34 Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Baby’s First Year

34 Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas http://www.incredibleinfant.com Last month the kids and I discovered an entirely new giggle-worthy Dr. Seuss book called Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  (We were surprise, surprise making an oobleck.)

Every child needs at least one Dr. Seuss book on the nursery shelf.  He’s an icon of childhood.

Reading those books to your baby is like a creativity christening.

The good doctor would have turned 110 on March 2nd, so in honor of his great legacy, I though it would be appropriate to focus this month’s first birthday planning post on all his incredible characters.

So gather up your Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz, Wocket, a few Whos, a reluctant Grinch, and even your Quimney to enjoy some schlopp* and celebrate your baby’s first year of life!

*In Seussville, schlopp is an ice-cream-like confection with a cherry on top. 

Warning! Not ALL these ideas are baby-safe! Some are for older kids and some are probably going to be liked best by the adults (like the Roast Beast Sandwiches).  Use your parental magic powers for discernment.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas - Sweets http://www.incredibleinfant.com

  1. Lorax Nutter Butters ~ Brilliance is from Embrace My Space
  2. Cupcakes, Meet Blueberries Recipe at Epicurious
  3. Layered Birthday Cake ~ Idea from Kara’s Party Ideas, don’t forget the red-striped straws 
  4. Lorax Truffula Tree Toppers ~ DIY at Hank and Hunt, with striped tree trunks 
  5. Valentine’s Cat in the Hat Jello ~ Enjoy the recipe at Food Librarian
  6. One Fish, Two Fish Snacks ~ Creatively designed by Simple Girl
  7. Thing One, Thing Two Cupcakes ~ Instructions at Kitchen DoughDough
  8. Swirly Lollipops ~ Perfect for Seussical whimsy 
  9. World’s Easiest Turtle Clusters ~ Entertaining explanation at Jamie Cooks It Up
  10. Hop on Popcorn Bar ~ Designed by Simply Styled Home

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Ideas - Snacks http://www.incredibleinfant.com

  1. Oh, the Places You’ll Gogurt ~ Clever idea from We Heart Parties
  2. Cat in the Hat Fruit Skewers ~ Healthy snack from Delicate Construction
  3. Tasty Green Eggs ~ Miraculously good at So Wonderful, So Marvelous
  4. Wocket Pockets ~ Giada’s awesomeness at The Food Network
  5. Pink Ink ~ Sips of heaven from Our Reflection  
  6. Colored Goldfish ~ From Kara’s Party Ideas; try this homemade whole-wheat version from Smitten Kitchen!  
  7.  Sneetch Treats ~ Idea from Erin Farrell Photography; slim things down with a healthier homemade version from Skinny Taste.
  8. Roast Beast Sandwiches ~ Gourmet deliciousness from Derek’s Kitchen

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas - Decorations http://www.incredibleinfant.com

  1. Removable Wall Stickers ~ Adding realism to your make-believe 
  2. Cat in the Hat Hair Clip ~ Unbelievably cute from Sweet Tangerine Boutique  
  3. Decorated Suessy Buffet ~ Designed by Dixie Delights, red and blue balloons found here.
  4. Silverware Display ~ Idea found at Followpics, don’t forget the red napkins and blue forks
  5. The Entire Shabang ~ Puts your baby’s sweet face on all your party decorations and invitations
  6. Red & White Tablescape ~ Found at Kara’s Party Ideas; you’ll need red circle lanterns and white pompoms
  7. Dr. Seuss BibNot only adorable, it’s functionally perfect for cake-throwing
  8. Fish in a Bowl ~ No Dr. Seuss birthday party would be complete without Fish. (Idea from Pinterest)
  9. From Here to There… ~ Awesome idea from Annie’s Eats
  10. Teal & Red Tablescape ~ Design idea from Catch My PartyMatch with teal pompoms and red pompoms

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas - Games & Activities http://www.incredibleinfant.com

  1. Photobooth Fun ~ Idea from Modern Mommy Must Havesadd to the fun with a stuffed Cat in the Hat, teal boa, and a toddler-sized hat
  2. Takehome Favor BoxesAlways great thanks-for-coming fun for the car ride home
  3. Balloon Pop ~ Shared at Creative Party Place; make sure you pick up ALL the broken balloon pieces or play outside – they are choking hazards!
  4. Storytime ~ The perfect calm-down ending to an amazing party, the Baby’s Birthday Book
  5. Fishing Game ~ Cut out fishes with magnetic poles! A brilliant game idea by Heck Fridays
  6. Pin the Hat on the Cat ~ Great activity by Must Have Mom; don’t forget the perfect pinnable hats
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  1. Pamela Wilson says:

    Very cute. I have a girlfriend who is obsessed with Dr. Seuss, even has a couple of Suessy tattoos. She would totally do her own party up with these ideas. You may have helped a grown woman have one of the silliest & most child-like 40th birthday parties ever! Haha

  2. sabrina t says:

    Super cute ideas! Got any for a Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy theme? My twins turn 1 next month. Where oh where did the time go??

  3. Thanks for including my Pin the hat on the cat game! You’ve done a great job rounding up some amazing Dr. Seuss ideas!

  4. Tammy Fardell says:

    Love Dr Seuss, my daughter had a Oh The Places You will go party which she adored. All DIY. I also have a Dr Seuss tattoo. Just a little obsessed. You can see all my pins on pintrest.

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