An Important (Gag-Free) Baby Poop Color Chart

Your infant: a Picasso of Poo. A Gucci of gastrointestinal wonders. Brown is so last year as a baby poop color, and your infant knows it. She's a fashionista. She makes STATEMENTS. The test, as the parent of such an artsy-fartsy baby is to be able to identify which of those statements are "personal expressions" and which baby poop colors are the flashing red lights of ... [Continue Reading]

Rainbows Help Everything: Color Coded Teething Chart

I know you're used to me blathering on and on about something or other, but today I give you a simplicity in it's simplest form.  A PHOTO. Found this (via my Pinterest adventures) and instantly wished I had had it 2 years ago. Do I recommend that you and your husband take this teething chart and create an elaborate betting game to determine who is responsible for dumping the diaper pail ... [Continue Reading]

22 Things You Want Inside Your Infant Medicine Cabinet

Just because I was curious, I did a Google search for "infant medicine cabinet" yesterday. Wow. What year is it again? Because, looking at those lists I could have sworn it was 1987. One article listed things like "a hot water bottle", "tongue depressors", and "a small spoon" for giving medication. Seriously? A small spoon? That is, like, sooooo last century. Surely, in this ... [Continue Reading]

Reading Baby Cues Using the Genius of Psych

I'm not a LOL-at-shows kinda gal, but the series Psych leaves me guffawing like the Midwestern hick that I secretly am. And for those of you who have no earthly idea what I'm talking about... Psych is about a guy with Sherlock-shocking detective skills who pretends to be a psychic crime solver. ??? *sigh* Think The Mentalist, only funny. Ohhhhhh!!!! Great, now that we're ... [Continue Reading]