45 of the Best Baby Costumes of 2013

Ah…that first clueless Halloween... Such a sweet time. You get to pick out the costume. You get to bask on all the compliments. You get to gorge all the spoils.   You only get one shot at this.  By next year, she may have preferences.  (And you'll have to share the candy for sure.)  This year has got to COUNT.  You need to rake in enough buckets to satisfy your monthly cravings until ... [Continue Reading]

12 Adorable Baby Gymboree Outfits Under $20

I had today's tasks all organized and ready to go... ...and then I got an special email from the Powers that Be over at Gymboree, spilling the beans that they were having a surprise baby clothing sale. Let's go over my options: Option A ~  Obey my Today's Tasks! list and start folding laundry, only to discover that my kids have been dumping their dirty underwear in my clean basket and I ... [Continue Reading]

15 Newborn Photo Props that Will Make Other Moms Jealous

The following post is in honor of Beautiful Photo Props, who was kind enough to sponsor one of my Mystery Mom Contests this month. All images have been used with permission. Technically we shouldn't want to make other moms jealous. But, let's be honest...every mom in the depths of her soul wants someone to recognize just how adorable her Little Sugar is. Isn't that the REAL reason ... [Continue Reading]

Avoiding My Typical Craft Disasters! First Birthday Invites Reborn

There is a reason I have not scrapbooked my children's first birthday invites. What is that reason? They always suck.  ALL-WAYS. Trust me. My kids will thank me for not trying to pretend they were worth keeping. You see,  I am a walking craft-disaster. Hobby Lobby has banned me from their store for "glue gun malfeasance". (In my defense, I swear her hair always looked ... [Continue Reading]

How to Be Your Own Anne Geddes with Baby Photo Props

{Make Photos Worth Sniffling Over} I have a love/hate thing going on with Anne Geddes. The love side: Awwwww!! Look at those two infants dressed as cabbages!! The hate side: Phhhffftt. My kids are a LOT cuter than those two fat babies... And therein lies the problem with Anne Geddes. She takes cute photos, yes. But the photos are of nameless kids that don't mean anything to ... [Continue Reading]

Top 10 Cute Baby Costumes of 2012

{Get Your Awwwww On!} It's that time again.  Time to indulge myself in researching the most unbelievably cute baby costumes of the year. It's gosh darn fun. ...Until I get into crazy-parent-land and want to slap someone. I've seen baby Hitlers, little turkeys on a platter, and this, which defies words it's so horrible. But getting back to normal parents...I thought you would enjoy a dive ... [Continue Reading]

How to Upscale a Ho-Hum Nursery

{Spotlight on Awesome: Design by Maya} Feeling like your nursery has gotten a bit...boring? There are three ways you can update your nursery to fresh new look. Rearrange everything. Paint. Hang a new piece of eye-catching colorful art on the wall. So go tell your husband that during the football game he  needs to... help you move the crib, dresser, changing table, and ... [Continue Reading]

How to Pick Your Perfect Baby Announcement in 3 Minutes or Less

Sending out your baby announcement is an exciting thing. It's your first bragging opportunity.  (...and MAN did you earn it!) Ladies and gentlemen!! I'm going to help you zero on the absolute-most-perfect baby announcement for you, your baby, and your life. And I'm going to do it in LESS THAN 3 MINUTES!! *crowd gasps, woman faints* ... [Continue Reading]

Reader Review of the New Avent Natural Bottle!

Recently I offered a lucky subscriber a chance to be one of the first in the nation to try out the new Avent Natural Bottle.  (Yes, this was before-stocked access!) Specifically, I wanted to know... how this bottle compared to the older Avent bottles what she (and her infant) thought about the new sleek design whether she thinks these are "buy worthy" bottles or placed in the DONATE ... [Continue Reading]