It’s Time to Break Up with Your Coupons and Get Free Baby Samples Instead

This post is sponsored by PinchMe, who also supplied me with a preview box so I could experience the wonder of feeling like a Money-Saving Sample Diva. Just as the Beatles remind us that money can't buy you love, I'm here to remind you that money can't buy you fake endorsements.  I was excited to be introduced to PinchMe, and I'm equally excited to share them with you.  

It's Time to Break Up With Your Coupons -

Every time I go through the grocery checkout line, the clerk asks me the same thing:  “Do you have any coupons today?”

…and my guilty conscious starts spewing all kinds of ridiculous reasons why I wasn’t a good enough mother and wife to have a coupon envelope alphabetically organized to save that $0.35 on the Honey Nut Cheerios sitting in my cart.

There was a time when I could proudly slap down my 4 coupons and wait for my ticker tape parade to start.  

I could sniff and feel so well-managed.  That I was being a good steward.

Yeah, that ended about 9 years ago.

Right around the time my 2nd child was born and all my self-righteousness took a train to Toledo.  (I miss her.)

Can anyone else relate to this?  Like you were meant to be the Coupon Queen, but never actually got around to clipping out your crown? 

If so, I have good news!

Ditch the Coupon Queen.  She’s nothing.

The real seat of power here is the Sovereign of Samples.

Hello, PINCHme

PINCHme is a company designed to help . . . 

  • Parents who are looking for free products.
  • Companies who are looking for opinions.

They are like the Matchmaker.  (Anyone else now singing Fiddler on the Roof?)

They connect you, the parent, to cool new products (like the Boon spouts that turn regular cups into sippy cups) for FREE.

In return for these free products, you get to tell the companies what you think, helping better products hit the market.  (As a consumer, I thank you!)

What kinds of products?  Well, check out the photo below of the Blogger Sample box they sent me below.

PINCHme Free Baby Samples Box

You can request a wide variety of different items, from free baby samples, to skin care, even pet food at

Note: This is not my normal PINCHme load!  It was a special event so I could see the many types of samples available.  The “usual” is 2-3 samples a month.  It’s still better than coupons, though!  That Boon Snug is $13 on Amazon.

Get a Piece of This Free Pie

Trust me, you want in on this.  Here’s how to get your samples:

  1. Go to PINCHme and sign up.
  2. Complete your member profile (5 minutes).
  3. Request the free samples you want to try on Tuesday, February 23rd.  (Early birds get the best samples!)
  4. After you’ve had the opportunity to try the product, log in to your account and share what you thought of the product.  (Usually takes about 3-5 minutes to complete.)

Then repeat this process next month to  try a whole round of new products!

Peek Behind the Curtain

Since you are now the Sample Sovereign, you should be able to see into the future, right?

As your humble servant, I’m happy to supply you with a Super Secret List of the samples that will be available for you to request on Tuesday.

Here are a few:

  • Boon Universal Sippy Lids ~ Turns regular cups into sippy cups!
  • ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid
  • Beyond Cat Food
  • Gummy Vitamins
  • Dentastix Dog Treats

These are going to go fast!  So make sure you’ve signed up for PINCHme, and then hop onto their website early on Tuesday (Feb. 23rd) to fill your cart with the best samples money can’t buy!

Ready to toss the Coupon Queen out on her ear?

This is a new, guilt-free, reign.

Long live the Sovereign of Samples!  

Meet Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor

Heather is the Chief Encouragement Officer here at Incredible Infant and has been writing and encouraging parents online since 2007.  She's certified in baby sleep coaching (yes, that's a real thing), has served as an Expert Parenting Panelist for numerous events, and has been a featured writer on blogs like,, My Kid's Adventures, Cafe Mom, and others.  If it's 2am and you're desperate to read SOMETHING, click here for all her darkest secrets, including why she really shouldn't be allowed to blog.  


It's Time to Break Up With Your Coupons -

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