Mama Mocktails: 10 Crafty Concoctions to Help You Celebrate the New Year

Are you on the non-alcoholic train this New Year’s? Good news! You can still enjoy festive drinks and say bah-humbug to the holiday hangover.   Whether you’re the designated driver, pregnant, or just not a fan of spirits; or whether you’re choosing to eschew alcohol permanently or just temporarily, New Year’s Eve can feel like it’s all about the cocktails. Fortunately, you don't have to ... [Continue Reading]

Mrs. Claus Shares Her 5 Best-Kept Secrets to a Happier Holiday {Free Printable!}

I realize that as the Queen of Christmas, many homemakers look to me to set the tone for a Happy Holidays.  (Where do you think Martha Stewart gets all her inspiration?) But let me tell you, things aren’t always “eggnog and cookies” up here at the North Pole.  Santa has his not-so-jolly days, and if you think children can be difficult to manage– try keeping up with hundreds of stressed-out ... [Continue Reading]

{GIVEAWAY!} How to Speed Up Your Baby’s Brain Development with Smart Toys

Listen up, Coach. Your baby's brain development needs some gentle nudging.  Some inspiration to build healthy neurons and strong synapses. It's your job to provide that extra motivation. Granted, he's probably not going to be this year's Mensa Chess Champion. Yet.  But there's some strong potential hidden away in that itty bitty cranium.  Potential that you can unlock with the right ... [Continue Reading]

Grinch Stole Your Christmas Cheer? 6 Uplifting Gifts to Give Yourself

What’s your current Christmas Cheer quotient? Is your merry heart singing Joy to the World? Or has the Grinch stolen all your joy? Mama, if you’re feeling like a Grinch, you are not alone! The holiday season has a way of squeezing a mama’s heart with all the pressures of the ideal Christmas: A perfectly clean house Yummy food from scratch—all the time Extra fun Christmas ... [Continue Reading]

A Simple DIY Advent Calendar You can Make During Naptime

Okay, okay. You’re probably rolling your eyes at the thought of doing an advent calendar with your toddler. I get it. You’re spending all your time just keeping your little angel from pulling the Christmas tree over. It feels like you don’t have time to implement any meaningful family traditions. Besides, he’s too little to participate in anything, let alone remember it. But hear me ... [Continue Reading]

How to Keep Your Baby Pilgrim Happy at Grandma’s This Thanksgiving

Whether you're traveling over the river and through the woods, or just driving across town to Grandma's house this year, trying to manage Thanksgiving with a baby in tow can be stressful. You’ve got nap-time routines and feeding schedules to follow Everyone’s going to want their “turn” to hold the baby You have to make sure he’s not overwhelmed by all the extra people The noise level ... [Continue Reading]

21 Baby Sports Gifts Your Little All-Star Will Love

Do you get a little weepy during those "Thank You, Mom" Olympic commercials by Procter & Gamble? Or maybe a little teary during this scene from "The Blind Side?"  Were you writhing in your seats with Aly Raisman's parents during the women's gymnastics finals?  Whether you're the mom of an Olympic champion, a professional athlete, or a baby who just took her first steps, we all have ... [Continue Reading]

What Every Parent Should Know About Flying with a Baby

It's one thing to take your baby on a long car ride. It's a completely new nightmare to enclose your infant in 2x2 space and tell him he can't move for several hours while sitting in a capsule with hundreds of complete strangers. Strangers who all seem poised to mark up some "Parent Evaluation Form" the flight attendants must pass out when you land. It's nerve-racking. Today we're ... [Continue Reading]

Hiking with a Toddler Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Does the thought of hiking with your toddler send you up a mountain of panic? Are you shaking in your hiking boots as you envision hitting the trails? Even in the most predictable environment, toddlers are a handful. They have zero sense of danger, their balance is questionable, and they will not hesitate to run into traffic when given the chance. Put them in the Great Outdoors and who knows ... [Continue Reading]

We Need to Talk About Your Baby’s Immune System

We need to have a little talk. It's about your baby's immune system. It needs a little motivation.  A little push. After all, we want it working as hard as possible to keep your baby healthy and happy all year long. What better motivation can we give it than to call in World-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Matt Foley?!   That's an excellent question, Mr. Foley. How do we get ... [Continue Reading]