The Fast & Furious Route to a Perfect Nap Routine

Babies = Chaos.  A loveable chaos...but still chaos. *whispering* What if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way? That you can spot a kind of loose rhythm to your baby's cues that will save yourself a world of worry and pain  later on in the day? I'm going to share the typical daily baby napping routines that you can use as a road map to follow your baby's signals all the way ... [Continue Reading]

The Joke’s on Us: Why Nursery Water is Not for Babies

Fill in the blank: Nests are to birds as nurseries are to _____________. Common sense informs us the answer is babies.   (Well, I guess you could have said plants, but this is a blog about babies, so...) Evidently, these people struggle with that riddle because their product, "Nursery Water," is actually NOT RECOMMENDED for babies.   (Or plants.) Surprised? Yeah, I was too. In ... [Continue Reading]

The Hunger Games: How to Safely Feed Your Baby Right Off the Thanksgiving Table

Welcome to The Hunger Games: Thanksgiving Edition. You have arrived, standing on your pedestal, in the arena. There is a single table in the very center of the dome; piled high with a Thanksgiving Feast. Your challenge is to take that gluttonous heap of fare and transform it into food your baby can safely eat.  It's the Panem version of Chopped.   (How's that for an analogy within an ... [Continue Reading]

12 Most Spectacular Places to Feed a Baby

Don't you just love feeding your baby? It's like the crazy world stops for a moment and it's just the two of you.   *sigh* She sees you looking, and stops sucking just for a second, to give you a big toothy grin that melts your heart to mush. Such sweet moments that (depending on your baby's nursing personality) can be over waaa-aaa-aaay too soon. This week I was browsing around on ... [Continue Reading]

22 Ways to Out-Smart a Picky Eater

Reasons Motherhood Is Awesome No. 234: the license to be sneaky. *rubbing hands together* My favorite place to be sneaky? The kitchen. I rule the food in this family with an iron spoon.  Being an insanely picky eater (The words "fine dining" triggers my drool reflex), it's a personal challenge every week to get around the "refined palates" of my kids and squeeze in those nutrients ... [Continue Reading]

Is Your Baby Getting The Right Vitamins? 3 Simple Ways to Find Out

How confident are you that your baby is getting all the healthy vitamins he needs? It doesn't matter if you're breastfeeding, using formula, or feeding solids. There are vitamin gaps in all of them. Yes. Even breastmilk isn't perfect. Every mother should have a bare-bones understanding of the nutritional target you're trying to reach. So today I'm handing out arrows.  By the time ... [Continue Reading]

The Muppets Solve Your Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding is something we mothers look forward to during pregnancy. We want to experience that feeling. The feeling of looking down and seeing our little rooting newborn nestling in, getting nourished from our body. It's one of the amazing things about being a woman. So when those plans go awry, and nursing doesn't just "take off and fly" like we were expecting it to, it's one of ... [Continue Reading]

The Mobster’s Guide to Switching Baby Formula

There is a lot of confusion about the ins and outs of switching baby formula. Sometimes, it really matters.  (As in: you'll be up at 3am with a screaming baby matters.) Sometimes, it really doesn't.  (As in: you're stressing over nothing.) Actually, it's really easy to figure out when you need to be careful, and when you don't. All you have to do is think of your baby's formula like ... [Continue Reading]

A Simple Schedule of Introducing Baby Food

It's the 6-month panic. When you realize that your baby should start moving towards eating semi-solid foods, but you have no idea which foods to start him on. His tummy is tricky.  There are some things that teeny tiny gut is ready for. Like pureed sweet potatoes.  There are somethings his tummy is NOT ready for. ... [Continue Reading]

Should I Breastfeed? Free Download to Help You Find the Answer

Should I breastfeed my baby? It's such a tricky little question. The politically correct answer is so simple: Yes.  Breast is best. But life is rarely that simple. Breastfeeding is more than just you, your baby, and a boobie.  It's a lifestyle. It's an art. It may come easily to you and your infant.  Or it may take a lot of adjusting and endurance. It's ... [Continue Reading]