Ron Swanson’s Top Tips for the Manliest Father’s Day Ever

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Ron Swanson's Top Tips for the Manliest Father's Day Ever - We love moms here at Incredible Infant.  But we’re also BIG fans of dads. 

To your baby, Daddy is…

  • tickle monster
  • provider
  • coach
  • protector
  • encourager
  • and ultimate super hero.

To you, he’s a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, and a hand to hold.

How do you honor such a man?

To answer that question, we’ve enlisted the help of the manliest man we know. 

The one, the only, Ron Swanson.  

Haven’t seen Parks and Rec?  Allow me introduce you.

If your man self-identifies with this down-to-earth mustachioed icon of testosterone, here are the suggestions that will leave him, well, not weeping…but at least a little choked up.

Manly Father’s Day Tip #1:
Head Outdoors

Ron Swanson's Top Tips for the Manliest Father's Day Ever:  Great Outdoors -

Ron Swanson is a huge fan of the great outdoors.

“But braving the elements with a baby sounds daunting,” you say. 


That’s where we come in!

We’ve done our research and have come up with some gear suggestions that transform the wilderness into a baby-friendly adventure.  (Just don’t forget the sunscreen!)

Set Up Camp

Baby Sleeping Bag – A warm baby is a happy baby.

Portable SoundSpa Machine – To drown out all those scary noises so mom and dad baby can sleep soundly.

Disposable Washcloths – This ingenious little tool helps you keep your baby clean, without the comfy bath he’s used too.  (Bonus:  You get that clean baby smell in the middle of no where!)

Fishing & Boating

Infant Life Vest – The risk isn’t worth it.  Make sure you have one of these, and that it fits well. A non-negotiable for boating adventures.

Daddy’s Fishing Buddy Onesie –  Because if you’re going to go fishing, you might as well look cute doing it 😉

Hit the Bike Trail

An Infant/Toddler Helmet – Protect that precious noggin!

Biking Child Carrier – For the baby who likes to feel the wind in her hair.

Bicycle Baby Trailer – For the baby who prefers to lounge in the shade.

Take a Hike

The tough-as-nails Poco Child Carrier – Baby can ride piggy-back in this child carrier.

BOB Revolution Stroller – The Cadillac of all-terrain jogging strollers.

Manly Father’s Day Tip #2:
Feed Him a Piece of Heaven

Ron Swanson's Top Tips for the Manliest Father's Day Ever:  Bacon Love -

Ron Swanson has two loves: breakfast and meat.

Put them together and what do you get?  Breakfast meat (more commonly known as bacon).

Here are eleven bacon recipes that your man is sure to enjoy.  What better way to say “I love you” than with a plate full of bacon?

Bacon Egg and Cheese Casserole –  Fist bump to Comfortable Food for this Ron-approved breakfast casserole.

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls Gimme Some Oven serves up this super simple, super tasty recipe in this guest post at Tablespoon. 

Whiskey Burger – We consulted a man for the ultimate man burger.  This creation from Mantitlement consists of a burger soaked in whiskey and topped with bacon, caramelized onions and cheese.  *drool*

Bacon Wrapped Filet – According to my husband, meat wrapped in more meat is always a good thing.  It’s like The Pioneer Woman read his mind…

Bacon Bourbon Barbecue Chicken Kebabs – Yes, you just read the words “bacon,” “bourbon,” and “barbeque” in the same recipe title. That piece of brilliance is compliments of Morgan from Host the Toast!

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus – Julie over at Lovely Little Kitchen has figured out one way to make sure he eats his veggies!

Bacon Jalapeño Deviled Eggs – Grandma’s recipe…with a twist.  Thanks to Real Housemoms for this spicy recipe!

Easy Baked Beans – This recipe from Trisha Yearwood calls for a pound of bacon.  ‘Nuff said.

BLT Chopped Salad – “There’s been a mistake. You’ve accidentally given me the food that my food eats.” – Ron Swanson  (That’s why Damn Delicious added bacon, Ron!)

Dude Food Magic Bars – The name says it all.  Bacon, pretzels, chips, peanut butter, chocolate and caramel…Elizabeth from Sugar Hero has created the ultimate dude food dessert!

Maple Caramel Bacon CrackThe Domestic Rebel has concocted this addictive treat.  Oh…this could be dangerous…!!

Manly Father’s Day Tip #3:
Don’t Give Him a Tie.

Ron Swanson's Top Tips for the Manliest Father's Day Ever:  Gift Ideas -

Which would you rather your man look like when he opens up his Father’s Day gift…


Ron Swanson Unhappy

Or this?

Yeah, I thought so.

Here are 12 ideas to keep him dancing.

Saddleback Leather Wallet – My husband absolutely loves his Saddleback wallet.  No frills, just high quality leather and craftsmanship.  And with a 100-year warranty, it’ll be the last wallet your man will ever need.

“Daddy’s Little Project” Faux Diaper Bag – This diaper bag looks like a leather toolbelt (but it’s a bag, not a belt.)   He definitely won’t be embarrassed to tote it around.  (He may even want to show it off!)

Stanley 65-Piece Tool Kit –  As Ron says, “No home is complete without a proper toolbox.”  This one is sure to get his stamp of approval and definitely beats April and Andy’s toolbox which consisted of a hammer, a half eaten pretzel, a baseball card, some cartridge that says Sonic and Hedgehog, a scissor half, and a flashlight filled with jellybeans!

The Beard Pack – Includes beard oil, whisker wash, and moustache wax.

Deluxe Shave Kit ~ The ultimate pampering package for the shaving man.

Beer Jelly – Jellies that taste like beer.  What more could a man want?

American Sniper – This Oscar-nominated Clint Eastwood film tells the true story of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.  Dad is sure to enjoy this story of patriotism and sacrificial love, and mom is sure to enjoy Bradley Cooper 😉

Cuisinart Grill Tool Set – Add a note that says, “Daddy, you’re flippin’ awesome!”

Waterproof Hiking Shoes – The perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast.

An Awesome Cast Iron Skillet – Good for the stove or campfire, this skillet is a must-have for all Dads who enjoy cooking.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption – This #1 New York Times Best Seller about Olympic runner and Army hero Louie Zamperini is an inspiring read.  Author Laura Hillenbrand calls it “a tale of daring, defiance, persistence, ingenuity, and the ferocious will of a man who refused to be broken” in the face of incredible challenges.  Inspire your man.

Great Moustaches Mug – The manliest mug for the manliest of men.

One Last Free Gift He’ll Love…Guaranteed

There’s one other little gift I thought I’d share with you as a sure-fire grin-getter.

I’ve created 18 little quotable cards for you to print, cut out (cardstock works best) and then leave in hidden places for the rest of the month.

They look like this…

Free download of 17 of the best Ron Swanson quotes! Just print them off and hide them around the house for your man to find! Click Here to Download

Final Words of Wisdom from Mr. Manly Himself…Ron Swanson

The truth?  Most dads we talked to wanted one thing for Father’s Day…to spend quality time with their families. 

So whether you rough it in the wild or camp out in the living room, cook up a fancy meal or order a pizza, buy him a gift or make him a card…give him a big smooch and let him know you love and respect him. 

Because as Ron says, “That’s what you do when you care about someone.  You support ‘em…win, lose or draw.”

Happy Father’s Day!

What do you love most about your Baby Daddy?  Brag on him in the comments below!

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Ron Swanson's Top Tips for the Manliest Father's Day Ever -

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