This New Baby Formula is the First of Its Kind

Nothing can boost your mom-esteem quite like being the first to know things.  All the sudden, you turn from "regular friend" to "friend who knows things". Today, I'm going to grant you "knowing status" of a particularly juice piece of baby gossip.  Gossip that your friends are going to want you to share. Especially those using baby formula.  Why? Because there's a brand new baby formula ... [Continue Reading]

The Breastfeeding Mama’s Guide to an Allergy-Free Diet

Do you suck at dieting? Me too. Except for this ONE diet. That diet I rocked, mostly because the stakes were so great. When I found out my baby had milk allergies, I went on an allergy-free diet and never looked back. Do you suspect your baby has allergies? Are you considering switching to an allergy-free diet so you can continue to breastfeed? If you answered yes, then this ... [Continue Reading]

The Hunger Games: How to Safely Feed Your Baby Right Off the Thanksgiving Table

Welcome to The Hunger Games: Thanksgiving Edition. You have arrived, standing on your pedestal, in the arena. There is a single table in the very center of the dome; piled high with a Thanksgiving Feast. Your challenge is to take that gluttonous heap of fare and transform it into food your baby can safely eat.  It's the Panem version of Chopped.   (How's that for an analogy within an ... [Continue Reading]

The Mobster’s Guide to Switching Baby Formula

There is a lot of confusion about the ins and outs of switching baby formula. Sometimes, it really matters.  (As in: you'll be up at 3am with a screaming baby matters.) Sometimes, it really doesn't.  (As in: you're stressing over nothing.) Actually, it's really easy to figure out when you need to be careful, and when you don't. All you have to do is think of your baby's formula like ... [Continue Reading]