The Most Dangerous Baby Items Lurking Around Your Home in 2015

I can't think of a better word in that title than lurking. It gives this feeling of spying around corners, snooping underneath sofas, squinting through blinds. Which is exactly what's happening.  There be lurking. Over 23 million baby items were recalled in 2014.  Now, contrast that to last years birth rate of 4 million. Wowzers. That's almost 6 recalled baby products for every baby ... [Continue Reading]

8 Simple Ways to Stop Swaddling

Swaddling feels like magic for many parents. It's an instant-soother for babies who depend on it to fall asleep. It's a security blanket (literally) for parents who are looking for ways to calm fussy babies. But somewhere around 4-5 months old, the sweet Smeagol is transformed into a deadly dangerous Gollum. That's because the 4-5 month age range is usually when most babies start ... [Continue Reading]

Safety Spotlight: Dream on Me Cribs Collapse

Last month I received the following email from Tasha (a reader) who had a very frightening experience with the Dream On Me Portable 2-in-1 Crib: Heather, I had a portable and foldable Dream on Me crib in white birch.  It collapsed one night from the diaper changer position as I was tucking my 4 month old daughter into it.   One side was lowered to the playpen position while the other side of the ... [Continue Reading]

Safety Spotlight: Playtex Infant Carrier “Hip Hammock” Recalled

Every month I dig around and pull out the most recent baby product recalls and organize them into downloadable documents and email them to my subscriber list. One particular recall caught my eye and I've decided to make it my "Safety Spotlight" of the month. The product is the Playtex Hip Hammock Infant Carrier, and over 300,000 are being recalled in the US and 36,000 in Canada. The ... [Continue Reading]

Safety Spotlight: IKEA Wall-Mounted Children’s Lamps Recalled for Deaths

There are few things I don't like to write about. This type of story is right at the top. It appears that a 16-month-old in Europe was killed when he accidentally got entangled in the cord from the IKEA star lamp and strangled. In a similar incident, a 15-month-old was also pulled into the crib by a baby and she became entangled, but was found in time to prevent another tragedy. For ... [Continue Reading]

The Joke’s on Us: Why Nursery Water is Not for Babies

Fill in the blank: Nests are to birds as nurseries are to _____________. Common sense informs us the answer is babies.   (Well, I guess you could have said plants, but this is a blog about babies, so...) Evidently, these people struggle with that riddle because their product, "Nursery Water," is actually NOT RECOMMENDED for babies.   (Or plants.) Surprised? Yeah, I was too. In ... [Continue Reading]

Like Sleeping? How Crib Bumpers Can Boost Your Snooze

Warning...this post about crib bumpers is going to shock you. I'm going to actually suggest you use them. *maniacal laughter* You knew that Incredible Infant was a different kind of baby blog, but THIS...? This is just... so... rebellious! Why do I boldly state what no baby blog has stated before? Because crib bumpers actually help some babies sleep better. And by "some ... [Continue Reading]

6 Phrases You Will See on a Safe Baby Sunscreen Label

Downer of the Day:  the American Skin Cancer Foundation says that a single sunburn can double a baby's chances of getting skin cancer later in life. I'm not a fan of those odds. Know what else I'm not a fan of? Peeling dead nasty layers of skin off your husband's back? EXACTLY. That's why God gave me older kids. But this article is about babies, and the thought of having to ... [Continue Reading]

A Simple Schedule of Introducing Baby Food

It's the 6-month panic. When you realize that your baby should start moving towards eating semi-solid foods, but you have no idea which foods to start him on. His tummy is tricky.  There are some things that teeny tiny gut is ready for. Like pureed sweet potatoes.  There are somethings his tummy is NOT ready for. ... [Continue Reading]

The 8 Best Products for a Congested Baby

We want to fix it. We want to make it all better. But there your infant lies, looking at you with that sad "I feel like crap. Why aren't you fixing this?" expression. His face is sporting a yellow mustache of crusty nastiness.  The thought of touching that nose... It takes the strongest act of sacrificial love you can muster to wipe away the snot crystals. Friend, you're not ... [Continue Reading]