25 Reasons Finding Dory Should Be Your Next Birthday Party Theme

Are you looking for a crowd-pleasing theme for your baby's first birthday party? If so, STOP RIGHT HERE. Do not keep swimming through the Internet.    You want to read this.  I'm going to freestyle you 25 different ideas for a Finding Dory birthday party that are so memorable, even Dory herself would remember it. Starting with the food. Because where else would we start?  99% of ... [Continue Reading]

How to Plan the Perfect Mickey First Birthday Party

I've been planning on adding a Mickey first birthday party to my first birthday series for months, so I'm so excited to finally be able to share what I uncovered across the world wide web. My youngest has been obsessed with Mickey's Clubhouse and Minnie's Boutique for about a year, and I'll be stealing several of these ideas for her upcoming fifth birthday. (FIFTH PEOPLE! I swear I'm ... [Continue Reading]

34 Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Baby’s First Year

Last month the kids and I discovered an entirely new giggle-worthy Dr. Seuss book called Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  (We were surprise, surprise making an oobleck.) Every child needs at least one Dr. Seuss book on the nursery shelf.  He's an icon of childhood. Reading those books to your baby is like a creativity christening. The good doctor would have turned 110 on March 2nd, so in ... [Continue Reading]

The Ultimate Mustache Bash for Your Little Man’s First Birthday

Your tiny guy has spent 12 months working hard to impress you. He's crawled where no baby has crawled before. He's paid the price for exploration with numerous oochies and boo-boos. He has grunted at the dinner table, passed gas on the changing table, and slobbered over the remote. It's time to celebrate the Little Man that he's become. It's time to throw him a mustache bash that ... [Continue Reading]

Whoooo’s First Birthday Is It? 30 Owl Birthday Party Ideas Worth Hooting Over

You know how some things are better in our imagination than in real life? For example: owls. Real owls have two expressions: You are stupid. You are dead. Their bird call isn't the sweet morning chirp chirp, but a haunting hooo hooo that echoes through the darkness to inform you: you are being watched. Not to mention the whole eat-and-barf habit. Yeah, I'd say, all things ... [Continue Reading]

The Cirque du Soleil Guide to a Stunning First Birthday Circus Party

There are your standard first birthday circus parties. ...and then there are your Cirque du Soleil first birthday circus parties.  Unique.  Amazing.  FUN. This first birthday is an achievement! You have suffered together, struggled together, snuggled together...and now he is off and toddling and those sleepless nights are behind you forever. *fingers crossed* Not so sure about his ... [Continue Reading]