The Ultimate Mustache Bash for Your Little Man’s First Birthday

The Ultimate Mustache Bash for Your Little Man's Birthday ~

Your tiny guy has spent 12 months working hard to impress you.

He’s crawled where no baby has crawled before.

He’s paid the price for exploration with numerous oochies and boo-boos.

He has grunted at the dinner table, passed gas on the changing table, and slobbered over the remote.

It’s time to celebrate the Little Man that he’s become.

It’s time to throw him a mustache bash that Ron Burgandy, Tom Selleck, Charlie Chaplin, Hulk Hogan, Lionel Ritche, and (personal favorite) Yosemite Sam would all be proud of.

Have a daughter? or just not feeling the ‘stache love?  Hop over and see the other first-birthday theme ideas we’ve added at Incredible Infant!  We add a new theme to our collection every month, so if your LO isn’t having that first birthday anytime soon, make sure you subscribe and we’ll send you ideas to explore until the big day arrives!

 Little Man Invitations for the Ultimate Mustache Bash          Invitations for The Ultimate Mustache Bash for Your Little Man's Birthday -

(#1 ) Charcoal Gray Newsie Cap ~ Tiny Prints  (#2) Chalkboard Birthday Invite ~ Lullabye Lou Invitations (#3) Little Man Mustache ~ Amazon (#4) Dashing Little ManBig Dot of Happiness (#5) Vintage Mustache Invitation ~ Etsy (#6) Oh Boy Mustache ~ Purple Trail

14 Little Man Decorations for the Ultimate Mustache Bash

14 Decorating Ideas for The Ultimate Mustache Bash for Your Little Man's Birthday - (#1) Small Wooden Mustache Spoons ~ Etsy (#2) Popcorn Party Favor Labels ~ Individual Rivalry (#3) High Chair Birthday Banner ~ Big Dot of Happiness (#4) Mustache Straws ~ Amazon (#5) How to Make a Paper Garland Backdrop ~ Sol and Rachel  (#6) Tie & Mustache Garland ~ Idea from Baby Lifestyles, mustache garland from Amazon.  (#7) Mustache Party Printables ~ Etsy (#8) Scrapbooking Garland ~ Remarkable Home (#9) Mustache Balloon ~ Big Dot of Happiness (#10) Little Man Gift Boxes ~ Big Dot of Happiness (#11) DIY for Bowtie Napkin Folding Tutorial ~ A Sweet Spot Home (#12) Ribbon Dessert Table Backdrop ~ Live the Fancy Life (#13) Keep Calm and Grown On ~ Remarkable Home (#14) Floating Mustaches ~ Pinterest

11 Little Man Sweets for the Ultimate Mustache Bash

11 Cakes & Sweets for The Ultimate Mustache Bash for Your Little Man's Birthday - (#1) Little Man Cupcake Holder ~ Birthday Express (#2) How to Make a Mustache Cake ~ Punky Princess  (#3) Cupcake Ring Mustache Toppers ~ Amazon (#4) Chocolate Sanded Cake ~ Idea from Cakes Pic & mustache cookie cutter from Amazon (#5) Edible DIY Chocolate Topper ~ Lisa Storms (#6) Lemon Bar Muddy Buddies ~ Lemon Tree Dwelling (#7) Mustache Brownies ~ Idea from Baby Lifestyles & mustache cookie cutter from Amazon (#8) Milk Mustache BarInspired by the Purple Pug. (#9) Chocolate Parfait ~ From MyRecipes served in a clear mustache cup. (#10) Mustache Sheet Cake Decorating ~ Idea from Pinterest. (#11) Little Man Fruit Jerky ~ Recipe from Red Shallot Kitchen.

8 Little Man Snacks for the Ultimate Mustache Bash

8 Snacks for The Ultimate Mustache Bash for Your Little Man's Birthday -

(#1) PB & J in Mustache Cut-Outs ~ Idea from Zoom Theory, & Crustache Cutter(#2) Mini Pretzel Dogs ~ Recipe from Host the Toast (#3) Pulled Beef Slider ~ Recipe from Cheryl Style (#4) Little Man Root Beer ~ idea from Divine Party Concepts.  (#5) Little Man Bowtie Pasta Salad ~ Recipe from Sew Crazed(#6) Veggie Cups and Dip ~ Idea from Baby Lifestyles, in a clear mustache cup. (#7) Wet Your Whiskers ~ Kara’s Party Ideas (#8) Little Man ‘Stache Fruit Kabobs ~ Pinterest

The Ultimate Mustache Bash Games

Naturally, if you’re going to throw an Ultimate anything, you need some pretty fun games for the guests to play (especially the older kids).  Here are my favorite finds for mustache-themed games!

The Photo Booth ~ This is an obvious winner.  Set up a station with fun props and fingerstache tattoos.

Pull String Mustache Pinata ~ This mustache pinata takes a more gentle approach to candy-hunting.  Instead of having kids dizzily wandering the room swing a bat (eventually smacking Uncle Jo in the privates and wining $100K on America’s Funniest Videos), this takes a more, less manly, approach to pinata.  Each child pulls a string until the candy comes out.  (Of course, you could ignore the swings, and shoot for that $100K anyway…)

Frank Zappa Guide to Facial Hair

The Frank Zappa Guide to Facial Hair – Click to enlarge and print

Name That Stache ~ This is a game for the adults.  Print out the classic mustache shapes and tape them to cards – then see if your guests can name each type of mustache.  For a bonus round, print cropped photos of the most famous mustaches of all time, and have them match person + mustache.

Stick the Mustache on the Baby  ~ Blow up a photo of your Little Guy, and then play “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” only see who can place the mustache perfectly!

This post will give you a good starting point in setting up your own fun mustache bash!

Not sure of the theme?

Check out the circus and owl party themes we researched in the Incredible Infant First Birthday Series!


How are you going to celebrate your Little Man on his first birthday?


  1. I am loving this, we just had my sons 1st birthday party but its a definite runner up for next year….and so on trend with the MOVEMBER mania. You Never fail to impress

    • Thanks Janine! I must confess…after finding all these cute things, I was seriously trying to figure out how to make my three year old have a mustache bash for her birthday, lol. Unfortunately, three year old girls with two older sisters have strong opinions about such things…fairies it is. *sigh* Makes me want to play the Pregnancy Roulette games again and shoot for a son… 😉

  2. Thanks for the ideas!  Planning my last kiddos 1st birthday.  And mustache’s it is.  ( I stole the idea from my daughter’s  Sweet 16 steam punk birthday, she had some mustache left over items) lol so now I can “save money” and reuse some of those items.  Just couldn’t think of how to pull it all together.

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