GIVEAWAY: 4 Reasons Keeping a Baby Journal is a Brilliant Idea

Do you know one of the first lessons Amy and I teach our sleep coaching clients? Keep a baby journal.  It is one of the biggest littlest things you can do to improve your baby's sleep, your sanity, and everything in between. Today we're partnering up with Duo Diary to give away two Mama & Baby Health Diaries. These diaries not only will help you track your baby's health and sleep, ... [Continue Reading]

A Giveaway You Can’t Lose. (Really.)

Read the title of this article again. A Giveaway You Can't Lose. That's a bold claim.  I've officially made a promise. Why is that a big deal? Well, let's take a moment to consider what happens to people who break promises: Option A:  A mob carrying pitchforks & torches surround your house and burn you alive. Meh.  Option B: You get elected to a political office. OKAY, OKAY!!! ... [Continue Reading]

5 Genius Tips from a De-Stressed Mom {with Giveaway!)

Close your eyes for a second and think about this word: Motherhood. Do you see sweet tender moments of cuddling, tickling, and smiles?  Or do you see yourself harried, stressed, and overwhelmed? Life can all too easily start to feel like an upward slog of tasks.  If you're increasingly feeling the pressure of the daily grind, keep reading. This will help.  Pinky-swear promise.   You Need ... [Continue Reading]

Enter the $660 Sleep-Stakes Giveaway!

I remember what it's like being a sleep-deprived parent. Grabbing the salt container instead of the sugar for my coffee... Wondering how the stapler got in the freezer... Awkwardly standing in the middle of the grocery store because I couldn't remember why I was there... In honor of these "What the..." moments, we are launching our first ever Sleepstakes Giveaway.  (Get it? ... [Continue Reading]

Free is Fun: An Uncommon Giveaway for Baby, Mom, Dad, & Home!

Confession:  I haven't bribed my wonderful readers in months. *tear* In deathly fear of the Blogging Nazi, who decrees ALL blogs must have giveaways (No readers for you!), I humbly submit this post. *insert halo over head* Rocky over at Uncommon Goods....(sidenote: I'm so glad his name is Rocky.  It would be bad advertising, I think, to work at Uncommon Goods and have a name like ... [Continue Reading]

New Contest! Pin to Win All-Natural and Organic Baby Products!

Step One: Drool Click here to visit Hippy Sticks and drool all over the 100% organic and all-natural products they have to offer! Step Two: Pin Any Item Go to your Pinterest account and pin your favorite item to any of your boards!  (Don't have a Pinterest account?  Sweetheart, you don't know what you're missing.  Set one up.) Step Three: Link Your Pin Verify your pin by pasting the pin URL ... [Continue Reading]