19 Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas You’ll Love

19 Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas You'll Love - http://www.incredibleinfant.com

Several months ago I was asked why there aren’t any party planning posts for baby showers.

After all, the First Birthday Series continues to be one of our most popular series!

The reason is simple, really.

I didn’t think of it. 

Never. Even. Occurred to me.

You subscribers.

You’re the true brains of this whole outfit.

In your honor, I humbly submit this:  our very first baby shower theme post.

The first of many.

4 Inspiring Invitation Ideas for a
Cute as a Button Baby Shower

The first taste your guests will get of the awesomeness heading their way is your invitation.

This is not the time to break out the construction paper and glue.  (After all, you want them to bring gifts, don’t you?)

Nudge them down the excitement path with some invitations that cast a good first impression.  Such as…

4 Incredible Invitation Ideas from 19 Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas You'll Love - http://www.incredibleinfant.com

1.   Not willing to show your gender card at the party?  Love this modern gender-neutral invite designed by Paper Source.

2.  Sometimes less is more.  Check out this gorgeously minimalistic invite from Zappa.

3.  Fine Stationary offers several personalized options for this whimsical baby shower invite.

4.  Go traditional with soft light pastels from Etsy seller sarahOchic.

 5 Delicious Desserts Perfect for a
Cute as a Button Baby Shower


The gift for everyone else at the party.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what kinds of food you want to serve.

Just cake and sweets?  Or something a little more substantial?

If you want your Cute as a Button baby shower to have savory foods, here are some button-shaped options to consider:

Savory snacks are great, but

The dessert is what makes a party.  Here are five sweet suggestions to stir up your imagination.

5 Delicious Dessert Ideas from 19 Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas You'll Love - http://www.incredibleinfant.com

1.  Manuela at Passion 4 Baking shows you how to make these incredibly impressive cake pops.  Besides her yummy vanilla-lemon recipe, all you need are the pastel paper straws!

2.  A simple cupcake and frosting recipe gets a sophisticated push with candies or colored white chocolate buttons made with a simple mold.  (See this idea at Tickled Pink.)

3.  Artfully arranged candies in apothecary jars can be a dynamic centerpiece.  Just add some pink or blue personalized candies.  Or, if you need a budget-friendly option, try these adorable chevron party bags.

4.  Denna’s Ideas shares how to make these yummy button cookies using a simple button-shaped cookie cutter. Or Bake at 350 can show you how to decorate the classic sugar cookie with personalized messages and designs.

5.  This gorgeous cake was designed by Cajitas de Belleza, but you could recreate the look with a gum paste/fondant mold or premade sugar buttons.

One last idea for you – Barrington mints are usually for weddings…but this recipe is so perfect for a Cute as a Button baby shower that I had to share. (Recipe from Sweet & Saucy.)

5 Dashing Decoration Tips for a
Cute as a Button Baby Shower

Obviously you’ll want to have a few “this is a party and not a PTA-meeting” decorations sprinkled around the room.

If you’re pressed for time, just concentrate on decorating a table for the food and a table for the gifts.

5 Dashing Decoration Ideas in the 19 Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas - http://www.incredibleinfant.com

1.  This sophisticated idea for spool signs was inspired by One Charming Party.  If spools of thread don’t fit your design scheme, check out these button clip placeholders.

2.  If you know your baby’s name, you can create a centerpiece and a piece of nursery artwork at the same time.  (Or just use baby’s last initial.)  Letter Perfect Designs will make it for you, or you can make it yourself by placing colored buttons within the outline of a printed calligraphy letter.

3.  I loved this idea of using tape measure ribbon to add a themed flair to the decorations.  See how it’s done at A&K Party Planning and Tickled Pink.

4.  Decorate the tables with paper-punched buttons from your favorite scrapbooking paper.  Or save yourself another chore and have this etsy seller do it for you.

5.  These burlap button flowers can be arranged in different ways to add a touch of country-style.


5 Fabulous Favors for a
Cute as a Button Baby Shower

It’s customary to give away little favors for the guests, so I thought it might be helpful to share a few unique options that fit with the Cute as a Button baby shower theme.

Then again, if you just so happen to over-order, and have a frame or something to put in baby’s memory box…well so be it. 🙂

5 Party Favor Ideas for a Cute as a Button Baby Shower - http://www.incredibleinfant.com

1.  Let your guests open their own little packages with these little button soaps.  (Get it?  Soap?  For a baby shower!)

2.  Not only would this button frame be perfect around an ultrasound picture on the buffet table, it makes for a unique take-home gift.

3.  These button-shaped magnets are a popular idea.

4.  Pocket-sized sewing kits are a great reminder of a fun afternoon, plus they are practically useful around the house for years to come.

5.  This was one of my favorites.  They are little biodegradable buttons that sprout into flowers when planted.  (From Recycled Ideas.

Beau Coup also has these adorable “Cute as a Button” personalized gift boxes that are perfect for last minute at-the-door surprises filled with chocolates and treats.

From Buttons to Birdies

Like I said in the introduction, these baby shower party planning posts are going to become a regular part of our content scheduling.

Mostly because the Incredible Infant subscribers asked for it.  (And they’re the boss.)

Secondarily, because it’s fun.  

Who doesn’t like to browse the web searching for brilliance and creativity?

The next baby shower theme we’re going to share will focus on spring birds and will be posted in March.

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I hope these Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas gave you some inspiration to start your own planning!

What do you think?

Did any of these catch your eye?

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