Derek Zoolander’s Guide to Really Really Good Looking Baby Clothes on a Budget

[sc:SpSchoola ] I've got good news for Derek.  There is more to life than being really, really, really, really, really ridiculously good looking. It's looking really, really, really, really, really ridiculously good looking on a budget. Today I'm going to give you some beauty AND budget tips that will keep the entire family's wardrobe looking entirely posh at prices even unemployed male ... [Continue Reading]

23 Parents Nailing the “Homemade Baby Costume” Thing

There are two types of parents in the world. Those who like to be crafty. And those who don't. I'm quite firmly entrenched in the second category.  I bought my first glue gun last month.  I'm 37. Why did I make this iconic purchase? Because my BLASTED sister introduced Isabella to the wonderful world of Creative Galaxy on Netflix and now my 5-year-old knows that things like googly ... [Continue Reading]

Wraps, Slings, Carriers, Oh My! How to Pick Your New Favorite Parenting Gadget

  A couple of weeks ago I talked about why babywearing should be kicked out of the crunchy moms category. ALL parents can benefit from carrying their baby once in a while. Sometimes it's about the baby. I babywear to soothe King Crankpants during the dreaded "witching hours" of 6-9pm.   Sometimes it's about the parents. Hands.  They're nice.   The obvious problem here is choosing ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Toys: How to Hedge Your Bets and Purchase a Winner

Are you feeling lucky, Punk Parent? Because you're about to partake in the annual gambling festival of toy shopping! Now I'll admit,  toy shopping for older kids is actually fun. They create their cute little "Santa Lists" and you go through with the red-pen-of-death and decide which requests are reasonable (e.g. "a Lego playset") and which earn a chuckle and a cross-out (e.g."my own ... [Continue Reading]

5 Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends for Mom & Baby in 2014

Feeling a little frumpy? Do all your clothes (and baby's) have spit-up stains on them? Want to freshen up and feel like your old self again? Perfect timing!  Today we're going through 5 of the big fall fashion trends named by Vogue, NYMag, Fashionista, and Elle. Prepare to feel fabulous. Hint: Mom Jeans are still suffering under this Saturday Night Live parody. Avoid. Fall Fashion ... [Continue Reading]

10 Stylish Easter Outfits for a Well-Dressed Baby

There's something really satisfying about well-dressing my children. It's like putting a nice frame on the Mona Lisa.  You know the masterpiece stands by itself, but you just can't help drawing attention to it anyway. That said, I will confess to you, dear friend, that Isabella is running around the house today with a rat's nest hair-tangle the size of Texas on the back of her head, and I ... [Continue Reading]

Which Convertible Car Seat is Best For My Baby and My Vehicle?

The time has come. He's about to burst out of the newborn carrier, and your right arm has gotten so strong you're accidentally walking in circles. It's time to move him out of the carrier and into a convertible car seat (a car seat that can face forwards or backwards). But there are hundreds of convertible car seats out there. How do you know which is the safest, and the most ... [Continue Reading]

What’s the Best Baby Bottle? Olympic Winners in Breastfeeding, Colic, Budgets, and Beyond

Not all bottles are created equal.  Some are just better than others. And babies have this thing called opinions that can really screw things up. Today we're going to ice skate our way through the violent sport of Choosing a Baby Bottle. Start painting your face and writing giant letters on your tummy, it's about to get pretty darn intense. In the Olympics of Baby Bottles, there are ... [Continue Reading]

Sleeping Beauty’s Top 10 Best Bedtime Books for Babies

Today I'm daydreaming.  (A favorite pasttime.) I just finished reading one of the funniest fairytale books I've ever read to my kids, and it got me thinking about how some of our favorite princess would be like in the real world. Take Sleeping Beauty for instance. If she was my royal neighbor here in Wisconsin, I'm pretty confident that... She and Prince Philip would have at least a ... [Continue Reading]

The Best Brain Boosting Baby Toys: a Just-in-Time Buying Guide for Parents

Don't just buy a random "pretty" toy for your baby. You want the best baby toys that will boost those brain cells all the way to Sheldon Cooper Status.  And since you're WAY to tired to sort through all the awards and sift through the "best of" lists, I thought I'd be a friendly neighbor and do all that research for you.  :-) What are friends for?   Best Brain-Boosting Toys for Babies 0 ... [Continue Reading]