Write For Us! (And Get Paid to Do It)

We Interrupt Your Post for an UPDATE! July 27th, 2016 Wow, Ladies (and singular brave Gent).  You have all blown me over with your creativity and openness! We have had 81 applications submitted! Yowzers.   The Editorial Team and I have been pouring over them for the past few weeks, and we still have more to go.  I had no idea you were all this talented!!! Seriously, perhaps I ... [Continue Reading]

How to Fast Track Your Healthy Meal Planning

One of the very first recipes I ever made as a newly domesticated wife was from my Grandmother. Sooo sweet, right?  Except for the fact that my Grandmother was a terrible cook. In in act of insane marital bliss, I chose her "Six Can Casserole" as my chefly debut.  Gonna impress the Hubster of mine, right?  Wrong. Ladies, bask in this culinary brilliance: 2 cans of boned chicken ... [Continue Reading]

The Free Baby Samples You’re Probably Not Getting (But Should Be)

[sc:SpPinchMe ] The first thing I do when I see the word "free" is to search for the asterisk. You know, this thing: * The thing that says "we're not telling you everything, but am banking on the fact you're going to miss this little star-doohickey and forget to read the fine print at the bottom."  Go back and read the title of this post again.  Notice the lack of a ... [Continue Reading]

7 Simple-Yet-Brilliant Ways to Reuse Empty Baby Wipe Containers

[sc:KatieTop ] What do you do with baby wipe containers once the wipes have all been used?  I’m guessing you throw them away.    Am I right? I know that my baby wipe containers always end up in the trash.  100% of the time. What else am I supposed to do with them? In fact, I purposely buy wipes in those soft travel packs (you know, these ones) so that they take up less space in the ... [Continue Reading]

How to Earn $775.55 While Doing Your Holiday Shopping

[sc:SpUpromise ] It's a billion times easier to spend money than it is to save it. Normally. But I've discovered a way to save money while spending it.   Sounds fishy, right? Like I'm about to introduce a Timeshare or something. Nope.  It's legit.  You make purchases online, and money gets placed in a savings account, college fund, or even a "Let's Head to Vegas" check to ... [Continue Reading]

22 Solutions for When Your Diaper Pail Smells Like Crap (Literally.)

Are you tired of dunking all the couch cushions in Fabreeze before visitors arrive? Are you weary of the welcoming stench of "A Baby Lives Here" when you walk through the door? Oh, the fecal funk.  Nothing says "welcome to parenthood" like the whiff of sulfur anus in the morning. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to place our offspring's post-digestive matter inside a solid ... [Continue Reading]

5 Smart Ways to Organize the Toys In Your Home

[sc:KatieTop ] T.O.Y.S. Every baby has them. Did you have a baby shower? You were probably given a few baby toys! Has your baby had his first Christmas? He probably received a few new toys!! What about celebrating that special first birthday? Let me guess… she probably received A LOT of new toys!!! Am I right? The toys accumulate so fast that pretty soon they’ve taken over ... [Continue Reading]