Paging Dr. Right: 7 Questions to Find Your Perfect Pediatrician

[sc:ChesleaTop ] You know about the stork, right? The lanky bird who's supposed to drop your baby off on the doorstep? Well, there's another package besides your baby left there as well.  A big heaping steaming pile of decisions. Graco or Chicco? Ergo or Moby? Huggies or Pampers? And those are just the easy ones! Your kid will still graduate if you choose the wrong ... [Continue Reading]

6 Baby Constipation Remedies to Defeat the Nefarious Villain: Backed-Up Bowel

I never realized how obsessed I'd be with poop.  That's one of the sentences I wrote down in Bella's journal describing our trip to see a poop specialist (i.e. pediatric gastroenterologist) three weeks after she was born. Honestly, it's one thing all pre-parents say they will NEVER do, and then promptly forget 3 hours after childbirth. Why the flip-flop? Because we quickly realize that ... [Continue Reading]

Is it Magic? Hazelwood as an Effective Eczema Remedy for Babies

Hazelaid agreed to sponsor this post and give away multiple hazelwood necklaces for my readers to test and report back on.  All comment reviews and opinions are from either myself or my readers. Is your baby covered with puffy red dots? Did the doctor use the dreaded word ECZEMA at your last well-child visit? I usually restrain myself from using bad language on this blog...but in the ... [Continue Reading]

How to Spot the Early Signs of Autism in Babies & Toddlers

[sc:JulieTop ] Christopher was 3 years old when it happened. He acted different, played with toys in his own way, and seemed out of touch with the world around him and I didn’t know WHY. After an evaluation, my world went completely upside down. He was autistic.   Looking back at the years prior to this bombshell, the phrase "If only I had known..."  keeps popping up.  So many ... [Continue Reading]

The Legally Blonde Guide to Being the Best Medical Advocate for Your Baby

[sc:ChesleaTop ]There is nothing more exhilarating than holding that sweet baby in your arms for the first time. Those tiny feet, that little nose, and a whole heckuva lot of responsibility. Birthing classes and your Aunt Elma's "Life Lessons" can prepare you for some of what lies ahead. Breastfeeding, healing diaper rashes, conquering colds, those are all things you expect to have to ... [Continue Reading]

5 Mistakes Parents Make When Looking at Amber Teething Necklaces

The Hazelaid family took a risk, sponsored this post, and gave away free necklaces for readers to try and report back on.  Honestly, I was a little nervous about the results. (I like being nice.)  Fortunately for THEM, all the reviews we got back were glowing with compliments.  Bullet dodged, Hazelaid! :-)    Like most children of the eighties, I was first introduced to "amber" while ... [Continue Reading]

Do Cradle Cap Products Really Work? (It’s Testing Time.)

Cradle cap. Also known as (to myself) scale scalp, dragon dandruff, funky flakes, and newbie noggin. It's yellowish.  Crusty.   And very common. It's also harmless (except to your ego). I remember Elena's cradle cap being so bad that I made her wear a hat every day. I may have looked like the world's most sun-sensitive helicopter mom, but in reality I was just  tired of the look of ... [Continue Reading]

Our Baby’s Milk Protein Allergy: How We Battled the Big Bad Milk Monster – and Won

Once upon a time in the land of brats and cheese, a mama and her baby set off on a long journey. They'd sail through a river of green poo, trek through a jungle of doctor appointments and battle the big bad dairy monster in order to reach their destination: the land of (allergy-free) milk and honey. Along the way, there were blood-curdling cries, painful kicks to the ribs and many sleepless ... [Continue Reading]

What You Need to Know About Bathing a Newborn

I know the "baby bathing" topic is covered a lot of other places on the Internet. Last month, though, I realized that I had yet to properly "Heatherize" this important subject. So today I'm going to break down the standard ho-hum parenting "how-to" of bathing your baby and transform it into an ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE. Or your money back! Know Thy Enemy The number #1 rule you MUST remember ... [Continue Reading]

What’s Your Baby’s Poo Telling You? (Warning: Humor Ahead)

Last Christmas my husband gave me a little book called What's Your Poo Telling You.  (After fourteen years of marriage...who needs romance? Give me laughs.) What's Your Poo Telling You is informative. It's also disgusting...hilarious...and it has a brown cover. (Details.  They matter.) I keep it in the guest bathroom. Mostly because nothing warms the cockels of my hospitable heart ... [Continue Reading]