The Smart Parent’s Guide to Finding Toys Your Baby Will Actually Play With

Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, or just because you're tired of him slobbering over the dog's toys, picking out toys for your baby can be a daunting task. First, there's all the options. Do you want plastic or wood? Do you want beeps or blurps? Are you looking for education or distraction? Then there's the budget.  You could easily spend an entire paycheck on doohickeys ... [Continue Reading]

32 Surprisingly Cheap Baby Halloween Costumes for Bargain-Hunting Mamas

  Looking for baby Halloween costumes can be a little overwhelming.  On one hand, you want something so adorable everyone in the neighborhood insists on giving you your baby the Top Shelf candy.  (No Tootsie Rolls!) On the other hand, it would be nice to find that photo-worthy costume without spending a ton of cash. Well, friend.  You can have your King Sized Reese's and eat it ... [Continue Reading]

20 of the Most Heart-Captivating Baby Costumes You’ve Ever Seen

Let's be honest, people. We are all suckers for adorable baby costumes. Listen, if you show up at my door this Halloween with a cute Viking baby, I guarantee I won't be able to stop myself. I'll pour my bowl of candy into your open pillow-case sack.  (Sorry, teenager Zombie.  You get apple slices.) All that, in spite of the fact that I know your secret.  What secret?  Don't play ... [Continue Reading]

Why Moms Are Falling Madly in Love with Amazon Prime

  If you haven't yet discovered the Parental Power of Prime, you are seriously missing out.  I'm not ashamed to say that over the years I've developed a serious man shop-crush over Mr. Amazon Prime. In fact, since we became Amazon Prime members back in 2007, I've developed a whole new compassion for Beliebers.  I get it, you 12-year-old hysterical female fan. I get it. Here are 4 ... [Continue Reading]

GIVEAWAY: 4 Reasons Keeping a Baby Journal is a Brilliant Idea

Do you know one of the first lessons Amy and I teach our sleep coaching clients? Keep a baby journal.  It is one of the biggest littlest things you can do to improve your baby's sleep, your sanity, and everything in between. Today we're partnering up with Duo Diary to give away two Mama & Baby Health Diaries. These diaries not only will help you track your baby's health and sleep, ... [Continue Reading]

Bayboo: A New Level of Fabulous

There's always this one thing of baby gear that sneaks up on you. One day, in the midst of all the chaos, you suddenly realize that life would be a whole lot more difficult if it weren't for this one thing. Well, today I've got a one thing that will amp your Fabulous Life Level up to 11. It's a baby blanket. No, wait.  It's a swaddle wrap. No, wait.  It's a nursing cover. No, ... [Continue Reading]

21 Adorable Infant Swimsuits You’re Going to Gush Over

Have plans to introduce your baby to the wonders of outdoor water this summer? Sure, you could let him run around in a diaper and a really good baby-safe sunscreen, but why would you? For less than two movie tickets, you can cover that tiny tushie with something so charming he'll leave a string of gushing female fans in his wake. Here are my favorite infant and toddler swimsuits that ... [Continue Reading]

5 Baby Carriers That Deserve More Recognition

It really is unfortunate that mothers only have two arms.  Not to mention you moms out there with sensitive high-needs babies.  You actually have ZERO arms because you're holding someone 24/7. Unless you use a baby carrier, of course. It's like growing a new set of limbs.  Your baby is snug as a bug in a rug holster, while you get to actually get things done. Now, though, you have a new ... [Continue Reading]

5 Genius Tips from a De-Stressed Mom {with Giveaway!)

Close your eyes for a second and think about this word: Motherhood. Do you see sweet tender moments of cuddling, tickling, and smiles?  Or do you see yourself harried, stressed, and overwhelmed? Life can all too easily start to feel like an upward slog of tasks.  If you're increasingly feeling the pressure of the daily grind, keep reading. This will help.  Pinky-swear promise.   You Need ... [Continue Reading]

So Long Sophie: 8 New Baby Teethers That Will Make You Drool

Ah, Queen Sophie.  Undisputed ruler of Teethington. She's been reigning the baby teether market for decades.  (Seriously.  Do you know even ONE person who doesn't own her?) That crown may be slipping!  There are some new up-and-commers eyeing the throne.   Doth thou hear the drums of an approaching battle?  Is it thou possible a civil war is lingering on the horizon? Which ... [Continue Reading]