mean hes getting better? I.read.in one of your posts that maybe I should wait and let him get better and try again? I worry too much this is my first child I hate seeing him sick, this whole.milk.transition is hard wish it was much easier for the little guys! Hope to.hear from you! I would love to hear your opinion!(: thankk youu soo muchh for being here!!!(:

    • Rosario, your instincts on this were spot on! Well done! If he’s having trouble with the whole milk, I would switch to a toddler formula for a few weeks, and then add in a little whole milk and do a mix for a week and see how he handles it. Eventually, if he does well, you can increase the milk and decrease the formula ratio.

      If he gets constipated, try a couple tablespoons of prune juice mixed in a bottle every day.

      If those don’t work, we can come up with a new plan. Doing great friend!

  44. I am so glad I found your site! What great information! My 2nd child, 8 weeks old is on Enfamil gentlease and has been since 2 weeks old. She has reflux and is on Zantac. Her poop has always been a bit runny (similar to breastfed poop) but the last few days it is really runny – like consistency of mustard with tiny bubbles throughout. She also has awful gas that smells horrible! I called the pedi and he said it all sounds normal? My first also had reflux, was on meds, and gentlease but his poop was the opposite – constipated often and only pooped every other day so I feel like a new mom this time around. I’m wondering if the gentlease is too gentle? Or maybe not gentle enough? I’m thinking of possibly moving her to Gerber good start gentle since you said that is the gentlest of the gentle. The pedi said I could try soy which I’m not comfortable with or Nutramigen but he said that could make her runny poop even worse? Sorry for the novel… Just looking for some advice.

    • Ashlee, I know what you mean about feeling like a first time mom all over again! I felt that way with each baby, mostly because at three years apart, I had completely forgotten how to so the baby thing by the time the next one showed up!

      Okay…you’re question. If the spitting up is under control (and it sounds like it is, that your main concern is the diarrhea poop) I would recommend giving Good Start Gentle a try. If she’s STILL gassy and fussy, go to the next rung of uber-gentle: Good Start Soothe.

      Hope this can help!

  45. Hi There,

    I’ve been doing some research on milk allergy and came across this blog and thought that maybe you could lend some advice.

    My daughter is 10 months old (11 on the 18). My daughter was EBF for 9 months. At her 9 month check up (9/23), She had dropped in weight %’s which wasn’t all that surprising since she was becoming a bit angry at the breast due to not getting it quickly enough so she just wouldn’t nurse long or efficiently. The doc was a little concerned so he advised that I nurse then give a bottle or just switch to all formula if we were ready to be done nursing. I was having a hard time stopping so at 9 months I went to just nursing morning and night. Then I was pumping throughout the day and giving her bottles and at times I have having to supplement. I would try and do 4 oz and BM and 2 of Formula-similac advance. When I felt like I had enough she was getting full 6 oz bottles of just BM. AFter about 2 1/2 weeks, I was nursing only in the morning when I felt full and the rest of her feedings were bottles which were fresh/unthawed BM and formula. She was happy and doing great. She was eating solids and pooping normally (1-2 times a day and solid but not hard and not runny) and no diaper rash. She has very very sensitive skin. We battled excema early on but have that under control and she has all but grown out of it.

    When she turned 10 months on 10/18 she was on all formula. We were just using regular tap water. on 10/22 we had water softener installed and learned that all our water was now soft including the kitchen so we started buying bottled water for her bottles. On 10/28 her bum started to get red and progressively got worse as the week went on. She started to poop ALL the time. like 4-5 times a day and it was pretty runny. Took her to the doc on 11/1 for the rash because I couldn’t get it cleared up. He assured us it had nothing to do with the water that it would be particularly good for the kids skin. (my son was doing just fine and he also had very sensitive skin)

    So he gave us a cream and also a couple cans of soy formula and said that sometimes switching for even just a week can help the body to start producing the lactose again after having pooped so much. I have read stuff about soy so i was have been reluctant to try it. I put her on the BRAT diet for a couple days and that did help thicken things. We are getting the rash under control and have it nearly cleared up but she is still pooping frequently and it is back to runny again. She does eat cheese and butter occasionally on bread but has never really like cottage cheese or yogurt so minimal amounts of dairy as far as solids go in her diet. She is so happy and doesn’t seem to act in pain and is sleeping good as well. (sorry for all the back tracking and detail, I just wanted to give you a good idea of whats been going on)

    I’m at a loss. Milk Allergy? should I switch her to soy? your outside opinion would be helpful! Thank you!


    • Danielle, a few random thoughts tumbling through my brain…hope you can make sense of them.

      First, regarding the soft water. It’s possible to have the soft water switched to the hot water line, and leave the cold water line (for drinking) hard water. Hard water is actually better to drink, since it has calcium and magnesium in it. Soft water just has sodium, which you don’t want too much of. If you did this, you could just use the tap water, and avoid the bottled water expense.

      Secondly, make sure the bottled water you’re using isn’t nursery water.

      Third, it doesn’t sound like a milk allergy to me, since she was doing great on breast milk before. I’m suspicious of the water you are using and perhaps the brand or type of formula. Try switching to another formula (I’m not sure what you’re currently using…did I miss that somewhere?). Hope this can give you some things to try!

  46. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate it.

    So, with how our plumbing was done in our townhouse when it was built, it is ALL plumbed for soft water unfortunately. We had the plumber come over and check. We are just renting for now while my husband finishes his residency and so we are also just renting a water softener.

    Secondly, we were using nursery water. Is that bad? yikes.. We just ran out of that a few days ago and have just been using kirkland brand bottled water.

    We are using similac advance. The blue label.

    • Nursery water is not usually recommended for babies under a year old. I talk about it more in this comment. Since this seem to be a popular misunderstanding…I’m going to do some extra research on this topic and add it into the posting schedule. 🙂

      Give it a few more days and see if the non-nursery water makes a difference. If not, give Good Start Soothe a try – it’s extremely gentle and easy to digest. If she has issues with THAT, you’ll need try a soy or hypoallergenic formula.

      Don’t get discouraged about all this trial and error…it’s a normal part of parenting at this age. Since they can’t talk, you try something and see what happens, then trying something else…then something else…until it seems you’ve found something that clicks. 🙂

  47. Hello!! This site has been a God-Send for me!! We are having a bit of a hard time with our 3 1/2 month old. I breast feed and supplement with formula. In the last month he began developing eczema. The Ped had me go on a dairy free diet and had us switch to soy formula. He broke out in a horrible rash with the soy formula, so we tried Similac Sensitive and when that didn’t work (because the eczema became worse again) I just began using my breast milk stored in the freezer to supplement. He did do much better with that, but since I was running out, we had to find another solution. The Ped is now having us supplement with Nutramigan. After reading the ingredients, I’m just not too happy about having to use this. He is also spitting up a lot more when he drinks it. The other half of the problem is his horrible gas. I’m pretty sure this is being caused by gluten (now I’ve gone on a dairy-free, soy-free and gluten free diet). SO, I’m wondering if you have any advice as to what we should do next? I’ve played the formula roulette and I hate to switch him up again, but I just want to find something to help him with his eczema and gas. Thanks so much!! 🙂

    • Leah, I’m so glad you’re finding the website helpful! My suggestion is to try an amino-acid formula like Neocate or Elecare. Most babies with severe allergies tend to do okay on those. If he’s spitting up a LOT with these, add a teaspoon of rice cereal to thicken it slightly. (Only do this if you have too, since adding a thickener by hand can sometimes add bubbles to the formula.) I talk about those formula in my article discussing colicky/hypoallergenic formulas. I think that could help!

  48. Hi,
    I’m so glad I found your website. My little guy will be 5 weeks tomorrow and we are struggling to find a formula that works for him. He first had breast milk and Similac advanced when he was born and he would spit up, grunt a lot and was very gassy. His doctor switched him to Enfamil ProSobee which didn’t go well. After each feeding he would immediately throw what seemed like everything up and then be hungry again. We then switched to Similac Sensitive. He had very little spit up but was still very gassy. The problem with the sensitive was that he went from eating every 3-4 hours to every 1-2 hours. The doctor recommended Similac Alimentum. He still spit up and was very gassy. The smell of the formula was terrible and he didn’t seem to like it because he would pull away and it would take several tries to get him to eat even though I knew he was hungry. Plus it’s super expensive. Two days ago we decided to give him Similac Advanced again. Within a few hours he had diarrhea during every feeding and sometimes in between. Later that night he developed a rash on his face. He also has a red rash around his anus that doesn’t get any better with Desitin. Yesterday we switched him to Similac Total Comfort. He still has the rash on his face and the red rash around his anus. His poop is starting to thicken up a little but is immediately going through him at each feeding. I’m wondering if I should continue with the Similac Total Comfort or try Good Start Gentle?

    • Personally, Jen, I would ditch Similac at this point and go straight to Good Start Soothe. Sounds like he’s very sensitive, so the Soothe may be exactly what his tummy requires. (It’s more gentle than Good Start Gentle.) If that doesn’t help after a few days, report back and we’ll come up with a Plan D… 🙂

  49. Thank you for getting back to me. We have a can of Good Start Soothe and started him on it tonight. I will keep you posted!
    Thanks again!

  50. Mrs. turner says:

    Hello. I have a little one who wwas diagnosed with eczema. She is four months old. She is on SSimilac Spit up formula. Would switching her formula help and if so, which kind would you recommend? Her eczema is all over her cheeks and near her eyes, as well as around her head. Not sure what to do for my poor girl 🙁

    • Eczema and I are old friends…make that enemies. Two of my kids struggle with it. Give her a warm bath, and as soon as you get her out and have barely patted her dry, cover her all over with Aquaphor. (You can find it at any local drugstore.) She will seem kinda greasy, but the layer locks in the moisture from the bath and helps fight off the dry eczema.

      Switching formula may help, since eczema is often related to an allergy of some kind. Does she spit up a lot? Is that why she’s on that formula? You could try a more gentle formula, like Good Start Soothe, and then try thickening it by hand. Or you could switch to Enfamil AR (another reflux formula) and see if that helps. Not all brands are the same, they are processed differently and so can affect the body in different ways.

      If she has to stay on a reflux formula, try switching to Enfamil AR and doing the Aquaphor thing for a few weeks and see if that helps. Then we can come up with a Plan B.

      • Mrs. Turner says:

        Hello! Thank you so much for your sweet reply. Last night we were so desperate I had my husband go out and buy Similac Allimentum formula. I just couldn’t take it anymore and several chiropractors had told us it was a “gut issue” – so we figured we would try to switch her formula. We switched from Similac Spit Up (because she was constantly spitting up while on Similac Sensitive). Well over night she had a few bottles and then more throughout the day. Well already her skin is 75% better!!! Can’t even believe it. She was so happy today and much less “itchy”. Also, she is spitting up 90% less!! Just can’t believe it. Hopefully tomorrow shows even more improvement. 🙂
        I did have another question though. I have a friend who is giving her 11 month old baby the Walmart type brand formula and her baby girl is having terrible loose stools. We are taking 3-5 loose stools a day, which is causing diaper rash. Do you think she is having an issue with her formula? If so, which one do you think she should switch too? Money is an issue, so I was thinking maybe mentioning the Good Start Soothe – do you think that would be a good one to recommend to her? Thanks so much for your help! God bless you!

      • Hooray!! I’m so happy to hear that! Very awesome! Regarding your friend, I can’t say with 100% certainty it’s the formula…but it definitely doesn’t hurt to try something and see what happens! 🙂 And you’re reading my mind exactly. Good Start Soothe is a good place to start. 🙂

  51. Hi,

    My son is almost 9 months old and he was diagnosed with eczema at 4 weeks old. I have been exclusively breast feeding until his 8 month. When I decided to switch to formula (personal reasons) he seemed to take it mixed with the BM just fine, but now that it is just the formula he is very fussy. It doesn’t seem like he wants to take the bottle any more. He scratches his arms a lot more and is sleeping less. Could there be a problem with the formula? It’s enfamil infant. There is no history of allergies or eczema on either side.

    Please help

    • Nikki, I think you should give a Good Start brand a try. It does sound like there may be some issues there. Go with Good Start Gentle or Good Start Soothe and give it a 4-5 days and see if you notice any difference. 🙂

  52. Jennifer Reyna says:

    I’m very thankful I came across this page. Sometimes a mom struggling with a baby tense to forget she is not alone. Sometimes I think i’m the only one on the plant with a fussy spitting up baby. My son was born at 38weeks because.i’m diabetic

  53. I revently switched from parents choice choice senstative because he was constipated. I am using target up&up AHA & DRH formula hes drinking it well and having a bm everyday. Only thing is he delevoped a serious case of rash on his face, chin, chest and back. I was wondering if an organic formula will help?Only because the senstative formula’s make him constipated. We have already tried enfamil gentle ease, similac advance, similac senstative, goodstart. The walmart gentlHe was well on. But I am thinking if an Organic formula will help with the rashes?

  54. My son is 18 weeks and uses Gerber soothe, he has been on it for couple of months now he has the symptoms of eczema could he be allergic to the formula? He has constipation problems but I figure that just any formula, docs say he has acid reflux but he hasn’t had any episodes of puking so Idk why they would say that, also he always sounds congested since the day he was born, if it’s his formula what should I switch to… Please help

  55. Hi
    My daughter is two months old. In the hospital she was on similac advance. She has been cranky and gassy. She had fits every now and then of none stop crying. So my doctor recommended enfamil gentle ease. She has been on it for two weeks. Her additude has totally changed to happy baby. Now on second week she is non stop pooping. Every bottle she poops, sometimes twice a bottle.
    I don’t know what to do. If I should change to regular enfamil or another formula completely.
    Her poor little bottom cannot take all these diaper changes.

    • Michelle, if it’s really really runny, like diarrhea, you may want to give something else a try. Perhaps a Good Start formula? Also, if there is anything funny-looking about the poop – like there’s a weird mucus or something, you may want to give your doctor a call. Rotavirus is very common in babies this age. It causes diarrhea, which is not a good thing for babies. (Dehydration is the #1 hospitalizer of babies.) If you don’t see any of those mucusy-poops, than switch to Good Start Gentle or Good Start Soothe (my favorite) and see if you notice any change after a few days. If not, let me know and we’ll come up with a new plan!

  56. hi heather,

    i recently switched my baby from similac sensitive to gerber soothe 3 days ago shes been much more fussier and spitting up and today she vomited all her milk. could it be the chnge in formula? shes on zantac also for reflux. we switched her formula because WIC doenst cover similac sensitive and it was getting so expensive. should i switch her back? pls help.

    • Cindy, I think your instincts are good. Switch her back, and then try to gradually add the soothe and see what happens. If she still reacts that way than it’s the Soothe. Perhaps try the regular Good start or a different brand (or off brand) and using the same switching process and see what happens. Hang in there, and keep trying.

  57. Hello I have a two month old that I’m trying transition to formula from breastmilk and I started with gentlease enfimil and he just fusses and cries trying to poop..am I starting him out on the right thing??

    • Steph, formula is one of the “try and try again” issues of parenting. Some babies do better on one type than on another…some babies prefer the taste of one over another. You really have to try things until you find what seems to work best. If he’s not doing well on the Gentlease, I would try Good Start Gentle or Good Start Soothe. Personally, I find the Good Start brand is the gentlest and tends to create fewer fussy tummies. Pick one of those and give it a try for a week or two and see if you see a difference. 🙂

  58. Hello. I have a 5 1/2 week old son who has been exclusively breastfed until Saturday when I started introducing formula. We started with similac advanced very slowly. Mixing Half and half in just one bottle Saturday and Sunday and two bottles Monday and yesterday. He has had diarrhea since Sunday night. He has lots of gas but did somewhat on breastmilk too. He also has small red bumps on his face but I think it began before introducing formula but has gotten worse and now nsybe even a little better. So mainly he has diarrhea, 1-2 times a day. He pooped more often with only breastmilk. I’m wondering if just diarrhea for three days is a reason to switch to a gentle formula or if it will resolve and how long to wait it out. I have similac total comfort to try if I need to.

    • Elise, I don’t think it would hurt to try the Total Comfort for a few days and see if that clears up. Your instincts are spot on!

      • Thanks Heather! I did already switch to the total comfort because I had it. I see that you recommend Good start a lot. What’s the difference between total comfort and good start? Also, the rash is better but I’m not sure about the diarrhea. It may be better but I’m also not sure it’s just that he is going less often so it’s so much more when he goes. I think I over analyze everything but it’s my baby’s health!

      • Great question Elise! Good Start processes their formula differently than the other brands. If you look closely at the formula descriptions, you will see that all the Good Start formulas START with 100% whey, which is easier for babies to digest. Every formula they offer starts with 100% whey, and then adds in the other ingredients that can help with colic, allergies, etc. Enfamil, Smiliac, etc, all start with a blend of casein and whey. Some babies are fine with that, but usually for those with really sensitive tummies I’ve found that if you start with the Good Start, they do better.

        That said, you still have to get through the hurdle of “Taste”. My Elena HATED the taste of Good Start. (My other two had no problems with it.) So you never know until you try!

  59. My daugther is 6 1/2 weeks old- we have had such a struggle with her. At about 2 1/2weeks old she started fussing every night, we switched her from Similac Advance to Similiac Sensitive(up&up-target brand) the doctor believes shes showing signs of colic and also put her on zantac- the zantac didnt change a thing, so she was taken off of it. then at 3 wks she had a hard stool and it was bloody. the doc saw her and said she had torn a little and he wasnt to concerned about the hard stools. Well ever since then her stools have been hard here and there and even has a difficult time getting them out, so at 5 weeks i called in again and they suggested karro in 1 to 2 bottles a day, depending on how much it helped- well it hasn’t. Today I called and they told me to try the Milk a magnesia 1/2 tsp. twice a day and if that doesn’t work we will have to go to our last resort- Alimentum formula. Do you have suggestions? Is it maybe the brand? I have a few enfamil gentleease cans- im wondering if i should try those? i know they tell you its not good to switch brands- but my poor baby has a terrible time getting poops out. the fussiness has calmed down a little bit.

    • Have you tried adding a teaspoon of prune juice to the bottles? I think the “not good to switch brands” is crap. 🙂 As long as you switch wisely, I say you should try stuff until your baby does better. I would try the Enfamil, since you have it. And give that a week, then try Good Start, and THEN we can see about the uber-expensive Alimentum. Don’t worry, Ashley, we’ll get this sorted out and your baby pooping again. 🙂

  60. Hello! Thank goodness for this site. Just want to run this by you before I call the dr in the am. I’m pretty sure my little man is having a reaction to similac advanced. He is 2wks old and has been on it from day 1. 6 days ago he developed a nasty diaper rash out of no where(currently using a prescryion cream that costs 42 dollars) he poops all the time but not a whole lot. It’s veryyyy seedy and sweet smelling (weird right) this wkend his intake picked up and my easy going baby turned into a fussy mess. It’s 2 am and he’s been a mess since 10:30. Can’t be soothed really lots of bowel movements and he kinda has the weezy you mentioned earlier. What do you think? Am I full of it? It’s so hard being a mommy sometimes I wish he could tell me what hurts

    • Anna, it’s so hard to see our little ones suffer! If he was doing fine on the formula, and then suddenly WASN’T than I would start eliminating other factors before switching. Is there any mucus in the stool? Call your doctor and ask him some of these questions (or nurse) and ask about Rotavirus. That’s a very common diarrhea bugs that is highly contagious – and easy for babies to get. Above all, if he’s having diarrhea, it’s very important you keep him hydrated. Give him extra bottles every hour or so, as much as he will drink. Dehydration is the number one cause for infant hospitalization, and we don’t want your baby headed down that path! 🙂

      Secondly, if you really feel it’s a formula issue (don’t underestimate your mommy instincts!), then try switching to a different formula, like Good Start Gentle or Similiac Sensitive and see if any of these symptoms persist. Since all those formulas are based on cow’s milk, you should be able to switch abruptly, without having to ease one formula into another. Give these things a try, but I would call your doctor to keep him in the loop. 🙂

  61. I was wondering if i could get some advice. I have a 5 week old baby girl whom i started strictly breast feeding until bc of her jaundice & small size at birth (she was born 6.6 @ 37 weeks & then dropped to 5.14) i was told to also supplement with formula. Her doctor recommended Gerber Gentle but for a while now & she has progressively gotten worse. she has shown signs of acid reflux & i think Colic. We have also tried Gerber Soothe with not much different results. She still loves to eat and is gaining weight/growing great but after she eats sometimes she gets extremely uncomfortable and seems to be in pain. She will cry for hours on end & we can’t seem to soothe her or make her feel better. She will even get so tired sometimes & pretty much be asleep and wake up suddenly screaming in pain. So just to try if it would make a difference the past couple of days i strictly just fed her breast milk to see if it was the formula, but still to no avail she still had a couple of hard times
    with her stomach each day. I do eat dairy in my diet and am wondering if could be a milk allergy? She has normal poopys about 1 to 2 a day & does not spit up often but i think she has the reflux where she is swallowing it back down. This evening i bought the Gerber soy already pre mixed packs bc i was thinking of trying her on this. I just want my baby girl to feel better i can’t stand seeing her in pain like this. Any ideas or recommendactions? Thank you.

    • Unless there’s a history of milk allergies in your family (or Daddy’s) it’s unlikely it’s a milk allergy. (Not impossible, but unlikely.) It’s more likely that she’s just not developed enough to process the proteins. Since you have the soy, go ahead and give that a try and see what happens. There is a controversy regarding soy, but in your case I think it may be a good thing to try. Another option is to cut the dairy out completely from your diet and see how she does on a hypoallergenic formula for a few weeks. If you choose one like PureAmino, and you cut out dairy, that should give you a pretty good idea if there’s a milk protein issue going on on.

      Also, I would encourage you to follow your instincts. If you think she may have silent reflux, give your doctor a call and see if you can get her in for an evaluation. It never hurts to get it checked out, especially since the symptoms are sometimes harder to catch! Hope this is encouraging Tiffany! Keep trying things, and we’ll find something that works. 🙂

  62. Heather, my son has silent reflux and has been on Zantac since about 6 weeks old. He’s been exclusively breastfed and rice cereal is added to all of his bottles (I exclusively pump). He’s six months old and my supply can’t keep up with his demand. We’ve tried a few different formulas and it seems that the good start soothe works best for him, but he doesn’t like the taste. He’ll drink it mixed with breast milk but not alone. I’m worried about when I go back to work and he may have to start drinking it exclusively because sometimes I pump and barely get anything. Do you have any suggestions for how to make the taste more tolerable for him? Should we try a different formula?

    Thanks much,


    • Erin, there’s little you can do when a baby doesn’t like the taste of something. Elena didn’t like the Good Start formulas either. I would try a different formula and see what happens. Start with the formulas for acid reflux, and if that leads nowhere, start trying the hypoallergenic formulas. Many times babies with acid reflux also have sensitivities that hypoallergenic formulas can help with.

  63. I am desperate for help and I am so glad that I found your website. My son is 7 months old, he is a BIG boy! When he was born he weighed 8.9 lbs and quickly gained weight. At his 7 month doctors appointment he weighed 22 lbs and wears 12 month clothing. My pediatrician is not very helpful and I am currently in the process of finding a new one. When my son was born he was started on Enfamil Newborn in the hospital. He began showing signs of discomfort and stomach pain but the doctors said that it would go away. Well, it didn’t and the first few months were awful. I went through every Enfamil formula available along with Gerber Soothe and the stomach problems never went away, they seemed to get worse. I finally had to beg my pediatrican for samples of Nutramigen since after extensive research online, that seemed to be a good option. Nutramigen took care of his stomach problems and his bowel movements were normal and regular, sometimes too much. However, my son throws up pretty much every single time he burps. Even if he ate an hour ago, if he burps, he spits up. When he spits up it is a lot, typically I go through at least 2-3 outfits per day and 4-5 crib sheets per week. He also has to have a bib on at all times. I explained this issue with my pediatrician and at first she ignored my concerns. I finally hit my breaking point and ended up begging her for a prescription for Zantac since that seemed to be the only thing that could help. I am a young mother on a very limited budget and live pay check to pay check which unfortunately means that I do not have the extra money to experiment with formula. My pediatrician gave me a sample of Enfamil AR, after I asked for it of course, and I tried that. After feeding my son the very first bottle his reaction was the same as it was with all of the other formulas. Screaming, crying, unbarable pain, etc. My son cannot stand the taste of the Zantac and as soon as I put it in his mouth he spits it all back out. Is there any recommendations that you can offer?

    • Does the spit up seem to bother him a lot? Like it’s burning? Or is it just “whoops! look at that I spit up!” If it’s the later, you may be able to skip the zantac and just concentrate on the gassiness. (If you stay on the Zantac, see if you can’t hide it in the formula, or a little apple juice, or his favorite solid food.)

      So it sounds like he does the best on the Nutramigen, it’s just that he’s spitting up, right? If so, I have two thoughts…

      1. Try thickening the Nutramigen with a few teaspoons with rice cereal and see if that helps him keep it down.

      2. Try PureAmino, which is the more gentle sister of Nutramigen – it is broken down into amino acids, make it very easy for babies to digest. Since he did pretty well on the Nutramigen, I’m thinking this may be your golden ticket. I’ve linked it here on Amazon so you can see what it looks like.

      Give those a whirl and see what happens!

  64. Hi!

    I have been reading your blog on and off for a while now since my lo hasn’t had the easiest 8 weeks of life. I would of posted on your site but his journey is so long and extensive I thought I would just email you.

    Since birth I wasn’t producing enough and he was having latch problems he was on formula regular similac for infants. We did pretty well with that for about 2 weeks until more formula happened and less breast milk. Cranky crying baby seemed to have bad gas. We went out and bought gerber smooth and special bottles with some grip water that worked well for about another 2 weeks till he started refusing the bottle and crying during and after feedings along with some vomiting. Dropping about 10 oz a day of feeding. We went to out ped and she said he most likely had reflux she also noticed his rash that was forming on his chest and shoulders. She recommended meds for reflux and soy for what she thought was allergy to milk. We tried soy and ended up in the hospital the next day for diarrhea vomiting and 101.5 fever. After 4 days in hospital came to conclusion virus plus possible allergy to soy (not sure since they could t tell if the vomit and diarrhea was from the virus or soy) so put us back on regular milk so we started him on gerber gentle he seemed fine in the hospital till we got home. For 2 weeks after that kid cried to the point of choking himself from wake to sleep day in and day out. Couldn’t never put him down EVER not even sit while holding him. I looked forward to nap time. He always slept pretty decent at night not too hard putting him down and would wake 4-6 hrs later. Also his rash became out of control arms legs chest back and face so dry and thick. also got cradle cap. My husband suggested we try soy one more time and if he had any type of reaction we would take him off immediately. I gave him 4 oz and we ended up in the hospital again for 4 days because of 2 hours straight of intense vomiting that turned to diarrhea that causes a 100.5 fever. They concluded that he has both soy and milk allergy. They tried us on alimentum but he also vomited on that so they put us on elecare. I’m not completely convinced he’s that severely allergic to be on this his only symptoms are extremes crying, gas and rash. No blood in stool or extreme vomiting from cows milk formula (def on soy thought) he has been on it for 7 days at 10 pm tonight. His rash has lighten and I can see slight decrease in crying but wants to eat every 1.5 hr and sleeps like crap. I don’t see a new baby or any type of real results. He is now Hard to get down at night his heart seems to race, breathing is a lot heavier and easier to hear and see and he is constantly moving in his sleep if you even call it sleep. I don’t know what to do as this is my first child and only being 8 weeks old I just want a happy baby where he isn’t upset all day ever day and I can enjoy motherhood. Please help with any advice.

    Thank you and look forward to your response!!!

    • Sweet friend, what a nightmare you guys have been through! You are both doing a great job, though. You are sticking through it and trying different things. Even if the results are terrifying, you are learning a bit more about this person that will help you in the future (like soy being out completely).

      As he gets older, he will start mellowing out, and you will enjoy motherhood. I promise. It’s just going to take some time. Also, don’t feel bad about “not enjoying motherhood”. There are days that every mother wants to run for the hills and hide under a blanket. Even this one. 😉 It’s hard to see the spot you’re standing on, but as an older mother, let me reassure you that these days are going to pass and you are going to be all gushes and cuddles with that little boy. He just needs to grow a little more, and get to feeling better.

      Ask your doctor about switching from Elecare to PureAmino – I’m wondering if that brand of Amino Acid formula would help him keep things down. (Here’s PureAmino at Amazon so you can see what it looks like.) Another good option would be Pregestimil or Neocate. I think you’ve hit on the right type of formula: the hypoallergenic amino-acids, now you just have to find the right brand.

      I’m not too surprised that he wants to eat every 1.5 hours, considering his health issues and his need to gain some weight. Let’s see if we can’t find a better formula, and then perhaps he will be able to fill up and last 2 hours…then 2.5 hours, etc. Once we can get him eating better, we can start working on his sleeping issues. I would definitely incline his crib a little (have you seen my crib suggestions in this article? try some of those…)

      Start there Brandee and let me know how it goes. I’m right here to help.


  65. Hi Heather,

    Just wanted to let you know that since you suggested Gerber Soothe in November my son is doing wonderful! No more rash or diahrrea.
    He is a big boy and weighed in a 15lbs 1oz at his 2 month well visit.
    I’m very thankful that I found your page and for the fomula suggestion! 🙂 Thank you!

  66. Lakeyia Medina says:

    First off Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you SO much for this info….greatly appreciated!

    My husband and I are currently struggling with food allergies and moderate eczema. It started around the end of his 3rd month. I was introduced to Similac Advance via the hospital he was born at but we soon started experiencing some reflux issue (he was also born with a groin hernia so he had to have surgery 12 hrs after birth). Because of the reflux we tried Similac Sensitive and it didn’t seem to help. We then went to Gerber Good Start Gentle (was told it was similar to Similac Advance) and it was ok but he would spit up a lot. At his 2 month appt I mentioned his frequent spit up to the doc but she said it was normal. Still dealing with reflux and spitting up I assumed it could be a milk allergy and decided to put him on Alimentum because I used that for my first who dealt with milk allergies (he had eczema). However since then he has developed moderate eczema and just recently has desperately tries to rip the skin off his scalp, crotch, and calves. I have never seen an intense itch as he’s been struggling with. We literally have to pin him down and believe you me he’s a STRONG 6 month old. We took him to the ped and she did blood work for allergies and vitamin deficiencies and a few things did come back positive. He tested positive for food allergies for milk (casein), wheat, peanut, and egg. He is also Vitamin D and Zinc deficient. She explained that when we give him the adequate amount of zinc we should see a drastic change in his skin. Even though I know Alimentum is consider hypoallergenic and worked fine for my first son, I still believe that it is something in it that is causing him to react. Several minutes after he drinks it he will go into a panic itch mode. I started looking back at my timeline and realized he started getting eczema after we switched to Alimentum. We tried Soy formula because he didn’t test positive to that but as soon as we gave it to him he violently vomit it back up. We also tried Elecare but it only lasted for a day because he broke out in such an itchy rash and his skin became UBER dry! After we stopped it, his skin almost immediately regained it’s moisture. So we’ve decided to go back to Gerber Good Start (which also claims to help with atopic dermititis). I admit that MAYBE I was a bit too quick to switch just because of frequent spit up. I’d rather deal with that than eczema and severe itch. I also found it helpful when you broke down the difference between casein and whey protein and I wonder if the whey in the Good start might be more easier on his digestion system than the casein in the Alimentum (besides he specifically tested positive for it). So far he’s had about 3 bottles of just Good Start and he seems to be able to keep it down. He still deals with the itch but we don’t know if it’s from the Good Start or the left over Alimentum. How long does the former formula take to leave the system? The doc told us to give it a few days to see how he handles it and then start introducing the zinc, vitamin D, and probiotics. But she’s sure the zinc will clear it up. I just want it all to end. The eczema patches I can deal with (hopefully for not long), but the intense itching is devastating. Is it possible the Good Start could be more beneficial than the ‘hypoallergenic’ formula (Alimentum)? What formula would you choose in this situation? I just want relief for my lil man. Thank you!

    • Lakeyia, I think you’ve done everything I would have. My children have both have eczema. (I’m fighting it today, actually…) It’s awful. A few things we do: immediately after taking them out of the bathtub we pat them dry (no rubbing) and cover them head to toe with Eucerin (you can get it at Walgreens, CVS, etc.) It locks the moisture in and really helps. The dermatologist we go to said eczema is like a bacteria on the top of the skin, so when things get REALLY bad we put some very diluted bleach in cup and using a washcloth, dab the disinfectant water around their arms and legs (not near the face). That’s also seemed to help.

      As for the formula, it’s very common for babies allergic to dairy to also have soy issues, so that doesn’t surprise me too much. I would recommend trying Good Start Soothe (here it is on amazon so you can see what it looks like) – it’s a gentler sibling to Good Start Gentle, and see if that helps at all. Interesting you tried Elecare and he had such a reaction! If you try the Soothe and things don’t improve, let me know and we’ll come up with a new plan. 🙂

  67. My son is 4 weeks old and has been on formula exclusively for 2 weeks. We use Similac Total Comfort because that’s the sample our pediatrician originally gave us. Our son is incredibly fussy and gassy after eating – it breaks my heart, he seems to be in so much pain. Also, since switching to formula 100% his poop has been green and very liquidy, sometimes with teeny white chunks in it. He is gaining weight and growing rapidly, however so he is otherwise healthy. Our dr told us that he suspects our little guy has a milk sensitivity and recommended switching to soy. We tried this and immediately our baby broke out in hives and ended up screaming for several hours (I suspect it made his gas worse). Our dr is now saying we need to switch to a hypoallergenic formula, but at $30 a can we can’t afford this unless it’s absolutely necessary. Breastfeeding is no longer an option. Do I have any options other than the hypoallergenic formula? Our pediatrician was not very helpful in discussing alternative options/diagnoses.

    • Jessica Mary, I would recommend giving Good Start Soothe a try. (I’ve linked it here on Amazon.) In my experience it is the gentlest of all the formulas, without having to try hypoallergenic. Hopefully that will do the trick!

  68. Hi ! First I love reading your blog’s,they have really helped me .. I need your advice. My 2 month old daughter has just started what we thought was drooling. But tonight I laid her in her crib ( trying to get her use to sleeping in it ) and I was just sitting in her rocker watching look around when I noticed she kinda sounded like she was having trouble swallowing, she was gasping for air .. and kinda sounded like she stopped breathing for a second. ( plus she has always be a very congested/ weezy sounding baby ) she was on enfamil newborn , then we switched her to the gentle something lol by enfamil and now back to newborn. I’m not sure I read your other post about the magic formula and now I’m not sure if she has silent reflux ..your opinion please !!
    Thank.you 🙂

    • Kristie, how scary! First of all, if you feel your baby is having trouble swallowing or gasping, get her to the ER. If she’s struggling to breathe, call 911. Don’t feel foolish if it’s nothing later. She should be able to breathe normally and easily, and if she’s not the doctor needs to see her asap. The congested/wheezing thing does make me wonder if there’s some silent reflux going on there. Is she fussy after eating? Call the doctor and get her in for a consultation about the silent reflux, and make sure you share the other swallowing issue as well. As far as the formula goes – that completely depends on what the doctor says. Let me know what happens and we can start analyzing formulas. 🙂

  69. Hell9. My son will be 2 months on the 19th. I was breastfeeding until we were admitted to Children’s hospital when he was just 2 weeks old for bloody stools. He was also dehydrated from not eating, spitting up, very gassy, & irritable. He was diagnosed with milk protein allergy.
    Since leaving the hospital, we were prescribed Similac Alimentum. It was great! He was eating again, no more bloody stools, & he was back to being a happy baby. A few weeks ago, I noticed the spitting up coming back. It can be hours after a feeding & it’ll still come up. He seems to do a little better if he’s propped up. He’s very gassy again & uncomfortable. Very fussy & seems to be in pain; cries out usually followed by horrible smelling farts or screaming when laying down flat. He’s sleeping poorly again. I’ve also noticed a rash, little red, raised bumps, on his face, neck, & head (scalp.) I’m not sure what to do. I plan to call his doctor but any information or opinions would be helpful! Thank you!

    • Alicia, how scary! So happy to hear that you got through it, I can certainly understand your concern now things have changed again. I would try the next step in the Alimentum formula – it’s called PureAmino. It’s based on amino-acids, making it hypo-hypoallergenic. 🙂 Here it is on Amazon. Do a slow switch (like this) and give it about a week or two for changes. (Hopefully they’ll be right away, but just in case…)

  70. Michelle Tong says:

    I love all the information you have for formula feeding moms like me esp being a first time mom. Question for you. My son is 3 months 2 weeks old. I recently switched him from ready to feed similac advance to the powdered version. He seems to tolerate the change well. However he started having popping issues at 2 months old on the ready to feed. Started going every 3 days. They would be thick like toothpaste and very green. My doctor said it was normal and told me to give prune juice in his bottles every now and then. I did and it made it easier for him. Now on the powder he fusses more during feedings. I can feel his tummy cramp during feedings and he still has the pooping issue. I stopped the prune juice when I switched over.
    Do you think it’s the formula brand that is giving him issues? He isn’t fussy after eating just as long as I burp him well. He sleeps well and is napping normally. I don’t think it’s reflux or a milk intolerance. Should I see about changing his brand of formula? What do you think??

    • I would add the prune juice again, Michelle, like you were doing with the RTF. If that still isn’t helping, try switching to a gentler formula. Your instincts are right on the money, so good job! 🙂

  71. I have a 6 week old and I need your advice. He has had diarrhea for 10 days now no fever no throwing up and I went to two different pediatricians. I have been giving him similac advanced since birth which he seemed to be doing fine with. The first pediatrician told me he has a stomach virus so to switch formula to nutrimogen and he wouldnt drink that and when he did he would throw up which wasn’t a issue till that formula. So I switched to similac sensitive he wasn’t throwing up but I did notice a difference in his diarrhea. With the similac advanced it was bright yellow and very sour smelling and sounded explosive and was stringy and wet then with the sensitive it was more pasty but still soft where it shoots when he poops and color was a yellow. When he would poop it would go everywhere, all over his clothes where with advanced it wouldn’t. I then switched back to advanced just to see if the change in diarrhea was from milk and it was stringy again then went back to sensitive and it was watery pasty. I then went to another pediatrician for a second opinion and she told me it wasn’t a stomach virus it’s due to his formula so she told me to switch to similac alumentum. With this milk I’ve noticed his poop is pastier and smells more like poop than with sensitive, but he is a lot more gassy and cries more. Is it possible that his diarrhea is from milk or a stomach virus. I wanted to try similac soy to see if that makes him less gassy what do you think. Can I switch back to similac advanced when the diarrhea goes away because I feel he did the best with that milk slept longer for sure. I also asked the pedi why the advanced didn’t affect him before and she said because now he doesn’t have your hormones or blood in him anymore so he’s on his own and that’s how his body is reacting he also started developing a little rash on head and forehead didn’t know if that was due to milk. I’m so confused I need help. Oh and he isn’t showing any signs of being sick no fever no throwing up just and no dehydration. Watt should I do.

    • Firstly Amela, you’re doing a great job at this mothering thing. You’re trying things and seeking answers. That’s wonderful, and exactly what he needs you to do. I would be curious to see how he would do on the Good Start formulas. Perhaps Good Start Soothe would be good. Good Start has a slightly different process of doing their formulas, and the result is that usually babies with sensitive tummies do better on those formulas. (Not always, but often.) I’m not sure if the switch to soy would improve much, most babies who have problems with dairy have problems with soy as well. You can certainly go back to the Advance, if that’s what your gut is telling you, but if you’re thinking of trying something else, give Good Start Soothe a try and see what happens. (BTW, my opinions on Good Start are totally my opinions, they aren’t a sponsor.)

  72. My question, my daughter, now 5 required enfamil lactofree formula. I’m expecting soon and wondering do I start with regular enfamil and see how the baby does ?

    • That is completely up to you Megan. If the symptoms your daughter had weren’t life threatening, I would try the regular and see what happens. If they were a bit on the scary-side I would start with the Lactofree formula for the first month, and THEN try the regular after she’s/he’s a little older and bigger. You may want to talk to your pediatrician about this, especially if he was your pediatrician with your first baby and knows your family’s history.

  73. Hello :), I started out BF my son but he wanted to feed for hours and would arch his back and scream. After no sleep for one month I had to stop and switched to Enfamil Newborn. He was still gassy and very fussy. Seemed to struggle while passing gas, and his bowls were always explosive. We switched him to Enfamil Gentlease which helped a little with the gas and fussiness. He has trouble sleeping by himself bc he wakes up with gas pains and won’t go back to sleep, his BM are green, slimy and foul smelling. He also spits up a couple times after every feeding. He eats 4 oz every 2 1/2 except at night when he sleeps longer. He is 3 months old. My dr has me adding 1 tsp rice cereal twice a day. He does cry during feedings. He is also constantly chewing on his hands or pacifier of nipple on the bottle.

    • Kasi, I would recommend switching to Good Starte Soothe (what it looks like on Amazon) and seeing if that helps. Soothe is an extremely gently formula, and how he reacts to it may gives us a good idea of where to turn next. Give him a week or two on that formula, and see if things change. If not, we’ll come up with a Plan B. 🙂

  74. Stacey Y Knose says:

    Hi. M y 4 month old daughter was put on soy formula at only 2 days old due to ‘spitting up’. That is all I was told by the nurses that fed her. She was fine on the soy although she was semi constipated (poop every day just really hard), and spitting up frequently. She was also put on Zantac due to reflux at 1month and they never upped her dose. So, I took her to her ped this past Wednesday about it. So istead of upping her Zantac or anything they had me switch her to Alimenum immediately . Now for the past 3 days she has had mucousy green poop, gas with watery squirts an constantly screaming like she is in pain. Not to mention the horrible diaper rash because I have to keep wiping poopy farts…Please help. Any advice would help. I hate seeing her like this. Oh and all I keep hearing from her ped is ‘its normal’. And my ‘mommy instinct’ says its not.

    Also I forgot to say that she has gained a little over 7 pounds since birth, has never had colic and has no other allergy symptoms besides the constipation and spitting up. And she has always been such a happy girl until now 🙁

    I cannot manage to keep track of what i have posted and what I intended to post. Sorry. To ad to the previous posts. I was always concerned with the red ring around the anus. My daughter had what appeared to be ared ring, but it seemed to be right where her butt cheeks pressed together and was never bumpy or anything.

    • Stacey, two things…I would recommend seeking a second opinion if your “mommy instinct” is unsettled. Ask the new doctor about possibly switching to a different hypoallergenic formula like one of these instead. I think your assumption that the poop-nightmare is formula-related is spot on. Run some of those by him (the new doc) and see what he says. Also, you may want to save one of those nasty diapers. They may need to do a stool sample or something to double check for virus or something. FYI.

      Another option is you could go back to the soy and then just try to address the constipation with prune juice and other methods. Finally, about the anus ring, that is usually a sign of an allergy…the more I think of it, the more I wonder if Nutramigen or one of those other hypoallergenics may be worth trying. Perhaps they could help with the allergy AND the constipation. You’re doing great, Stacey, advocating for your little girl!

  75. I changed my little one from Similac Total comfort to isomil. I didn’t do the mixture of formulas though I just put him on(wish I had done my homework better) today is day 2 on isomil and he seems to have bad tummy pains and has already made 4 poops in the last 8 hours. Don’t no what to do should I stick 2 this or go back to similac? Please HELP

    • Bianca, try mixing in just a little of the total comfort today and see if you notice any changes. Then cut back a little more tomorrow. By the third day be 100% on the Isomil. Give that a few days, and if he’s still being fussy and gassy (and a different bottle, or gripe water, or gas drops aren’t helping) you may want to consider a new path. But for now, just slow things down. 🙂

      One other thing, if the diarrhea persists, call your doctor. Dehydration isn’t something you want to keep to yourself at this age. Matter of fact, I would encourage you to call your doctor today just to let him know what’s going on. Then get his professional opinion on this. It’s nothing to get too upset over, but it is something to watch. 🙂

      • I have now begun 2 notice mucus in his stools and now when he vomits (this is new) think I should take him to a doc 2 b safe

      • I think that’s a good idea, Bianca. He could have a virus like Rotavirus that requires antibiotics. Always good to check! Hope he feels better soon!

  76. Im having the same problem with my daughter we just put her on the A.R now she is always hungry not sure what to do also her skin has seemed to have broken out since changing to this formula did u little one have this too. Please let me know.

    • I would follow up with your doctor on this one Danielle. Seems like she may be having a reaction of some kind. He may want to switch you to a hypoallergenic formula or something. Get his opinion, it will tell you which path to pursue (whether to go hypoallergenic, or to do something different with the AR).

  77. This site is amazing! Hi heather, after my son was born, we started him on similar advanced. At 3weeks his face was horrible . He went to 2 doctors who said it was baby acne but one of them suggested I use nutramigen, as he was also colicky. He did very well but we changed him at 4 months because it was too expensive. He is on enfamil gentle ease. He has never slept well so I suspected gas. I changed him cold turkey to similar sensitive. My mother skills went down the drain. I didn’t know better. 2 days later he had projectile vomiting, a cold, he chokes and gags and strains while his tummy bubbles then he let’s out burbs! I changed him back to enfamilHis Dr says he has acid reflux. Any tips on how to deal with this?? He wakes up crying in his sleep. He is also on Zantac

    • Olivia, don’t beat yourself up too much. Sounds to me that your mothering skills are jut fine. You’ve been a wonderful advocate for him! If he did well on the nutramigen, I would perhaps try Good Start Soothe (here it is on Amazon). It’s less expensive, but is extremely gentle. It’s not 100% hypoallergenic, but I think it’s as close as you can get without actually paying for a hypoallergenic. Start a slow switch and see if that helps. If it’s no better after a week, perhaps you should take a look at an acid reflux formula. You’re doing great, Olivia. Trial and error is the name of the game when it comes to formulas sometime!

  78. My baby is 4 months old and I exclusively breastfed him for the first 3 months. I found out early on, (like week 2), that he had a dairy sensitivity and so I cut that out of my diet entirely. He went from a fussy baby who looked like he was always in pain to a very happy baby.

    I was always hesitant of introducing formula because I didn’t want to risk him being gassy and in pain again. However, since I was going back to work, and he was older, I thought I would try to incorporate formula into his diet. My doctor recommended I try a soy based formula and so I did a combo of breastmilk and formula to try and ease the transition. The first couple of times that we gave him the combination he seemed fine – we would give him 3 ounces of breastmilk and 2 ounces of formula. We did this maybe 4 times in a two-week period. Then, one afternoon we gave him 2 ounces of breastmilk and 3 ounces of formula and he vomited until there was nothing left in his belly; he was dry heaving–it was so sad! I wasn’t sure if he may have had a stomach bug or if it was the formula…I thought it was odd since he had been given formula before with no issues. The doctor said it was probably a bug since he threw up SO many times. We waited five days and then gave him 3 ounces of bm and 2 ounces of formula and he threw up again…several times. He didn’t get as sick as the time before; however, it definitely didn’t agree with his tummy. I’m not sure where to go from here. I don’t mind bfeeding, it would just be nice to have a backup so if we were in a bind and needed some food we could give him some formula. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    • Tracy – way to go Mom, for cutting out the dairy for your little man! That’s a hard step, and I’m so glad it helped! Regarding your formula issue, I’m not too surprised he did poorly on the soy, it’s not uncommon for babies with dairy sensitivities to also be sensitive to soy. (It’s not always but it is sometimes. Read through this post on hypoallergenic formulas, and then look for the formulas that list “amino acids” as their base. Things like PureAmino, Elecare, Neocate…they’re listed there. Then pick one and do exactly what you did before (again, well done!), mixing it in with some breastmilk and then watching to see how it goes. Good luck!

  79. Tatiana Ramos says:

    My Ava is 6 1/2 months and has been exclusively breastfed this while time. This week we started Enfamil gentle ease. First for three days at one ounce formula and three breastmilk. Yesterday we did 2oz formula to 2 oz breastmilk. Today she has been extremely gassy and trying to push with little to no poop and now she has a horrible diaper rash.

    • Tatiana, perhaps you should go back to just breastmilk for a week and see if the diaper rash and gassiness goes back down. Then I would try Good Start Gentle in the same way you did the Enfamil and see what happens, going very slowly, with little amounts, watching to see how she reacts. You are doing everything exactly right, it’s just a matter of trying things, then pulling back, and then trying something else. 🙂

  80. Tatiana Ramos says:

    Since I’ve been back to breastmilk these past two days, her diaper rash is almost gone. Her pooping and gas isn’t all the way normal yet but I’m sure it will get better. I bought good start soothe because it seems likes like thats gentlest of the gentle. Do you think thats a better choice than good start gentle?

    • That’s a good sign Tatiana! I do think Good Start Soothe is a good formula. It’s not a hypoallergenic formula, but it’s very close. Oftentimes parents will try it first, to see if they need to shell out the big-bucks for a hypoallergenic.

  81. My son has also had many of the same problems as these other kiddo’s! Similac Alimentum and peppermint oil (doterra brand oils only) with coconut oil (rub on tummy) they has been a huge blessing!! I love your blog I think more parents need to know about the different formaulas and how Gerd can take away from the joys of enjoying your child!!

    • Fantastic! Thanks Corinne for sharing that suggestion! And I do want to highlight that Corinne suggested a blend of BOTH oils – since essential oils need a carrier oil (like coconut oil), especially for little babies!

  82. Hello! My son is 4 mo- 18 weeks. I exclusively nursed him for 6-7 weeks, then started giving him regular milk based Costco formula. He was completely on it by the beginning of December. He is a very relaxed, happy baby, and has no issues with that – and never has. Bowel movements have been fine. He has had cradle cap practically since birth – his pediatrician saw it at 2 months and wasn’t concerned. He started developing a rash on his forehead (everything else is fine/normal on his body, the rash is only there) in the beginning of January- a month after he had fully been on the formula- and about 7 weeks after it beginning to be in his system. (I figured it just was the dry air because of the winter and part of the cradle cap, so that’s why I hadn’t asked our pediatrician sooner.) Went for his well check yesterday and his doctor was concerned about the rash. He said it can sometimes take that long to show up after switching to formula, and that he may have an allergy. He told me to try nutramigen for a week (ugh! It’s crazy expensive! worth it if needed, but man it’s a lot of $!) and said if it doesn’t clear up in a week then switch back to Costco formula and use a prescription cream to clear up the rash. So, I don’t know- should I try nutramigen? Or maybe something not as hypoallergenic – more like a sensitive type? I really don’t want to give him soy, as I am not a fan of soy for boys. I am considering trying a different formula first (for a week) to see if that helps clear up the rash. If it doesn’t, I will absolutely try the nutramigen to see if it helps – it just seems extreme to me. What do you think? What would you do? I read your post and it was really helpful, just thought it would be helpful if I told you my specific situation. Also, do you know if these sensitive kinds have soy in them?

    Thank you so much!

    • Gwyn, poor baby! Personally, I would go with what your doctor suggested at first. They usually have good reasons. Then after it clears up you may be able to do some formula-testing to see what happens. As always, though, you should give every formula at least a good solid 7-10 days before switching to a new one. Just because your baby is a Nutramigen for a few weeks doesn’t mean he always will be on it. So don’t let the price completely drown you, yet.

      As for the soy question, I’m not 100% sure. Look over the ingredient labels (or go to the manufacturer’s website and see the label there if you’re buying online) just to double check. Hope this can help!

  83. ashley boladeres says:

    Hi, my one month old son is having problems BM and he cry’s at night with tummy pains and constipation. He is on enfamil infant and waswondering if enfamil gentel wuld work? on helping him with sleep and tummy issues. Please help! Thank you…

    • Ashley, I can’t tell you what’s causing the poop problems (your doctor is your best resource there), but if your Mommy instincts are suggesting a switch, give it a try and see what happens. Make sure that you give the new formula at least a week before potentially switching again.

      As for the gas, have you tried gripe water? Some moms have shared that helped their baby. Also, sometimes you can give a newborn a teeny tiny bit of prune juice to help with the constipation. Again, since he’s so little I would talk to your doctor for the dosage before doing anything. You sound like a responsive and attentive mom Ashley. Well done! 🙂

  84. First of all thank you so so much for posting this information…!
    So here is our situation…I have a lot of food sensitivities one of them being milk protein. Our baby needed supplemented starting in the hospital and they gave us nutramigen. She took it well but then our pediatrician decided that we could try milk based formula since our baby isn’t for sure allergic. During the next 3 weeks we gave her regular similac advance and she started out good but (my breast milk dried up about 2 weeks into this) then she started having feeding issues gradually…she became gassy and fussier but also started stopping feeding 2oz in hitting the bottle away and crying, then wanting it back only to hit it away…miserable. Then she started spitting up more, and eventually vomited a couple time so we took her into the dr. Dr. said she probably has a milk allergy and suggested we put her back on a sensitive formula. We rushed back to the nutramigen which she has been on for about a day now but I do want to try the good start…my question is what is the difference between soothe and gentle? I know soothe isn’t hypoallergenic it is whey but what is gentle? which one would you try? or would you try something else? She is also incredibly wheezy which she has been from the getgo but she also sounds flemy like she needs to clear her throat all the time after feedings. Please help us…we are new parents and at our whits end…our happy baby is so fussy now it makes me so sad that we did this to her by going to a milk based formula.

    • Melissa, firstly don’t beat yourself up about the milk-based formula. You did the best with the information you had. Such is parenting. She is in a loving and safe home, she is very blessed. You haven’t stopped advocating for her, you haven’t just said “Deal with it, kid”. You are searching for answers, and that makes you awesome. 🙂

      Okay, formula. If your doctor recommended the Nutramigen, I would follow his lead. I know it’s expensive, but it will help clear out her system from the previous milk proteins and give you a clean slate to work on. (make sense?) Once all her symptoms have subsided and things look like they are improving (a few weeks), if you’re concerned about the cost you could potentially try then Good Start Soothe and see what happens.

      The main difference between Gentle and Soothe (as far as I can tell) is that Soothe has only 30% lactose – which really helps some babies who struggle digesting milk proteins. Obviously that’s not 0% lactose (which would be hypoallergenic), but it’s moving there.

  85. Ok so I have an alnost 4 mobth old who had real bad reflux ans he hated the medicine! She was drinking less and lost some weight. Switched to Gerber Goodstart Gentle 3 days ago and she is drinking again! Love this! It is nice that it’s main ingredient is not corn syrup too! My question is, will the horriblde gas and poop go away? She loves this formula but I don’t know how long we can stand the gas! Has anyone experienced this and does it go away once she drinks it more often? Thanks!

    • I can’t say it would go away, hopefully! Do give it at least a week, though to “Work it’s magic”. It’s possible that some of the old formula is still sticking around and helping with the gassiness. Waiting a full week will give you a better idea as to where the gassiness is coming from. In the meantime, have you tried gas drops or gripe water?

  86. Thanks so much! So I didn’t clarify very well but the hospital dr. (not our pediatrician) recommended the nutramigen since that was the only formula they had in the hospital for our stay that wasn’t straight milk based – he was the one worried about allergies since I had some and at that time she wasn’t gaining weight so he didn’t want to throw in potential allergies into the mix and make things even worse. Then when we started seeing her main pediatrician, she was gaining weight well and she said that we could go ahead and try a milk based one like we did and that’s how we got here…when I took her in yesterday ago that was when the Dr. said it is likely a milk allergy or sensitivity our baby is dealing with and said to try something like gerber good start or go back to nutramigen but she was trying to save us money…I just went back to the nutramigen for the time being because that was what we had left from before and knew it worked. She has only been on it for 24 hours since seeing the dr. I have looked at the gerber good start, enfamil gentlease and similac sensitive and couldn’t decide what to give her which was why I went to the nutramigen immediately before we could make a decision on those three. I guess my final question for you is what would you go with? Which formula is most “hypoallergenic” of those three?

    Again, thanks so much =)

    • Ah! Okay, I understand now. In that case, I would recommend trying the Soothe first, giving it a week, and then going from there. Thanks for clarifying it for me Melissa! 🙂

  87. . My baby is 6 weeks old an isnt gaining weight shes losing weight an also is fuzzy when passing gas. She spits up sometimes especially when i give her simolac she has dry brown stuff come out with it looks like dry blood when ahe drinks it. I changed formula to emfamel soy no spit ups at all but she still not gaining weight so i been putting oatmeal in it i dont know what i should do now im trying to figure out. Dr. said nothing is wrong with her. Im a new mom to this help me out what should i do?

    • Cinthia, I would seek another doctor’s opinion. Specifically ask the doctor about possibility of acid reflux. Just because she’s not spitting up doesn’t mean there isn’t a reflux issue. She could be swallowing it before spitting up (silent reflux). Seek a 2nd doctors opinion on this as soon as possible, so your little one can eat and grow. You’re doing great mom! You’re instincts, that something isn’t quite right, are good. Definitely go seek out another doctor’s opinions.

  88. Hi,

    My 6month old baby is allergic to Similac advance powder.she has got rashes all around her mouth soon after giving her almost 2 table spoons of formula.She is not allergic to the bottled similac formula.I don’t know what is causing the allergy for her?Also she has been allergic to Cerelac which is given in India.Is she allergic to milk?

    • Sheethal, I can’t give you a definitive answer on that. I would take her in to see your pediatrician and have him run some tests to see what she could be reacting too. Poor baby! I hope you can get this figured out soon, it certainly sounds like something’s going on!

  89. When my son was 1 week he had severe diarrhea, i took him to the doc n was given med for dehydration after some days the diarrhea was gone. He is 7 weeks old now i’m breast and bottle feeding him and the diarrhea starts back, it’s very watery n smelly. I’m using enfamil gentlease. He also has a red ring around his anus and his scalp is dry and flaky. Do he have a formula allergy?

    • He certainly could have a formula allergy, it sounds like it. I would take him in to the doctor and see what the doctor says, especially with your previous struggles with the dehydration.

  90. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments. I took her to her pediatrician and she told that she could have some reaction to all the powdered formula.As she is fine with same brand ready to feed ones,doctor asked me to continue with ready to feed and that she wouldn’t be allergic to cow’s milk.In that case she would have reacted the same way to ready to feed formula as well.Regarding the allergic test,doctor told not to do a test now. Hope she will get out of it soon.Praying ..

    • Sheethal, I’m glad to hear that you at least got some kind of an answer. You may want to start a little log of your observations and thoughts, it could help if you find that things aren’t improving or if they get worse. Hang in there!

  91. my daughter is now 14 months old. She has been on Similac Sensitive since about birth. I tried to breast feed but couldn’t get her to latch well. But i started supplementing with similac sensitive because she was very gassy< so that is what the nurses gave us. Well she was very gassy and cried alot as a new born so we tried many different formulas but although she was still some gassy and fussy with the similac sensitive she was better than any of the others. So we have stayed with it. and gas drops seem to help the gas some. Well at a year i tried to switch her to whole milk and she screamed for days like it hurt her stomach and she would kind of have these little burps like refluc so i went back to formula and she was fine then i tried it again and tried watering it down and even tried skim milk. Same thing screamed for two or three days! And I notice that when she eats food she seem to get red blochy around her mouth and i thought maybe she was allergy to something but it seems dry and i put lotion on it and it seems to help…. I would like to get her off the formula but I don't know what to do i don't know if she is lactose intorerate, or milk allergy, or acid refluc, or all. I don't know what to do!

    • Stefanie, that’s a really strange reaction…I think I would take that story to the doctor and ask him about some allergy testing. Something is definitely going on there, but I’m not qualified to give you a solid answer. They may need to do some bloodwork, but they should be able to give you a better direction on where to go with the formula.

  92. Hi Heather, I am so grateful for your wealth of information here! I’ve been reading through all of the comments trying to get the info I need from them, but then thought perhaps this was the best way! I have twin 9 week old boys. All in all I really can’t complain – they are healthy & gaining weight well, but I still think we are missing something with the formula. THey are about 60% breastfed, 40% formula; initially on Similac Advance, switched to Enfamil due to the ability to get it at a lower cost.
    Twin A has always spit up/thrown up consistently – even up to 3 hours after a feeding he will spit up an excessive amount. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable most of the time, but spits up so much so often.
    Twin B seems constantly uncomfortable and unhappy. He grunts through the night and through feedings and has sounded congested for weeks now. It wasn’t until I started reading here that I heard the “congestion” could be related to reflux – we’ve done the humidifier, saline drops, etc – all have helped temporarily, but daily are back to grunting and congested breathing.
    I spoke with the nurses @ the pediatrician yesterday & was recommended to switch to gentle ease – the first bottle both boys SCREAMED through the whole bottle. WHen I called back they said we could go back to the regular similac newborn, however both were so much better AFTER drinking the bottle that we decided to give it another go. Since then, when given the formula they have not screamed, but have been very slow with drinking the bottles and are both back to spitting up! Twin B back to crying and grunting.
    Thank you in advance for any advice/direction – your input has already been so helpful through others’ comments!!

    • Shelley, I would encourage you to go back to your pediatrician and ask about the reflux again. Other options you could consider trying are using a thicker formula specifically designed for reflux (like one of these), or hypoallergenic formulas (like these) have been shown to help as well. Finally, recent research has shown that if it is reflux, probiotic drops like these have been shown to help as well. Keep talking to your doctor and trying things until you find something that seems to work. Hang in there, you’re are doing a great job being their loving mom. 🙂

  93. Help!!!! My daughter is now 7 weeks old. I started Breastfeeding but do not make enough milk and to this day she gets about 2 oz of breastmilk from me daily. We started her on similac advanced (which is what the hospital gave us) and was doing fine. When she was 2 weeks old she started projectile vomiting after 3-4 feedings a day. The doctor had an ultrasound done on her to check for pyloric stenosis since she was so young, but thankfully she did not have it. She was started then on zantac for severe acid reflux. As long as she has the zantac on board she does pretty well. She projectile vomits 1-2 times a week and spits up occasionally. But to my understanding from the doctor she will still have good and bad days even on the zantac. Within the next few weeks she had a few diapers that I changed where her bottom was red and looked like she had urine scald or a burn on her bottom. I used aquaphor ointment on it and they went away each time. I didnt happen often and went away within 24 hours so I thought nothing of it. We brought her in for her 1 month check up (at 5 weeks) and I told the doctor she was developing some bumps on her head and face. The doctor said it could be normal, or heat rash, but then when we discussed the red bottom and reflux she told me it could be an allergy to cow’s milk. She also told me that it is rare to have a true milk allergy but that before 12 weeks of age babies can have a hard time digesting it. She recommended we try Gerber Soothe, but since I was on Similac she said that we could do Similac Total Comfort (which also has partially digested proteins). We were on this food for about 1 week. The reflux was fine, she was sleeping well (even started sleeping through the entire night), and generally seemed a happy baby. HOWEVER, her entire face was engulfed in hives. They did not seem to bother her but were spreading and seemed to get worse every day. Also her stools turned dark green. She had no tummy issues so I thought “new food- different poop”. The doctor said that the green stool means her body is not digesting the formula (which seems odd that her body can digest similac advanced which is full milk protein but not similac total comfort which is partially digested protein??) She also seems to arch her back A LOT during feeding (stupidly we thought she was just stretching) but the doctor said it was a sign of discomfot. The doctor switched her to Similac Alimentum and she has been on that for 2 days. She did well on the pre mixed formula. No stretching, was eating more and seemed to enjoy the feeding 50% of the time. These feedings were the best I have had with her in 7 weeks. She finished to bottles quicker than ever. Yesterday I was gone for 2 of her feedings and my mother in law watched her. She said that she vomited and seemed to cry the whole time which was odd since this is not at all the experience I had with her. I feed her 2 more times that day and the feedings went great. Her stools were even back to the normal color. The only thing different I had noticed was that she was not sleeping very soundly and the bottles did not put her to sleep anymore- she just seemed wide awake but content. The last feeding last night my husband fed her. We were out of the premixed sample so went straight to the powder. She really did not seem to like the food. She arched her back the entire feeding, did not finish the bottle and projectile vomited all over her face and it got all in her eyes. She seemed like her stomach was hurting and was crying. The food seems to be doing the job because her hives are going away and her stool is a normal color, but she does not like the powdered formula, is still arching and vomiting, and does not sleep well or for long periods of time. I called the doctor and they want to add in prevacid (in combination with the zantac) and levasin gas drops to help with the transition. My husband however wants to go back to the similac advanced food and does not want to listen to the doctor and think she has been switching the food too much. Any thoughts? I go back to work in 1 week and I am so frustrated that she is not even settled on a food yet!!!

    • Bianca, I can definitely understand your frustration! What a nightmare you’ve all been through! Honestly, as I was reading through your story, I did see some progress. I think the Prevacid will be a big help. It helps stop acid from being produced in the stomach. (Zantac just makes the acid less acid-y.) Usually they just use the Prevacid for a little while, trying to get through these early weeks when your baby’s body is still growing. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more improvements now she’s on the Prevacid. I guess I would follow the doctor’s instincts on this. Perhaps see how she does for a week or two on the new formula + the Prevacid. Hang in there, friend. You know more now than you did 4 weeks ago, so you’re getting closer. Hope this can help. xo

  94. My son is 5 months old and has been exclusively formula fed since I returned to work at 12 weeks. He has exhibited 3 of the 5 symptoms requiring a sensitive formula with the addition of red swollen eyes. Luckily, he has never been overly fussy even when he gets really dry itchy skin or constipation. After a particularly bad eczema and hives break out the Doc told us to try ProSobee. After 2-3 days, his skin was clearing up but after a week he was back to his old dry, itchy, flaky self. My husband wasn’t keen on the soy based formula anyway and transitioned him back to Gentle Ease while I was on a work trip. The doctor said to put him on Nutramigen but after reading your blog I am thinking about trying Good Start. Do you think its worth a try even though Gentle Ease is in the same family? My little guy has been such a trooper I just want to find the right fit for him!

    • The Good Start Soothe is definitely cheaper. 🙂 So I guess you should decide how fast you want a change. If you try the Soothe for a solid week, he may or may not improve his itchy skin. But if he does you’ve found a less expensive solution. Or, if you’re tired of trial-and-error, you could go straight to the Nutramigen, give it 2-3 weeks, and then try going back to Soothe and see if that helps.

      One thing, though, you could try with the itchy skin – immediately after giving him a bath, cover him with Aquaphor all over. It will lock in the moisture from the bath and help keep his skin hydrated. We have to do that with two of my kids with very sensitive skin to help fight of eczema. 🙂 (Here’s Aquaphor on Amazon, btw.)

  95. Heather Hepburn says:

    I am at my wits end trying to figure out what formula is right for my almost 6 week old baby girl . When she was first born she was on similac advance & she was fine for about 3 weeks & then she started spitting up a lot & even vomiting . Since she was born she has been wheezing & coughing & choking with every formula but it has progressively gotten worse . Her peditrician switched her too Enfamil A.R. & that worked wonders for about a week until she threw up more than ever & it was projectile & had explosive poop 2 hours later . Now her pediatrician put her on Enfamil Nutramigen but she hates it . She cries the whole time , chokes a lot , & won’t eat . & wheezes like she can’t breathe during it . So I have been breastfeeding her all night but I am afraid I don’t produce enough . Plus she has not even gained 10 oz she was born . I know I get on my pediatrician’s nerves calling them every week & now almost every day but I don’t know what to do . She had an Upper GI & the doctor said it looked normal so idk what could be going on . Does anyone have any ideas or any ideas about whay formula might work ?

    • Heather, perhaps ask him about one of the other hypoallergenic formulas? Especially they HYPER-hypoallergenics that are based on amino acids (taking the protein apart completely) like Elecare or Neocate? Here’s a list of the hypoallergenics that you can ask your doctor about. PureAmino may also be another formula to ask him about. Keep asking questions. You are not a pest. You are a mother, whose child needs some extra attention. If they make you feel like a bother and a nuisance than it may be time to seek a second medical opinion with a new pediatrician. 🙂

  96. I have a 3 weeks old baby,i am not sure if he iS allergic to the newborn enfamil formula i feedhim. He does not spit out and not fussy after eating. He does have gas often. He also tends to go a whole day or two without poop. He scream out suddenly. He tends to be hungry within an hour after eating a 3 oz. I dont know weather to change formula?

    • Sandra, is the poop hard, like pellets? If so, he’s constipated. I would give your doctor a call and ask him for suggestions on helping constipation with a 3 week old. I would also ask about the gas. Perhaps making sure you mix the powder with a spoon, and not shaking the bottle could help. I’ve also heard parents say that ready-to-feed formula that’s premixed helps with gassy babies. You could try that also. Hang in there, Sandra. Keep asking questions, it does get better! 🙂

  97. Rebecca says:

    I have a 3 week old baby girl and for the first 2 weeks she was breastfeed but between coming home from the hospital after having her via csection my husband and 3 yr old son got the stomach bug I was taking care of my son and my new baby at the same time no sleep eating very little myself that I couldn’t keep up with breastfeeding in addition to be extremely emotional so I switched her to similac sensitive that’s what i had my son on but every since being on the formula she forcefully spits up what looks to be an entire feeding usually once a day and it’s only one feeding not every one was going to try the similac spit up formula to see if that helps any I am just nervous about it having added rice in the formula as I was told and read on website not to give them rice until 6 months ( I will say that both my babies are on the bigger side My son was 9.7 at birth and my new baby girl was 9.1 at birth) I did give my son rice in his bedtime bottle at 3 month and will probably do the same with my newborn so I am ok with rice before the 6 month mark. any advice would be appreciated

    • Rebecca, that sounds like a perfect storm of awfulness! Childbirth + stomach bug + newborn….*shudder*

      Similac for Spit Up is specifically for babies with reflux, but you could certainly try it. The rice cereal in this form is usually okay for younger babies because it’s very thin so they’re not eating, they’re drinking. That said, I would give your pediatrician a call and run all this by him anyway. I’m a big fan of keeping the doctor in the loop. Their schooling has crammed their brains full of information that you want to make use of whenever you can. 🙂

  98. Hi,
    Very good article. I just want to ask. Does having stinky farts mean anything? I recently switched to Gerber Good Start Gentle two weeks ago and since the switch, my daughter has had really stinky gas, but only has a BM once or twice a day, doesn’t strain as much, her skin cleared up (she had rashes that looked like exzcema patches and baby acne), and I swear she’s grown an inch. My only issues are the stinky gas (which I can live with/not sure if its a problem), the fact that Gerber has a metallic smell, and does not taste as good as Similac. Anyone else running into these issues with Gerber Good Start?

  99. Hi I have a seven week old who was on breastmilk and similiac advanced while in the hospital. When we got him home he began being gassy and constipated. We decided to switch to similiac supplementation. He was still gassy, constipated, and started spitting up / vomiting. We then tried similiac sensitive the next day he had the above issues plus he broke out on his face with red like pimples. I don’t know if it’s an allergic reaction or baby acne. We then tried emfamil gent lease. He does not like the taste. He makes funny faces and spits it out. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? I was thinking of trying Gerber good start or soothe. This website is great.

    • Sharon, firstly I would run all this by your pediatrician. He will be able to look over your son and tell you for sure if there’s an allergy going on. With all the changes you’ve shared, it’s probably best to have him physically assessed, and then talk over your options with your doctor. Some of this may be residuals from other formulas, if you didn’t wait a full week before switching. So start completely from scratch. Talk over his symptoms with your pediatrician, then pick a formula and stick with it for at least a week if you can, before going to another brand. When you’re at your doctors, ask him about acid reflux – he’ll want to know about the vomiting, and he’ll want to know if your baby seems fussier after eating, so you may want to keep an eye out for that as well.

  100. My sweet girl is 6.5 months old. She has never been a great eater. In the last few months I struggle to get 21 oz in her. She is not a regular pooper, not so much constipated but more what we call “bunny balls”. When she eats she will take 1 or 2 oz fine and then seem to be done. We go 4+ hours during feelings. She just doesn’t seem to be hungry. Even when we push to 5 hours she takes maybe 2 oz then she seems disinterested. She isn’t a fussy eater, she doesn’t spit up and doesn’t seem gassy. She is currently on Gentlease and has been since 6 wks. Could she just not like the taste? I don’t know what to do. She’s growing fine and the pedi isn’t worried but if I don’t push that last 2oz in her at each bottle she would constantly under her 21 oz. and I worry that her poop will start to become an even bigger issue. suggestions?

    • Dee, if there are no signs of reflux and your pedi doesn’t seem worried, I’d give it a few weeks and then talk to your doctor again, watching for signs of weight loss. You may want to add a little prune juice in the formula once a day and see if that helps to soften up those “bunny balls” as you call them. lol 🙂

  101. Rochelle says:

    Ok I tried to read all former comments and answers hoping to find a solution but there are just SO many! …I have a 6 week old. He started on Enfamil Premium. Horrible gas pains and dry stools. Switched to GentleEase, gas not better, dry stools, plus instant rash on face and mucus and blood with stools. Dr suggested soy. Went to ProSobee and nothing got better plus his stools turned to hard pebbles. At that time I asked dr if I could try hypoallergenic. He said yes. Tried Alimentum. He instantly started having projectile spit up after never spitting up before. Was told WIC wouldn’t cover this so after reading for what has to be hours on here I decided to try Good Start Soothe. Rash is clearing but he still has terrible gas pain and constipation unless I continue to give him prune juice. Read something on here about possibly using Gentle instead. I feel awful for switching him around so much but we are both miserable. He screams with every bowel movement and wakes constantly trying to pass gas. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried talking to his pedi but since I’m an LPN, and used to work for him, he just says to go with my gut. :/ I should also add that I bought some Colief drops. Only started yesterday but i haven’t seen a difference yet. Oh, and he’s been on Soothe a full week now.

    • Firstly, Rochelle, make sure (from now own) you follow the formula switching instructions when you move from soy to regular, or from hypoallergenic to regular (if you haven’t already). Abruptly switching can cause extra gas and discomfort. Also, I would try to stick with a formula for at least a week to get a good picture of how he’s reacting to it. It could take that long for the previous formula to get out of his system. Obviously, the exception to that rule would be when there’s a very violent reaction (like with the Alimentum) where there’s projectile vomitting, etc.

      Sounds like so far you’ve been on Soothe for a full week and he’s still showing a lot of gas and constipation…so the question is this: do you stay with the Soothe and add other things to help with the gas/constipation? or switch to something else, like Good Start Gentle? This is a decision I would recommend talking over either with your existing Pediatrician or seeking a 2nd opinion from a NEW pediatrician, just for this issue (that way you don’t have to feel like a traitor to your ex-boss. 🙂 )

      I would discuss constipation issues like using the prune juice, or even asking about Miralax. Not sure if your doctor will advise using that, since he’s so little, but it’s worth a conversation. I know they’ve used it with some babies in the past. (But ALWAYS talk to your doctor, even thought it’s OTC – dosing is so important, you need a doctor’s expertise on this). If you don’t think the colic relief drops are working after a few days, talk with the pediatrician about adding probiotic drops. (Here’s what they look like on Amazon.) With a baby this young, it’s VERY important to talk to your doctor before giving your baby anything. I’m going to be publishing a giant post on constipation cures in the next few weeks, so make sure you’re subscribed so you’ll be notified when the post is live.

      • Rochelle says:

        Thank you. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about the switching guide until after all of that. 🙁 And I agree and am working on getting him set up for a second opinion (or any opinion) now. Just so hard to see him so little andso miserable.

      • No worries, Rochelle. Parenting is full of “lesson learned” moments! No serious harm is done, you’ll both get past this! Hang in there, keep asking questions, and eventually you’ll end up with the right answers!

  102. Curiousity.. My first kid severe vomiter 14 formulas specialty dr and 9 months later was normal..Zimbabwe on my second son (6 weeks old) bf for two weeks then lost supply as of last week he started spitting added rice cereal this kid eats every 2 hours .. Took him to peads gave Zantac/probiotics still spitting so now I’m trying what worked for my first kid enfamil prosobee .. How long does it take to know if it works?

  103. I am so glad I came across your site. My daughter is 9 weeks old and has struggled with formula since she was about a week old.
    Here is the signs I’ve seen with each formula. The dr thinks she may have a allergy but nothing is easing up. And she is currently also on Zantac for reflux. So the dr started giving me samples to try. This is the order she switched them up in

    Simalac advance- lots of spitting up, and mucus that would come out of her nose when she would go poop. And the stools were normal. But at times a little harder.
    Emfamil Gentlease- had lots of spitting up and mucus come out of her nose when going poop and stool was normal till we got put on Zantac when on this formula and her stools seemed to get very loose after meds
    Emfamil A/R- still spit up and had the mucus coming out of nose and now in stool that is very loose.
    Prosobee- spit up isn’t as bad but stool is extremely loose and screams almost every bottle and eats less of her ounces and doesn’t have mucus coming out of her nose but still has mucus in her stool. We also tried gerber soy and she had the same results as prosobee
    Nutramigen- she had 4 bottles of this formula and projectile vomited each bottle and had explosive diarrhea.
    So now that we have been thru all the different versions of emfamil I’m at a loss as to what the next step should be. So yesterday I had a sample of simalac sensitive and she is now back to mucus coming out of her nose when she has a stool which remains very loose with mucus.

    I’ve been to the dr several times for all of these. I just want my baby to be happy again. Before I gave her the simalac sensitive she screamed for 4 days straight after the nutramigen.

    And let me add that she has anywhere from 8 to 13 very loose or diarrhea stools in every 24 hours. So I have also given pedialyte to make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated per the dr office.

    What would be your recommendation on what we should do next? Thank you for any advice. At this point I’m willing to try anything.

    • Amber, I would recommend going back to the doctor (or setting up an appointment with a new one for a 2nd opinion) and asking about allergy testing for milk (just in case) or something. There’s definitely something going on and it soundsl ike your Mommy Senses are going crazy (as they should be!). After sharing all this with your doctor, and making sure there isn’t another virus or something going on (like rotavirus or the flu), talk to your doctor about the Hypo-hypoallergenic formulas like PureAmino or Elecare or Neocate. (See them in this article.) Those formulas are the Ultimate Champion Fighters of the formula world – since they don’t have ANY proteins for babies to react to (the reasons behind allergic reactions) and instead are based 100% on amino acids.

      It may or may not be the answer, but bringing it up and talking it over with your doctor is definitely the first step. Also, you totally rock with the pedialyte. Awesome instincts and well done. 🙂 You are doing exactly what really great moms do. You are providing comfort and asking a lot of questions. Keep being pleasantly persistent until you get the answers you’re looking for. (hugs!)

  104. Hi I have been having problems with my 4months son he doesnt feel well,he was on nan pelargon and It made him constipated n I had to change to nan straight his stool is greenish sametimes n goldish sametimes n he spits a lot bt nw fr the part 3 weeks he is getting worse he doesnt want to feed at all n I hv went to different dr bt no luck of wat mayb the problem n he is lossing weight.2days ago he started to hv a rash everywhere bt today it looks lyk it has disappeared on his legs n he cries whenever I want to feed him please help I dnt knw wat to d anymore

    • Yonela, since he’s losing weight, I would continue to talk to doctor after doctor until you start feeling like you’re getting advice that’s working. There are so many things that could be at play here, I can’t offer advice on something like this. My job is to share information that you can then take back to your pediatrician. Definitely go to a THIRD doctor (perhaps a Pediatric Gastrointologist?) until you feel you’re getting the answers you need. Wish I could be more helpful, but this truly is the best advice I can give. 🙂

  105. I am so glad I found your site …. I would love to hear your opinion about my experience with my 5 1/2 week old son. I have been breast feeding and supplementing with good start gentle since birth and recently began trying to wean toward complete bottle feeding this last week. Since birth he has had baby acne/red rashy bumps on his face and some on his chest. He continually sounds stuffy after both nursing and bottle feeding and has a tendency to “spit-up” through his nose within 30-45 minutes after feeding with either method but worse with bottle feeds. He had a horrible red burning rash around his anus that did not respond to diaper cream, but I stopped drinking orange juice and it cleared up. His poops have always been watery and yellow, but the doctor said this was normal for bf babies. Any time I have increased his formula intake he has a more difficult time pooping….crying in pain with horrible gas for hours until he is finally able to go but his stool is still very loose, at times watery, and yellow. He is a high need baby and wants to eat every 1 1/2 hours, cannot be put down for more than a few minutes without crying, and sleep is very disrupted. Concerned that he had a sensitivity to milk, I switched him to good start soy last night. This morning he is entirely different . His eyes are clear and not watery, his rash looks to be clearing up, and he is very calm even hanging out/sleeping in his swing for over an hour. He has had 2 bowel movements that came out without crying and the consistency was much thicker but still yellow. Overall I am pleased with the results but I am concerned about all the controversy with soy….. Your thoughts? Should we have tried soothe first?

    • Candi, firstly have you had him examined for acid reflux? Several of those things you describe are “pink flags” to me – not red flag alerts, but something worth bringing up and talking over with your pediatrician. Specifically mention the spit up through his nose within the 30-45 minutes, and the rashy bumps and anus ring.

      As for the soy formula, I would talk your concerns about that over with your doctor as well. He is up on all the recent studies, so can give you an update onto where the scientific community is standing on that right now. Also keep in mind, that you could use it for a month, letting all this clear up a little, and then attempt to move to a different formula (like Soothe) and see what happens. A few weeks of soy (even if the controversy has teeth) isn’t going to have a huge impact either way. 🙂

  106. Kerri Landis says:

    I am breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. I have been using Similac Advance. My son has eczema that was pretty bad, but I saw a dermatologist who prescribed desonide ointment which cleared up the trouble spots. He still has some rough spots and I am going to try using the aquaphor that you suggested (I use it sometimes but not all over). I also use Cetaphil restoraderm for eczema. My dad, myself, and my husband all had eczema as babies and still have it some now, so I don’t think it is diet-related for my son, but hereditary. How would I know if it was diet-related? would i need to try more types of formula? i tried soy once but did some research and decided I didnt want to give him soy anymore. I dont think he needs hypoallergenic, but Im not sure.

  107. Baby boy Jonathan 2.5 mon old . Was breastfed, drank enfamil for 3 days, noticed day 4 he was itchy , blotchy red skin(hives) , so I went straight to similac alimentum . Total different baby . Calm , no reaction whatsoever . Hasn’t has as many bowel movements , but again his digestive system is still getting used to not being breastfed for 4 days now and suddenly going to formula ..

  108. Jessica says:

    Please help!
    My baby gets a rash on her face every time I pick her up to feed. She eats 3oz of Similac Advance every 3 hours. She is 1 month old.
    I breast fed for 2 days straight after birth and after 2 days I fed her Similac Advance and the rash never appeared until a couple of days ago. She has also gotten a bit fussy. She also wheezes sometimes but according to her doctor it’s normal. I’m really concerned but then again I’m probably over thinking the situation. (?)

    • Jessica, if you’re not sure about the wheezing, I would seek a 2nd opinion. Don’t feel bad about doing that, it’s standard practice in the medical world. Be sure to ask about the rash as well. You could try Similac Sensitive, that could also be helpful, and a good “next step” to see what she could be reacting to. 🙂

  109. Tina Poulsen says:

    my daughter is currently 3 and 1/2 months old shes been on formula since 2 weeks old, she was first put on S26 gold but she became constipated so I then tryed an organic formula but she screamed all day had runny green very smelly poos so I tried karicare but got constipated again straight away but still cried all the time and arching back so I tried karicare without iron but hadrunny poos again and nothing seemed to work but seemed to just get worse , I found out my cousin was on goats milk formula as she was llactose intolerant so I thought maybe my little one was so she has now been on it for about 2 months she stop crying everyday and her poos finally became normal and grainy softer poos which was so much better but she still has a blueish ring around her mouth everyday and always seems to be fussy and figety like she has bad gas and she squirms alot now after each feed ive tried infants friend and gripe water and it doesnt work ive also got her on colic mixture it seems to help sometimes but not always. I dont know whether to change formula again thinking shes not lactose intolerant as I thought or what im sooo confused , I just want her to be happy after each feed and not so fidgety all the time and she hates being on her tummy.

    I also forgot to mention that she only poos about once a day sometimes 2 but its like she strains to poo and has a relief look when she goes then a few moments later starts fidgeting again.

    • Tina,

      I would take her in to be evaluated by a pediatrician or a gastrointologist. It seems like there’s something going on with her GI system and I would encourage you to get a professional opinion on what that could be. (I’m not a doctor, so this isn’t to alarm you. It’s just I know my advice limitations!) Also, giving a low-iron formula is only advisable under a doctor’s care. Your baby’s brain needs a LOT of iron to continue to grow healthily – cutting out iron without a doctor’s input isn’t something I would encourage. As for the goat’s milk, I’ve heard many parent’s share that it’s helped with allergies and eczema, which is great. It does have a very high protein level, though, which can be cause trouble for little baby kidneys. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use goat’s milk formula, I’m just suggesting you should run it by a doctor for sure. He may also recommend additional vitamins to supplement it. Just remember that ALL your baby’s nutrition is coming from formula. And your baby needs a lot of good nutrition, because he’s practically exploding on the growth scale. There’s so much going on right now, good nutrition is vital. Run all this by a licensed healthcare professional just to make sure there aren’t any accidental vitamin gaps. Then also ask perhaps for some testing or advice regarding the gas/pooping issues.

  110. Marjorie says:

    I feel like I am getting at my wits end! My poor baby boy is almost 6 months old and I feel like I have tried everything! He was breast fed for a few months and was supplemented with nutramigen for about a month, tried similar for spit-up (he is constantly spitting up and on zantac), gentlease, goodstart soothe and now he has been on soy (gerber) for 2 months. He just seems extremely uncomfortable ALL the time…constant crying, very gassy, stiff and spitting up still. I give him prune juice in his bottle to help with constipation. I have tried gripe water, gas drops, everything it seems! So I took him to the dr again today and told him all of this. I also wanted to make sure the constant crying wasn’t from an ear/throat/urine infection. He is gaining weight well. I just know he is constantly miserable and the dr said he just “needs to grow out of it” and they gave me some prosobee to try. PLEASE help me with any suggestions to help my baby. He is a twin and his sister is fine, has never really had any problems. I also have 3 older children who never went through this…I just feel that something is not right and I need some advise! Thank you so much!

    • Marjorie, Prosobee is a soy formula, so if the previous soy formulas didn’t do much I wouldn’t think this will either. I would seek a 2nd opinion from another pediatrician and ask them about hypoallergenic formulas. I see you tried Nutramigen, but you could talk about getting him tested for a milk allergy and trying one of the hypo-hypoallergenic formulas like Neocate or PureAmino. That’s where this sounds like it’s headed to me. I’m not a feeding expert, though, so I would seek another doctor’s opinion and ask about those. Hang in there friend. The doctor you’re currently using doesn’t sound like he’s the world’s most helpful pediatrician…I think going somewhere else to get your questions answered may be prudent. (hugs)

  111. Hi Heather,
    I have a 12 week old (2nd baby). He was breastfed for 6 weeks. When we switched to formula, we put him on Enfamil Newborn. He was so fussy and would crunch his abs while he slept so we switched him to Enfamil Prosobee. He has been great since switching to soy (sleeps better, not gassy, great stools, etc.); however, he still spits up all the time. Our dr recommended feeding him only 2 oz at a time and burping him to eliminate some of the spit up. This has not worked. Just this morning he drank 2 oz, burped and spit up, drank 2 more oz and spit up a little bit and then 45 mins later he drank 2 more oz and practically spit it all up. He doesn’t seem to be annoyed by it and it’s not projectile vomiting. Our dr thought he might have slight acid reflux and recommended we try Enfamil A.R. for his spit-up. My question is, if he is on soy formula now, are we going to take a step back because of the cows milk-base in the other formula? Do you know of any soy formula that is good for spit-up? Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Jennah, this is a great question. I don’t know of a pre-thickened soy formula. If you like the soy formula, I would ask your doctor for his instructions to thicken it yourself. If, however you decide to go with the AR you’ll want to make the switch gradually, because soy is in a different “Formula family” than the cow’s based AR formula. I talk about how to do that in this article. I hope this can help!

  112. Heather, what a great site! Thank you for providing such good information in one place. My son is just about 5 months old. He is exclusively breastfed and was a little colicky: he would cry for an hour the same time every night, very gassy, and bowel movements once every 4 days. His pediatrician says his lack of bm’s is normal. He also suffers from eczema and has been scratching himself raw. I use aquaphor and vanicream which seem to help. The Dr. recommended that I go off dairy, too, and this also seemed to help. He is a big boy (9lbs 14oz at birth, now around 17lbs)! My back-up supply of breastmilk is depleted and I am finding it difficult to pump the amount of times needed while at work in order to supply him with what he needs the following day. Last week I purchased similac soy and added 1 oz each to three bottles of 7oz each breastmilk. He developed a rash, but I thought it was prickly heat. The next day, I did the same thing and he was covered head to toe with hives. Can you recommend a formula that I can use to supplement with my breastmilk? I was considering gerber soothe, but it’s made out of whey which from what I read can also cause problems if you are allergic to cows milk. Thanks for your help!! 🙂

    • Tricia,

      It’s very common for babies who are struggling with dairy to have a similar reaction to soy. I would recommend Soothe as a first step, only because it has very little lactose. It has SOME but not as much as the normal formulas. If you try that for a few days and it’s not going well, I would then start a slow switch to a hypoallergenic formula like Nutramigen or Alimentum and test that. The reason I thought Soothe first is because it’s cheaper. However, if you want to skip the risk-hassle, then go straight to the hypoallergenics. I would, however, do the slow-switch process (like you did with the breastmilk, that was well done!). Be sure to talk all this over with your doctor first. He knows your baby’s medical history best (next to you, of course!).

  113. Jocelyn says:

    HI Heather,

    My baby is almost 7 weeks (Monday) and was born 10 days early. I BF a little bit, but he had Jaundice in the hospital and it was hard for me to build a supply, so I am sticking to the formula. He was originally on Similac Advance and I noticed that is made him irritable. A friend of mine said to try a tummy sensitive brand. I switched to Similac Senisitive and nothing changed. I decided to try a different brand, Enfamil Gentlease. That seemed to help, but was still crying, gassy and irritable. I informed my doctor of this and she recommended I try one of the hypoallergneic ones after giving the gentlease sometime. I just switched to Similac Alimentum Wednesday night. The next day he was a different baby. I couldn’t believe it. He seemed to feel so good and happy. Today, right back to our hold ways. He’s crying and very irritable, seems like he is in pain. he also didn’t poop within 24 hours like normal. He finally had 2 bowel moves today, both of which were harder than usual (peanut better). Normally its a lots softer. He seemed to feel better afterwards, but not the same baby I saw yesterday. I feel like he may also have acid reflex (hiccups all the time, lots of swallowing, bringing up formula and then crying) the only thing that seems to calm him is a pacifier and thats only for a short time (he has trouble keeping it in his mouth). Any advice, do I need to just give the formula sometime to work?

    • I wouldn’t make formula changes based on just a day. There’s so many things that can be contributing to a fussy baby, it takes time to rule them all out. Ask your doctor about the acid reflux, he can take a look into the throat and let you know if it’s irritated. Usually it takes about a week to see how a formula is affecting a baby. If you’re still sensing some constipation issues (thicker than peanut butter is a good clue!) add a teaspoon (teaspoon, not tablespoon) of prune juice and see what happens. (Double check that with your doctor, though. I’m not a pediatrician!)

  114. Jennifer says:

    Hi Heather,
    Wondering if you could offer some advice. My son, who is 1 month old today, is currently on Similac Sensitive. He started out on straight breast milk, then the hospital wanted to supplement because of jaundice issues. We tried Similac Advance and he didn’t seem to tolerate it, so they gave him the Sim Sensitive. We went home alternating between that and breast milk. I have since quit pumping and he has been on straight Sim Sensitive for about a week and a half. The problem: he is extremely fussy after feedings. BUT, only during the day. At night, he eats and goes right back to sleep. Also, his stools have decreased to about once every other day and they are liquid. Nothing solid about them. I want to try and switch formulas to see if that makes any difference, but am terrified to do so after the trouble we had with my daughter, who ended up on Alimentum. After reading your articles, I am inclined to try the GoodStart brand, but not sure if I should go with the Protect or the Gentle since he is already on the “sensitive” formula. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Jennifer, I would start with the Good Start Gentle, and then if (after a week or two) you’re still seeing some issues, give Soothe a try.

  115. I had to switch my first son to Similac Sensative. Me and my husband get gassy when we eat or dink anything with milk in it. Would it be ok to start my new baby with the sensative formula so I dont have to go through all those nights of not sleeping? Or should I wait?

    • Depending on how old your baby is, nights without sleep are part of the parenting path. Doesn’t matter which formulas you use, that tummy is only the size of a walnut at first, and will need to be filled often! That said, if you feel your baby may be predisposed to be gassy, then I would say, why not? Try the sensative formulas for a week and see what happens! 🙂

  116. Heather,
    My baby is 6 week sold and has been breastfed (from bottle) since day one. Since about 1-2 weeks she fusses while eating, chokes, gags, has excessive gas, spits, and has chronic nasal congestion. My instinct is milk sensitivity or allergy. We tried removing milk products from my diet but no change to speak of. Pediatrician put on reflux meds and that doesn’t help either. Stopping pumping now and going to formula….where would you start?

    • Karri, if the pediatrician feels reflux may be a factor, I guess I would start with a hypoallergenic formula (commonly used for colic) like Nutramigen or Alimentium. Hypoallergenics have been shown to help with reflux, and if there is any allergy it may help with that as well. One thing, though, I would make the transition from breastmilk to the hypoallergenic slowly, taking several days (or longer) to do the full transition. If you need help with that, try reading this. 🙂

  117. Hi Heather!

    My 10 week old son has been on 5 different formulas (Newborn, Gentleease, A.R. and Nutramigen) but I seem to finally have found one that works better for him which is Similac Sensitive. Before the change, he was fussy, colicky, gassy, spitting up a lot and just unhappy all the time. Now is a much happier baby but I have ONE problem. With the sensitive, he is hungry much sooner than with all the other formulas. He used to last 4-6hrs with Nutramigen, now I’m lucky if I get 3-3.5. Is there a reason for this? He used to sleep up to 6 hrs at night and now he wakes up about 3 times to eat (Exactly every 3hrs). Is there anything I can do to solve this problem.. maybe feed him more or change the formula AGAIN? We both need more sleep! 🙁

    • Yedi, I doubt that has to do with the formula change. My guess is he’s hitting his 12 week growth spurt a little early. 🙂 Give it 4-5 days and see if it changes. If it hasn’t improved by next week, mention it to your doctor and see if he thinks if it’s okay for you to wean off a few of those extra feedings.

  118. Amanda H. says:


    My son is 7 and a 1/2 weeks and I days ago started having diarrhea. St first it was loose, and just became looser with mucus after every feeding of Enfamil Newborn. I took him to the doctor and she had Mr start him on Pedialyte for 48 hours before resuming with formula. He was okay for a day and his stool was back to normal until the second day the diarrhea started again.

    I took him back to the doctor and they gave me a sample of Nutramigen for cow’s milk allergies. He doesn’t like it that much but his stools seemed to be getting harder and back to normal. After a few almost normal dirty diapers, the diarrhea is back. I’m going to wait one more day so he’s on the new formula for a day before going back to the doctor. His diarrhea first started 6 days ago. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

    • …and this is where I have to refer you back to your doctor Amanda. Sorry, but it sounds like he needs a medical exam (and perhaps a stool sample to test) in order to get to the bottom of this (no pun intended…) I think your plan – wait a day and then pursue the doctor – makes sense. Just try really hard to keep him hydrated on Pedialyte. Make sure he’s having a wet diaper every 5-6 hours – otherwise you need to call the doctor ASAP. Dehydration is not your friend.

  119. My 5 week old has been experiencing congestion, spitting up/vomiting after feeding, excessive gas and fussiness after eating. He is constantly straining and grunting, turning red and fussing. He will take a bottle no problem, it’s just after eating that the trouble begins. The doctor suggested that his congestion is due to a formula allergy (we currently use Similac Organic); however, he gave no suggestion about how to handle this allergy. Do you think switching him to the Gerber Good Start Gentle might be a good place to start?

    • Jen, that sounds like it could be acid reflux. Did your doctor say anything about that? You may want to seek a 2nd opinion on that one… Start with that question, and then once you have a definitive (yes or no) we can go on to the formula issue.

      • Heather,
        Thank you for your response. I was just thinking last night that it might be reflux. I noticed he started making gagging faces and holding spit up in his mouth (in addition to the everything else). I will check with his doctor!

  120. Hi,my son haa been diagnosed with cows milk allergy and silent reflux 3 weeks ago.So doctors put him on to Nutramigen 1 formula and carobel.His symptoms was spitting up,not happy after feesings always miserable, problems to take a bottle,eczema ,rattling sound in his chest and mucusy poop.So we have been using this formula now for over three weeks but I cant see improvements..he still got rattling sound after feeding,eczema and apitting up + he started refusing the bottles.Doctors said it coukd take about 6 weeks to improve the simptoms but I dont think it is helping..only one good side I noticed that he is happier baby now not so miserable aa he used to be…

    • Laima, I would continue to watch him and give it a little more time. Also, if you don’t see improvements, as your doctor about one of the hypo-hypoallergenic formulas like PureAmino or Neocate. They are the very top of the heap in terms of hypoallergenic and may be necessary, depending on what you see happening. You could also ask them about using probiotics and other medications to help get the reflux better controlled. Hang in there friend! Solutions exist!

  121. Hi, my baby boy is 3months. He will be 4months next week. So when he was born i had him on similac advanced the switched him to similac sensitive because he was having very frequent yellow runny stools. So i called the doc and she switched him to similac isomil and he was doing good with for about a week but after that he’s been getting consipated and will push & push & cry because he can’t poop! Help!

    • Alma, poor baby! Call your doctor or nurse practitioner and ask them about adding a little prune juice to his bottle to help soften him up. They can help you with exactly how much.

  122. hello! we adoptedd a babe born just over 3weeks ago. We started with similac given in hospital then to good start formula on day 12 we have a baby screaming for hours so we switched to enfimil lactose free and he is given losec for silent reflux. Goes great for a week then we see runnyish mucus poos. dr says try soy. on soy weaning down lactose free doing great eating well crying quitting….hit the 50/50split things are getting bad again. ..at 75% soy 25% lactose fre…still have mucous poos starting to eat less milk per feed and eating more often! yesterday he was settled slept great today he’s hsrdly sleeping….please help! this is baby#4 last one was an alimentum baby (I had no milk) do we just wait this out? he is also off the losec as of yesterday as per drs orders to see if he needs it or not….

    • Charidy, I’m so sorry to hear that your little guy is having such a hard time! Here are some thoughts: Oftentimes babies who struggle with lactose will also struggle with soy – so I would try cutting out both and see if that helps. Talk to your doctor about going to a hypoallergenic formula, without the soy. If he has silent reflux, you could always thicken up that hypoallergenic by hand and see if that helps also (ask your doctor about how much rice cereal to add). Hang in there friend. There’s always something we can change or try to find a solution!

  123. Hello,
    I have a two months old baby and lately I have noticed that his stool is getting softer and sometimes even a bit liquid. When he was born they started him on enfamil premium but I had noticed after a few weeks he had problems stooling, and stained alot, many times he would go up to two days without stooling and during that time he would be in slot of pain… I then decided to switch him to goodstart soy and I found that it helped him alot he wasn’t crying as much after feeding and his stools started to be more regular with No strains. I am not producing much milk from my breast but every little I get I try to give him and I do notice it sooth him. After about a month on the goodstart formula a week or two ago I notice a change in his stool he sometimes stool up to four times a day and it’s becoming softer and softer… at one point he got diarriah so I took him to the doctor and she had told me that they soy is too strong for His body and to try switching to another kind. I am not sure what other kind to try so I continued with the goodstart soy and say that sometimes she stools normal and other times during the Day it would go right back to very soft / watery.. is it the soy? Or Is his body still adjusting? Should I switch? I am not sure what to do at this point. I didn’t switch him to another formula yet cause I figured soy should be good for him..

    • Rosy, if your doctor suggested switching off the soy, I would follow that advice. Try Good Start Gentle or Good Start Soothe. Both are easier to digest than the regular formula. If you notice the poo is thicker than peanut butter, talk to your doctor about adding a smidgen of prune juice to the bottles to help it stay soft. (Your doctor can advise you on exactly how much to add per bottle.) Start there and see if it helps!

  124. I dont agree. More and more babies are being diagnosed with EOE, which is allergy cells in the esophagus. My baby gets three issues when he is allergic to a formula. 1. He has pain but he can’t communicate. He will push the bottle away now though. 2. He vomits. 3. His immunity lowers and he gets sick with ear infections and respiratory infections easy.

    My baby is allergic to potatoes. More and more babies are now that they put potatoes in everything and its in most if not all hypoallergenic formula. He can’t have any of them. Gerber Goodstart was the worst. It is a cheap and lousy formula and the Soy has potatoes somewhere. They use potatoes in maltodextrin, DATEM and processing flavors.

    EOE is a separate group of allergy cells and you can blood test negative for something that you are highly allergic to in EOE. Then your esophagus can swell and/or close.

  125. Hi my son has been on similac alimentum for a month and a half because he showed signs of a milk allergy. Blood in stools and excessive spitting up. He still has excessive spitting up. And the blood in stools was when I was breastfeeding. Im just curious … I started hom on good start gentle today and he has had 4 bottles now and is doing really good with it. How soon will I notice any signs of milk allergy or intolerance?

  126. Hoping you can provide some insight! My baby is one month old today and I’ve had issues with feeding since birth. He was unable to breastfeed so we started him on Enfamil Gentlease at 4 days old (I used it with my first baby per pedi recommendation so we started with it because it worked so well). I noticed some pretty bad redness around his anus within the first few days on it. I tried everything to get rid of it and it wouldn’t go away after several days, so I thought it might be a dairy sensitivity. He was also extremely fussy and irritable and having very frequent low volume stools that were acidic and foul-smelling. I switched him to Enfamil Prosobee and the redness and appearance of stools improved immediately. However, he has still been extremely fussy and irritable throughout the day. I briefly tried Nutramigen to see if it would improve that and he spit up the entire bottle every time (maybe I switched too quickly?), so I went back to Prosobee. Over the last 3 weeks he has had some constipation and the fussiness/irritability has not improved at all. He sleeps all night without any problem, but during the day he is only consoled by me holding him. I feel that this is not normal. I wonder if I should possibly try another formula. What would you recommend? I am also considering taking him to the chiropractor for an adjustment.

    • A persistent ring around the anus is one of the signals there’s an allergy issue going on somewhere. (Good instincts on that one, Mom!) Switching abruptly from a cow’s milk to a soy-based, and then to a hypoallergenic can cause some increased fussiness and gas as the body tries to switch gears and process the new protein form.

      I would perhaps try a very low-lactose formula like Similac Total Comfort or Good Start Soothe and see if the anus ring returns. Just make sure you switch slowly to make sure his system has time to adjust. Try that for a week and see what happens!

  127. Your website is quickly becoming my reference for all things baby related : ) So my baby is 3 months old and is struggling to gain weight according to his ped (although he has gained 4 lbs in 3 months, but she thinks he needs to catch up since he’s 1%). We thought he had reflux since he would cry a little during feeding, but now I’m wondering if maybe its a Milk Protein allergy. Right now I’m pumping, but I would really like to stop and give him formula (my life is consumed by pumping and it sucks). He does have some of the symptoms above like difficulty gaining weight, some mucus stool, and not the best eater. He eats on average 20oz a day (he’s 11lbs). Thoughts? How can I get to the bottom of this? Could he just be a small guy that only wants 20oz or is there really a problem? I don’t want to mess up giving him the wrong formula since he needs to gain weight.

    • Yay Jessica! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! My first gut instinct is to encourage you to set up an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist. He is the specialist that will be able to answer the protein question, and at the same time rule out other things. I wish I could do more…but I know my limits. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting friend. I hope things can improve for your Little Man! He’s so blessed to have such an attentive mom! (hugs)

  128. Hi im so glad I found this site. My baby is 1 month and a half. Im a new mommy, I was breastfeeding my baby from birth, at first it all seemed normal, she started getting a bit fussy, so I figured since I was feeding her 15 minutes on each breast and she had a clean diaper and was burped I figured she was still hungry, so I started giving her formula after breast feeding. As the weeks passed I kept giving her breastmilk and formula enfamil( the blue tub) she was crying thru the night, constant gas and my husband was tellng me she had belly pain, and I thought she had diarrhea too. So I stopped the formula completely and just breast fed her. And still she had the same symptom. I figured she was lactose intolerant since her father is as well. So we put her on soy formula gerber good start, and she was sleeping better thru the night, and eating better and less crying. Then she was constipated, so bad, it was balls of clay! One day she was screaming and I couldnt figure out why, so I started changing her diaper and I saw the balls coming out of her rectum, I was terrified and didn’t know what to do. She was bleeding and her anus was torn::( so after a doctors visit, the doctor told me to buy karo syrup the dark syrup. Its been 3 days and now since I started the karo syrup shes only drinking 1 oz to 2 oz at a time, she cries and acts as if she has a belly ache. I have no idea what to do. I hate seeing my baby suffer.

    • Yomar, sometimes babies who have a milk intolerance can have a similar reaction to soy milk – I would ask your doctor about this. If the syrup isn’t helping, ask your doctor about using prune juice. Miralax has also been used in some cases – but I would DEFINITELY talk to your doctor about that before attempting to use any. The dosing can be tricky, and it’s important to use the right amount. It’s so hard to see our little ones suffer with a sickness. Hang in there friend!

  129. My preemie is 2 months old born at 33 weeks. In the NICU for three weeks due to developing NEC, and cleared up with antibiotics and resting the gut for ten days. I breast fed for 4 weeks but had to switch to formula- I have twin 4 yo girls and Btwn taking care of all three kids I was forgetting to eat enough and baby girl wasn’t getting enough fat etc. So I first started her on Babys Only Lactose and she was sleeping great, all night I actually had to wake her to feed her, no spit up, but she was severely constipated and would scream and arch back directly after feeding. Probiotics did not help when added either. So I now have her on Earths Best organic, Its much thinner than the Babys Only was- she takes it well, but spits up ALOT even 45 mins after eating she will still spit up. She is up every two hrs at night, and not napping well during the day like she has been. Her tongue has a layer of white on it that doesn’t go away. She’s only been on it for three days. She goes to the bathroom much easier so I’m happy about that but the no sleep/ spitting up basically everything she eats is bothersome. Can you suggest something different for me to try her on or any ideas what else I could do?

    Thank you so much!!

    • Danielle Miller says:

      Oh Kara! Preemies are tough (not to mention 4-year-old twins), you are a super mom! I’m sure you are most concerned about her weight gain. How often are you taking her in for weight checks or do you have a baby scale? You are right on the money about needing to get rid of the constipation. Regarding the spitting up, have you tried a Rock n Play for sleeping? I have a little one (only a week or two older than yours!) and she has tummy trouble too. The Rock n Play has saved us!

      Also, if you don’t have a baby carrier, BabyBjorn, Ergo or Gemini (I have a Gemini and love it!) try to get your hands on one. When my little spitter is needing to be upright for long periods I wear her! 🙂 Regarding the white tongue, it’s normal for babies to have a white tongue but if you see whiteness anywhere else in her mouth (gums, insides of the cheek, etc…) you need to consider Thrush and should see a doctor. I would give the Earths Best a full week before switching to something else.

      Hang in there! You are a great mama, or you wouldn’t be trying so hard to get this right! Make sure to read The Rockin’ Good Mom article as a “pick me up”!

  130. I have a problem..my little 8 month baby has been om the simalic alithum (spelling mybad) well its been two weeks and he rejecting and pushing it away..so i had been giving him the gerber soothe which he drinks pretty good.tge thing is that he doesnt nap longer than 10 mins and at night hes waking up every 20 mins..well i started giving him the simalac at night only.which is helping sleep more..but during the day he wont drink it if any its like twovthrough the whole day…its been frusrtaing for both my hubby and i..
    Any suggestions on what we can do..

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It can be SO frustrating when your baby won’t eat well, I think that the need to feed your baby is the strongest mommy instinct we have (a good plan)!

      Take a look at Heather’s article about how to find the right formula
      Hopefully this will give you the information you need!

  131. Oh gosh, I tried reading almost all the post in here in hopes of some answer. Here’s my story. I have a 4week old as of today. She started off in the hospital with enfamil newborn ready to feed. First night on it she projectile vomited. They drained her stomach three times that night. Lots of phlegm. Also next morning i noticed a horrible rash all over her that looked like bites. They said it was baby acne.She kept doing the vvomiting and lost over a pound. Sent us home with dr visit on day four for weight check. We’ve had to do several of these but after two weeks said she’s back to birth weight so it’s fine. On day five switched to powder and projectile seemed more with runnier stools. That week on enfamil infant powder began to get even fussier. When i brought her back to dr she still had all the above symptoms with the red ring around anus and her skin was peeling everywhere but she wad new so thought that was normal. Anyhow , dr said she had a milk allergy and reflux without any test. Put her on zantac andnnutramigen. No improvements but vomiting is cut back but horrible diarrhea. Dr put her on prevacid a week later n said give the medicine and formula more time. It’s been two weeks and no change 🙁 the diarrhea is so much that i change her four times within a two ounce feeding. She eats two ounce every two hours. I’m not sure what to do next. She does have dr apt tomorrow but am just wanting other opinions. She also acts like terrible taste Iin mouth at times and gulping and gasping at times. Arches back stiffens up legs n screams and pulls legs up and screams. I’ve done everything to prevent gas and reflux like frequently burping, keeping upright during and after feeding , evendr bbrown bottle with slow flow nipple. I also receive wic so can only get enfamil brands. I’m exhausted and sad. It’s been a terrible month.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      SO sorry to hear about the rough time your little one has had with formula! I know that you have seen your doctor again from your comment so I am hoping that you both were able to find a solution. If not, here are some things you can bring up with your doctor:

      #1) Try a hypoallergenic formula if the thickened formulas aren’t helping. They are more expensive, but have been shown to be helpful. Ask your doctor for free samples or coupons.

      #2) Make she’s sleeping on an incline – use these tips to incline the crib mattress safely, or put her in a swing or car seat to sleep.

      #3) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can be helpful.

      #4) In cases like this, medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on it. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. Prevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort.

      I hope you can find what you need for your little one! You’re doing great. Being a parent of a refluxing baby is a huge challenge. Hang in there!

  132. hi Heather
    I have a low milk supply and im on my second child. I previously used gerber formula on my daughter and now using the same product with my son. recently with the increase of formula he started breaking out with what seemed to be red spots under his neck and eczema like dry patches on his back. can this be an allergic reaction to the milk (brand) or allergic reaction to cow milk? let me add that he is 2 month’s and 3 weeks. he is pooping 2 -3 times per day

    • Danielle Miller says:


      The eczema can certainly be a sign that there is a milk allergy. I recommend trying something gentle such as Gerber’s Good Start Gentle. Because it breaks down the milk protein there is less of a chance of an allergic reaction. Also, take a look at Heather’s post about switching formulas. It has some helpful hints!

  133. I have a 3 month old son who spits up really bad. He was on similac advanced in the hospital he was spitting up a lot so we switch to similac spit up but then he would scream like he was in pain. We thought he had colic too. So the doctor said try good start gentle so he is on that now but he spits up even worse now. The spit up looks like straight formula 99% of the time. The doctor says that babies spit up and that we could try the similac alimentum but he doesn’t think that’ll help. My question is should we switch? He isn’t as cranky now but he has to eat every 1 1/2 to 2 hours and then he saturates 4-5 receiving blankets a day along with bibs and clothes. He spits up constantly not just right after he eats.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I’m not a doctor and I can’t give you medical advice but I do think you should trust your mommy instincts on this one. It might be wise to try another switch if you have had him on Good Start Gentle for more than a week and the excessive spitting up has continued. Your little one may have acid reflux. Here are some things you can talk over with your doctor:
      #1) Try a hypoallergenic formula if the thickened formulas aren’t helping. They are more expensive, but have been shown to be helpful. Ask your doctor for free samples or coupons.
      #2) Make he’s sleeping on an incline – put him in a swing or Rock n Play to sleep.
      #3) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can be helpful.
      #4) If your baby has acid reflux, medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on it. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. PRevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort.
      I hope this can encourage you! You’re doing great. Hang in there friend! Xo

  134. My daughter is 5 weeks old, we started on Similac advance but she was very fussy, gassy, and coughing and gagging during and after feelings. Doctor just had me switch her to either Similac sensitive or Similac soy I tried the sensitive and the symptoms got worse so now I’m doing the soy and she acts like she is in pain, she will draw her legs up to her chest, throw her arms, arch her back, her face turns red and then she passes gas, this goes on for several minutes then she finally has a bowl movement which looks normal. Could this just be her body getting use to new formula or do you think it’s something else? Not sure what else to try at this point.

    • Danielle Miller says:

      It’s always a good idea to give a new formula a week before you decide if it works for you (guessing it’s been a week by now!). If she’s still having a lot of trouble with constipation here are some things you can think about:
      Try switching to Gerber Good Start Soothe. This might do the trick because it contains the probiotic L. Reuteri. Take a look at this article (toward the end of the article) for more information.
      Also, here’s an article about switching formula. Hope this helps!

  135. Thank you for this post. My LO will be 1 on Dec 2. Here’s his background:
    I have breastfed him since day one but had the mommy gut feeling thinking something was wrong b/c he had green mucousy stools. He alo had major cradle cap & some eczema. I eventually found info on the Internet about MSPI. At 4 months I went to eating chicken & corn or green beans. He improved tremendously & I slowly reintroduced thugs but no diary. We went to a GI @ 6 months & he put him on Zantac & said when I was ready to wean him from breastfeeding to trial formula & then a month after he turned one of he was doing ok we’d trial milk. I recently started the formula trial. I started w/ 1/4 formula to 3/4 breastmilk & have increased the formula by 1/4 every 10 days. He seems to be doing ok. I’ve noticed his reflux is a little more than usual as well as he’s getting a few eczema spots. I plan to continue the formula trial for another week & then switch back to breastmilk to use upy frozen stash. My question is should I be concerned if he seems to be doing ok w/just the few changes I’ve noticed or do you think he may be reacting to the formula. I feel like I overreact to everything since it was such a battle early on. I use Gerber Gentle. Thanks so much!!

    • Danielle Miller says:

      Oh April,

      You have my sympathy! My second born was diagnosed with a strong milk protein allergy (after a trip to the ER at 7 months when she had formula for the first time!). I know how hard it can be to find a way around that. The good news is that usually children grow out of it, 80% do! Great job following your mommy instincts! I would keep an eye on him and see how things go. If the eczema or the reflux gets worse I would give him more time (a month?) and then try again. You are really in tune with your kiddo, I can tell, so I’m sure you will know when the time is right.
      Oh, one other thing… you may find that he would do better with Gerber Good Start Soothe. It has probiotics in it. Here’s an article Heather wrote with information on Good Start Soothe if you want to read more. I hope your feeding adventures are smooth(er) sailing from here on!

  136. Anyone looking for a gentle formula without garbage in it try Baby’s Only Organic. They make a LactoRelief formula. The ingredients are the best on the market. It’s organic and non-GMO. Sorry but all of the ones that are suggested in this blog post are junk filled with stuff that upsets the baby’s digestive system. I think the author should’ve done some research on the ingredients before recommending.

    • CJ, thanks for sharing that as an option. The purpose of this article was not to go through ingredient list, but to share the various options and then trust parents (like you yourself did) to consider each formula for their child. If Baby’s Only makes a new LactoRelief formula, I’m thankful you posted it here, since it wasn’t available when this article was written. The article does what it promises – sharing options and ideas, so I proudly stand by it. I believe parents can take it from here to decide which formula is best. (My readers are extremely smart, capable parents, I’m sure they are up to the task!) That said, thanks for sharing this as an option!

  137. ok.. So I am having the hardest time with my 4 month old daughter & formula! We started out on Similac Advance and it caused her to have eczema so the ped. told us to switch to soy. We switched to Enfamil prosobee soy. It worked great for about 2 months but now she started eating every hour no more than 2 oz at time or she would throw it all up. So we just settled for giving it to her every hour – hour in a half. Then she started getting constipated. Then she just started throwing up even with the 2 oz. So I just switched her to nutramigamen. So far 24 hrs in .. She has spit up clear and more frequent. Also she did not sleep at all last night and is fussy unless I hold her !! HELP with choosing a formula bc there are so many I don’t know which way to go. Or should I just give it a couple of days to see improvement. Also how do I get her to sleep through the night bc I have 4 boys and my husband is only home every 3 weeks and Im exhausted.

    • Danielle Miller says:

      So sorry your little one is having such a hard time with eating! I am sure the trouble sleeping is because of her trouble eating. You must be so tired, especially with 4 other kiddos that need your care!
      You do need to give each new formula a week before you can really assess if it works for your little one. My only caution after reading your comment is that you should watch her for signs of dehydration. It sounds like there has been so much spitting up! If you think she might be dehydrated take her in to see your doctor right away.
      Also, she might do well with the formula Gerber Good Start Soothe. It’s low in lactose and it has probiotics as well.
      In the mean time, before you switch her formula again you could start her on probiotic drops. This can really help a baby who is having intestinal problems. I hope this helps her and you get some relief!
      FYI, Heather is writing a post about hypoallergenic formulas. It should be coming out early next week. If you want it to come straight to your email be sure to subscribe to the Incredible Infant. You can do that here< \a>.

  138. Thank you! I forgot to put that we did try the gerber soothe after the similac then went to the soy. I know she is so hungry in the middle of the night and is probably the reason she keeps waking up. I will update in about a week bc she has to go to the doc too.

  139. Hi Heather! I love your site, it is so informative for a new mom! So i’ll try to keep this breif…I started out BF exclusively and did this for 5 weeks. My daughter was sooo irritable, just crying all the time and extremely gassy. I didn’t know what to do so I put her on Similac Sensitive and boom, she stopped crying and was happy baby!
    It was never my intention to formula feed but since she was doing so well I decided to keep her on it. Anyways, I ended up switching her to Baby’s Only Organic Lacto Sensitive since her previous formula was lactose free ( i believe). i continued her on that up until recently (4 month old). She has always been extremely gassy but I thought it was normal (that’s what the doc said) About a week ago she started to get even more gassy and nothing was helping. She ended up with hives head to toe and then after that went away, eczema head to toe. Her doc said it was probably a milk protein allergy and to try soy.
    Do you think she is having a milk protein allergy which is causing the gas, eczema, and hives? I’m pretty sure she is lactose intolerant as both her father and I are. Can she possibly have both? I just want my baby to be happy 🙂
    Thank you!!

    • Shannon, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the website! Similac Sensitive actually isn’t lactose free, it’s just slightly more broken down than the Similac Advance, standard formula. You can certainly try soy formula – but know that for some kids it doesn’t matter – they will react the same way to soy. (It’s worth trying, since it’s less expensive, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up!)

      I’m actually finishing up an article on hypoallergenic formulas you may find helpful. It’s going to post later this week. If you’re not a subscriber yet, you may want to become one – and I will email you when the post is live. It will discuss what makes hypoallergenic formula hypoallergenic and how to tell if it’s something you should shell out more money for. I think you’ll find it useful. 🙂

      In regards to the gassiness, have you considered or tried using probiotic drops? These go a lot deeper into the digestive system than gripe water or gas drops, which makes them more effective on those bubbles trapped in the intestines. Something to think about…

  140. Stacy Smith says:

    Hi Heather,
    I found your website about a week ago and have been reading as much as possible to self diagnose. Lol. Anyways my 8 week old daughter has the red ring around anus. She started on Sinilac advanced at hospital and by 2 weeks she was screaming none stop and ended up having diarrhea and a HORRIBLE rash and the red ring around anus. We switched her to Similac Sensitive and had good luck in it BUT we got approved for WIC and they only allow Gerber Good Start. So they said we could choose which one we preferred and after doing done reading up on all the Gerber formulas we went with Gerber Soothe. She is doing pretty good in it but she still has this red ring around anus. It doesn’t seem to bother her but, I know it’s a sign of allergy. What would you suggest?? Thanks in advance for any and all of your help.

    • Danielle Miller says:

      How long have you been using Good Start Soothe? You will need to give it a week before you can decide if it’s right for your baby, has it been that long?

  141. Stacy Smith says:

    Sorry just thought about a couple of things I shoulda added to my post. She was in Sinilac Sensitive for 2 weeks and has been in Gerber Soothe for a month now. She has gotten to where she spits up some more than her “normal” is and if I didn’t give her a tbsp of prune juice daily she would stay constipated. She does go 1 time per day now but has to have the prune juice. I’ve also had her in the Gerber Soothe Colic drops/probotuics for 6 weeks now. I just don’t know what I need to do? 🙁

    • Danielle Miller says:

      Oh, just saw this…the extra information helps. Could you also tell me the age of your little one?

      • Stacy Smith says:

        She is 8 weeks old.

      • Stacy Smith says:

        Hi again so you never got back with any suggestion? Please help. Thanks

      • Danielle Miller says:

        Sorry for the delay, Stacy. I didn’t see your other comment come in (though after rereading I realized that you already answered my question about your little one’s age).
        I am concerned that your little girl has a dairy protein allergy. The ring that doesn’t go away with Gerber Soothe is what makes me feel like you should probably switch to a hypoallergenic formula. I know this is tough since it isn’t covered by WIC (at least that is what I assume to be true) but Gerber Soothe is really the last line of formulas before hypoallergenics.
        Heather just wrote an article about hypoallergenics. You can find it here. I hope this will help you as you seek to make a choice about whether or not to switch. I also hope your little one is eating and thriving without reactions soon!

  142. hi my 10 month old i think is allergic to something but its a subtle reaction if so. he has been getting watery /Gummy eyes, coughing, mucus in throat, diarreah, and a rash im not sure what he is allergic too i did not yet detect what it is that is triggering these symptoms, i took him to the hospital but they said he has a eye infection in both eyes and gave me medication for it but it does not seem to.be working and its an instant reaction. I am a first time mom and i dont know what to do?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Can you take him in to see your doctor? It sounds like your “mommy instincts” are correct and there is some kind of allergic reaction going on. When you talk to your pediatrician find out if you can take him in for allergy testing. They are usually willing to do that by the time the baby is 10 months. You can also start with by eliminating the major allergens from your diet, one at a time, if you are nursing (dairy, egg, peanuts, wheat, shellfish or fish, tree nuts, soy). This is an arduous process so if you can do a blood test for your little guy that would be so helpful!
      Actually, have you started him on any part of the egg? If so, that might be your culprit.

  143. Hello!!! I have a two month old and she was bf and supplemented with Similac advanced.  She was spitting up and really gassy so we switched to similac sensitive.  She is doing ok now but I would say about once a day she gets very fussy and just cries like she is in pain and her stomach feels hard, we give her gas drops and then she seems fine but I was just wondering if there is possibly a better choice of formula or if I should be lucky its only once a day?!  I never had any problems with this with my 4 year old so I am completely at a loss for what to do.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I would keep an eye out for other symptoms to accompany the once a day crying. Look for constipation, or rashes. You should also pay attention to weight gain, the good measure for if a baby is thriving. If the gas drops are working that is great! You might also try probiotic drops. They help with gas in the intestines (gas drops just deal with gas in the stomach).
      If you are concerned at any point with how your little one is eating, though, I really do recommend talking to your doctor about it. Hope this helps!

  144. Hello, not sure if my previous post went through. My LO is currently on Enfamil Gentlease but I’m seriously considering switching. She frequently has horrible smelling gas, hiccups, loud coughs, she writhes around a lot during feedings, during her naps she will grunt a lot and wriggle around, I found that when I pick her up it’s because she has gas. She will also try to eat but is in such pain that she’ll scream out while having the bottle. When she doesn’t have gas she’s really a very calm baby and doesn’t fuss much at all. The poor thing is exhausted because of the gas. After reading through the comments it sounds like Gerber Good Start might be a good choice. Which one do you think would be better for her the soothe or gentle? Any insight you can offer would be great. TIA!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It can be so sad to see your little one struggle with gas! Before you switch formulas I recommend trying probiotic drops. They help with gas in the intestines and could make a difference for your little girl. If this doesn’t do the trick I recommend switching to Gerber Good Start Soothe. It also has probiotics included in the formula.

  145. Hello, my LO will be 5 months as of next week.. I breastfed her for first 2 months I had to breastfeed and formula because of low milk production I put her on Gerber soothe her stool became a little firm she began vomiting a lot she has acid reflux she was fussy I was told to put cereal in her bottle to help with vomiting. Couldn’t produce any breastmilk so kept her on Gerber soothe and cereal Dr gave her zantac which didn’t help the vomiting the bitter taste made her gag and vomit more so I stopped giving her the medication. I later put her on enfamil gentlease and cereal it seemed to help with the vomiting a little but she became extremely fussy and crying all day she started becoming more constipated and gassy ass the last 2 months she has became a lot worse constipated with every stool hard balls or hard large lumps Cry’s get worse and won’t nap for long she seems to be in pain and colic dissolvable tablets don’t help with gas she sleeps best in her car seat upright. Is there anything you recommend her Dr seems to think its normal and she’s fine but as her mommy I know it isn’t normal and she shouldn’t have to suffer because he doesn’t want to do his job its hard especially with a 5yr old to take care of as well any advise will be greatly appreciated

    • Danielle Miller says:


      You are a great mama for your little one. She is blessed to have you as her advocate! If you are not comfortable with the advice you have received from your doctor it might be time to get a second opinion. It might also be time to try a Hypoallergenic formula. Take a look at this article by Heather on Hypoallergenic formulas. It should help you decide if this is a good next step!

  146. Hi, this is really a good site. my 5months buddie always have this rashes that comes and goes in his face.. he is on similac advance since birth cos I didnt have a gud milk flow. Please what could b the cause of the constant rash and remedy to it. Thanks

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It’s a bit tricky to answer your question without seeing the rash and knowing a few more details. However, here are some things to think about, ask yourself if the rash has shown up anywhere besides his face (often food allergy related rashes show up on other parts of the body as well). Look for other symptoms to accompany the ras. Ask yourself if there could be an environmental reason for the rash, I’m guessing you’re already done this but, check the soap you use and the lotion.
      If he isn’t having any other symptoms you probably don’t need to switch his formula at this time but I recommend you speak to your doctor about this rash when you take your little guy in for his 6 month check up.

  147. My 6 week old started off on enfamil gentlease in the hospital at his two week appointment the doctor switched him to gerber good start soothe due to diarrhea with the enfamil. After 4 weeks on the gerber we went back to the doctor due to his always being fussy and gassy. Just not a happy baby but the diarrhea was gone. She put us back on the gentlease, it’s been 3 days the diarrhea is back but he is happier throughout the day. I’m not sure what the next step is to try. He got a horrible rash the first time with enfamil and is starting to get it again. Any suggestion? I will be calling the doctor monday.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I know you talked to your doctor yesterday but here are my thoughts. I recommend you stay on Good Start Soothe but add probiotic drops. The probiotics help with gas in the intestines.
      I would be very cautious about the Enfamil because of the rash and diarrhea, both are symptoms of a food allergy. I’m sure you know this already but dehydration (coming from the diarrhea) is especially dangerous to infants!

  148. My LO is 6 months old. At 4 months old I weaned her to Formula. She ended up with diahrea for over a week and when I took her to the doctor he said she was lactose intolerant and recommended a change to LF formula. We switched and instantly saw a change. Within 1 week we were back to normal. (Come to think of it when she was born we had to substitute with Formula and she screamed constantly with wind).
    Anyway just over a week ago she got diahrea again and she still has it. Went to doctor in Wednesday and he said it was either gastro or she has become sensitive to the formula. Asked me to wait 3 more days and if it was not better change her formula to a different LF formula. So yesterday we changed it. I have seen a change in her poos but she is still having a large amount. I know this takes time to kick in. I am just curious how a child can have no problems with a formula and then suddenly react to it?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      This change might make sense in regards to becoming lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance happens when a person runs out of lactase (the enzyme needed to break milk sugar into simpler forms that can then be absorbed into the bloodstream) but this is more likely to show up in a child two-years-old or older. Some babies are born without the ability to produce lactase but this is rare. What were you using the first time you gave her formula?

  149. Hi

    My 3 month old baby was on formula (enfamil)   supplement from 2 weeks of birth . she had minor skin rashes from the beginniong . At her 3rd month we statrted seeing pimply like bumps on her chest and back and now it is spreading is it a formula allergy .




    • Danielle Miller says:


      That is very possible. I would recommend switching to a gentle formula like Gerber Good Start Soothe. This one should help because the milk protein is smaller and it also contains probiotics that will help with digestion. If the rash continues after you make the switch (give it a week) then you need to see your doctor.

  150. I’m so happy I found this site! I have a 4 month old who is exclusively BF but I can’t pump any extra milk. I need a formula option for when I need to be away. We discovered very early on that my baby was very sensitive to any dairy consumption by me he would scream and cry for hours with horrible gas and bloating and diarrhea and eczema. He still suffers from eczema but not as bad. What formula do I start with? My dr recommended soy formula but I am very relucdent to do that because of all the hormones. Can you reccomend a brand? Also I don’t care about cost because I will only be supplementing.

    Just to clarify, I would appreciate a recommendation for a soy-free formula.

  151. Hi there,

    My little one is now 5months old. He was initially breast fed until he was 4month old then my milk dried up so I started him on similac advance. He started crying during feeding time and his stools were really loose. I then tried similac sensitive and that seemed to work for a while but after 3-4 days it was back to the same thing. I took him to the doctor and she recommended Prosobee. He seems to be taking it fine but now he is really constipated although I give him prune juice daily. I am thinking about trying Baby’s Only organic Lactose free formula? I would rather not have him on soy, but at the same time I don’t want to cause any additional discomfort by switching from soy to lactose free, then back to soy if lactose free doesn’t help.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I hear you! It’s not fun to have to keep switching! However, I am kind of a non-fan of soy (especially for boys) so I would recommend the switch. I think the constipation is telling you something about how his body does with soy. Follow your mommy-instincts, though. Do what you think is best for your little guy!

  152. My 3 and a half month old is on enfimil genteleese and that made most of her spitting up stop but the ladt 2 days she has been spitting up more than usual and some timrs her spit up is clear and she is crying more and sleeping less not sure what to do or if she is sick, if she is sick how do i help her feel better

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I hope your little one is feeling better. If the spitting up and crying has gotten worse you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of reflux. The main thing you need to watch for is dehydration if the spitting up continues. You might also consider switching to Gerber Good Start Soothe. Sometimes a different brand really makes a difference and the Gerber Soothe has probiotics which will help with digestion.
      It’s so hard to see your little one upset and not know what to do next! Hang in there, you’ll find an answer!

  153. Hello i need some help since my daugther was one week old i breestfeed her and complemente with a s26 gold formula and she had some stomatch cramps at the beggining now she is 4months old fully formula feed since 2 weeks ago she develop a very dry skin an a terrible eczema and started being very fussy to feed her (refuse the bottle but she drink a bit bcz is hungry) alsi is cought a bit every day and i see she is became very rritable baby…i changed her formula for A2/free caseine 1 but her eczema is worst..i suspect she is allergict to the normal formula..what formula will be the best to try? And wgat is your opinion about her sudden eczema..thanks..also she is more gassy and i can hear her intestins sounds louded when i feed her…

    • Yep, I think your instincts may be right on the money about the allergy. The first thing I would do is to bring her to the doctor for a full examination. He will be the best person to start with – and he can look her over for other possible confirmations that an allergy is at work. Then, while you’re talking with him, ask him about his thoughts on a hypoallergenic formula. Does he have any free samples you could try for a while to see if it helps? That could save you a lot of hassle and money. Be encouraged though, when it comes to formulas, little steps and adjustments are commonly used to help find a good fit!

  154. Thank you so much for this informative website. It is really reassuring to know that I am not alone in the confusion that is baby formula! I have a silly question that I don’t think has been asked in previous posts (sorry if it has, I tried to read all the comments…). I recently switched my daughter (4 months old) from Enfamil Gentlease to Gerber Good Start Gentle as she was very, very constipated. After reading extensively on this site I am questioning whether she ever needed to be on a “gentle” formula. She was initially switched from Similac Advanced as she had quite a bit of gas and fussing after eating and her poop seemed a little too loose (watery). But after reading some other posts on here I think she was probably “normal” in regard to digestion. So my silly question is this: Is there any harm in having my daughter on a gentle formula if she doesn’t really show any signs of an allergy or lactose intolerance? She has been on Gerber for three days now and is already pooping normally again. Will it harm her to be on a low lactose formula if she doesn’t really need it? Thanks!!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      You never need to apologize about any questions when babies are involved! We all just want the best for our little ones. It is not a problem for you to keep her on the Gerber (especially since it’s working so well!). Glad you found a formula that works for her!

  155. sophia davis says:

    My little guy is 5.5 weeks old and currnetly on enfamil gentlease which he’s tolerated great until recently. Yestetday he went to the dr because he’s been screaming during feedings, which she observed and diagnosed as silent reflux. He was started on nizatidine and it seems to be helping as he’s not screaming through feesings any more. However, he’s been super gassy (not sure if it’s the gripe water that caused it because that’s the only new thing we’ve given him when it staryed). And he just seems super uncomforatble, kicking his legs and flailing his arms. He’s slept ok but the second he opens his eyes he starts screaming.

    Could This be something to do with his formula?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I highly recommend you try probiotic drops with your little one. These are helpful because they deal with gas in the intestines (gripe water only helps with gas in the tummy). It sounds like that might be what your little guy needs!

  156. Hi Heather,i went to the pedeatrician few days ago and he suspect my 4th months old baby is cow milk protein intolerance so he gave few samples of Karicare Aptamil Gold PEPTI Junior to try, and i did but my baby is a bit fussy so today i mixef half of her old formula and half of the Pepti..so she drank it but i noticed her skin turned a bit red like a rask (do you think its possible a allergic reaction to this extendivelly hypo formula?) so may i try with a different brand of extendivelly hypo formula??o the best is an aminoacid formula( 3 days before to see the pediatrician i tryed on her the Karicare Allerpro formula it supouse is hypoallergenica formula but dont brequiered prescription and my bub had a inmediatelly rash/bright redness on her legs abd chest and vomited)

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It’s possible that your little one was fussy today because her system is still adjusting to the new formula. It may be that mixing the new with the old, the old formula is what caused the redness. If it continues though when you switch back to just the new then you should talk this over with your doctor. It does sound like a milk allergy or sensitivity is in play here. I recommend you take a look at Heather’s article about hypoallergenic formula. It will help you as you work toward finding the best option for your little one.

  157. I weaned my 5 month old a couple weeks ago due to a decrease in my milk supply. After talking to the pedi, I started him on Parent’s Choice Premium formula, and he’s done great on it except for spitting up. Now, he’s always spit up some, even when breastfed, but it increased after switching to formula. The pedi recommended trying cereal in every bottle, and if that didn’t help to try soy formula. The cereal has helped quite a bit, but he still spits up some. I was wondering if there are any drawbacks to giving him that much cereal. He’s already a big baby, 17lbs 10oz at 5 months, and is eating some baby food. I hate to try soy milk because he really doesn’t show any other symptoms of allergy. What are your thoughts on trying a sensitive or gentle formula without the cereal?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I do recommend you try switching to either Similac Sensitive or Gerber Good Start Gentle…or Soothe (I like to recommend Soothe because of the probiotics). Sometimes just switching to another brand can make a big difference so I think it’s worth a try. If you do, here’s an article on doing the switch.
      Also, take a look at this article for information about allergies and formula brands to try.

  158. So milk protein allergies run in my family. My oldest had terrible problems and had to be on Nutramigen to not scream for 6 hours or more on end from tummy aches. So when it came to my youngest we automatically put her on the same thing. She had a terrible time passing gas and going to the bathroom even though her stools weren’t hard in any way. So since her father had no allergies on his side of the family we took the chance and put her on the Enfamil Gentlease. Well, now she has bad congestion in her chest, throat, and nose. After talking to her doctor and friends they thought it might have been our house so we got our air ducts cleaned and she is still no better. We are stuck right now as to what to do from here on out for formula. Any suggestions????

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I recommend you try Gerber Good Start Soothe for a week since that is the last line of formula before switching to a hypoallergenic (the probiotics could help too!). In the meantime, take a look at Heather’s article about hypoallergenics. If Soothe doesn’t do the trick this article will help you know how to talk over the next step with your doctor.

  159. Jennifer Lennon says:

    I’ve been using enfamil gentle ease because the NB made my son fussy, gassy, arching the back and scream durning a feeding. Now he’s constipated. He had been his whole three months of life. His ped told us to give prune juice or an extra ounce of water in his bottle.it works for about a week and then stops working. Do you think switching to the Gerber would work? Because it doesn’t sound like my son has and allergy or intolerance. I am lactose intolerant. I’m interested to hear what you have to say look forward to hearing back from you thank you

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I do think it’s worth trying another brand. Sometimes one brand can really make a difference over another depending on the child. I recommend Gerber Good Start Soothe because of the probiotics. Similac Sensitive is another suggestion.

      Here’s an article on how to do the switch. It should be pretty easy since they are all dairy based however, if you want to be very gentle you can use the suggestions from the article:
      Start by mixing one part of the new formula with three parts of the old. For example, if your baby drinks a 4 oz bottle, 1 oz would be Neocate (hypoallergenic) and 3 oz would be Enfamil premium.
      Stick with that mixture (1:3) for a day. If your baby seems like the transition is going well, up the mixture to 2:2 for another day.
      On the third day, switch entirely to the new formula.

  160. My little man is 6 months. I nurse and formula feed. I started him on Similac Advance around three weeks. At around 1.5 months we switched to Enfamil Gentlease, because we thought it was making him gassy. He developed eczema on his face about a month later. The winter has wreaked havoc on his skin and his cheeks are very, very dry and red. they get patchy and scaly as well. I’ve tried aveeno eczema therapy, eucerin, aquaphor, coconut oil, and once in a while the OTC 1% hydrocortisone – but, I don’t like using it. I’m wondering if it’s worth switching the formula? He drinks it, but he spits up a lot. He’s not overly gassy and isn’t colicky. What would you recommend? Thanks!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Yes, I do recommend that you switch. It’s worth a try! You can try Gerber Good Start Soothe. It’s very gentle and it has probiotics that should help his digestion which in turn should help his skin! Also, stay tuned! We are doing a trial right now of Hazelwood necklaces that are supposed to help balance the ph in your baby’s body which helps with eczema. If you aren’t a subscriber yet I recommend you become one. When the article comes out in April it will come right to your inbox!

  161. Jessica Webb says:

    My little girl is one month and 2weeks. She is on similac sensitive.. We have already tried advance/soy. She seems to always be straining to poop (face gets red, legs kick sometimes, arches back sometimes, andcries while doing this after a few minutes of it) but her poops are soft. She also is always scratching at my chest while eating and other times but mostly while eating.. I’ve been to the doctor she says to switch formula & prescribed gas drips but I’ve tried it all other than similac total comfort. Send seems to only be comfortable a few hours of the day. She Also passes gas often. She also looks like she is swallowing alot. Do I need to change milk again or does it sound like something serious, does she have reflux bad or gas.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Danielle Miller says:

      Have you tried a different brand? I recommend trying Gerber Good Start Soothe as this is a very gentle formula and it has probiotics in the formula. The probiotics help with gas in the intestines (the gas drops only help with gas in the tummy).
      Also, do you find that she seems more uncomfortable 20-30 minutes after a feed? Does she spit up a lot? These both are signs of reflux. If you are concerned, I would talk it over with your pediatrician.

      • Hi Danielle,

        Thanks very much for the info! I’m nervous about switching to Gerber when he tolerates the enfamil gentlease well, except for the eczema rash… I have stopped eating dairy and that definitely seems to have helped. So, I’m wondering if he is sensitive to milk? If so, I’m assuming the gerber would still be the best switch? I guess I’m just worried that if I switch he then may develop constipation or another digestive problem that wasn’t there before…?

      • Danielle Miller says:


        Oh, I know! It’s kind of nerve-wracking isn’t it?! I would definitely follow your mama instincts on this one. If you feel comfortable with the progress he’s making then you can certainly leave things as they are. One other thing to consider is giving your little one probiotics. I have been using the Udo’s Choice Infant Blend Probiotic with my 8-month-old and it seems to be helping her eczema.

  162. Catherine Valentino says:

    I am so happy to have found your site. My son is 4 1/2 months and I’m exhausted trying to figure out why he is so gassy and fussy. I exclusively breastfed for 3 months then started mixing with formula when I went back to work. I think we started with the gentlease. He was diagnosed with acid reflux because he has had the typical arching with pain after feeds along with spitup most feeds. He started Zantac around 6 weeks but with little improvement added Prevacid around 2 1/2 months. By his 4 month checkup he was waking every 1-2 hours at night which I think was due to gas pains. He was miserable most of the day with few smiles here and there but bursts of crying with pain and arching back and pulling legs. We started probiotics and then used Gerber soothe with his mixed bottles which he took fine but we still didn’t see a big improvement. This could be because I am mainly still breastfeeding and my husband only gives he bottles 2-3 days out of the week. After nights of no sleep I started to think it I was my milk and he had a milk protein problem. I don’t eat much dairy at all and his symptoms are mostly GI with an occasional ring type rash on his butt and what just looked like dry skin to me on his cheeks. So Monday I tried alimentum but I’m an idiot and didn’t know you had to introduce it slowly. He took almost 3 bottles then started screaming with gas pains so bad I was crying. I felt terrible like what had I done and immediately went back to nursing. The next day I tried a mixed bottle of breastmilk and alimentum and again he screamed after finishing it. I’ve been afraid today to give it to him again today but I also don’t know what to do since he has a lot of gas discomfort with my breastmilk too. I don’t want to stop breastfeeding so I’ve been pumping but at this point I’m exhausted and don’t know what to do. I’ve stopped dairy but I’ve heard it can take a month for dairy to be completely out of my system. Should I go back to the Gerber soothe and try to see if that helps or stick with alimentum? I do have appt with GI in a week and half but what do you think?

    • Catherine. Firstly, you are a good mom. It may not FEEL like you are, but you are. We all make mistakes with our kids that leave us sobbing and feeling like an absolute failure. ALL OF US. 🙂 The good news, is that he’s not permanently hurt and he will have no memory of this event. Trust me, today he thinks you’re just as awesome as he did yesterday.

      It’s good that you eliminated dairy – that’s a good first step. Second, I think it’s a good idea that you have a GI appointment coming up. That will be helpful, I’m sure. There’s a new post coming up next week on milk allergies, I also think you’ll find encouraging. If you’re a subscriber, I’ll email you when the post goes up.

      I would continue to breastfeed and pump until your GI meeting, so he can examine your son clearly without any possible changes. (Does that make sense?) The name of the game at this point will be “mental self control”. What I mean is, your baby is going to cry and be unhappy. You’re going to try to soothe and it’s going to feel like it’s not working. Remember this, though: you’re not soothing him so he will stop crying. That’s an awesome thing, if it happens, but you can’t control that. You’re soothing because your little man is sick, doesn’t feel good, and needs to know that he is loved and special to his parents. At this point, your soothing is for emotional support – because physically you can’t do to much before the GI specialist sees him. So don’t feel like a failure if he’s crying. Look at him and let your heart be filled with compassion and care (and your ears with these corded earplugs).

      That said, hold him upright after eating for about 20-30 minutes, and try to let him sleep in a swing or baby bean bag so he’s not flat on his back. Those things may also helpful. He is lucky to have such caring and attentive parents. Hang in there. Help is coming!

  163. Hi there, I am a concern parent. My baby was born premature and under doctor’s order he was prescribed Enfamil enfacare but he started getting diarrhea. He had diarrhea for 9 days and the pedestrian changed his formula to Similac Soy. After my baby started drinking this formula he stopped having diarrhea.

    We recently visited the special baby clinic again for evaluation, they switched him back to Enfamil enfacare because he needs the extra calories but he started having diarrhea again. What formula is best for my premature baby. I don’t want to give him the wrong formula and stop his growth and development. Please help me.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      So sorry you have been stuggling with this! Finding the right formula can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge!
      I recommend you try a different brand, try Gerber Good Start Nourish (also for premies) for example. Sometimes just switching brands can make a big difference. Take a look at this article for a good list of all the major brands. The other thing you should keep in mind is that when you switch from one formula family to a different family (this article explains) you will need to do the switch gradually. As long as you aren’t dealing with diarrhea you should give the new formula a week before deciding if it works for your little one.

      I’m glad you are being very cautious about the diarrhea. It’s really important to keep your baby hydrated, as you know!

      Hope this makes the difference for you!

  164. Hi heather

    THanks for posting all there helpful articles my son is 4 months old and when he born he was 8 pounds and 3 oz and he latched on good later on in the day he had problems sucking and he wouldnt suck and he started to loose weight that 7 pounds and 5 oz in the first 7 hrs so they recommended formula and he was on similac advsnce and later on found out he was tongue tied and had it snipped. When he was in the hospital or around 2 weeks he started sneezing and had 2 ear infections doc blamed it on his older brother and started getting congested counfing and rattling because of congestion soon after he drinks around 6 weeks he started spitting up and some times projectile vommiting too so the doc put in on Zantac and he also has excema that doesnt go away. He poops were dark green. Around 12 weeks I switched to similac for spitup. He still spits ip coughs congested has eczema but his poops changed to brown. Sometimes they are runny. He has always had ring around his anus. Everything thing at this time is pointing to a milk allergy and doctor won’t test for it because there is no blood in stool. My husband and mother in law cannot drink Straight milk. I tried switching to soy after talking to his doctor and switched cold turkey and he had horrible gas and threw up his next bottle. So I put him back on the spit up stuff. And going to slowly introduce soy and see if it helps him. We are also having a swallow study done on him to see what’s going on. I am hoping that soy helps him with the cough and congestion. Doc ran a respiratory virus panel and didn’t find anything. She won’t let us try alimentum yet. So not sure what should I do. Cause he is so miserable after eating.

  165. Hi heather,

    Firstly, thanks for all this information!!

    Secondly, I need a little help. We transitioned my now 5 week old, from BM to Kirkland formula at almost 4 weeks. His gas kept getting worse, so I started him on good start gentle today. He’s been extra fussy after these two bottles, but eats much more calmly. Think this is part of the transition and I should ride it out for a couple weeks?

    • I would give him a few more days, and then evaluate to see what might be going on. Also, if the gas is in the stomach, Gripe Water may be helpful. If the gas is trapped in his intestines the gripe water won’t help, you’ll need baby probiotics instead. Hang in there friend!

  166. Hi!

    Thank you so much for posting this article! It is very helpful and a lifesaver for some of us:) my 2 1/2 year-old was diagnosed with reflux at 4 weeks and Prevacid and Alimentum helped her and she was golden! My son however is a different story, he is five weeks old and has been on Prevacid and Alimentum for 2 1/2 weeks now and is still throwing up his bottles and choking on them to the point that he stops breathing! We switched to Enfamil A.R. and that appears to be helping with the vomiting but now he has not pooped for 3 days! How long should I give the Enfamil A.R. before trying a different formula? I hate to keep switching him but I don’t want him to be miserable and constipated either:( also, he appears to be extremely gassy and uncomfortable. We have put karo and his last six bottles and still no BM.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It’s really not fun when the pooping stops, huh?! We recommend you give each new formula a week before you decide whether it is working (unless there are circumstances making it obvious that you shouldn’t continue, like diarrhea!). Regarding constipation though, I recommend you call your doctor and ask about adding prune juice to his bottles. Do talk to your doctor first to get the recommended dosage since it’s important to get it right (or you will be dealing with diarrhea!).

  167. hi my baby has been using similac sensitive from the beginning i was afraid she would need soy. she always seemed hungry. now when she poops and farts she cries. she farts alot. she got red spots almost like baby acne. i noticed itwas going to her chest. what formula should i use if shes allergic.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      The first thing we recommend is to try switching to another brand. For example, you could try Gerber Good Start Soothe because the proteins are small and it will be very gentle. If after a week it doesn’t seem to be helping then talk to your doctor about your other options. Here are a few articles to help you be informed as you discuss this: Here’s one with all the major brands of formula and here’s one with information about hypoallergenic formula.

  168. Ok I’m confused and my doctor is no help. I had twin baby girls @ 36 weeks, we had a easy birth and no help problems ….. Till it started…. Throw up, and I’m talking all day hole bottles, tummy cramps and always constipated. The girls are now 6 months old. baby A who is the baby with all the tummy problems and was the bigger girl, is now the small baby. We have tried thickened formula, sensitive formula, gentle formula, this week we switched to soy, with no results so far…. Help is this a allergy or acid reflux, my doctor seems to think all babies spit up, witch they do but not like this girl, mother of 4 Iv never experienced this

    • Danielle Miller says:


      First of all, you know your baby best! If you can tell something is wrong, stay with it. You are your baby’s advocate! Read this article for some inspiration! Since you have tried all the different kinds, my next question is: have you tried different brands as well? If not, I would try something sensitive in a different brand, sometimes switching brands can make all the difference. If you have, then it’s time to talk to your doctor about hypoallergenic formulas. Take a look at this article for information about these formulas. This should help you have a productive conversation with your doctor about the next thing you can do. Having said that, if you do not feel like your pediatrician is listening then it’s time for a change. Always feel free to get a second opinion!

  169. Natalie says:

    Hi my baby is 3 1/2 months I breast feed for 3 months but now put her on formul since she was costMg spitting up. I tried gerber tender and she was projectile vomitting and it was chunky so I was afraid of milk allergy. We took her to doctor and she gas acid reflux and now she takes zantach. I put her on similiac allimentum and she was still spitting up but not as chunky . I had her on that for about a month and feel like her spit up is constant. I was thinking about trying soy but wanted to get an opinion on what to do!! I would love to be able to help her not spit up as bad anymore!!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It can be such a challenge having a baby who has acid reflux! Good for you for hanging in there and looking for better options to help your little one.
      Before you try soy I recommend trying probiotic drops. These have been proven to help babies with reflux since they help with digestion. Also, does your little one sleep in a Rock N Play? This really helped our little one. During the day it’s great to use a baby carrier to give your baby the 20-30 minutes upright after each feed (plus extra cuddles!).

  170. hi im just a little worried.. i have 2 months old son and right now im doing both formula and breastfeed. A week ago i stop using enfamil because his having rashes on his face then when i stop for a week the rashes was gone. After a week i put him back to his formula and now he wouldnt take the formula no matter how hard i tried and keep him hubgry for hours and hours he woulnt not take a one zip. what should i do? coz if i gave him the formula his crying so loud and make him really red. thank you so much for reading my comment.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      You need to take this to your doctor right away. If you have to formula feed then your doctor is the one who can walk you through this.

      Something to talk over with your doctor: You could try a different brand and something gentle like Gerber Good Start Soothe.

  171. Hi there!
    I’m really concerned about my one month old daughter. The doctor said she has acid reflux. She has a raspy sound to her when she breaths and she spits up and pukes. They put her on enfamil ar but she is super gassy and is constantly crying. She barely sleeps without waking crying. Is there a formula I could switch her to that could help her?

    • I would definitely talk with the doctor about using a hypoallergenic formula. The AR is usually the first step, since it’s cheaper, but sometimes acid reflux is blending with an allergy issue. Talk with your doctor about hypoallergenics, you can always get instructions from him on how to thicken the formula by hand for a double-guns approach to helping the reflux. Hang in there friend, you’re being a wonderful advocate for your baby!

  172. Our 8 1/2 month old has occasionally started coming out in a rash all over her face and neck. It seems to happen whilst and after drinking formula (we have been keeping a food and milk diary as suggested by our doctor). But it doesn’t occur after every feed. Sometimes it seems to be more severe and other times very light. Can spread to shoulders arms and torso. It’s been happening for approx 6-8 weeks. More frequently, (some days 3 times, sometimes nothing for 4 days) lasts 2-10 min.

    She breastfed until 4/5 months then went onto Hipp formula. She has never had any problems before. She started solids about 5 1/2 months. The doctor seems to think it could be a reaction between a certain food and the milk, but we can’t find any links/clues from the food diary.

    At first i thought it was a reaction to our wash powder, which we changed. (I still think she was having a reaction to the powder). She also had a reaction one time whilst drinking formula, then 15 min later again after i covered her in suncream for going in the pool at a friends house (friends suncream we hadn’t used before) rash appeared where i put the cream, face ears chest, but not legs.

    After advise from the doctor we moved onto the Hipp combiotik hypo -allergenic, 2 1/2 weeks ago, but she is still having reactions.

    Is she becoming sensitive to products, or is it just the milk? We have arranged a blood test with our doctor, but what would be the next step if nothing shows up? (i’ve not much confidence in our doctor pushing for other tests or trying hard to find the cause, he seems uninterested!)


    Any thoughts please?!!

    • Lucy, these kinds of things are always so frustrating! If this has been happening for 6-8 weeks, does it coincide with when you started adding solid foods? I would perhaps go back to single-foods. Giving them at every meal and then waiting three days to see if anything pops up. Also, no dairy. (Confirm all this with your doctor, I’m not a healthcare professional.)

      Also, if the rash is being scratched, it’s being inflammed. You’ll need to help with that inflammation before it will go away completely. Is it eczema? Little red puffy dots? If so, ask your doctor for an anti-itch cream or something to help the inflammation go down. (In the US we have hydrocortisone – it’s an anti-itch cream, but only use that under a doctor’s supervision with a baby.)

      Finally, another option that could help (if it’s eczema) is to slather her with a Eucerin Aquaphor cream (here’s what it looks like in the US) as soon as she gets out of the bathtub. This helps to lock moisture into the skin and fight against dry skin/eczema. That’s depending, of course, that it’s eczema.

      Regarding the suncream, I’m posting a new article on that subject in a few weeks, but in the meantime here’s an article I wrote a few years ago that might be helpful: 6 Phrases You’ll Want to See On a Safe Baby Sunscreen Label 🙂

      Hang in there friend. If you continue to feel your doctor isn’t being helpful, I’d see if you could perhaps get a transfer or something. (I must confess I’m not familiar with how the medical process goes over there across the pond!). You sound like a wonderful caring parent. She’s very blessed to have you! xo

  173. kimberlie says:

    Help! My 3 week old was diagnosed with silent reflux at 1 week because he was resisting his bottles (I tried breastfeeding but he went 2 days with no wet or dirty diapers and refused to stay latched more than 2 to 3 minutes). so we started zantac. His eating improved (still chokes easily even on premie nipples and takes forever to take 2 oz) but he began screaming 20-30 minutes after every bottle. We tried gripe water, gas drops, probiotics, Dr brown bottles, all the things they say to for reflux babies. But nothing worked. So a week later I called the dr and he suggested trying soy formula. It has been a little over a week and no change. He has even started screaming through his bottles again. Today has been nothing but crying! Is it possible he has a milk protein allergy? Other than what I see as baby acne and a redness around his bottom I don’t see the signs but something is just not right! His dr is very conservative so I am afraid he will shoot down my allergy suggestion without looking into it.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      First of all, good for you for continuing to look for an answer. You are being the wonderful advocate your baby needs!
      From what you said, it sounds like you are doing all that you can to help your little one with his reflux (keeping him upright for 20-30 minutes after a feed, having him sleep with an elevated head – a Rock N Play is great for this, probiotics, and medication if needed) There are a couple of things you should talk over with your doctor: Take a look at this article about hypoallergenic formula. If your little guy has a dairy allergy it would be worth trying one of these. You should also talk to your doctor about whether you might need to switch to Prevacid. It’s usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort
      This article about milk protein allergies might really be a help to you too.
      If you feel like your doctor isn’t listening to you then I encourage you to get a second opinion. It’s so important to feel heard!

  174. My baby is 5 1/2 months old. Since she was born she has been on enfamil gentle ease. It has now been more than a week that she has had diarrhea it was very moucousy and a little bloody. She has no fever no crying. At first it was just once a day and then it started after every feeding. Her doctor had me stop giving her the gentle ease and put her in the soy formula. She is a little better but still has a little diareah. We were good for about one day and then again diareah still moucousy but not bloody. Her doctor wants me to take her to a specialist. Should I just try the hyper allergenic formula first? Any coments would really help!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Talk to your doctor about trying another brand first. This can make a difference. I recommend Gerber Good Start Soothe since it has probiotics in the formula. Probiotics should help her little intestines get back to balance again. If that doesn’t help after one week then yes, I think you should talk about switching to a hypoallergenic formula. Take a look at this article for more information about hypoallergenics. Also, because you will be switching from soy back to dairy I would talk a look at this article about how to make a switch.
      Hope this helps your little one!

  175. Christine Keough says:

    Hi –

    My daughter has been on sensitive formula for about 4 months now. She’s almost 7 months old. How can I know when I can switch her to a regular formula? She is currently on Earth’s Best Organiz Sensitive and I want to switch her to Similac Organic.  Do they outgrow these issues?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Is this a dairy allergy/sensitivity? If so, the answer is, yes, most children (80%) do out grown this! I would check with your pediatrician about doing your own challenge (maybe you know this, but that is what they call a trial of the allergen to see if the child has outgrown the allergy). If she is good with that, I recommend starting with a mixture of 25% of the new formula and 75% of the old formula. Try this for 24 hours and if everything looks great then you can switch to 50/50 and after that 75/25…etc. I hope this goes well for you!

  176. Hi again,

    Well my little man is now 10 months and he still has the eczema. I know there are worse things, but this thing is my nemesis. He is still on enfamil gentlease and I nurse him. When I have dairy, peanuts or eggs it definitely makes his eczema worse, so I have not had those things. However, he still has flare ups. We are now using eucerin and the OTC aveeno cortisone when he has flare ups, but it’s 100% still there. It’s tough now with the hot weather, because I don’t want him to sweat, but if I don’t put him in long sleeves and pants on some days then he itches his elbow and knees like a mad man…thank goodness it doesn’t interrupt his sleeps, but I’m just desperate for something to help him. We purchased the hazel wood necklace and I am waiting for it to be delivered. I spoke with you before and you mentioned the good start. I haven’t switched yet, because I have been nervous it will bother his stomach, but I’m ready to just try it. The formula has been the only constant thing, so maybe that is it. I just don’t know whether or not to try enfamil nutramigen or good start…I also have always used ready to feed formal (I know I’m lazy LOL). Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Yes, I think it’s time to switch formula! It will be worth it if it helps your little guy’s eczema! I recommend a week on Good Start Soothe and if that doesn’t help then maybe it’s time to try the hypoallergenic. Also, have you tried probiotics with your little one? You might take a look at these. I have been using them with my 11 month old and it seems to help (talk to your doctor about how much to give him but I would do a dose in the morning and in the evening). Hope this helps!

  177. Hi Danielle,

    I haven’t tried the probiotics, but will definitely call the doctor and try them. What formula do you use with your 11 month old? I’m wondering if I should just go straight to a hypoallergenic vs. continuing to switch them? The money isn’t an issue if that was the reason for your recommendation – I’ve already been shelling out a lot with the ready to feed lol. Thanks so much again!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I would go with your mama instincts on this one! It’s great that money isn’t an issue…I guess I always feel like it’s nice to confirm an allergy or sensitivity but I understand wanting to have the issue solved (!). I’m breastfeeding my little one, so that doesn’t shed anymore light for your situation.

      I hope the probiotics and a different formula do the trick!

      • Hi Danielle,

        Sorry to bother you again! I started to try the Nutramigen with my son about a week ago. I started doing the ratio of 3 ounces old formula to one ounce new and then switched to half and half. However, around the same time he started to have trouble making a bowel movement and his stool was hard. At one bowel movement he had a little blood in his stool. I called the pediatrician and they said it sounded like he might have had an anal fissure from pushing and to increase fiber in his diet. I mentioned whether it could be due to the switch in formula? They said it could be, but typically you see the blood if you are switching to a formula with a cows milk and the blood is a sign that they have an allergy…so, I was concerned and went back to regular formula. I also started giving him some prune juice to help with going to the bathroom. He had not had any more blood in stool and bowel movements are normal now. However, his eczema is horrible. The only changes I have made are the prune juice, trying the new formula and a new laundry detergent…I’m so frustrated. I’m going to switch back to the old laundry detergent, stop the prune juice and call my pediatrician for a pediatric allergist recommendation. In your opinion, do you think the nutramigen was causing the constipation? At the same time I was also giving him more apples than normal, as I didn’t realize this could cause constipation, so not sure which it was that was impacting it….ugh. Any input would be great. Thanks SO much!

      • Danielle Miller says:


        I know how scary it can be to see blood in your baby’s stools! It sounds like it was the switch to Nutramigen. We recommend a week with each new formula so that your little one’s intestines have the chance to adjust. That being said, you have to trust your mama instincts and if you felt nervous about the blood (I get that!) then it’s good you switched him back. I also think its a good idea to see the allergist. I hope he/she has some help for your little guy!
        By the way, have you tried probiotics with your little one yet? I found this made a big difference with my little one’s eczema. I also bought one of these necklaces for her and it has seemed to help.

  178. Krystle Suggs says:

    Hello, I was so grateful to find this information. I have 6 month old twin boys that were 7 weeks premature. They were breast fed for the first 2 months and supplemented with Similac Neosure for their prematurity, and seemed to do great, but after we got both of them home from the hospital, it was too hard for me to keep up with them and my other 5 children, so we stopped breastfeeding and started giving just Similac Neosure formula. We started noticing projectile vomiting after feedings, to the point that it would come out of their noses, and they would be horribly uncomfortable for hours after feedings, so I asked the doc to switch, and she refused saying that they needed the extra calories because of their prematurity, so I did some research and learned how to mix 20 cal formula to make 22 cal formula, and switched them to Gerber soothe, they were then diagnosed with ger, and doc started them on zantac and had me start adding rice cereal to their bottles, it seemed to help for a couple weeks, but then the spitting up started up again really bad, to where it seems like they spit up half of their bottle after each feed, and sometimes it’s an hour or more after their feeds. I researched home remedies for reflux, and started them on zarbees probiotic powder, but I am not sure I am dosing it correctly, as I am giving them only 1/8 teaspoon once a day. They are still spitting up alot, even with the increase in the amount of cereal, and the probiotic, and seem to be constipated fairly often, especially the smaller one. I asked the wic nutritionist if there were any recommendations, and she said a switch in formula may help, and suggested a soy formula, or to talk to my pediatrician about Nutramigen or Alimentum. What do you think? I left a message for the pedi to call me back, but I doubt she will want me to change their formula again, and I would need a prescription from her to change it through wic.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I feel like you should trust your mama instincts on this one and continue to be the advocate those little guys need. Since Gerber Good Start Soothe is the last in the line of sensitive formulas (though you could try a different brand of sensitive, Similac Sensitive, for example) it sounds like a switch to a hypoallergenic could really help them. Take a look at this article to learn more about hypoallergenic formulas before you have the conversation with your pediatrician. The next question I have for you though, is, do you have the option to switch pediatricians? It sounds like you two might not be on the same page. Remember that she is there to serve you and your children and should be listening to you and working with you at all times. Feel free to get a second opinion!

      I hope that you and your little guys can get some relief!

      Keep up the amazing work you are doing, researching and searching for ways to help your twins (while mothering 5 other children!). You are incredible!

  179. Jessica says:

    Hi! I am a new mommy to a 6 week old baby girl who was born at 36 weeks and 4 days. She swallowed amniotic fluid during delivery and had to spend the night in the NICU while there they discovered that she was not drinking from a bottle well and had to give her a NG tube. I pumped and she had breast milk mixed with neosure for extra calories. If she ran out of breast milk before I got there each day they gave her concentrate neosure. She always preferred breast milk she was released after one week and I continued to pump at home. However my supply diminished greatly and I could not keep up with her demands. We put her on Enfamil Newborn formula and she took it okay at first. Then at 4 weeks she began screaming during the bottle. She was not spitting up so I assumed silent reflux and took her to the pediatrician and he put her in Zantac .6 ml 3 times a day. This worked okay until….Now at 6 weeks she screams while eating her bottle, refuses to drink more than 2 ozs and flaps her arms and legs while feeding. We have tried the Enfamil Gentlease, Gerber soothe, Similac Sensitive and Similac Total Comfort. She refuses all these formulas. We have tried mixing with the newborn formula and she still will not eat. I am at my wits end! I feel like a terrible mother because she will not drink her bottles and she is screaming so much. I am worried she is not eating enough. She has set diapers and loose stools. I am wondering if she had a cows milk allergy? That is my only other thought. Other than she just dislikes the taste of the formula. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Tired and frustrated mommy here!!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I’m so sorry you are having such trouble! It just makes your heart hurt to see your little one in pain while eating, I know!

      I think it may be time to talk over hypoallergenic formula with your doctor. Take a look at this article for more information about hypoallergenics. I also recommend taking a look at this article about milk protein allergies. Your mama instincts might very well be correct on that.

      I hope these two articles help and that you and your doctor can find a formula that works for your sweet little one! Hang in there, mama. It’s a big responsibility to take care of a newborn, not to mention a premie! Keep up the good, wonderful work that you are doing!

  180. Does a formula allergy rash appear right away? Or can it take a few days for it to appear?

    • It’s my understanding that it can be either/or, depending on how sensitive the child is. For example, if the child is VERY sensitive, it would pop up right away. If the child is mildly sensitive, it may take a few days of “build up” to show up. I would give your pediatrician a call to confirm this, and get his perspective on what might be causing it. In these things, a physical exam always is best. The internet can’t LOOK the way your doctor can. Hope this can help a little, though!

  181. So heather my daughter is 11 and 1/2 months old and she was on neosure as she was born a month early and for problems 2 1/2 months now she has been puking 1-3 times a day and it’s not spit up its like exorcism throwing up and she’s on Zantac has been since she was a month old and we’ve eliminated everything else but the formula. I spoke to my doctor and she said I could try soy as I also realized that she is only throwing up about 2 hours after eating her formula or cereal mixed with formula, we had to start mixing it with cereal because she went from eating 6 oz to 1/2-1 oz. and while it is not affecting her weight or health, she’s not dehydrated or sick. I’m at my wits end its so bad she crus and whimpers it comes out her nose it’s so forceful! Please help!!!!

    • I’m just seeing this Mahria! I would definitely go back to your doctor and tell him what’s going on. Then if things don’t improve, ask to see a pediatric gastroenterologist for a full evaluation. This is something that is certainly beyond myself, and may even be beyond your pediatrician. When in doubt…get a specialist to look her over. xo

  182. Hello.. I’ve been reading a lot of these comments and I have a few questions. My baby is a month and 5 days old. We started out with enfamil newborn and about a week in he started getting uncontrollably fussy so the pediatrician recommended enfamil gentle ease. He done okay for a few days but the fussiness and crying came right back. Right after a bottle he will cry non stop until he falls asleep. Once he’s asleep he crunches his stomach up all the time. So the pediatrician recommended changing brands but staying on a milk based formula so we switched to similac sensitive. Now he’s spitting up and he stays constipated. We have to constantly so Karo and suppositories. I want to switch allimentum or even the enfamil brand of that but doctor said that’s last resort. Idk what to do. My baby is miserable. If he’s awake he’s crying sometimes even screaming and nothing I do soothes him. We’ve tried very swing/seat/bouncer they make and we’ve switched bottles to dr brown. I want to switch to allimentum but I’m scared to go against the pediatrician. But I’m at the end of my rope. I feel so bad because my baby is miserable and not happy.

    • Danielle Miller says:

      Oh, Candice!

      I’m so sorry that your little guy is in tummy pain! It’s terrible to watch as a parent. We really do believe that mama’s know their babies best and should trust their gut. Why don’t you take a look at this article about hypoallergenics and then have another conversation with your doctor. If you feel like you are not being heard then maybe it’s time to search for a different Dr. Right for your little one.
      You might also consider probiotic drops to help your little guy with digestion…

  183. My son is 10 months old and has been on the similac for supplementation for the past 3 months. About three weeks ago, he has started having multiple diarrhea episodes a day. First this was due to being on an antibiotic for a double ear infection, then the whole family had a bad stomach virus. Now everyone, including him, seem healthy, but we still are battling the diarrhea. He is now starting to have some pretty bad gas pains at night as well. Does this sound like the secondary lactose intolerance? Should he go straight to the anti-colic formulas or try one of the sensitive formulas? How long does this intolerance last?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I am hesitant to address your questions because of the troublesome digestion issues, not fun! So sorry your little guy has had to deal with all this. I will leave this to your pediatrician who, hopefully, has been doing a good job helping you through this.
      The one thing I will say is that it sounds like your little guy could use some probiotics to help his intestines find a good balance again. I would run this by your doctor. Also, you can take a look at this article about hypoallergenic formulas to further inform your next step.

  184. Tamaryn (First Time Mommy) says:

    Hi Heather,

    I am a concerned First Time Mommy of a wonderful little boy who hardly ever fusses, but that means Mommy never knows when something is wrong!  A couple weeks ago my Nunubear had a horrible rash all over his body, a cough and runny nose.  The doctor first thought the rash was ring worm, but after a week of treatment with anti-biotics, cough mixture for the cough and cream for the supposed “ring worm”, he still had all the symptoms, therefore we put him on NAN H.A which cleared up the rash, cough and runny nose.  I would just like to mention that his cough and runny nose started when he was 3 months old, he is now 5 months and 3 weeks.  We had him on anti-biotics for the cough etc. too before the rash, but it did not clear up until we changed his formula.  Monday his cough started again, along with the runny nose, but no rash as yet.

    Should I change his formula again?  I have been giving him yoghurt since last week and have decided to stop that too.  I don’t want him on another unnecessary course of anti-biotics as it messes with his natural bacteria and then I have to start him on probiotics.

    If he does get worse, to another doctor I shall go, but for now, your advise will really be great!  Thanks!


    • Danielle Miller says:


      It’s sounds like you are doing a great job as a first-time mommy (what a life change, huh?!).
      This is Danielle answering for Heather. I think you are on the right track as you’re considering switching formula. I would start by looking at this article about Hypoallergenic formula (there is information about Hyper-hypoallergenic formula too). This will give you more information as you talk things over with your doctor.

  185. Hi there! My son, 8 weeks old, has been on generic gentlease for about 6 weeks. He did great with it up until about 1 and 1/2 weeks ago. He’s been having diarrhea about 6 times a day and is pretty fussy. I took him to the doctor and he said to give it a few days more and than try something like Nutramigen. Would you suggest I maybe try Gerber soothe first? I would really like to avoid the cost of Nutramigen. Thanks for your help.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Yes, you could absolutely try Gerber Soothe (do the switch gently). The most important thing is to get his little gut back to balance. Please keep your doctor informed if the diarrhea continues and be so careful about keeping your little guy hydrated (you know this, but I have to say it anyway, it’s so important!). I recommend you consider probiotic drops too. This will help his intestines. Also, some babies actually swing the other way with Soothe and get a little constipated. Take a look at our article on constipation if this ever becomes an issue.

  186. Lots of great information. Thanks. How long would you say it takes to notice a difference when you change formulas? I don’t want to keep switching every other day until I find something, but I hate to see my baby so uncomfortable.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Yes, you are right to ask! We recommend one week (give or take) with a new formula before you decide if it’s a fit or not.
      Hope that helps!

  187. Ok…..so I’m a new (ish) mom with a huge concern. We put our NB on isomil straight from the hospital, and then changed to prosobee, I had to get on wic and they only allow Gerber soy. Recently my NB (6 weeks) started to develop an eczema looking rash on his right cheek (feeding side) and his ear, as well as a skin irritation under his neck where the milk will drip down. I started watching his symptoms, thinking it was just eczema or new born acne, laundry soap (all free and clear), soap or some other irritant, but noticed he was wheezing and producing alot, and I mean alot of mucus.
    Tonight, he cried and fussed for about 30 minutes and has had constipation and gas for about 3-4 days, he is normall a quiet baby, he’s a grunter and cooer, but not a screamer. I gave him 1.5 ounces of water and will be getting gripe drops tomorrow. My concern is, how bad can a soy allergy affect him? We put him on soy because my oldest (15) was lactose intolerant when he was an infant and super colicky, but the NB is behaving EXACTLY like his older brother did only the NB is on soy and not regular formula.

    Is it possible that he could be senative to soy, and if so, do you think giving him Enfamil gentlease would help? Or should we switch to a completely different formula all together?

    (Side note, wic does not cover Enfamil or isomil. But it does cover Similac sensitive with and RX.)

    Is there a huge difference between the Similac sensitive and the Enfamil gentlease?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I would call your pediatrician about this today. It is very possible that your little guy could have a sensitivity (even an allergy) to soy. Many babies who are sensitive to dairy also do not react well to soy. If your doctor agrees, you could try Similac Sensitive. Give it a week before you decide (unless their is a obvious reaction, of course!). If you make the change, take a look at this article about how to do it gently. Also, for your information you may find this article (about all the major brands of formula) helpful too.

  188. Laney Van Antwerp says:

    Hello! We’ve recently been forced to transition my daughter from BM to formula. I just wasn’t making enough to keep up with the demand unfortunately. We put her on a milk-based sensitive formula bc that’s what my older daughter did well with when we switched her to formula. She did great for a couple of weeks, and then the vomiting and diarrhea started. We thought she may have caught a stomach bug, but the problem persisted. We decided to switch her to a soy formula, and the exact same thing happened. Fine for a couple of weeks, and then full-on vomiting after each bottle. I reduced the ounces of each bottle to see if smaller, more frequent bottles would help, but no. We are starting to introduce baby food, but I am very concerned about the copious amounts of vomit at every feeding. Any advice?!?! Thanks so much in advance!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Please take this to your doctor right away! I always feel concerned about dehydration in little ones. I’m sure you are checking to make sure she has enough wet diapers, etc… but it would be better if you talk this over with your doctor too.
      Here are some things you could talk over with him:
      Gerber Good Start Soothe is usually the easiest non-hypoallergenic formula to process since it’s 100% whey. You do need to watch for constipation with this one, however.
      If Good Start Soothe isn’t a fit for your little one then it might be time to consider a hypoallergenic formula. Take a look at this article so you have more information.
      Another thing to keep in mind is how to switch from one kind of formula to another. This article helps with that. We also recommend a week on the new formula before you decide whether or not it’s a good fit (unless the little one is vomiting and has diarrhea!). You should also talk to your doctor about probiotics. We just published this article about probiotics. I know, it’s a lot of reading but I hope it helps you find the answers you need for your little one!

  189. Hi… my 4 1/2 month old granddaughter is having issues with both soy and milk based formulas. She constantly either projectile vomits or spits up… there is never a time that she doesn’t. We spoke to her doctor and honestly I don’t believe they take us seriously. She will also have problems with her stool – either being hard or diarreah.  She screams  – but not the normal cry – the “I’m in serious pain” cry.  I’m at a lose. She’s been on Enfamil, Enfamil soy, Gerber soy and now back to Enfamil soy!  Any advice would be appreciated… One more thing – I believe that my daughter sometimes over feeds her which is causing discomfort…?? Ava also drinks her bottle SO FAST that if I take it out to burp her she freaks out… what do you think???


    • Danielle Miller says:


      I would consider trying (if your daughter is up for it) Gerber Good start soothe. It’s really the easiest diary based formula to digest because it is 100% whey. If she does make the switch back from soy based to dairy based it’s important to do that gently. Take a look at this article for instructions on how it should be done. I would also talk to your doctor about adding probiotics to her bottles. This would help her digestive tract to find better balance (and hopefully cut down on the spitting up too!).
      If the Gerber Soothe doesn’t work well for her then it might be time to talk to your doctor about switching to a hypoallergenic formula. Take a look at this article for information. I hope this helps your little granddaughter!

  190. Hi! I’m curious if there’s any appreciable difference in peripheral ingredients between formula brands? When my daughter started getting formula through WIC, (the only brand they offer is Gerber), my grandbaby who been using Enfamil, or its generic equivalent (from Target or Sam’s – no matter) with no problem, developed eczema and then hives. The doctor diagnosed the eczema, prescribed lotion to treat it, but didn’t give any possible cause. I know that eczema is often an allergic reaction, realized the timing and recommended to my daughter that she try switching back. They did, and it has almost completely cleared up. The doctor said she didn’t know of any reason this would be the case, as they’re both milk based formulas, but there haven’t been any other major changes. Thoughts?

    • Kara, there are differences between the brands, yes…but what those are EXACTLY I can’t say, because the companies keep those formulas under lock and key. (Pun intended!) I’m glad to hear, though, that things have cleared up! Eczema and I are bitter enemies. Always happy to hear of its defeat! xoxo

  191. what about just using a lactose free formula instead of one low in lactose??

  192. I have a 3 week old that is breaking out in little red bumps around his cheeks and on little one where his pubic line is he is also throwing up a lot more then he should be and it’s always right after he eats and it’s already curtailed milk he’s having trouble pooping on his own as well I have called the doctor just waiting to hear back from him my poor baby can’t get comfortable what can I do please help me

    • Kelcee, you absolutely did the right thing – calling your doctor is the first thing you should do. It sounds like an allergic reaction, but your doctor will be able to tell you for sure. I would perhaps take him in to be looked over either at the doctor’s office, or in a clinic. Then talk to the doctor about your formula options. Tell him what you’ve been giving him, and discuss gentle or hypoallergenic options. (Unless you’re not using formula? In that case, try to think back at the things you’ve eaten in the past 48 hours, and try to eliminate those from your diet.)

  193. Hi Heather,
    LO is 6 weeks old and has been going through a growth spurt. I mostly BF her but occasionally when I cannot keep up with pumping we supplement with formula (have only done this a fee times with the same product). The last two times she got formula, she vomited out what seemed like her entire stomach contents and now I’m scared to give her any more formula. She got Enfamil Newborn ready to mix formula because that is what they started her on in the hospital while she was in the NICU for a few days. We really have only used it maybe 5 times since then. The first time she vomited, I thought it was because my dad fed her too fast and gave her formula right after BM while I was sleeping. However, this time she got formula only about 1.5 hours after nursing. Does this mean she has developed a milk allergy? What formula should I try?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I recommend you talk this over with your pediatrician. She could have a sensitivity to dairy. Do you notice a difference when you drink milk or eat a lot of diary (since you are breastfeeding)? Also, are there other signs like eczema?
      When you talk this over with your pediatrician you might mention Good Start Gentle or Soothe as a better option to take the place of Emfamil Newborn. It depends on what you and your doctor decide (regarding if this seems like it might truly be a dairy allergy).

  194. My lo is 3 months and has been on Gerber good start gentle. Then they changed the formula and added a probiotic and he has been excessively fussy, had horrible gas, and won’t finish a bottle. We bought the soothe version to see if it would help…but seeing as it is for lactose intolerance, I’m not sure if it will. Any thoughts?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      The Soothe might be a good alternative since it’s so very gentle. I would give that a try for a week and see if it helps. Here’s an article to help you do the switch. Though you don’t technically need to take it slowly (since both formulas are dairy based) it might not hurt since he is already gassy. Also, if you end up switching from dairy to something else this principle will be important.

      Hope this helps your little guy!

  195. My daughter is 8 weeks old. I breastfed and supplemented when she was in the hospital until she was about 6 weeks old. She only got a bottle when we were separated. It was mixed with formula (enfamil gentlease) or only breast milk. From day one she has been very fussy and gassy with congestion sounds (choking, nasal congestion, wheezing) and spitting up and swallowing . I took her to the doctor and she informed me that some congestion and sneezing was normal in newborns (this was at 4 weeks . So I monitored it. At six weeks old the symptoms were still happening and one day she refuses to nurse. I tried for several days with no luck. So I started pumping and bottle feeding with formula because I wasn’t producing enough while pumping. At six weeks also she started having green stools , while grunting all the time during the day and night. They weren’t hard, just straining all times of the day. Now she is exclusively on formula but she will only eat 2 oz in each feeding without being fussy, moving her hands and feet uncontrollably, and crying afterward . She has also started an excessive drool that has been going on for about a wee . Do you think she might have acid reflux with a milk allergy?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I think you might be on the right track. Take a look at this article about acid reflux and call your doctor. Also, if you take a look at this chart you’ll see that often green stools mean that your little one isn’t getting a full feed (probably because of the reflux). All that to say, visit your pediatrician and see if you two can come up with a solution.

      Here are some things we recommend for babies with reflux:
      #1) Try a hypoallergenic formula or thickened formulas if you need to supplement.
      #2) Make she’s sleeping on an incline – use these tips to incline the crib mattress safely, or try a Rock N Play.
      #3) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can be helpful.
      #4) In cases like this, medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on it. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. Prevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort.

      I hope this helps your little one! Hang in there, mama, you’re doing a great job. Taking care of little ones with acid reflux is not an easy assignment at times.

  196. My daughter is 9 months old.  She has been on Similac Advanced (mixed to a high calorie concentration) since birth.  Last week, she started to sound a little congested and began throwing up, not after every bottle, but probably once or twice a day.  I had her to the doctor for her checkup, and he indicated he could hear no congestion and if she had anything it was probably viral.  However, it’s not getting any better.  If she eats things other than formula she seems okay, but add the formula and you can almost hear the congestion start up and being sick a couple hours later.  On top of everything else, she is teething.  Can this be a formula allergy?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Well, it could be the teething but if the congestion has continued then it’s probably time to try a different formula. You might want to try something a little more gentle like the Similac Sensitive. If that doesn’t work well (try it for a week, if possible, before you decide) then you might want to try a different brand. Good Start Gentle or Soothe could be an option. I hope this does the trick!

  197. So I have a question. We have been on Nutramigen for quite a while now with adding rice and acid reflux meds. I think the meds are figured out most of the way. I know the rice is not good nor the meds, she is only 2.5 months old; however when she does throw up daily usually more than once it looks very weird..slimy, shiny, super smelly. Is it possible hypoallergenic formula isn’t the answer? I would really like to try good start soothe, BC it isn’t just sugar and oil. Any suggestions?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It’s hard for me to answer definitively when I don’t know a few more details (like why she went on Nutramigen to begin with) but you could certainly talk this over with your doctor. If you decide to switch to Gerber Good Start Soothe then take a look at this article for tips on how to make the switch. I would also recommend that you start her on probiotic drops. This will help her intestines find better balance. Also, probiotics have been proven to help babies with acid reflux. It might be a good idea for you to read our article on hypoallergenic formula. This will help as you make the decision whether to switch or stay with Nutramigen.

  198. Samantha Wadley says:

    My LO (11 months) has recently started breaking out in a rash on his arms and legs and his hands swell and turn RED it seems every time he eats a bottle within 20 minutes of the feeding. He was on an off brand soy formula because he had tummy issues when he was around 2 months. Countless doctors tell me that there is no way this can be a formula allergy or any sort of food allergy in general, yet it only seems to happen after eating a bottle. So I tried switching back to a milk base formula thinking it was worth a shot. The rash did not happen for an entire day. Then I gave him a bottle this morning and by the time we got to daycare about 20 minutes later, hands were red and swollen and rash was starting on arms and face. Any suggestions, I feel like I’m going crazy here.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      You need to get your little one tested for food allergies as soon as possible. I think your mama instincts are right (and in this case, should trump what the doctor is telling you). Take a look at this article about a milk protein allergy and this one about being an advocate for your little one. Good for you for looking for an answer until you find one!
      Can you switch your little one to something for sensitive tummies (Similac Sensitive or Gerber Good Start Soothe) or a hypoallergenic formula? If you decide to do the switch though, do it gently as laid out it this article.
      I hope you can find some relief for your little one soon!

  199. I have a 5 week old that is on Gentlease. Baby is fussy, doesn’t sleep well during the day, has a difficult time getting rid of gas. The spitting up will stop but only temporary. He is on Zantac currently and it’s hit or miss. Pediatrician says that we may need to switch to soy. Will it help my little one or is there a better choice?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Before switching to soy I would try another brand. You could switch to Gerber Good Start Soothe, it’s very gentle. The only thing I would say along with that is to watch for signs of constipation (you don’t want that!). Some parents have made that comment about Soothe. If needed, here’s an article about constipation. One of the things mentioned in the article I would recommend right away; probiotics are helpful for little ones who have trouble with gas.

  200. Mary Ellen Grey says:

    My son is 5  months old and has always suffered from silent reflex. He has been on Nutramagin since he was two weeks old. At one point he was hospitalized for a week because he would not eat and started to lose weight. He has done better but you can tell that it is bothering him. Most days he will start drinking and then pull away and keep turning his neck to the side, he passes a lot of gas and bring his legs up and just refuses to eat. He is currently on Nexium 5 mg once a day. He is gaining but slowly and not with out trouble. We have met with a GI but she completely brushed it off. We have another appointment with a different GI but not for a couple weeks. ANY HELP would be great.

    • Danielle Miller says:

      Mary Ellen,

      Good for you for continuing to be a good advocate for your baby! I am very glad you are meeting with another GI, a wise decision.
      Do you have him on probiotics yet? I’m sure you probably already know all the advice about keeping him upright for 30 minutes after each feed and I’m guessing you have him sleeping on an incline (this article shows you how to set up an incline in your crib).
      Take a look at this article about hypoallergenic formula. It might be time to talk to your doctor about switching to a hyper-hypoallergenic formula.
      I hope this helps your little guy! Keep up the good work, mama! You are doing the right thing by continuing to look for the right answer (and if one doctor can’t help you finding one that will!).

  201. Great Article! My 5 month old has just started formula, I did have to wean her quickly as my milk stopped coming in. She was on Enfamil gentlease for a bit and was fussy and strained a lot to poop. She has been on similac partially broken down protein for 15 days. She seemed fine but the last few days she has been straining and crying before she poops. When she does it will be fine and she is happy. I am struggling whether to change her formula again? She cried for two hours yesterday grunting and straining the whole time. I do keep her elevated after feeds too. She seems to do this after most feeds. Is there another brand I could try? Could it be her body adjusting to the formula or learning to poop?

  202. Ashley Melton says:

    Hi there.
    I would love your advice. My LO is 7 weeks old now. Around 2 weeks he was introduced to formula and by 3 weeks was fully on formula. He was taking Similac for supplementing moms.
    At the time that formula was introduced he started crying so much! He was in pain for hours. The pediatrician at his 1 month checkup had us switch to Similac Sensitive. They told us to give it a 3 day trial and call back if we saw no improvements. The only change we saw was constipation. Next the dr. (Suspecting he has reflux) told us to thicken the sensitive formula with rice cereal. If we saw no improvements in 3days call back again. And the constipation got worse. Hard clay like poo that was dry and he would cry when pushing. 3 days later the dr. Called in a prescroption for zantac but instructed me to keep everything the same. The zantac seems to have fixed his top end! But his bottom end is still struggling. A week went by and he was still constipated that had me bring him in to dr. Again. (I assumed that his fussiness was now a result of the constipation and gas that came along with it) dr told me to stop the rice immediatly and give him prune juice. (This was monday) the prune juice worked so fast he went a normal baby poop in about 39 minutes. Monday and Tuesday of runny prune induced poop made me scared to give it to him again on wednesday. I didn’t want to give him diaherra!! So I held off. That evening his poop was hard again!!!
    So yesterday we went back to the prune juice and his bowels are normal again. But there no way he should be on prune juice forever?!

    The fussiness is less. But still there. The worst part about all of this is his belly aches/gas pains. They wake him up constantly. You can spend 30 minutes try to get him to sleep and he will wake in 20 mins crying out and drawing up his legs. It’s especially bad at night time.
    Why would he still have gas like this since he had been cleared of the rice? And isn’t stopped up?
    I feel like the formula is the problem now.
    How much less does good start have than sensitive? Is it signifigant?

    My dr. Was convinced that once he was unconstipated that all the gas would pass but he just still seems so miserable. And really really tired all the time.

  203. Ashley Melton says:

    One more thing that I want to add to my comment (after I sent it, sorry!) What are the main differences between the Gerber good start gentle and the Gerber good start soothe?

    His main problem is gas and constipation as mentioned in last comment. I just bought a small can of both but don’t know which to start with

  204. danielle rotondo says:

    my daughter is 3 months old, she started with Similac advanced and after being on that for 5 days she had hard stools so I tried gentle ease her stools improved right away then at the 2 week point they were rock hard again and she needed stimulation and prune juice to go.  I then switched her to soy and every since she’s been having great bowel movements until 3 days ago, she’s no pooing pellets again.  I gave her prune juice and she was good for a day, now back to hard stool again. What should I do?  She has no other symptoms except for the hard stool.  She’s not fussy, no gas, she not spitting up and sleeps about 8-10 hours.  I really do not want to switch her to a hypoallergenic formula because I can not afford it and my insurance won’t cover it.

  205. Due to low breast milk output having to supplement my son. He is currently 1 mo old. Was given sample of non gmo similac about a week ago. Son is now gassy, foaming diarrhea x1 yesterday and congestion for 5 FL days now. Want to switch formulas to see if that helps. Pediatrician thought congestion could be due to intolerance? But he isn’t spitting up or throwing up so didn’t recommend switch a day after congestion started. Would like to switch and sew if it helps. Any recommendations?

  206. Sorry, adding on to my last comment….

    Today we caved and bought the very expensive alimentum formula.

    He won’t drink it 😨 the pediatricians office is closed. So, my now two questions are….did I take him off of the total comfort too soon or should i stick with my gut response. And….how do I get him to drink this nasty formula?

    • Laura, try moving over to the new formula in smaller stages. Perhaps the regular formula with 25% Alimentum for a day or two. Then 50%, then 75%, etc. It has a very different taste, so I can see why your baby rejected it at first. This system will also help your baby’s digestive system get used to it as well. Double check this advice with your doctor first, though. If you’re dealing with a really difficult allergy, he may not want you to proceed slowly. 🙂 Good luck!

  207. Jazmine says:


    My little one is three weeks old. We had him on the Similac Advanced, but when he would eat he would start crying and squeal like he was in pain. This would be while he was eating, but not after. Still, we switched to Similac Sensitive. This is only the second day he has been on it- but I was wondering how long it normally takes to start seeing a difference. He also seems like he’s straining to poop. Lastly he spit up a good amount after one feeding last night, which he has never done before.

    Any suggestions?

  208. New mommy to a 15 week old. I’ve been feeding her Similac Soy since birth and she was good for a while. Recently in the last two weeks she’s been spitting up more and constipated. We thought she could be teething and tried to work in that but now I think it’s the formula. I really don’t want to do cows milk… I’m vegan… But it looks like I have no choice but to switch for Gerber good start and start trying things out. She’s been a fussy baby since day 1 and we thought it was colic but now I’m thinking it’s been the formula all this time. What should I do???? I’m at my wits ends and would like any suggestions please. Thanks!

    • Jenny Blake says:

      Congratulations, new mommy! If your instincts are telling you it’s the formula, and you think you better try switching, make sure that you do it slowly to give her little body time to adjust. This article should help. You might also consider giving her some probiotics to help her little digestive tract if you want to try and stay with the soy formula. Good luck! You’re doing a great job so far.

  209. My 9 month old (born very premature) was breastfed for the first 6 months, then started supplementing with Similac Advance. I didn’t notice much difference. Now he is almost completely formula fed with some solid foods. We went away on vacation and I’m pretty sure we bought the exact same formula but in a can. We almost instantly saw a difference in my son- his stool was firm and no longer loose and watery (which we had assumed was his norm) and he started being able to tolerate being on his belly and rolling over. Now we returned home and back to the same formula but in a plastic container and his diapers have returned to their previous consistency and he no longer want to be on his belly/roll over. I know there can’t possibly be a connection and it must just be a coincidence but it’s weird how quickly the changes happened on both ends. I’m not sure what to make of it.

  210. My son has an allergic reaction to something and we are on an elimination diet for many months now and can’t seem to find it.  He has swelling in his throat (on meds for that) and a rash all over his arms and legs.  The rash is worse on his upper arms and upper legs.  Mostly on the tops not the underneath.  There are alot of pimple-like bumps as well, most of those are skin colored.  We’ve been told the entire rash is just keratosis pilaris.  But I’ve known people with that and it’s no where close to this bad and I’d swear this is food related.  When we had him on 3 foods only it went away.  Sorry for the long story, but I’m hoping you might have heard of this before from an ingredient in formula?  The very first time we saw it, was when he started on Alimentum ready to feed formula.  Tapioca?  Safflower oil?  DHA/ARA?  Thanks!

    • Jenny Blake says:

      Hello, Tracy!

      There is definitely something going on here, and since we are not doctors here at Incredible Infant, I would advise you take him back to your pediatrician for more tests to see if he/she can get to the root of what is happening here. It may be a food allergy, but it may be something else as well. It’s best to get a professional’s opinion/diagnosis before you begin spending money on more expensive formulas etc . .. Pediatricians are trained to help parents with these kinds of infant issues, and I would urge you to seek their advise. It’s wonderful that you are so aware and in tune with your son’s health and wanting to help. You may want to consider talking to your doctor about starting some probiotic drops that may give his little system an added boost to help with these issues. Best of luck, Tracy. You are a good mom.

  211. My little boy was treated for croup at 4 weeks old 😠 I capt telling the doctors he went right .he had really bad constipation to the point lactolouse didn’t even help he had seal barking cough.constantly unsettled all day all night very bad trapped wind also wheezy and trouble breathing .he had no rash or other symptoms just these listed he’d scream all night for 4 to 5 hours and finally at 4 and half months was put on nutramigen and from the first day he slept from seven till 730 😥 .I discuses with my health visitor who then came out and she was the one who had to tell my doctor what to do and what milk to give him doctors had no idea nearly lost my lb because of milk allergy and if others read this just because they don’t have a rash or exma don’t assume it’s not as we didn’t have this and keep pushing the doctor and found out from my diatrition that ur health visitor can rever u also to a diatrition wich will be faster than the gp itself

  212. My son is just over 3 months old and has been on formula only since just after 6 weeks. He has been tolerating the Enfamil Gentlease but suddenly he’s having loose, frequent stools, sometimes just a tiny amount. He’s not fussy at all though; happy and content. Can a baby suddenly not tolerate the formula? The only change that has been made I can think of is we were using the non-gmo version and where I bought it last they just had the regular, all the ingredients are the same other than the “gmo”. I was told that shouldn’t make a difference?

    • Jenny Blake says:

      Hey Dusti!

      Sometimes infants start digesting their formula differently because their little bodies are growing and maturing. If you continue to be worried about the frequent stools, call you doctor, but it is a good sign that he is happy and content.

  213. Thalia B. says:

    Hi Heather,

    I’m a first time mommy my son is currently about to be 2 months on the 9th and I’m still having trouble with his milk. He was born at 36 weeks and he wouldn’t latch on so I didn’t breastfeed he was given formula right off the womb. The hospital gave him enfamil newborn, when he was first born he wasn’t eating enough until he threw up the fluid from inside the sac. Once he threw up he started eating more. At the hospital he pooped every time he ate. Now when we got sent home he was super gassy, he would push and push and push til he turned purple but wouldn’t have a bowel moment. I took him to the doctor they said he could be colicky. So hey recommended has relied drops over the counter. They worked okay but he would still push and push and would have trouble pooping. I changed doctors and the new doctor changed his milk to enfamil infant. To me it was the same thing. But when he had his first bottle he pooped right away it was diahera but he pooped. I was satisfy with the milk because he was pooping regularly and he was pushing a lot but now he spits up a lot. The doctor said it could be acid reflux. Fine. So now my son goes back to square one, he pushes and pushes and pushes but no bowel movement. He didn’t poop for 3 days. I would try massages and nothing works. I decided to get a sample of enfamil gentlease and he spits up a lot more but he is not fussy. After 24 hours of drinking enfamil gentlease my son finally had a bowel movement. It was completely dark green and EXTREMELY PAStY like peanut butter. It was hard to clean him. I never seen his bowel movement like that so I was concern. Is it normal ? Is it because I changed the formula? Should I continue the gentlease ? Btw- I stop at 4 oz but he cries and cries and cries until I give him another 1 oz or 2. I’m scared because I’m a first time mommy. I feel like I’m a bad mother. I need help !!!!

    • Thalia, I would request to see a pediatric gastroenterologist. He can look over everything and be able to give you some feedback (by physically examining him and looking at a stool sample) whta might be going on there. You are NOT a bad mother! You are seeking answers and that makes you a very GOOD mother. 🙂 Ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist, and if he gives you a run-around seek out another pediatrician. I can’t help more than that, because I don’t have a bunch of initials after my name. I can encourage you, though, that you’re doing the right thing – ask questions – keep doing it and get him in for a 2nd opinion to see a specialist. I wouldn’t worry yet, but I would be pleasantly persistent to see someone who deals with this stuff all the time – not just a generic pediatrician. Sounds like he may need someone with a bit more specialized knowledge.

  214. Miriam Molina says:

    My daughter is 6 weeks old. I switched her formula from the yellow Enfamil to the purple Gentlease Enfamil formula because I was having trouble burping her. She wasn’t fussy though so I regret making the switch. Days after being switched she started popping green, it smelled horrible and it was lose. She also developed eczema. I didn’t think to blame the formula at first, but I can’t think of anything else. She has eczema on her cheeks, upper lip and eyebrows. How long before I switch her back to regular Enfamil? Or should I try another formula. I’m afraid to keep switching

    • Jenny Blake says:

      Dear Miriam,

      First of all, changing formulas can be tricky, but that may not be the only factor affecting her digestive tract. We are not doctors here at incredible infant, so I would first recommend that you speak to your pediatrician if you continue to be concerned. Another idea might be to add some probiotics to her diet. It may help her overall digestion and any other gut issues that could contribute to the eczema. Good luck, Miriam and great job mothering your sweet little girl.

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