Bayboo: A New Level of Fabulous

This post is sponsored.  This means I was asked to review or try something new, and then remunerated to share those thoughts.  Since you are reading this post, it ALSO means that I enjoyed my experience. If I hadn't thought it was worth recommending, I wouldn't have agreed to write about it. 

Bayboo: A New Level of Fabulous -

There’s always this one thing of baby gear that sneaks up on you.

One day, in the midst of all the chaos, you suddenly realize that life would be a whole lot more difficult if it weren’t for this one thing.

Well, today I’ve got a one thing that will amp your Fabulous Life Level up to 11.

It’s a baby blanket.

No, wait.  It’s a swaddle wrap.

No, wait.  It’s a nursing cover.

No, wait.  It’s a sun-guard.

No, wait.  It’s a beach sheet.

No, wait.  It’s a stroller screen.

See what I’m talking about?  It’s MORE than a blanket.

It’s like a Swiss Army Knife with out the pointy things…a Swiss Army Blanket. 

Bayboo: A New Level of Fabulous -

Reasons why these are worth owning:

  • They are made with 100% organic cotton muslin – which means it’s safe for your baby’s sensitive (eczema-prone?) skin.
  • The fabric is breathable, preventing your baby from overheating, while still protecting his skin in the sun.
  • It’s stretchy and perfect for summer swaddling, soft to the touch.
  • The larger size (47″ by 47″) gives your baby a germ-free play space for at any age, where ever you are.
  • The designs are throw-back retro, something I love.

Personally, I would purchase two blankets and keep one in my diaper bag as a backup.  Plus, you’ll save $8 by buying them together.  Get yours here.

Bayboo: A New Level of Fabulous -

A Blanket for You,
A Healthy Baby for Needy Moms

Not only are the blankets something you’ll be glad to have on hand, by your purchase you’ll be supporting babies and mothers in developing countries.  Bayboo gives 10% of every purchase to Compassion International.  

  • Helping pregnant mamas get the prenatal visits they need for healthy births and healthy babies.
  • Educating mothers in infant health, safety, and care.
  • Family support with food, education, and spiritual support to build strong stable families.

Learn more about Bayboo’s dedication to helping others by clicking here.

“I am a big fan of versatility. I use my Bayboo as a tummy time blanket, a nursing cover, and then as a light cover blanket all in one trip to the park! As a mother of two I am usually carrying around a huge diaper bag; it helped lighten the load. This is also a quality product with a purpose; I love that 10% of the profits help rescue babies and mothers in the developing world.”  – Lauren Hengeveld, proud mother and Bayboo owner

With warmer weather finally upon us, this is the perfect time to give this stretchy blanket a workout at the park, the beach, orvon the floor at Grandma’s house.

This is the one thing  you’ll be so glad you have this summer.  

Click here to order yours.

Bayboo blankets are something you don’t want to start the summer without!

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Heather Taylor

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Bayboo: A New Level of Fabulous -

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Bayboo sponsored this article and provided several mamas on my team with sample blankets to use and explore.  Blankets, I may add, that have quickly been absorbed into the mandatory grab diaper bag.  I only share things that I’m impressed with, and I’m impressed with Bayboo.  Not only because of their products, but also because of their do-unto-others company policy.  Well done. 



  1. I have this blanket and love it! It’s a nice big size that makes swaddling easy-peasy, and the absorbent material makes it great for a burp cloth, too. I love the lightweight fabric—our baby doesn’t get too hot when swaddled in this blanket at night. And, I’m a huge supporter of Compassion International, so the fact that 10% of the profits go toward Compassion’s ministry is an awesome bonus!

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