36 Sweet Ideas for a Sugar and Spice Baby Shower

A fall pregnancy due date has its advantages… Cute and comfy maternity clothes. Hilarious Halloween costumes. A guilt-free slice of pumpkin AND apple pie at Thanksgiving. Adorable fall-themed baby showers What kind of adorable fall-themed baby showers?  Let's start with a personal favorite, Sugar and Spice (and everything nice!). The sights, smells and flavors of Fall perfectly fit ... [Continue Reading]

40 Bird Baby Shower Ideas to Feather Your Nest

Have you ever been to a really good baby shower? You know, one that was just so well done you felt like YOU were the one being pampered and fussed over?   I've been to a LOT of baby showers over the years.  (LOTS.) A few of them consistently push ahead of all the others as being memorable.  As in, so special, that I would attend that party again in a heartbeat. (And bring more ... [Continue Reading]

19 Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas You’ll Love

Several months ago I was asked why there aren't any party planning posts for baby showers. After all, the First Birthday Series continues to be one of our most popular series! The reason is simple, really. I didn't think of it.  Never. Even. Occurred to me. You subscribers. You're the true brains of this whole outfit. In your honor, I humbly submit this:  our very first baby ... [Continue Reading]