5 Ways to Avoid Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare…SIDS

The following article is a guest post by Dr. Orlena Kerek, a pediatrician and mother of four at Snotty Noses.  Thanks for sharing your expertise with us, Orlena! Do you secretly worry about your baby dying? I know it’s not something we like to talk about, it’s not like we chat about it over coffee. Truth be told, I reckon it’s every mother’s greatest fear. Obsession even. *looks ... [Continue Reading]

Does Your Baby Have Sleep Apnea?

Does this sound familiar?  The doctor has told you he doesn't need to eat at night anymore. You've been working through the Sleep Shuffle.  You've avoided all the typical sleep coaching mistakes.  And yet he STILL is waking up multiple times at night. You feel hopeless. Exhausted. Lost. ....hold on... Is that Heather?!  Standing at the bottom of the Exhaustion Abyss with a ... [Continue Reading]

The Joke’s on Us: Why Nursery Water is Not for Babies

Fill in the blank: Nests are to birds as nurseries are to _____________. Common sense informs us the answer is babies.   (Well, I guess you could have said plants, but this is a blog about babies, so...) Evidently, these people struggle with that riddle because their product, "Nursery Water," is actually NOT RECOMMENDED for babies.   (Or plants.) Surprised? Yeah, I was too. In ... [Continue Reading]

How to Master Your Postpartum Rodeo of Hormones

For me, one of the biggest challenges after delivery was adjusting to my new postpartum hormones. I was so happy! Then I was so sad. Then I was soooo angry. Then I felt pretty happy again. (Give my man a medal...) It felt like I was riding a rodeo bull, and any moment I was going to get flung off and smush someone. Now that I'm in my thirties, "handling hormones" has become a ... [Continue Reading]

What Your Crying Baby Is Trying to Tell You

Babies pretty much have two settings:  crying and not crying. Being a parent is pretty easy when your baby is in "not crying" mode. You get to enjoy some smiles, bask in some giggles, and pretty much let your parental ego tank get filled to overflowing. It's when your baby is in "crying" mode that self-doubt starts creeping into your soul like dark fog in a horror flick. We start to ... [Continue Reading]

6 Phrases You Will See on a Safe Baby Sunscreen Label

Downer of the Day:  the American Skin Cancer Foundation says that a single sunburn can double a baby's chances of getting skin cancer later in life. I'm not a fan of those odds. Know what else I'm not a fan of? Peeling dead nasty layers of skin off your husband's back? EXACTLY. That's why God gave me older kids. But this article is about babies, and the thought of having to ... [Continue Reading]

The Muppets Solve Your Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding is something we mothers look forward to during pregnancy. We want to experience that feeling. The feeling of looking down and seeing our little rooting newborn nestling in, getting nourished from our body. It's one of the amazing things about being a woman. So when those plans go awry, and nursing doesn't just "take off and fly" like we were expecting it to, it's one of ... [Continue Reading]

A Simple Schedule of Introducing Baby Food

It's the 6-month panic. When you realize that your baby should start moving towards eating semi-solid foods, but you have no idea which foods to start him on. His tummy is tricky.  There are some things that teeny tiny gut is ready for. Like pureed sweet potatoes.  There are somethings his tummy is NOT ready for. ... [Continue Reading]

Should I Breastfeed? Free Download to Help You Find the Answer

Should I breastfeed my baby? It's such a tricky little question. The politically correct answer is so simple: Yes.  Breast is best. But life is rarely that simple. Breastfeeding is more than just you, your baby, and a boobie.  It's a lifestyle. It's an art. It may come easily to you and your infant.  Or it may take a lot of adjusting and endurance. It's ... [Continue Reading]

The 8 Best Products for a Congested Baby

We want to fix it. We want to make it all better. But there your infant lies, looking at you with that sad "I feel like crap. Why aren't you fixing this?" expression. His face is sporting a yellow mustache of crusty nastiness.  The thought of touching that nose... It takes the strongest act of sacrificial love you can muster to wipe away the snot crystals. Friend, you're not ... [Continue Reading]