Should I Breastfeed? Free Download to Help You Find the Answer

should I breastfeed?

This simple little worksheet test can help you uncover what’s best for your family.

Should I breastfeed my baby?

It’s such a tricky little question.

The politically correct answer is so simple:

Yes.  Breast is best.

But life is rarely that simple.

Breastfeeding is more than just you, your baby, and a boobie.  It’s a lifestyle. It’s an art.

It may come easily to you and your infant.  Or it may take a lot of adjusting and endurance.

It’s important that you go into a commitment to breastfeed with your eyes wide open, knowing what it’s going to take to meet your breastfeeding goals. 

The more you know going in, the more likely you’ll be able to stick it out.  That’s where I come in.

I’ve developed an easy test for you to take, one that goes through all the parts of your life that are effected by this decision, letting you rate each one to see how important it is to you, your spouse, your family.

Is breastfeeding worth it?  Absolutely.  There’s nothing like the feeling of nursing your newborn.  But it’s not the ONLY way to feed your baby.  Today’s formulas, although not breastmilk, are evolving into a pretty good 2nd place.

The should I breastfeed question needs to be rounded out to include more than just “nutrition”.  It needs to consider all the issues facing you and your family.  Issues like…

should i breastfeed

Some tests were just meant to be easy.

  • Cost
  • Supply
  • Health issues
  • Bonding
  • Medications
  • Pain
  • Taste
  • Multiples
  • Learning curve…and many others

My little worksheet helps you analyze each area of your life affected by breastfeeding, and prompts you to consider two things.

  • How would that issue look if I breastfeed?
  • How would that issue look if we used formula?

Then, by assigning a number to each category, you can add them up at the end and see, mathematically, which side of the Should I Breastfeed debate your brain is leaning.

How to Take the “Should I Breastfeed” Test

Okay boys and girls! It’s test time. Hope you studied!

Taking this test is pretty easy.

Remember how we used to take those “Which Backstreet Boy Should You Marry” quizzes when we were younger?

You never took those?


…neither did I.

*awkward pause*

Just follow the directions below.

Step One: Read through the different arguments (pros/cons) for each subject.

should I breastfeed example 1

An example of one of the subjects (of over 20) in the test discussing pros and cons of breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Step Two: Consider how important each argument is to your life and how important that subject is to whether you breastfeed or use formula.

Step Three: Score each argument according to which convinces you more to choose that side, making sure each subject equals 5.  For example…

  • If you are living a shoestring budget, you would put a 5 in the breast column and a 0 in the bottle column.
  • Or, if you’re income is pretty comfortable, you could choose to put a 3 in breast (because saving money would be nice, but it’s not essential) and a 2 in the bottle column.

When you reach the end, tally up each column in the boxes provided to see which side of the argument fits you, your baby, and your family best.

This test is free to use, free to share, free to email, free to facebook,  free to hug, and free to mail to your favorite Backstreet Boy as evidence that SOME QUIZZES KEEP THEIR PROMISES. *sobbing*

(It’s not, however, free to change or use without linking here.)

View a Sample Test

Just in case you need a little nudge (I’m a visual learner myself) I’ve taken and scored the test as “Sue Sample” in the example below.  That will give you a complete example to use in taking your own test.

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What Was the Deciding Factor In Helping You Decide Whether Or Not to Breastfeed?

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