The Free Baby Samples You’re Probably Not Getting (But Should Be)

This post is sponsored by PinchMe, who also supplied me with a preview box so I could experience the wonder of feeling like a Money-Saving Sample Diva. Just as the Beatles remind us that money can't buy you love, I'm here to remind you that money can't buy you fake endorsements.  I was excited to be introduced to PinchMe, and I'm equally excited to share them with you.  

The Free Baby Samples You're Probably Not Getting (But Should Be!)

The first thing I do when I see the word “free” is to search for the asterisk.

You know, this thing: *

The thing that says “we’re not telling you everything, but am banking on the fact you’re going to miss this little star-doohickey and forget to read the fine print at the bottom.” 

Go back and read the title of this post again.  Notice the lack of a snowflake.

That’s because I really meant the word free.

Free baby samples, free pet samples, free household samples, free beauty samples… I meant they all cost you nothing – including the shipping.

You fill out a form, keeping your credit card firmly stuck inside your wallet, and get a package several days later.

Here’s a picture of the free samples PinchMe will be shipping out this week:

Free baby formula samples, lotions, nail polish... just a few of the options you can choose to have sent to you for free.

Free baby formula samples, lotions, nail polish… just a few of the options you can choose to have sent to you for free.

Just a Sample of the
Free Samples You Can Choose to Sample

I was so excited to open up my little Goodie Box!

It was packed-schmacked with little surprises just for me.  (It was like an early Christmas gift.)

PinchMe Sample Box

Here’s my sample box. So you can see a sampling of what I’m sampling. 🙂

They sent me a Blogger Box, to show-off all the various things you can request in your free sample package. Your package, and all my future packages,  won’t have as many items in it.  The typical size of a sample box is 3-5 items.

One of the perks of PinchMe, at least in my opinion, is that you get to pick and choose which free samples you want to try.  It’s not a “everyone gets the same thing” kind of deal.

How This Works,
In 3 Simple Steps

Here’s how you can get on this special freebie list.

Step One: Set Up Your Preferences

The first step is to go to and sign up.  Make sure you take the time to complete your profile so they know exactly what types of samples to send you.

It took me 7 minutes 55 seconds to set up my profile, and it was time well spent because now they know not to use one of my samples on cat products!  (I’m allergic.)

If you don’t set up your complete profile, they won’t know which samples to suggest, so don’t skip this!

Step Two: Log-in on Sample Day

The second Tuesday of every month is the official “Sample Day”.  It’s the day when the doors open on the website and all the samples are listed for you to pick and choose for your shopping sampling basket.

If you glance at your calendar, you’ll notice that tomorrow is this super special day. 

So don’t waste any time, but set up your account now so you can start filling your basket with free sample items.  

What if you’re reading this after Tuesday?  No worries!  Logon to your account and look around, there’s still time to make your requests.

Step Three: Be Opinionated

Where are all these free samples coming from?  Companies, looking to do some market research.

This means they actually want to hear all your opinions about what you’ve tried.  (Finally! An excuse to be openly opinionated!)

Heather's Sample Book

My little moleskin household notebook, where I jot down thoughts about the samples (and random phone numbers and grocery lists…)

Two weeks after Sample Tuesday you’ll receive a notice asking you to login and leave your feedback and thoughts about the products.  Those thoughts can be as long or as short as you want, telling them what you thought about the packaging, the product, the results, everything.

It’s a good feeling, sharing opinions on products that lead to helpful changes and useful redesigns.

You know what else is a good feeling?   Being the go-to-gal when people are looking for cool new recommendations.  

Since these items are in research-mode, you’re going to be sampling some products that may not be released to the entire world yet.  Yep, you’re getting first dibs.  

So when your gals’ group is complaining about diaper brands, you can share your experience with a new design that ended your 5-baby-outfits-a-day changing policy, once and for all.

Or when your sister-in-law praises your unchipped nail polish, you can pass the praise over to this new designer shade you picked up at last month’s Sample Day.

In other words, PinchMe allows you to pay-it-forward:

  • You get to help companies make better products for parents like yourself.
  • You get to help parents find better solutions to the problems that frustrate them the most.

Looking for New Parents
& Pregnant Mamas


*looking furtively around the room, wearing a fedora and tan trenchcoat*

I’ve got the goods on a lil’ secret you shouldz know. 

*leaning closer and whispering in my mobster voice*

PinchMe is running short on the number of “Samplers” they have in the baby & pregnancy categories.

Since they have fewer people in the “new parents” category, my readers have a distinct advantage of getting some of the best samples.  

Specifically, let me highlight two rare free baby samples coming up:

  • Gerber® Good Start® Gentle for Supplementing Formula
  • Enfagrow® Next Step®

Now, those may not get your engine roaring, but I think they are a worth mentioning because it demonstrates that PinchMe is dedicated to giving you free baby samples that aren’t the typical handouts.  

Even if you don’t use formula, or are dedicated to a specific brand already, you can benefit through all the other kinds of free baby samples they have on the table.   Creams, lotions, shampoos, diapers, there are many different kinds of products you’ll be able to try.

Start your free PinchMe account now, so you can select your sample box tomorrow.

I’m so excited for you to try this with me!

What samples are you most excited to try?  (Mine is the shimmery blue gel-tech nail polish. 🙂 )


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The Free Baby Samples You're Probably Not Getting (But Should Be!)


  1. Michele Jurewicz says:

    Do you have a referral code we should use?

    • No, it’s all free without any referral code necessary. The key is to jump in early so you can request your samples as soon as the doors open. If you missed it this month, don’t worry, I’ll remind you next month via the Incredible Infant FB page so you can get a head start!

  2. Just signed up (It’s still Tuesday) and there was nothing available. Also, I was told I would only get three things in my box…how did you get 20 things in your box?? OH. I didn’t read your fine print 🙂 I was much more excited when I saw your box….

    • There were still several available when I checked it this evening – but that may because of my preference settings. I believe the upper limit is 5 items. I received a bigger box because they wanted me to be able to share the wide variety of items you can get. Not to worry, though, I’ll remind you as we get closer to Sample Day next week – so you can jump in right away and get your requests in earlier!

  3. They could ship some sample boxes to Brazil 😉

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