The 8 Best Products for a Congested Baby

The 8 Best Products for a Congested Baby - stock up before cold season hits! We want to fix it.

We want to make it all better.

But there your infant lies, looking at you with that sad “I feel like crap. Why aren’t you fixing this?” expression.

His face is sporting a yellow mustache of crusty nastiness. 

The thought of touching that nose… It takes the strongest act of sacrificial love you can muster to wipe away the snot crystals.

Friend, you’re not helpless against this cranky, congested baby.
Here are eight of the most effective tools to help you kick some serious booger booty.

I recommending stocking up ahead of time (as in now) so when the sniffles start, you don’t have to make a Walgreens run at 2 am.

8 best congested baby products

  1. BabyGanics Nasal Rinse ~ De-crustify the boogies with this rinse before sucking for maximum nose-clearing. Amazon
  2. Nosefrida SnotSucker ~ Most amazing congested baby product ever made. Ever.  Amazon
  3. California Baby Colds & Flu Aromatherapy Bubble Bath ~ Breathing in these natural aromas will open his nose right up. Baby Earth
  4. Sniffy Sprinkles ~ A homeopathic remedy that clears up congestion in the nose and lungs.  Native Remedies
  5. Crane Drop Cool Mist Humidifier ~ Putting moisture into the air is one of the best ways to treat a congested baby.  It will help her sleep better! Baby Earth
  6. Vapor-Eze Vaporizer ~ Wonderful way to fill the nursery with helpful aromatherapy without any risk of mold.  Amazon
  7. Eucalyptus Oil ~ A centuries-old natural remedy.  Put 5-10 drops into a steaming bath and let your baby breathe in the steam. A miracle worker. Starwest Botanicals
  8. Boogie Wipes ~ These wipes are amazing. Seriously. They have extra saline inside that lets you get all those crusties off in one swipe (and with no fighting). Amazon

Wondering what other things you may want to have on hand in your medicine cabinet to avoid 2am trips?  (I know you were!)  Peek inside my virtual infant medicine cabinet.

What Your Baby Needs Most

These are all great congested baby products, and I hope you stockpile a few for the inevitable cold. 

But do you know what you’re baby needs most right now?  Feeling as crummy as he does?


He needs you.

He needs you to rock him.  He needs you to sing to him.  He needs you to stroke his cheek and speak softly how much you love him.  He needs your warm body, your heartbeat, your scent.

Nothing will comfort him as much as that.

You just have to figure out how he likes to be comforted.

  • For my Lauren, it was singing and holding my hand.  (She’s never been much of a cuddler.)
  • For my Elena, it was rocking and stroking her little back.
  • For my Isabella, it was the nearness of the my body in the sling.

What comforts your baby the most?

{Fickr Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell}

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  1. These are the main most effective tools to help you kick some serious booger booty.

  2. Michele says:

    when I was sick one time I decided to try and my kids boogie Wipes on myself, and what I learned was they burn! I thought they were great too, doing a good job removing the crusty boogers, but have now switched to Babyganics hand and face wipes. I have to say I was a little perturbed when I tried them and realized that whenever I was wiping my son’s sore nose I was causing him pain!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Good for you for trying them on yourself! I often don’t remember to do this with my kiddos. Glad the Babyganics has worked for your family. Thanks for passing that information on.

  3. I love the boogie wipes and use them on myself, and they don’t burn at all. OTOH all the Babyganics wipes give my older son a rash. if your kid is old enough, ask your kid is they burn. Everyone’s  skin is different and something that bothers yours may be fine on his and vice versa.

  4. Thanks for your Great share, i love to use this product for my baby.

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