How Mater & McQueen Can Help Your Baby Nap in the Car

Temperament.  It matters. Yes, in a perfect Pixar world you'd put your baby in the car seat and he'd sleep all the way to Radiator Springs.  (If that's you, congratulations.  You can stop reading.) For the rest of us, though, napping on a road trip is hit or miss.  Today I'm going to share two main approaches to tackling this age-old problem. The first approach I'm calling "The Mater ... [Continue Reading]

5 Baby Carriers That Deserve More Recognition

It really is unfortunate that mothers only have two arms.  Not to mention you moms out there with sensitive high-needs babies.  You actually have ZERO arms because you're holding someone 24/7. Unless you use a baby carrier, of course. It's like growing a new set of limbs.  Your baby is snug as a bug in a rug holster, while you get to actually get things done. Now, though, you have a new ... [Continue Reading]

Do You Struggle with the Baby + Toddler Balancing Act?

Have you seen this quote from Jim Gaffigan? You want to know what it's like having a fourth kid? Imagine you're drowning... then someone hands you a baby. The only change I would make to that quote is to take out the word "fourth," because that's the feeling I had after every kid. It's like your life is suddenly off-kilter.  The nice daily spinning rhythm you worked so hard for is ... [Continue Reading]

Remember the Old Woman in the Shoe? The Twin Scheduling Secrets She Would Have Killed For…

Have you heard the original version of The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe? It goes like this... Not sure why it's the kids'  fault that she had so many kids......but evidently they drove her so batty she starved and beat them. *Way to start off with a downer, Heather...* ACTUALLY, I think that little nursery rhyme should encourage you. No matter how overwhelmed you feel, it's ... [Continue Reading]

A Day in the Life of a 9-12 Month Old

Oh, the joys of being 10 months old! You get to discover all kinds of new ways to drive Mom crazy.   Things like: emptying every cabinet, basket, and drawer that's not already baby proofed. holding the spoon by himself, and watching the food fly, and fly, and fly... pulling off his socks at every opportunity And plenty of other fun (video-worthy) milestones you'll definitely want ... [Continue Reading]

Which Convertible Car Seat is Best For My Baby and My Vehicle?

The time has come. He's about to burst out of the newborn carrier, and your right arm has gotten so strong you're accidentally walking in circles. It's time to move him out of the carrier and into a convertible car seat (a car seat that can face forwards or backwards). But there are hundreds of convertible car seats out there. How do you know which is the safest, and the most ... [Continue Reading]

The Joke’s on Us: Why Nursery Water is Not for Babies

Fill in the blank: Nests are to birds as nurseries are to _____________. Common sense informs us the answer is babies.   (Well, I guess you could have said plants, but this is a blog about babies, so...) Evidently, these people struggle with that riddle because their product, "Nursery Water," is actually NOT RECOMMENDED for babies.   (Or plants.) Surprised? Yeah, I was too. In ... [Continue Reading]

Example of a Daily Routine for a 6-9 Month Old ~ Ask Heather!

Do you ever just wish you could just ask someone a simple question and... Poof! ...get the exact answer you needed, sans the  opinionated mumbo jumbo? Starting right now ...Wait... NOW ...I'm launching a special "Ask Heather!" segment on Incredible Infant. I will take one of  my beloved subscriber's questions and lift it up (kinda like Simba) and display it for the entire ... [Continue Reading]