We Need to Talk About Your Baby’s Immune System

We need to have a little talk. It's about your baby's immune system. It needs a little motivation.  A little push. After all, we want it working as hard as possible to keep your baby healthy and happy all year long. What better motivation can we give it than to call in World-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Matt Foley?!   That's an excellent question, Mr. Foley. How do we get ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Eczema: The Key to Defeating Those Itchy Red Bumps

Have you ever noticed how much parenting and jails have in common?  We have to monitor the inmates constantly. We are constantly breaking up (sibling) fights. We silently rejoice that we don't have to eat what we serve them for dinner. The inmates will try to hide things from us.  (Filled diapers, extra snacks, etc.) Inmates are tucked into their crib cell and expected to stay ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Sunscreen: The Smart Mama’s Guidebook

I'm not a big "Let's Freak Out Over Nothing" kind of mother. But sometimes a few horns need to be honked.   Check out what the Skin Cancer Foundation says... Just ONE blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles a person's chances of developing melanoma later in life. 22% of all children will get a sunburn in their first summer of life. 45% of all children will get a sunburn in ... [Continue Reading]

Say “I Do” to Your Perfect Birth Provider (Part 2)

This post is part two in a two-part series (ok, so it's more like a mini-series). In Part 1, I talked about using the same care in planning your "birth day" as you would in planning your wedding day. Because you'll remember that day forever. I gave a lot of details and suggestions for how to choose your "wedding coordinator"—i.e. birth provider. So, stop right there! Do not read any ... [Continue Reading]

How to Fast Track Your Healthy Meal Planning

One of the very first recipes I ever made as a newly domesticated wife was from my Grandmother. Sooo sweet, right?  Except for the fact that my Grandmother was a terrible cook. In in act of insane marital bliss, I chose her "Six Can Casserole" as my chefly debut.  Gonna impress the Hubster of mine, right?  Wrong. Ladies, bask in this culinary brilliance: 2 cans of boned chicken ... [Continue Reading]

Say “I Do” to Your Perfect Birth Provider (Part 1)

You're going to have a baby!  Congratulations! There's a lot of fun that comes with this season: Picking out baby clothes Designing a nursery Feeling baby kicks But one thing you may not think belongs on the "fun" list is the actual process of getting the baby out of your womb and into the world. While perhaps not "fun," having a baby is precious, and it's an experience you ... [Continue Reading]

Should You Circumcise Your Baby? Six Parents Share Their Stories

When I was thinking about how to start out this article, the mental image of a wheat field came to mind. I was standing in the middle of it....with a massive flame thrower.   That's what this topic "should you circumcise" feels like.  Like I'm about to ignite a 40-mile-radius with liquid petrol.  And yet...I'm still bravely standing in the middle of what's about to happen.  Unafraid.  The ... [Continue Reading]

How to Decipher the Baby Cough Code: Easy Clues to Follow

You're skipping down the Parenting Road, feeling like you're finally starting to "get" how this whole thing works. And then--out of nowhere --red lights start flashing.  Alarms begin blaring.  It's Panic City, and you're standing there vulnerably naked.  Shocked. Your baby's immune system is under attack.   There's a war going on in there, under those adorable little fat rolls and pudgy ... [Continue Reading]

Nature’s Tummy-Tamer: Using Probiotics to Transform your Fussy Baby

[sc:ChristiTop ] Is your sweet bundle of joy more often a bundle of tears? Does he seem to have gas all the time? Is she colicky or fussy for some unknown reason? Does the poor thing poop way too much? Or not enough? I've been there, Mama. It's hard to see your precious little one in pain—especially due to a seemingly incurable bothered belly. Let's see how probiotics could ... [Continue Reading]

Finding Ped Charming: Is Your Pediatrician a Prince or a Toad?

[sc:ChesleaTop ] Once upon a time, you thought you found your “Ped Charming.” It seemed like a match made in Heaven. He got rave reviews from your Facebook friends. The office staff rolled out the red carpet when you came to visit. And…swoon…he was even in-network. But then you tied the knot, and reality sank in. He looked good on paper, but you’re quickly realizing that ... [Continue Reading]