Does Your Baby Have Sleep Apnea?

Does this sound familiar?  The doctor has told you he doesn't need to eat at night anymore. You've been working through the Sleep Shuffle.  You've avoided all the typical sleep coaching mistakes.  And yet he STILL is waking up multiple times at night. You feel hopeless. Exhausted. Lost. ....hold on... Is that Heather?!  Standing at the bottom of the Exhaustion Abyss with a ... [Continue Reading]

A Day in the Life of a 9-12 Month Old

Oh, the joys of being 10 months old! You get to discover all kinds of new ways to drive Mom crazy.   Things like: emptying every cabinet, basket, and drawer that's not already baby proofed. holding the spoon by himself, and watching the food fly, and fly, and fly... pulling off his socks at every opportunity And plenty of other fun (video-worthy) milestones you'll definitely want ... [Continue Reading]

The Fast & Furious Route to a Perfect Nap Routine

Babies = Chaos.  A loveable chaos...but still chaos. *whispering* What if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way? That you can spot a kind of loose rhythm to your baby's cues that will save yourself a world of worry and pain  later on in the day? I'm going to share the typical daily baby napping routines that you can use as a road map to follow your baby's signals all the way ... [Continue Reading]

The Sandman’s School of Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Have you been flunking out in Baby Sleep School? Are you obsessed with getting baby to sleep through the night, but experiencing nothing but failures? Maybe it's not you.  (Phew!) Maybe you've just been listening to the wrong teacher. Who could be a better sleep teacher than Mr. Sandman himself? Fortunately for you, he owes me a favor.  (Let's just say the lovely Mrs. sent me a ... [Continue Reading]

Example of a Daily Routine for a 6-9 Month Old ~ Ask Heather!

Do you ever just wish you could just ask someone a simple question and... Poof! ...get the exact answer you needed, sans the  opinionated mumbo jumbo? Starting right now ...Wait... NOW ...I'm launching a special "Ask Heather!" segment on Incredible Infant. I will take one of  my beloved subscriber's questions and lift it up (kinda like Simba) and display it for the entire ... [Continue Reading]

Why Your Baby Hates His Crib (and What To Do About it)

After 45 minutes of rocking, singing, and sighing, he's finally stopped crying and you THINK *quick prayer* he's asleep. Well, here goes nothing. Moving like a geriatric sloth, you inch over to the crib and stand on your tippy toes, leaning over the bars as much as possible. He snorts. You freeze.  One leg in the air in an absurd pirouette. Ever. So. CAREFULLY you set the tiny ... [Continue Reading]

Like Sleeping? How Crib Bumpers Can Boost Your Snooze

Warning...this post about crib bumpers is going to shock you. I'm going to actually suggest you use them. *maniacal laughter* You knew that Incredible Infant was a different kind of baby blog, but THIS...? This is just... so... rebellious! Why do I boldly state what no baby blog has stated before? Because crib bumpers actually help some babies sleep better. And by "some ... [Continue Reading]

The 8 Best Products for a Congested Baby

We want to fix it. We want to make it all better. But there your infant lies, looking at you with that sad "I feel like crap. Why aren't you fixing this?" expression. His face is sporting a yellow mustache of crusty nastiness.  The thought of touching that nose... It takes the strongest act of sacrificial love you can muster to wipe away the snot crystals. Friend, you're not ... [Continue Reading]

How to Get Your 2-3 Month Old Baby on a Schedule

Something strange happens to your infant between 5 and 11 weeks old. Suddenly your Little Prince transforms into King Crankypants. It's like he was bewitched! And in a way, he was. These weeks mark an important shift in your baby's development. Your newborn's magical ability to habituate and tune out extra stimulations has faded away, replaced with...nothing. The new ... [Continue Reading]

How to Rock Out a Newborn Schedule

When you hear the words newborn schedule, what is your response? Do you sigh to the melody of anticipated awesomeness? Or cringe to fingernails on a chalkboard? In all honestly, though, scheduling a newborn is a little misleading. You don't actually do the scheduling. Your newborn does. In fact, a newborn schedule in the first 4 weeks doesn't look too much like a ... [Continue Reading]