An Important (Gag-Free) Baby Poop Color Chart

An Important {Gag-Free} Baby Poop Color Chart - This is extremely helpful in assessing your baby's health! Your infant: a Picasso of Poo.

A Gucci of gastrointestinal wonders.

Brown is so last year as a baby poop color, and your infant knows it.

She’s a fashionista.


The test, as the parent of such an artsy-fartsy baby is to be able to identify which of those statements are “personal expressions” and which baby poop colors are the flashing red lights of danger.

Chalky White

baby poop color white The magic ingredient that colors poop (because I’m know you soooo want to know) is bile.

Using our parental powers of deduction, my dear Watson, we can then conclude that the absence of color in your baby’s waste is a signal your baby is not producing enough bile.

A bile shortage is caused by liver or gallbladder problems and can be serious.  Call your doctor right away.

Rosey Pink

baby poop color pink This “pretty” shade of poo is directly related to something your baby has eaten recently.

Usually the culprit is beets, but it could also be tied to cranberries, tomatoes, Froot Loops, red Jell-O, or cherry popsicles.

Pink is pretty harmless, but I would still compare it with the other reddish shades.  Art is fickle.  Just because you see pink doesn’t mean your doctor wouldn’t see red.



baby poop color raspberry If you see a raspberry baby poop color that looks like mucus (think congealed fat), you need to call your doctor immediately.

That could be a sign of a serious intestinal problem.

Ruby Red

There are several reasons why you might see a bright red baby poop color.

  1. baby poop color red If the poop is normal (not in hard pellets), but has specks of red everywhere, this is usually caused by a milk allergy.  If you’re breastfeeding, cut out diary.  If you’re giving formula, try switching to soy.
  2. If the poop is in hard pellets, your baby is constipated and the blood (streaked or spotted throughout) is probably due to small tears in the anus.  Adding a little prune juice (teaspoons for newborns, tablespoons for older babies) to her next bottle to soften things up.
  3. If the poop is watery (diarrhea-like) and is streaked with red, this may be signs of a bacterial infection.  Consult your doctor.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is the most common breastfed baby poop color.  Why is it common?  Because it’s completely normal.

baby poop color mustard Occasionally you may also see little white “seeds” sprinkled around.  These are partially digested milk solids and are also completely normal.

Supposedly this breastfed yellow poop smells sweeter than the poops of formula-fed babies.

Heaven knows I’m not going to stick my nose in there to confirm, so I’ll just pass it along as an extra (unconfirmed)  breastfeeding bonus.

Breastfed babies also tend to have looser stools than their formula-fed siblings.  It is very rare for a breastfed baby to be constipated.  (Remember, frequency isn’t the sign of constipation – texture is. )

Hummus Brown

baby poop color tan If “mustard” is normal for breastfed babies, “hummus” is the Ned Normal for formula-fed infants.

It also can sometimes have flecked little white seeds sprinkled around.

If the consistency is like hummus, baby is fine.  If it’s thicker, like peanut butter, you may have a constipation issue to resolve.


Dirt Brown

baby poop color brown  90% of all diaper changes will display the dirt-brown boring baby poop color.

Although it’s the most boring of baby poop colors, it’s also a good sign that all his little microbes are functioning properly.  Especially after you’ve introduced baby food.

Lime Green

Lime green is one of the most startling of baby poop colors.  Most of the time it’s accompanied by a frothy, bubbly texture.  (Think of a rancid cappuccino.)

baby poop color green This is a sign of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.

Foremilk is “first milk” that comes from the breast.  It’s fairly sweet and thin, like skim milk.

Hindmilk is the milk that “comes from behind” (that’s how I remember, anyway).  It is richer and fattier and contains most of the power-nutrients your baby needs.

Lime green poo is a sign that your baby is snacking too much on the sweet foremilk.  Try keeping her on one breast longer, so she pulls out the thicker, richer hindmilk.

Weight checks are another good way to test this.  Babies who are getting their hindmilk will gain weight easier.

If you’re not breastfeeding, or are and your infant isn’t snacking, talk to your pediatrician.  Lime green poo can also be a sign of a virus.  (He may ask to see the green baby poop color for testing, so ask before tossing.)

Green is a common shade for milk protein allergies, FYI.  Definitely something to ask the Doc about!


An evergreen baby poop color is the result of extra iron floating through your baby’s system.  It’s usually also accompanied by thick constipated stools.

baby poop color evergreen

Don’t stop supplementing with iron (if your doctor has told you to) or try to switch to an iron-free formula.  Iron is a “must have” nutrient your baby needs for proper brain growth and development.

If your infant is straining and showing signs of constipation, add a little prune juice to the bottle or speak to your doctor about using an over-the-counter stool softener.

This can also be a sign of a milk protein allergy.  Click here to see what to watch for.

Make Your Baby's Naps Longer


Night Black

There are several reasons why your baby’s poo could be black. baby poop color black

Black, tar-like poop (called meconium) is what your newborn’s very first poop looks like, sometimes days after birth.  It is normal.

If you’re breastfeeding and your nipples are cracked and bleeding, the black flecks sprinkled around your baby’s poop is the result of her swallowing and digesting your blood.  Yes, that’s nasty.  Heal those nips, friend!

It could be the result of too much iron.  (See my instructions for Evergreen…sometimes it’s a green so dark it looks black.)

If it is a solid black color, you may be looking at a serious problem.  Your baby’s digestive system could be bleeding somewhere.  Call your doctor right away.

Fickle Fecal Matter

You know, I used to be all squeamish about these things.  But three kids later, the word “poop” has lost it’s ewwww effect.

After changing hundreds of those little “surprises”, I’ve learned just how fickle those little baby’s bowels can be.

What’s brown today can be easily green tomorrow.

That said, no matter which baby poop color your artistic infant decides to produce, you should ALWAYS call your pediatrician if…

  • you see bloody mucus in the poop
  • your infant is running a fever
  • your baby is vomiting
  • he is refusing to eat
  • his urine is darker-in color or infrequent (dehydration is the #1 hospitalizer of babies)
  • he seems limp and not responsive – in fact, if this is him, call 911.

Just remember my little mantra:

When in doubt, give Doc a shout!

Your baby’s poo, although not the nicest thing to look out, is your best window into the innermost workings of his little body.

It is the first sign that things are going well…or not so well, so watch it closely.

Have you ever been surprised by opening up your baby’s “gift”? 

What baby poop color shocked you the most?

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Heather Taylor

Heather is the Chief Encouragement Officer here at Incredible Infant and has been writing and encouraging parents online since 2007.  She's certified in baby sleep coaching (yes, that's a real thing), has served as an Expert Parenting Panelist for numerous events, and has been a featured writer on blogs like,, My Kid's Adventures, Cafe Mom, and others.  If it's 2am and you're desperate to read SOMETHING, click here for all her darkest secrets, including why she really shouldn't be allowed to blog.  



  1. Ha… green poop can also mean they ate spinach!!! 🙂

  2. hi all after reading the colour chart i still am a bit confused.. my little boyis 8 months old and is bottle fed on SMA. About 1 week ago when he turned 8 months he wasnt very well vomitting a little bit and doing diarohea. I noticed he has his appetite back as he is on solids now but his dirrohea hasnt improved. its gone from brown to bright mustard yellow colour with white seedy like bits… i am very worried as im a first time mum and have no idea what to think. when he has his toilet moments he doesnt strain its almost as if it comes out watery when he farts.. should i take him to gp as i read online it could be a virus/gastrointeritis or could be teething…. id be greatful if someone could give me some insight as to what i should do

    • Mel, it sounds like you feel like something may not be quite right. In this case, I would trust your intuition. It may be just fine, but since I can’t really tell, I would trust your mom-sense and bring a stool sample into the doctor for his advice. That way you’ll know for sure. 🙂

    • Sounds like good bacteria is out of balance give probiotics or live culture yogurts

  3. Our baby is 9 weeks and every since I stopped breastfeeding we have had nothing but problems. Of course just like everyone else we have been through every formula and nothing has been the greatest we spend almost every night up and down with a screaming infant. She is in so much pain. Well last night I found ur sight so my husband went to the store at midnight last night to get the enfamil ar and the similac. And by the way she is on meds for reflux. So anyway abt 4 am this morning she woke for her next feeding and we have her on the ar. Well she is eating but real fussy she just pooped for the first time and its a little round ball. She is so tired and not slept all day but maybe a hour. Her eyes are so red. if we call the doctor all they say is its her reflux and she will b fussy. We r so sleep deprived what do we do.

    • Ashley – firstly take a deep breathe. You are doing GREAT. Even if you don’t feel like it. You are being persistent, looking for answers, which is a sign of a great parent. A few things I would try. The AR is the right formula for her to be on, although if you’re feeling she’s not improving, you could switch to a different brand name (brands do make a difference) like Similiac Sensitive for Spit Up.. For the constipation, add 1-2Tbs of prune juice to her bottle. You may also want to (if you haven’t already) try to get her to sleep on an incline – like in a car seat or a baby bean bag. Sitting up usually makes reflux babies feel a bit better. Try some of those and then write back if it doesn’t work. I’m happy to help you brainstorm different things until you find something that seems to work.

      In the meantime, get ear plugs my friend. I cannot tell you how helpful they are. 🙂

      • Heather, I think it’s awesome that you are giving great advice to new moms. I, like Ashley, dealt with an infant with reflux, many of the ideas you are giving her are wonderful. However, I take issue with the ear plugs comment. The incessant crying is both physically and emotionally exhausting for a parent, but blocking the sound is absolutely the WRONG approach! Crying is a babys way of letting their parents know something isnt right in their world! A mother could miss the piercing cry of a baby in pain, or the whimpers of a hungry baby. Ear plugs should never be an option for a parent. To Ashley, reflux is difficult, but it will come to an end.
        I ended up having to quit eating all dairy, and go to a “clean” diet, fish, fruits and veggies that aren’t super acidic, no spices, etc. yes, it’s boring and bland, but it’s only until he quits breastfeeding, and it’s really awesome for getting your figure back!! Also my little one sleeps on an incline and I hold him upright for 20 mins after feeding. It’s alot of work, but in the grand scheme of your child’s life, a year or so isn’t much. Good luck with the reflux! Heather, keep dishing out good advice!

      • Noelle, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. For some parents, I would agree it may be the wrong approach. We never used the ear plugs as a “round the house during the day” accessory. They were a “in the midst of a heightened emotional situation” emergency, and we found that they took the edge off just enough to help us focus on the child and not the sound. That said, you’re right Noelle, in that every parent has to consider what’s best – and if changing the diet can eliminate the need, than awesome! Problem solved!

        My favorite line of your comment: ” It’s alot of work, but in the grand scheme of your child’s life, a year or so isn’t much.” AMEN sister. That year passes faster than you can believe. Which is good, considering how hard those early months are! Thanks for the comment!

      • I cannot tell you how much I wish I had heard of this idea when my first was collicky due to undiagnosed MSPI. He scream for hours and hours. Now as a third time mom I know what to do, but back then? I knew nothing! I would suggest this to first time moms for sure (along with a warning to only use them when they are supervising, of course).

      • Danielle Miller says:


        I am glad you find this to be a helpful resource that you can recommend to friends! I always send a link for this site to my friends when they become first time moms. It’s as close to having a rule book to take home with the baby as you can find. 🙂

    • The little pebbles are cause she is constipated. My son had that and the doctor recommended Milk of Magnesium. If you talk to your pharmacist as this is something you can buy at any pharmacy they will tell you the proper amount you can give your child based on their age and weight. Within one night he was back to normal. Milk of Magnesium if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a supplement for all ages it helps soften the poo but also has a laxative as well (don’t worry about the laxative part that’s why it’s measured based on weight)

  4. Tiffany Ann Murray says:

    My lo is 4 months and has had diarrhea for over a month shes strickly breastfed and i havent touched dairy in months she was hospitalized for dehydration but they couldnt find any sign of infection parasites or virus. we’re home now and her poop is almost mahogany but still watery she acts fine i dont know if i should be worried and having a hard time contacting her primary pedi any ideas?

    • Tiffany, I wonder how she would do if you introduced more fiber to her diet? As a binder? Ask your pediatrician if you could start her on some rice cereal and see if that helps. Every baby’s poop changes once solids are introduced, so I’m wondering if the extra fiber would help hold things together? Just a thought, but worth pursuing perhaps! Way to be on top of that dehydration! That’s scary stuff, but it sounds like you are on top of it. Well done!

  5. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but good topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this information for
    my mission.

    • Thanks, I found the information scattered among several medical journals, books, and online research. I put them all together and Voila! a post is born! Glad you found it helpful!

  6. The Other Heather says:

    This is so timely… I just noticed a crack in one of my nipples a couple of days ago (daughter is 9.5 months old) and yesterday I noticed a wee bit of black in her diaper. Tonight, it was super black, but I also know that my one nipple was bleeding while she was eating. Other than a runny nose from a minor cold, she’s been acting normal, eating normal, etc. We’ve recently introduced broccoli into her diet, so I was also thinking that the uptick of iron from that might have an effect as well. *sigh* I’m debating going and grabbing that latest diaper from the trash and looking at it more closely. That makes me a good mom, right? Not just a weird diaper trash picker? (Reeeeeeally glad this one was a disposable, not the cloth that she normally wears…)

    • Other Heather (Heather’s UNITE!) glad I could help out! You are a good mom, friend. We’ve all picked through a diaper trash a time or two. And yes, moments like these are a real boon for disposables! 🙂 Just to be on the safe side, I would follow your good-mom intuition and give the doctor a call, just in case. 🙂

  7. Hello! FTM here….my son is 11 weeks old and we’ve had troubles with feeding from day one. OYE. My ultimate goal in life was to EBF him for at least the first 3-6 months, but that was an epic fail due to my oversupply and fore milk/hind milk imbalance wreaking complete havoc on his digestive system. Anyway, long story short, we decided to switch him to exclusive formula feeding (though I saved a ton of milk for when he’s a bit older and may be able to tolerate it better!!)

    We started with Similac Advance and he was like a whole new baby. Fast forward 2 weeks or so and the gas and fussiness creeped back into our lives. He has never had issues pooping, in fact he has extremely watery/mucousy poops with white specs that to be honest look like BF poop. But he was having a terribly time passing gas. After that whole ordeal the doc suggested trying Enfamil Gentlease. That was a bust and made his gas and fussiness significantly worse. After two weeks on that we went back to the Advance. He’s been on it since then. Last week we noticed him having issues with the gas again and really being irritable. To the point it was waking him up and making him completely miserable. I suspected MPI being I am lactose intolerant (husband is not). So we decided to give Similac Sensitive a go. Holy cow, happy, content baby again….but for only a day or two. We’re on day 5 now and he is ANGRY. He actually pooped FOUR times yesterday, very watery, very mucousy, greenish-yellow poop. Sorry, TMI! He has never ever pooped that much, except when I was BF. He has been crying a lot and just all around fussy for the past two days now. I feel horrible.

    Anyway, my question is – WTH do I do? I am completely at a loss. To be honest, I think I may just go back to the Advance….I just do NOT know what to do and I feel like a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE MOTHER switching him around so much. The poor guy can’t catch a break with this gas. It’s like living with a fraternity boy he FARTS so much. Does it ever get better? Would it just make sense for me to keep him on the Advance?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions…I really really appreciate it!

    • “It’s like living with a fraternity boy he FARTS so much.” LOL. So awesome. You are NOT a terrible mother, in fact, I think the switching around is evidence that you are, in fact, a GOOD mother. Instead of saying “too bad kid, deal with it” you are trying new things, working hard to help him get some relief. So WELL DONE.

      If you have lactose intolerance in your family, I would give Good Start Soothe a try. It’s 100% whey, so you may find it easier to digest, without all the gas bubbles. If that doesn’t help, try switching to a soy-based formula. And if THAT doesn’t help, you may need to try a hypoallergenic formula (often used for colic/gas). I listed that last because those amino-acid based formulas are more expensive.

      Hope that gives you a few things to try. Thanks for commenting! (And for a FTM, you are doing an awesome job!)

      • Thank you so much for your reply, Heather! I took your advice and we have switched him to the Gerber Good Start Soothe….he’s been on it a little over 24 hours now and so far we have had THREE hummus-y poops with actual consistency! He didn’t even freak out. This is a first in all his almost 12 weeks of life! I am praying and praying that he will continue to improve and this will help his tummy in the long term. I hope I hope!

        Thank you again! 🙂

      • Oh! That’s so wonderful Kristy! So glad to hear it! 🙂

    • Nicole Mallett says:

      Neocate is a formula that is completely Elemental, and is the exact combination of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, it has very diestable and easily absorbable fats ( medium chain triglycerides. AKA MCT)  and carbohydrates that your baby needs. It used to only be available by doctor’s prescription, but I’ve noticed that they sell it now with the other baby formulas. ( know that is hard torine out the residue out of the hot water or the disposable nuk like liners will save a lot of time) has no animal products in it so not worries of colic from undigested ‘milk protiens’. I would NEVER recommend Soy, even the Organic versions, as Soy is always processed using Hexane which is neurotoxic.  (Google it if you think it sounds unlikely) Neocate usually is recommended as Last Resort when the baby does not tolerate any commercial formula at all. But in my nursing practice I wished that it was considered as a first line treatment. Only drawback is it’s rather expensive but in the name of parental sanity, it’s totally worth. (I used it when my own milk supply wasn’t enough, or my husband gave me a couple moments to myself…) (Thanks David!!) I $$ is your concern cancel your cable, yes you can so totally live without it!! Cut out other indulgences… It totally pays to remove what is really unneeded ‘stuff’ then going through 56 different commercial formulas, and weeks if not months of trying the different ones out and having them all fail. I know in our reward driven society that is a tough concept to adopt/adapt to. But in the long run a happy, healthy well rested mom and baby is a blessing. I promice you will be grateful you ‘cut the junk out’. I personally have never seen neocate not be tolerated, by any infant I ever took care of, as long as there was not some undiagnosed genetic reason for his/her digestive problems in all my 18 years of being a exclusively pediatric/neonatal nurse. Of course as always, check with your pediatrician,  (but nothing can replace a mommy’s intution so don’t ack down be firm!!) I totally get how easy it is to feel intimidated by a pediatrician in the first couple months, especially with your first child. But do the research, bring it with you. A educated mom can intimate a less confident Dr. but that’s not your problem…it’s theirs,  most would prefer you try other ones first, mainly as they know it is $$, but if you read up, do a little research of your own, you’ll see that it is one of the best tolerated formulas on the market. There’s plenty of women that use it when they need to have a formula on hand, instead of using the Animal product based ones. I hope this advise helps even ONE mother/ baby it was worth putting it out there…good luck mommy’s!!!  Hang in there! <3

  8. The Other Heather says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂 I ended up taking her to the doc, just to be safe, after a diaper far too reminiscent of tar, LOL. It was blood in her stool, but it wasn’t hers, thank goodness! It was mine, sigh. Good news is, nipple seems to be healed, we had a non-black diaper today, and we’re back in business! WOOHOO!

  9. Misty Gollihur says:

    Hello. I was reading the poo chart. My son 5 months is exclusively breastfed no food and had a darker neon free. Probably more evereen. I don’t take iron.supplements, haven’t changed my diet what else could cause this kind of poo?

    • Misty, thanks for reading and commenting! In all honesty, evergreen is considered one of the “artistic” colors, because sometimes it’s green and no one knows why. My Elena ALWAYS had evergreen poop. I would watch to see if he has any other symptoms of sickness: fever, listlessness, loss of appetite, crankiness, etc. If not, don’t worry about it. If he does seem like he might be struggling with sickness of some kind, give your doctor a call. 🙂

  10. The orange you get when sweet potatoes are a favorite dinnertime choice. I see that quite often in my house!

  11. my baby is 4mnths old..and he is on breast fed…he is frequently doing mustard yellow watery stools with mucus since 2days…pls tell me the reason..

    • Mustard yellow and watery stools aren’t uncommon with breastfed babies. The mucus though…that’s a stumper. I would take a dirty diaper into the doctor and have him check for Rotavirus. It’s very common with babies – but can be dangerous because it can cause your baby to get dehydrated. (Dehydration is the #1 reason babies are hospitalized.) It’s pretty easy to treat, once identified, but they have to take it into the lab and actually look for the virus in the stool. So that means you’ll need to call your doctor and bring in a sample of the mucusy poop for him to look at. Hope this can help!

  12. One year we hosted a birthday party with blue cupcakes. White mix and blue food coloring, blue icing also. For three days at daycare everyone in the class had startling green poop. We caused alot of strange conversations about poop. Just a reminder to make sure you have all the facts while you’re trying to troubleshoot a problem.

  13. Hi, I am sorry but this is going to be a long story. My daughter of 7 months has silent reflux since she was 4 weeks old. She was on SMA and the doctor told me to put her on lactose free formula that only lead to her having blood in her poo and I put her back on SMA which drove her reflux mad again. I decided to go to a paediatrician and her put her on Aptimil Pepti 1 which did not work either he then prescribed her Nutramagin which gave her so much diarrohea that I decided with consent from the doctor to put her on nanny care goats milk with 1.5 ml of Zantac 3 times a day. She totally changed and reflux has calmed so much she is so happy in herself a little restless a night but once I know she is not in pain I don’t mind. The only problem is her poo is dark green and very runny/sticky the doctor says it is normal but I would really like to get conformation of this as it worries me so much. Should I ask for a stool sample???? So sorry for the long story….

    • Mairead, I’m so glad to hear that the goats milk has made a difference! My only precaution with goat’s milk formula is that it is often deficient in folic acid and Vitamin B. You will want to speak to your doctor about giving her additional supplements for those nutrients, as they are very important for healthy brain growth. Goat’s milk can also be a little heavy on the protein, so make sure she’s getting plenty of water at meals, etc., to keep her system flushed.

      Now, the poop. I think your doctor is right about this one. Unless you don’t see white, black, red, or raspberry colors and as long as your baby isn’t showing other signs of being sick, she is just fine. Just a little “artistic” in her poo expressions. 🙂 I know it seems a little odd, but she’s not on “normal” formula, so it’s not a surprise her poos are a little more colorful. 🙂 Hope this can help Mairead!

  14. Hi! I am so glad to see I am not the only poop obsessed mom out there:) this is baby number 3 and I am still CONSTANTLY obsessing over color texture frequency etc… So glad I stumbled on this post, its so informative thanks!
    Just one thing I’d love to have clarified. . When we talk about white stool does that mean all white or mixed in with the other colored stool? (I freak out when I see the little white curds that I am almost sure are normal)

    • Esther, you are in very good company! I think most moms are a bit right on the poo-obsession scale. For me, it’s because every time I opened that thing up, I never knew what I was going to find! It was like getting a present from Great Aunt Martha: I knew I wasn’t going to like it, but they were always so bizarre I still anticipated the open! 🙂

      That’s a great question. Specks of white are normal. Chalky poo is a sign of liver issues and should be immediately mentioned to the doctor. Thanks for joining the conversation! 🙂

  15. My son is 1 now and he has very been right when it comes to poohs he its hard, runny sometimes but what’s worrying me more is the colours. Sometimes it brown with different colour bits witch I know that’s normal but he sometimes has light brown and light pink pooh also it can be light grey and light green surly this isn’t right. He has always been bottle fed he is now on cows milk, when he was on SMA he was fine never sick only when he was a baby and had wind, and even now he loves his food and milk, he can sometimes go a whole day with out poohing witch I’m sure your ment to pooh everyday :/, really hope someone can help answer my questions.

    • Davina, the only colors that are scary are the ones I mentioned above. So let that put your mind at ease. Also, when it comes to constipation, it’s not the frequency that determines whether a baby is constipated. In fact, I talked with a pediatric GI specialist when Bella was a baby and he shared that some babies may wait and poop only every 2-5 days – and he would consider them healthy and not constipated.

      So when it comes to constipation, don’t look at the calender. Look at the texture of the poop. Constipation is anything thicker than a peanut butter. If you feel your baby is constipated, one-year olds can have a few Tablespoons of prune juice added to his bottle/sippy and you can start giving him high-fiber foods at mealtimes. Hope this help you Davina!

  16. A few weeks ago I introduced blueberries to my baby boy. Sticking to the four day rule, he had a bit of blueberries each day for four days. On day two I was surprised to find a ‘midnight blue’ poop! And not to be gross, lol, but they wear of the sticky, bum staining variety.

  17. Hi Heather. My four month old, formula fed baby, occasionally (once or twice a week) has tarry, dark, sticky spots (maybe the size of a quarter) in his poop. The rest of the poop seems normal, usually yellowish/greenish. He has never had a problem with constipation and doesn’t seem unusually fussy, no fever and has a great appetite. Also, I should metion that he had one or two of these mystery spots around three months when he was still exclusively breastfeeding. Any ideas? Possible GI bleed?

  18. My baby is 8 months old and has been on straight goat milk, doc approved, for 2 months. Her poop is usually thick andbutter colored, sometimes grainy. Now it’s same color yellow, watery and exploding out of her diaper every time she goes. getting ready to go to doctor but not sure if we should?

    • Carol, I would call him first and ask. Does it look mucus-y at all? If so it could be rotavirus, a very common diarrhea bug. Keep her well-hydrated and save a poopy diaper – if he does want to see her, he’ll probably ask for a stool sample to test. Hopefully it’s nothing, but a phone call to the office could put your mind at ease.

  19. Hi. i was looking for some advice.
    Im a first time mum and in need of advice for my 11 week old little boy.
    My lb is on sma gold due to not liking my breastmilk :(.
    Through the first couple of weeks of him being born his poo was hard/ constipated. I took him to gp who proscribed baby gaviscon. That seemed to have worked but then he got a cold.

    His cold took quite a while to clear up so round 2 at the gp it was! He presceibed me antibiotics for him. This gave him diarea for the hole time he was on it. Was sort of a god send after being constipated for so long!

    Well since then his poo has not been normall. Its still really runny and has changed from diarea to green runny to yellow with pipps in then to dark green and he had one nappy with black in and tonight it was dark green and by the end when he finished it was like gunky yellow. He is being sick alot more but nothing out the ordenary for a baby im told.

    I have spoke to my gp before and they just say its normal but i dont think it is!!

    He suffers with a bad belly nearly every other day.

    I have irital bowl and his dad is lactose intollerant so i hope he hasnt inherited our dodgy dogestive systems.

    What would you try to help this as its worryinf me and i need answers.

    He has abnormally alot of wind. (Everybody tells me its more than most)

    Im in desperate need of help as i think i have tried everything!!

    Thanks in advance. Xxxx

    • Deanna, those dang digestive systems! Cause so much stress! I’m guessing that Dad’s lactose intolerance has been passed on to your little boy, and that’s a big part of your issues. Firstly, let me admit that as an American, I’m just now starting to learn about and explore the British & Australian formulas. So I would encourage you to double check what I’m suggested for yourself, as you would have more information than I have here.

      That said, I did some google searching and here are some things that I uncovered for hypoallergenic formulas:

      1. You can ask your doctor about getting Nutramigen on prescription –
      2. SMA Lactose Free
      3. Cow & Gate Pepti Plus or Pepti Junior

      These formulas are all hypoallgernic and I think you may see the gassy/poop issues get better with these instead of the standard SMA gold. One last thing, since you’ll be switching to a hypoallergenic formula, be sure to follow these instructions on how to switch formulas. You’ll be going from the “Standard Formula” family to the “Hypoallergenic Formula” family, so you’ll need to mix the two together for a little while, otherwise an abrupt switch may cause even MORE gassiness. Hope this can help Deanna!

  20. Hi heather.
    Thankyou for your help.

    Im going to get him weighed tomorrow and speak to my health visitor but i may try the lactose free sma.

    Your forum is brilliant. Thankyou so much :).


  21. Not sure if someone else talked about this already, but it would be funny/gross/informative to write about and show (fan submitted?) pictures of foods that don’t digest…and come out the other end looking like ants (kiwi!) or worms (banana!).

    • My LO is not on solids yet and had the brownish black thread like worm looking things in her poo today after a dose of gripe water for her progressively worsening gas. What else besides bananas could it be, she is ebf

      • Eli, I would take that diaper (or any diaper with that thread thing) in and show it to your doctor. He may want to run a few tests and make sure there’s not a virus or something that could be contributing to her gas. Start there. 🙂

  22. Concerned mom says:

    My baby has been having diarrhea she is perfectly happy but is pooping like 4 times a day. She was on SIMILAc iron fortified and was pooping once a day my dr told me to switch to lower iron so I did and that’s when the diarrhea started about 7 times a day my other dr said to switch her back, I have switched her back but she still has runny poop about 4 times a day my dr said to try sensitive to lactose do u think this will help her

    • Personally, I’m shocked to hear your doctor told you to switch to a lower iron formula. Iron is a binder, which means doctors usually only do that when constipation is an issue. I’m not surprised at all the diarrhea got worse after that. Besides, iron is a very important nutrient your baby’s brain needs to grow. If it were me, friend, I would seek a second medical opinion, that advice doesn’t jive at all with anything else I’ve heard. Get another professional to look her over.

      Okay, about your issue… It’s hard to say right away if it’s a lactose issue, but we can certainly do some testing and see what happens. Start with a gentle formula, like Good Start Gentle, or one of these sensitive allergy formulas. If you don’t see an improvement after a week of those, then gradually move her to a hypoallergenic formula using these switching instructions. Give that plan a whirl and see how it goes! 🙂

  23. my 10weeks baby ‘s poo looks like a goat ‘s poo what can be causing that

    • Keagile, can you clarify what that looks like? I’m familiar with the tiny pellets of sheep poo (I was raised in farm country). So if it is a bunch of round pellets, your baby is constipated. Add a little prune juice (depending on your baby’s age) to a bottle of formula or pumped breastmilk for a few days to soften things up.

  24. I started giving my 10weeks baby cereal bt in his bottle to suck now he does not want breast milk anymore

  25. Hi I’m a first time single mum so I guess paranoia is getting the better of me.I have a 4 month old son who has been constipated of and on from 2 weeks old,he was colic so I was advised to put him on soya milk and I did which help him a lot now I noticed he is teething as there is a sharp tooth that just poked though the gum and for the past week and a half his poop is evergreen with a few hard small 1s then normal paste poop and poops just once a day in the morning.Is this normal?he is his usual bubbly boy and he drinks well.Sorry for the long post

    • Nadia, (when I was little ALL my dolls were named Nadia. 🙂 ) It’s not the frequency of the poop that determines whether your baby is constipated, so once a day may just fine for him. It’s the consistency you want to watch for. Anything thicker than peanut butter is considered “constipated”. Since he’s having a few small ones, I would add a tablespoon of prune juice in his bottle for a day or two and see how this affects things. Since he’s teething have you seen this post? It may be helpful. 🙂

  26. Hi! I have a 1 year old and I just recently switched her from soy milk to regular cows milk. In the beginning she was fine and showed no symptoms of her body rejecting it. In the past 2 weeks she’s had a total of 4 diapers that were yellowish/brownish with a billion light brown specs (dots) in it. Is this normal? She has no rashes. No fever and she acts perfectly normal. Could this be blood eventhough it is not dark? I have been giving her graham crackers, could this be why? I am a mother of 4 and I have never experienced this!

    • If she’s not showing any other signs of sickness (loss of appetite, fever, listlessness) than it’s probably fine. That said, a doctor would be the best person to weigh in on this. Give him a call, usually they can give you an answer for this sort of thing over the phone. 🙂

  27. Hi Heather
    I have a 3 and a half year old daughter who had grapes and red jelly for snack today. When she went on the potty a few hours later half of her poo was the normal brown that she usually produces. But the bottom half had grape skins and red goopy stuff stuck in it. Never seen a poop like that before. She’s been fine in herself. Just wondering if it’s a doctors visit in the morning or whether it is just a food thing. Sorry for the long post :$ first time mom nerves

    • If it makes you nervous, I would call the doctor and ask him or the nurse practitioner over the phone. My mantra always is “When in doubt, give Doc a shout!”. 🙂 He will be able to give you the best advice on what to do next. I WILL say however, that if it happens again, save the diaper, since he may want to take a stool sample. 🙂

  28. Madalena D says:

    My 7 week old baby has runny mucusy stool sometimes its green and other times its yellow but always mucusy. This has just started he didnt have this issue from birth. I was just wondering if I should be worried or is it my diet or a phase that will pass.
    Please help worried parent.

    • Madalena, my favorite saying here at Incredible Infant is When in doubt, give Doc a shout! and I think that fits your situation perfectly. I wouldn’t be alarmed, but I would get him to the doctor for an exam. Also, I’d save one of those poopy diapers and bring it with you. The doctor may want to take a stool sample to the laboratory.

  29. Hi,
    My 23-month old baby girl passes poop twice a day. Once in the morning and other at late-evening or night. I always notice that, one time she passes a normal stool but the other is like a hard pellets. She doesnt cry or become fussy at that time. She has been having this since she was one-year-old. My doctor suggested Neopeptine Syrup (1.5 ml). I am a working mom and i am unable to follow the texture everytime she poops after i give her this medicine. Can you tell me why poops lokk like hard pellets and should i worry about it?.


    • Sai, unfortunately that kind of question is best answered by a pediatrician. I don’t have the training to give you a good answer. So sorry I can’t be more helpful on this one! 🙁

  30. Hi,
    My girl has just turn 4 months. She has been poop dark-green and runny twice a day, should I worry about it? She is formula fed, and we have being changing formula, since 2 weeks ago she is taking Similac.

    • Lynda, I guess it depends on how runny it is. It sounds pretty normal to me, but you may want to call up the pediatrician’s office just to make sure. 🙂

  31. Hi ,

    Its really helpfull to see the color of the baby poop . Actually my baby poop color was green almost for a month then now it has turned to dark brown and black type . and it is hard when he start pooping the first few poop is hard but later part is ok . so i want to know does the color balck or brown is bacause of constipation ?

    • Naveen, brown is pretty normal, but black could be a sign of something else. I would give your doctor a call and talk to him about that. He may request a stool sample to send to the laboratory or look over, so if you see black poop, don’t toss it in the diaper pail, wrap it up and put it in a ziploc and call the pediatrician right away. If the poops start looking like pebbles/rocks, you could add some prune juice to the bottle to help keep them soft. I’m not sure how old your baby is, so ask your doctor about that also – he will be able to give you the amount that’s best for your baby’s age.

  32. Hi. My son is 7 weeks old. I messaged before about formula. Currently (for the past 4 days) we have been on the Enfamil hypoallergenic formula. Prior to that for 5 days we were on Similics hypoallergenic. I took him to the dr. 3 different times in the past 2 weeks because he was super fussy. The dr. thought reflux so we tried Zantac but next day he had a rash. Dr said he doubted it was from zantac but to stop it and switch to Enfamil. The past 4 days he has still been fussy but not as bad, rash went away. On Similac he was having dark green tar like poops but since switching to Enfamil it is a yellow brown…sometimes has mucus and the past 2 BMs have been foamy. We have a follow-up on Wed. I still believe some of his fussing comes from reflux so we may try a different med but is runny foam like poop normal? I didn’t know if he had a stomach bug he was trying to recover from and that is where the loose poop and rash came from??? No fever or vomiting…just crying during some of his feeds and after and burping up and swallowing. Can reflux changes their poop?

    • I’m not honestly sure on this one Becki. I would bring one of the diapers with you on Wednesday so he can take a sample to the lab and make sure there’s no bacteria or sickness that could be causing the diarrhea. In the meantime, try to keep him hydrated with feedings. I know this is a really difficult time, Becki, but you are doing a great job at being Mommy. Sometimes that means asking a ton of questions, and seeking more and more answers. Start with the diaper sample. You may want to ask your doctor to look at the possibility of a milk allergy as well. Hang in there. He’s a very blessed baby to have such a caring and attentive mom!

  33. The most shocking color for me was a bluish-purple. Until I remembered (belatedly, in my sleep-deprived haze) that I’d given my baby blueberries, which were a huge hit. Blue poop was one of the more surprising moments for me as a new mom.

  34. Hi,my daughter is 9.5 months old not eating solids only on breasmilk.My concern is she has poop once a week and there are red thread like stuff in it. I’am really worried as she is not gaining weight.How can I make her eat solids, tried everything?

    • Kamni, I would definitely take your precious little girl into the doctor with a stool sample and have them check her over. These kinds of things need a physical exam. If he/she doesn’t seem to be helpful, go find a 2nd opinion until someone gives you answers. As for solids, have you tried giving her breastmilk in a bowl with just a little cereal? And than increasing the oatmeal consistency a little every day? Definitely talk this over with your pediatrician. The best answers will come from there. Hang in there, though. You are paying attention – and that’s a good mama. (hugs)

  35. Hi, my 2year old son has flu and now is also passing green poo and its watery. He has energy no symptoms of any pain or anything but I’m worried about this type of poo. Iv given him glucose solution. I was told to give him alittle laxative to clean up inside of him. What should I do and what does this poo mean?? Help…

    • Portia, since your little one has been sick, I would give your doctor a call and tell him about it. Just as a heads up: he may ask for a stool sample. If he does, a little trick I learned was to use a ziploc inside out. Then, with my hand inside the bag, grab the poop, then pull the bag around and seal it. This way I don’t actually have to touch the stuff. Not my favorite “mom job” for sure.

  36. Hi my baby is 1 yr. 2mos. old,active,no fever,no signs of pains except that he is teething,he gets solid foods, mixed feeding but lately he refuses to be bottle feed and just depend on a liitle amount of breastfeeding and solid food,my problem is im worried that he will not be getting enough nutrients and im scared that this may result to being anemic child,and also for 1week he is having light brown dark brown to blackish poops and sleeps 12 hrs a day,hoping that anyone could enlighten me with this matter 🙂

    • Genevy, I think this is something you should run by a pediatrician. I’m not saying there’s cause for panic, but given the age of your cute little man, it’s worth mentioning. The 12-hour sleeping thing, do you mean at night, right? He’s not napping for 12 hours during the day, right? – and not sleeping at night at all?

      Start weighing him once a week and see if you notice any weight loss, and then I would mention your concerns with your doctor. He may have some vitamin supplements to recommend if needed. xo

  37. Norlevia Delia Harriston says:

    How bout purple poop?did i cause something for her to get purple poop?

  38. My little man is 7weeks today. He has had a cold for about a week. The last 4 days or so he has been doing lime green mucusy poops. And the last 2 days he has been in what seems to b constant pain. He is exclusively bf and I do block feed so I don’t think it’s a fore milk/hindmilk issue. I have taken him to the dr and she says its normal but I’m sure it’s not. He is just in so much discomfort. I started giving him infant gaviscon and a probiotic today. So far hasn’t made a difference. Any ideas on what it could b plz?

    • Sevan, if you’re still concerned and don’t feel satisfied with your pediatrician’s response, I would go ahead and seek a 2nd opinion with another doctor. Is his snot lime green or yellow as well? That’s a sign of a sinus infection. It’s possible that the snot is dripping down his throat and he’s digesting it. (That’s not a diagnosis, btw. Just a hypothosis, perhaps something to ask the doctor.) You’ll want to make a note of any fever he has and perhaps save one of those poopy diapers so you can bring it with you to the doctor’s office. He may want to run tests on the stool. In the meantime, make sure he’s well-hydrated and give him lots and LOTS of love and hugs. Poor baby. Keep seeking your answers, Sevan. 🙂

  39. I read a lot of the posts, not all, so forgive me if this was already brought up, but I saw some mothers saying there babies were dehydrated, which I have heard is sometimes linked to formula feeding, since it is thicker then breastmilk the actual water content is less. Well, I spoke with my doctor about this and he said offering the baby a bottle with an ounce or so of water maybe once a day after feedings, especially in the summer is a great way to avoid this issue. But don’t give them a too much!!

    • Thanks Julie! That’s totally acceptable (and encouraged) for babies over 6 months to start drinking a little water with meals. I’ve not seen any studies sharing that formula is less on the water content. After all, you’re adding 4 oz of water to make 4 oz of formula. If there is less water content, it’s extremely small. The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend giving babies younger than 6 months any water without a doctor’s specific counsel. But, absolutely, this is a great reminder for babies over than 6 months. Dehydration is the #1 hospitalizer of babies under one year old. So check for those wet diapers and keep them well hydrated on these hot days! I appreciate the important reminder!

  40. well my daughter almost 3 swallowed 10 cent coin {australian} and it has been almost 8 days today…. and she has regular bowel moments but they are runny like diarrhoea… but she has got tiny bits of white dots in it…. my question what r these dots ?? are they anything to do with the coin stuck in her stomach ??doctors are waiting for her to pass it through but it has been 8 days and her poop color is sometimes runny brown or brown green with white dots in it… can u possibly explain if there is any explanation to this !!!

    • White dots (often look like “Seeds”) are very normal in breastfed babies. (I’m not sure if you’re breastfeeding…?) Double check that with your doctor, though. Considering the coin thing, they’ll probably want to know if you see anything that seems strange to you.

  41. My daughter is 12 weeks old, she has only had breast milk and since about 3 weeks of age she has had crazy poops. She went from green, foamy, frothy with mucus to yellow brown with small amounts of raspberry colored streaks. At 1 month I took her to be examined because of the poop and I was told to go off of dairy. I have been dairy free since then and around 8 weeks she improved and her diapers were normal for about a week. Then I tried adding dairy back in and after a few days they went back to green mucus. I have been off dairy now again for another month and her poop hasn’t improved much. It is always runny and today she had a lot of dark green mucus with some raspberry coloring. She hasn’t had any issue with weight gain and is a happy baby. Any advice on what I should do would be appreciated. I would like to continue to breastfeed but I want to help heal my baby girl.

    • Jess, I would bring in a diaper with an example of what you’re talking about to your doctor. He may want to run some tests. Also, make sure your nipples aren’t cracked or bleeding (the blood can show up in baby’s stool). I would probably give him a call about this TODAY – as the raspberry thing is something he’ll want to know about ASAP.

  42. I have a question my son is 5 months old and his bowel movement he had this morning was very running cause it was up his back but it was also 3 different colors. yellow lime green and dark green what could be the cause?

    • Mandy, usually green isn’t a color that requires a lot of concern – some babies just tend to be “Artistic” when it comes to poo color. That said, if it’s been several days and things still look funky to you, I would mention it to your doctor and see if its something he’d like to send into the lab for tests.

  43. My 19 month old girl was a bit backed up on last Sunday. She was in a bit of distress, and seeing what came out of her (in her bath) explained things, as my wife says it was hard as a rock. While changing her this morning, I noticed her poop was coal black, but when she pooped again this afternoon, it seemed lighter to me. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain whatsoever, and continues to run me ragged. How concerned should I be? Thanks!

    • Scott, this is a question best answered by your doctor. Give him a call. It’s possible that it’s darker because it was “concentrated” – due to the constipation. Still, it may be worth a phone call. 🙂

  44. Sinthia Karishma says:

    Hi, my baby is 6 months old and he is having dark green stool for last 1 week.At first i thought its normal but now i am feeling worried.i started to feed him solid food.He is both formula and breastfed baby…what to do now 🙁

    • It is normal for the color of poo to change after starting solids. The digestive system is adjusting to a new type of food. If you are still concerned and it’s still there after a few days, just mention it to your pediatrician. 🙂

  45. hii, my nine month old boy is always passing really dark green poops for almost two months now. whether its runny or solid type…the colour is the same…he is formula fed and breastfed now once in a day…rest he is fine. i consultd his paed when he first showed this change in colour. he told it might be slight stomach infection. but he hadnt shown any signs of uneasiness. anyways even after treatment the colour didnt change and i wonder why. what am i supposed to do again.. pls help.

    • If he doesn’t have a fever, none of the “Danger colors” listed below are showing up, and you’ve not seen anything mucusy in the poo, I think you’re probably fine. That said, you could always bring him in and have him physically examined to make sure. I’m not a doctor, so my opinion isn’t as valuable as his. 🙂

  46. Hi. My daughter is 7 months, was ebf and never had a problem pooping. She’s been on solids/breast milk for a month now but lately her poop has been orange (carrots) but also a solid chunk. I touched it and it’s not hard, still squishy but sticky. Does this mean she’s constipated? I should also add that she’s been making pushing sounds when trying to poop and her face turns red.

    • Constipation is usually seen as anything thicker than peanut butter. Did she recently start solids? That can mess with the digestive system a little. If it is thicker than peanut butter, give her some watery, well-pureed (no chunks) applesauce (a good first food) or some rice cereal with a little breastmilk and splash of prune juice.

  47. hi my daughter is 16 months old and the last couple of days shes been having pale mustard colour poop with blobs of thick mustard colour mucus in it :/ she is well in herself and not got a cold or anything but im just a bit confused why shes got it? she doesn’t seem to be in any pain either. just need to be reassured tbh. thanks.

    • Estee, if you’re really concerned, give your pediatrician a call and either talk with him or mention it to his nurse. They have a lot more training on this than I do. That said, it’s very good that you’re watching her closely for other signs that things might be off – like a fever, or any unusual fussing or pain. If her dirty diapers increase, and the mucus is still there you could take her in for a physical exam. He may need to test her poop for rotavirus – which can give a baby diarrhea. Just something to watch for, and ask the doctor about. Nothing that can’t be treated! It’s the dehydration you’ve got to watch for. 🙂

  48. My LO is 5 months old (nearly 6) and she’s now on mixed formula and solid feeds. For the last couple of days she seems to be quite constipated (yesterday she was screaming trying to pass a stool) and the first part of the stool is a dark purplish-brown. The rest was dark green. I’m a little concerned by the purplish colour as I can’t think of anything she’s eaten that could produce that colour. She’s only had pureed apples, a little bit of custard and some sweet potato, parsnip and carrot baby food. If it continues I’m probably going to take her to the drs but I was just curious as to whether or not you’d seen this before?

    • Caitlin, when in doubt, give doc a shout. I would call the doctor, describe the stool, and see what he says. You may need to bring in a sample, FYI. Start there first, just in case. I’m not advising you to worry and fret – just to take it someone who can give you better answers than I can. 🙂

  49. Hello– I’ve got three children– a 4 year old boy, a 3 year old girl, and a 1 year old boy. When my 4 year ols was around a year old, he had horrible diarrhea (ate pieces of carrots in homemade soup and I saw it in his diaper within two hours of him consuming it). He did this for ten days. Then, his bm’s went to a very white (almost the color of milk), thick substance. It was the strangest thing. He did that off and on for days. They tested for everything– rotovirus, c-dif, parasites, and every other possibility. Nothing came back positive. It took a long time (almost three weeks) for his bowels to get back to normal. Has anyone else experienced this with any of their children? My daughter did this, as well. But, not for nearly as long. Also, it was not as frightening for me, I had seen it before and knew how to combat dehydration. My youngest has not experienced this yet. The scare has passed, but I am still curious as to what it could have been or what it might mean for my older children. Any similar experience would be greatly appreciated if shared!!!

    • Valorie, that is definitely unique! Did they do any testing on his liver? I’m glad everything worked out – it was a good idea to get him to the doctor right away. Better safe than sorry on these kinds of “what in the…?” issues!

  50. my daughter is 10 months old and has been exclusively breastfed for 9 months. This past month i started supplementing with nannycare goat milk formula for infants, and occasionally raw goat milk weston price formula recipe. only one or two bottles a day and never had any problems. now at 10 months my pumping supply output is tanking and dear daughter doesnt want to nurse, she has better things to do. so i upped the amount of supplement i am giving her. but now her poo is forest green for 5 days. i am actually wondering if it is a hind/foremilk issue and if during the weaning process perhaps less of the hindmilk makes it to the baby during nursing for her lack of patience or mine at the pump these days. I dont pump as long as i used to ( used to have to pump 45 minutes to get 5 ounces) now i only have the time to pump for 30 with daughter as demanding for my attention as ever. do you think that could be the cause or do you think it is the goat milk or perhaps blueberries? Also what about those organic happy puffs? They have natural blueberry powder and purple carrot powder for coloring. Could that be it?
    She doesnt eat many grains, she hates them. Mostly egg yolks, and lots of fruits and veggies. Drinks plenty of water during the day and still gets 15 ounces breastmilk, and 8 ounces formula and 2 or 3 ounces of raw goats milk on each day. It is just so green and its been going on a week. Called the doc and he said”its normal just her body getting used to new milk”. Is this so? Thanks for this Poo Post!!!!

    • Melissa, I’m glad you’re enjoying the post! If your baby is acting normal, doesn’t have any signs of being sick (fevers, listlessness, etc), doesn’t have any rashes, and your doctor isn’t concerned. I would either write it up as “artistic poo”, or get a 2nd doctor’s opinion (if you’re still nervous about it).

  51. Hi Heather! First time mom and so glad I found your Picasso of poo color chart as I have been a little concerned about my 8 month olds poop… It’s pretty dark green-black outside ( and yes I’m poo obsessed so this may be gross but I take the diaper and push on it for further examination) and find most of the time it is more brown inside.. He is a breast fed baby but gets a sippy cup if water throughout the day and is fed organic baby food or steamed veggies ( mostly broccoli and peas) and sweet potatoes that I prepare. He eats baby oatmeal in the morning too. I am anemic and was very concerned about making sure my LO gets enough iron… Does it seem I may be going overboard with the iron? His poo has been consistently dark for days now.. He has a checkup coming up in about 2 weeks but I’m wondering what your thoughts were if we should go sooner? Also one more poo question.. Sometimes his poops are almost crumbly clay like consistency …. What’s the deal with that? He hasn’t had any big poops lately either… They’ve all been fairly decent sized ones but no big clean out have to change the outfit kinda explosions…are those days limited at this age to illness related diarrheal?

    • Nicole, if he isn’t acting sick (no fevers, rashes, no signs of staring out into space like he doesn’t feel well), I wouldn’t be too worried at this point. Since you’re breastfeeding, I would mention the anemia to your pediatrician. He may want to include some iron drops to your baby’s diaper (or brewer’s yeast or something high in iron) About the crumbly poo, keep offering the water throughout the day. If it continues and you feel he may be getting constipated, add a little prune juice to his morning cereal or foods for a few days. xo

  52. I have a 3 month old baby who is formula fed 90% of the time. He is a big baby, gaining great and seems to be very content. He does know how to let big farts go but other then that not showing signs of discomfort. But…his poo’s…they have been RUNNY since he was born. it is liquid…like water every poop. He is pooping twice a day. The doc says we have to change formula, we are trying pro biotics for 1 week now as well…help!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Probiotics are a good idea! Hope that has been helping. Poop is tricky, though this article helps a lot! If your Doctor is concerned with the runny-ness I would go with his suggestion and try another formula. Take a look at this article for helpful tips on how to chose a new formula and at this one on how to do the switch. Hope this helps!

  53. Khalifa Yerima Abubakar says:

    Good Day,
    Please, my Baby Boy is 20 months old & stooling a lot with foam, I need an Advice on what to give him!

    • Danielle Miller says:

      It’s sounds like your little guy has diarrhea so you need to watch for dehydration. If it has been more than 8 hours since his last wet diaper you should call your doctor. Also, I am not a doctor so if you are feeling uneasy in any way about his stools go ahead and call your Doctor. Better to be safe than sorry!

  54. Siobhan Cambridge says:

    Hi there.
    My son is nearly two and has always had yellow poop. I thought this was the norm until changing niece of the same age and hers was brown. Could there be a reason my sons hasnt turned brown yet. He has a normal diet although hes has never been a massive eater, he is on medication for constipation and has been since about two months old. Thanks

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I am guessing it’s the medication! This would be a great question to ask your doctor at his two year old appointment. Also, check in with your doctor about when would be a good time to try to wean him off the constipation medication (maybe you were planning to already!).

  55. Hi!

    Just thought I’d see what your thoughts are on this – my daughter is 10.5 months, 3 days ago she filled her nappy with diarrhoea. It smelt like diarrhoea does, more yellowy and was more loose than normal. The next morning it was more like normal, but later on in the day we had more diarrhoea-type poo, and it’s been like that on and off since. Now, it’s like the moisture gets absorbed into the nappy and we get just mushy vegetables left, when I wipe her, it’s all pretty clean – no pastiness to it, if you know what I mean. She seems perfectly happy in herself, she’s still eating well and taking her milk, plus drinking water through the day…. I’m just foxed by the change in her poo!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      It’s a good sign that she is acting normal. It’s hard to know sometimes why the intestines act up a little. It might be a bug, but then again, it might not. Just make sure that she is staying hydrated (sure you are already) and maybe try adding more bananas to her diet! 🙂

  56. I have a 13 month old boy who just recently switched over to white milk. I occationally give him some of the formula when he seems like he’s not getting enough from the food and whole milk but mostly he’s strictly on whole milk. The last couple of days he was running a slight fever and extremely cranky so I took him to the doctor and they said its a viral infection and it has to run its course. Just to give him some Tylenol and he will be fine but now he has bright neon green poop that’s lasted a day and a half so far, its also pretty hard more like our poop in solidity. Should I be worried or give him more water to make sure he’s hydrated? What do you think?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I would check in with your doctor’s office, not easy on the weekend probably! I can tell you that it’s always a good idea to cut back on dairy when the body is trying to heal itself. More water is also important! Do, however, check in with your doctor’s office when you can and see what they say about the bowel movements (they may need to see a sample, oh fun!).

  57. my baby s poo is green wit some yellow in it and he s both formula n breast fed. pls is dis normal

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Yes, as you can see from the handy color chart on this article! 🙂 The shade of green is important though. If it’s a lime green then your little one is doing too much snacking. Try to keep your baby on the breast a little longer. It will help the fore and hindmilk balance if you do. However, if you are ever concerned about your baby’s poo please do call your doctor. Keep in mind that they may need a sample if you go in for a visit!

  58. Help … . 6 week old, recently put on nutramigen, Just had an otherwise completely normal stool, mustard yellow, perfect consistency, except this time with several small, soft gray/black blobs in it… !?

    • I would call your doctor right away, just to make sure. Don’t panic about it (even if you’re tempted to!) but definitely give him a call. He’ll want to know about it. Also, don’t toss the diaper. He might need to use a sample in the lab. Always a good idea to error on the side of caution and call your doctor in things like this. 🙂

  59. Hi baby is 6wks old and breastfed ive noticed hes been having some nappies that are green/yellow or yellow with green best way i can describe it is it looks like bits of broccoli in his poo…any ideas? He usually has yellow seedy nappies apart from night time/early hours with these green type theyre never green and frothy/mucusy

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Oh, the mysteries of baby poo! I’m afraid I don’t have much to tell you (without seeing it myself!) but I do recommend taking a picture of the next “green and yellow broccoli poop” and sending it over to your pediatrician’s office. Also, you might need to hold on to the actual diaper if they ask you to bring it in… fun times!

  60. The weirdest color I have seen my babys poop turn is violet purple. He has not eaten anything purple at all and has had no medicine . Almost looks black

    • Jenni, call the doctor. Make sure you keep the diaper so he can take lab tests. This is something that I would get a doctor’s examination for. Just in case. 🙂

  61. Hailey Moran says:

    My son is a week and 3 days. He’s been going to the bathroom it’s just he has so much trouble going. I was thinking of maybe switching his formula to Enfamil Reguline. But I’m not sure what to do. I hate seeing him struggle to go to the bathroom. Any advice will help thank you!

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I would take this to your doctor. When babies are this little we recommend you take anything related to nutrition/eating/bowel movements straight to your doctor!

  62. Recently I switched formula. She is 8 weeks. Monday, I switched to the yellow enfamil (from the blue NB enfamil) Ever since she’s been having the runs. i know when you switch formula, you have to let them adjust, but is this normal? I remember from my eldest daughter, when my husband bought the wrong can of formula and we had no choice but to use gentle ease my daughter was constipated from it. What would you suggest? I was thinking I might call her ped in the morning.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Do call your doctor. We usually recommend that you give a new formula one week before you decide if it’s working. However, it’s very important that your little one stays hydrated. You will probably want to find a different brand. This article gives a list of all the major brands for your information. And this article gives you tips on how to do the switch.

  63. Was wondering if it looks grey what does it mean ?? Like a light grey ?

  64. Kristin says:

    Hello everyone! I hope my baby poop saga will help someone. From the moment my daughter was born (after meconium poop passed) she had watery poop and developed a reflux or sorts. I was bound and determined to not use medication, nor was I settling for just “colicky” I knew she was uncomfortable and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. She would wake up screaming randomly and had a rash on her face constantly. She would snort when she cried and always sounded congested. Firstly, I discovered the mothers milk tea I drank was making her poop extra loose and I stopped drinking that. After a few weeks she started getting mucousy poops. So I went on a strict elimination diet to rule out possible allergens. I cut out dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, and eggs (I don’t eat shellfish anyway). I was strict for one month (as it takes milk protein that long to completely leave a baby’s body). The results were outstanding!! She is actually a happy baby and she smiles now and sleeps so much better (I used to sleep in the chair holding her in my chest so she could rest). So I would like to say the end is near but I’m still in the process of trying new foods (she’s almost 3 months) I did try eggs and that was a big fail- rash on the face and squirming in pain. So that’s back out and we are on to soy next (even though we don’t really eat many products with soy it’s nice for when you go out). I will say even prior to my TED I ate very healthy (organic, non-gmo, grass fed, free range etc) paleo diet with some cheese. But still was not enough, so any moms going through this there is hope!! Usually milk is the offender but certainly other foods can too. We also took my daughter early on the a Chiropracter who massaged certain areas by her GI tract and her diaphragm and she got SIGNIFICANTLY better with her reflux from that!! Hope this helps anyone who wants to continue to EBF. I couldn’t tell you how frustrated it made me when people kept trying to get me to stop nursing. I believe that there is always an underlying factor so I always try to go to the root of the problem and go the most natural route if at all possible.

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I know how hard it is to do an elimination diet! I’m so glad this worked for your little one and that she is doing better. That’s great that you were willing to do what it takes, though it sounds like it’s been a lot!

  65. Hi , may daughter is 1 year and for the past 5 days her poop turns to mustard colour , what could be the problem ? Can i take her to de clinic since i can’t afford a doctor. She’s acting normal , no fever ,eating well , still on breastfeeding and she’s playing . I am just concerned with the colour of her poops .pls help

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Yes, absolutely you should take her to the clinic if you’re concerned. When it comes to little ones I think it’s better to be cautious!

  66. Hi, you are doing an awesome job helping out moms in need 🙂
    My son is 7 weeks old. I tried to breast feed him in the beginning but it didn’t workout so he is exclusively formula fed. I started him with enfamil A+ but he was too gassy and crying like crazy all the time. Switched him to enfamil gentlease. He was good for 3 to 4 days but his poop colour changed to green grey and he was only pooping 2 times in a day . But after that he again started getting gassy and crying periods started. Yesterday I switched him to Nestlé Good start. He is less gassy and sleeping well too but his poop colour is still grayish green and its liquidy. He only pooped once in 24 hrs since yesterday. Should I call the doctor?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      “When in doubt, give Doc a shout” is a mantra we use around here. So, yes, give your doctor a call. It usually takes a week for you to be able to tell if a formula is working. His intestines might just need a little time to settle but it’s SO important that he stay hydrated (you know this already, I’m sure!). So talk to your doctor and see if you should finish out the week or try something else.

  67. Hi,

    Your article seems very useful to moms like us.Thanks a lot 🙂

    I have my baby who is 2.3 years old.She had vomitting and diorrhoea(with green loose stools) for 5 days.The paediatrician diagnosed her and asked to go for a urine culture test which proved that she had some bacterial infection.Later on taking medicines she overcame vomitting but still had green loose stools.Later a stool routine test was advised and it confirmed the presence of bacteria.But she did not have fever and she is very active till now and very eager to taste all her favourite food.The routine test also proved that she has no lactose allergy.Later a stool culture test was taken to confirm the growth of bacteria and the result was “No pathogenic bacteria present”.She is following  appetite which includes liquid foods like poridge,electrolyte water,milk and yoghurt.She is continuing the same medicines and she passed daily in the morning a brownish mustard yellow stool which is not so watery nor so solid as well.On the later part of the day she passes green watery stools with white seeds in it for 3 to 4 times.What will be the case here please?She is not having bacteria as per stool culture test nor having fever/vomitting/diorrhoea and everyday atleast 2 times passed the stool in a mormal way but 2 to 3 times green watery stool.

    Will this be some gastric problem?Can you please advise.

    She has lost weight and I am a very sad mom nowadays 🙁




    • Danielle Miller says:


      So sorry to hear your little one is having digestive/tummy problems! This is definitely something you need to take to your pediatrician. I can’t advice you since it really seems to be a medical issue. I hope your doctor can help you out on this!

  68. Ha! My type of forum. Poop talk!
    Ok for the first 8 weeks of bubs life his poops were classic mustard with seeds, perfectly healthy breastfed baby poop! Around 8 weeks he started drooling a lot and there started to be mucous in his poop. He had a bit of gas but didn’t seem to be uncomfortable. He’s now 14 weeks and most of his poops are still mustard with white seeds but mucousy. He is also still very drooly. I’ve also noticed that in some of his nappies the specks are a green colour instead of white. And his poops today have been a darker more golden colour with a gravyish consistency….is this all normal stuff? He’s otherwise healthy, gaining stacks of weight etc. but the mucous is a little concerning

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I would mention this to your pediatrician (they may want to see a sample, yay!). There is the possibility of an allergy (diary?) or intolerance if you see mucous in the diaper.

      Great news that he is gaining so well!

  69. Hi! My baby girl is 15 weeks old. For the last month her poo has been green and mucousy with not a lot of seediness. She hasn’t been sick and is growing but it still is concerning to me. My doc said not to worry if she grows. I pump about 3 ounces of fore milk out every morning thinking it was an imbalance but no change. What do you think?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I am glad that you are keeping your doctor informed and that your little one is gaining.
      Mucus is often a sign of allergies. This article talks about an allergy to milk protein which I think you should consider from the color and consistency you are describing. In addition to the information in this article I also recommend you try infant probiotics with her.

      Hope this helps your little one!

  70. Kuualoha says:

    Hi so my LO has just turned 4months.she is half breastfed and half supplementing formula. Lately her poo had been a grayish-green color that’s extremely thick and she really has to push it out when she makes poo. All her little grunts and leg flexing. The poo is like the consistency as boiled mud a bit. My diet hasn’t changed and once in awhile she’ll have her normal yellow-green colored poo but I can’t seem to figure out why it gets that grayish-green. I was told it could be from drinking Arizona green tea so I stopped drinking it and I’m not taking any iron pills or anything she’s been on this enfamil supplementing formula now for 2months and nothing like this has happened. Hmm any thoughts?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Well, it could be extra iron (a build up from over time) but it’s a good sign that her body is getting rid of it, if that’s the case. It’s hard to tell without seeing it, no, don’t send me a picture. 😉 However, you might want to take a photo and e-mail it to your pediatrician’s office. Check with them first to see what they think.

  71. Hi there,
    my daughter is 6 weeks old and exclusively breast fed. I have recently learned (online reading) that i have a fast letdown/oversupply. I now feed one breast at a time until empty in various suggested positions for the let down.
    For the past 2-3 weeks she has had large white lumps in her stool. At first I thought it was mucus but now I am starting to think it is undigested milk? I’m not sure. Her stools were the right color with no small seeds like she had before.
    Now for the past 3 days or so her stool has been either bright green or evergreen. There is the rare yellow/white lump diapers too, about 1 a day. It is also quite watery.
    I went to my dr who suggested I stop taking my prenatal vitamins due to iron? But he didnt check her out or anything,I showed him a poo picture and that was his immediate response.
    And I have been avoiding some dairy. She has also been a lot more fussy this week. She will scream and root for my breast then refuse it. This can sometimes go on for a few hours more than once a day.
    I just want to do what is best for her but am feeling a bit lost.
    Any suggestions on what to do next?

    • Janeva, As gross as it sounds, I would save one of those diapers and then seek a 2nd opinion. I’m not saying something is wrong, I’m not sure. (So don’t get scared on me!) But I think that your instincts, that are making you uneasy should be followed-up on — but with a doctor who can actually SEE what you’re talking about. It sounds to me that you were unsatisfied with the first doctor’s thoughts. Is it possible to ask your friends for another referral to get a fresh set of eyes? (Incidentally, we’re going to have a few articles in September about how to know when it’s time to fire your current doctor and “hire” a new one!)

      If you can’t do that, see if you can find a lactation consultant to ask. They will have seen a LOT more of these kinds of things and can steer you in the right direction. You’re doing a great job, even if you feel lost. She’s a lucky baby to have such a wonderfully attentive mother! xo

  72. I love that this poop thread has been going for two years! We have almost 9 years in between our first and second kiddos. We didn’t know anything was wrong with our son (first born) until he had blood in his stool at about 12 weeks old. I remember our doctor asking if we had noticed his stool changing to green as an indicator that something was wrong. He was our first baby so we had no clue. Now I find myself worried about our 5 week old daughter’s poop. Lately it seems to be consistently a neon yellow color with green curds in it. She is mostly fed breast milk (just a few times have had to supplement with formula because of low weight gain). How do I know when the poop is something to be worried about (like we didn’t seem to know with our son)? If it is consistently of color?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Anytime your baby’s poop starts to worry you, always check in with your pediatrician! You might want to take a picture. Find out if you can just e-mail it over for a nurse to take a quick color check. 🙂

  73. Hi
    today morning my 6 month old baby pooped yellow with partially black particles
    i m wondering what exactly it was
    just 4 days back we started him iron n vitamin suppliment for teething
    what can be the reason for black poop

    • Aastha, that’s possible, but I’d call your doctor just to make sure. Also, he may need a stool sample, so keep it in a plastic bag until you know for sure the pediatrician doesn’t need to run any tests on it.

  74. Hi there. My baby is 3 months old and has been EFF since about 6 weeks. We had her on Similac sensitive but she would not drink the powder. Only the ready to feed liquid. We had a sample of enfamil gentleease so we decided to see if she would take that in the powder form because the liquud is so much more expensive. She has been drinking it fine since Saturday. Tonight she had a dark green watery stool with white curds in it. Could this be an intolerance? Should I go back to the similac?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      I would take this to your pediatrician. You might want to offer to text them a photo but keep the diaper too, if you still have it, because they might want to see it (delightful!).

  75. Ypu guys forgot purple poop.. my baby just had one… weird.. what the heck is that about


    • Danielle Miller says:


      Rule of thumb with baby bowel movements is if your baby has one that makes you nervous take a picture and call the doctor’s office. They might want to see it (hence the picture). Regarding purple specifically, I did a little bit of reading and it seems that bananas can sometimes cause purple (strange, I know). Otherwise, if your baby has had anything with a synthetic food dye (popsicles, for example)…

  76. Hi I have a 1 year old lil boy he has just 1 kindey and very healthy but I have been trying to research up on y he would still have yellow poop still he was breast feed til 4 months old and then on soy formula until 1 and now on whole milk and our food he eats everything besides I don’t give him corn or honey or strawberries or peanut butter ….. He is a very healthy child weighing 22lbs …. I am not sure if it could be something serious or not being her is 1 and still has yellow poop as if a newborn …. I saw on here alot of helpful ppl so just hoping someone has a lil advice

    • Danielle Miller says:


      This is definitely a question to take to your doctor. You might also want to take a sample. You could call ahead and ask if that’s what they would prefer.
      Hope this helps you find your answer!

  77. Dark purple poop was the weirdest thing to come out of my daughter.  Nothing to worry about, though, she just had a little too many blueberries.

  78. Petrina says:

    Hi, my baby is 6 months old next week, exclusively breastfed. He’s been having dark green poop for a few days now. Day 1 he pooped 5 times & Day 2 he pooped 7 times – both days very dry greenish yellow poop, just a bit each time. Yesterday (day 3) he started having thick green sticky poop, and pooped 3 times. Today is Day 4 and it’s dark green, sticky, thick. No other symptoms – he’s been happy/cheerful and sleeps well. Should I be concerned about the poop?

    • Danielle Miller says:


      Any time you might be worried about poop take it to your doctor! I recommend taking a picture and then calling to see if they want to see the picture or if they need you to bring the diaper in (oh, joy!). Hope your little guy is doing fine!

  79. Hi. I don’t know if we should be worried or not and its 4th of July and I’m just worried I might be overreacting. My son is 12 weeks old Three days ago he started having diarreah so I took him to the doc who said he has a virus. Put him on pedialyte mixed with his formula (Similac sensitive) to prevent dehydration. Well today (Monday) he has had little green very sticky poop. Not much volume to it but very smelly. I just don’t know anymore! He is on Zantac for acid reflux (since about 8 weeks old) and he was on prune juice (1 oz twice a day) for a while because of pellets in his poop for a while. But when we switched to Similac sensitive he stopped having those so we stopped the juice and he seemed fine for a couple weeks. He seems happy and only the normal baby fussiness. No crying or screaming in pain. Is dark green sticky poop concerning?

    • Jenny Blake says:

      I would give it a few days, Amy, and see what happens. The pedialyte might be affecting the color and consistency. If your concerns continue and he begins to act differently than normal, I would take him into the doctor just to be sure. He is a lucky little man to have such a loving, attentive mom. Good job!

  80. Nicolle says:

    Hi Heather! Loved the poop guide! I’ve been doing my own research on poop since my 5 month old has been having some slight changes in her diapers. Since the meconium was gone, her stool has had the normal BF mustard yellow with flecks look. However, there’s ALWAYS been mucus (since 1 week old). I thought it was normal, since she is now 5 months and a very healthy baby. However, after reading several poop guides I think something might be going on. On the other hand, a day or two ago her stool was greenish yellow with the “normal” mucus we always see. Theeeen (yesterday), it became slightly brownish/greenish/hint of yellowish watery (normal not diahrrea) with soft bits or chunks (small and very soft and smushy). I totally freaked! She is exclusively breastfed so I don’t expect chunks (even soft and smushy) in her stool. However, today she had her first poop a in the morning and it was mustard yellow again with flecks. I don’t understand!!! The “usual” mucus we’ve been seeing in her poop since being a newborn… might it be normal?? And the evergreen with few soft chunks??? What am I doing wrong??? I’m not a picky eater so you can imagine how my diet is. I’m only picky with fast foods, microwave foods and overall junk food (which I don’t enjoy that much). And I drink Lactaid Lactose free and 1% of fat milk, or sometimes my husband’s 1% fat regular milk. I’m not doing solids until whe reaches 6 1/2 months so I’m still freaking out with the soft chunks in her evergreen stool!! Please help a FTM figure this out. I avoid as much as possible taking her to the Pedi and exposing her to sickness unless it is ABSOLUTELY a must.

    • Jenny Blake says:

      Hello, Nicolle!

      First of all, you aren’t doing anything wrong. 🙂 Infant stool changes a lot in color and consistency. As long as she isn’t overly fussy, is eating well and doesn’t have a fever, you should consider her stools for what they are – her little body eliminating waste. As her nutrients get absorbed into her blood stream, the larger chunks (like fiber) move through and how fast they get through that system determines how much time they have to absorb water. The addition of water decides how firm the stool will be once it’s out and in her cute little diaper. 🙂 If her waste moves through her body at a slow pace, it will have more time to absorb water and then it could look more like diarrhea. Don’t forget that her waste picks up various digestive juices, bile, bacteria and other things as it moves through her intestines, so it’s going to look different each time. However, that being said, I am not a medical professional, so if your mommy instincts are kicking in and you think something is wrong, you should take her in to see the pediatrician.

  81. Hi Heather,
    I am Muskaan

    First time I have been a mother. My son is 5 month 3 days old he is on formula fed. He is suffering from cough and cold from 1 week. He is on meds now he is doing greenish poop is that happens in cold and cough.

    • Jenny Blake says:

      Hello, Muskaan,

      Yes, it is very common for babies who are on medicine to have poop that is colored differently than usual, simply because their little bodies are getting rid of what it needs to get rid of. I hope that he gets better soon. Best of luck!

  82. Aubrey Marsh says:

    My daughter will be one in two days. I just started her on cows milk because I ran out of formula and ever since this, Her poop has been dark but tinted orange. I’m not sure if this is a concern or if it’s normal. I’m kinda freaking out!

    • If you’re worried about it, Aubrey, I would call the doctor and see what they think. They may ask for a diaper sample to test, so make sure you don’t throw it away without asking.

  83. My 11 month old is passing sticky mustard green poop. Otherwise eating well ! What could it be

  84. I have a 6 week old son who is formula fed. Within the past 2 days his poops have changed from a dark green to an almost minty green. He also seeks to be having a harder time getting them out since the change. I have not changed his diet or routine.

    • Jenny Blake says:

      Hello, Ashley!

      Babies are little wonders and are often times unpredictable – even in their pooping patterns! 🙂 The change in color may simply be because his little body is growing and that includes his digestive system. If the constipation gets worse and more concerning, definitely talk to your doctor about it. Probiotics have been proven to give infants a digestive boost, so you may want to consider trying those as well. You are a wonderful mama to be looking after him so well. Keep up the good work!

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