Meet Chelsea Stanley!

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The talented Chelsea Stanley

Chelsea Stanley joined the official Incredible Infant team after serving two years as a self-described “Heather Taylor groupie.”

Background and Life

She is mama to two adorable little boys, William and John, and wears her two-under-two badge with pride (and maybe a little spit up).

She and her husband Dan started dating when they played opposite each other in their high school’s production of “Zombie Prom.”  He was the zombie, she was his girlfriend, and they’ve been duet partners ever since!  (Seriously, take a listen.)

After graduating from Northwestern University (Go ‘Cats!), she landed her dream job as a political fundraiser, planning events for local politicians and even a few presidential hopefuls.  Since then, she’s traded in the glamorous life of wining and dining for a life of bottles and baby food, and she hasn’t looked back!

After their Fourth of July wedding in 2009, Chelsea and her husband crossed the cheddar curtain and moved from northern Illinois into southeastern Wisconsin.  And while their drivers’ licenses may now be green and gold, their blood still runs Chicago Bears blue and orange.  She can’t agree with Heather on everything…

Heather interjection:  I literally laughed out loud when I read this, Chelsea.  (Prompting some “what’s so funny?” from the girls.)  Good thing I’m JUST NOW DISCOVERING THIS! 🙂

Personal Faith

But there is one thing they definitely can agree on.  Just like Heather, Chelsea is a daughter redeemed by the precious blood of Christ.  She became a follower of Christ at a very young age when a dear Sunday School teacher shared the gospel with her.  Since that day, she has been on a journey of grace, falling more deeply in love with Jesus through the mountains and valleys that come with this life.

She and her husband consider themselves crazy blessed to be a part of Crossway Community Church (where they met Heather and Cameron).

Heather Interjection:  If you have questions about Christianity or want to hear some really amazing Biblical teaching, download and listen to a sermon.  It’s life changing.  Seriously.  #myexperience

God has used Crossway to teach Chelsea that in a season of endless poopy diapers, dirty dishes, and loads of laundry, the gospel allows her keep on loving her family because Christ loved her first.   She is ever-so-thankful that her identity isn’t rooted in her homemaking or parenting skills, but fully rooted in Christ and his work on the cross!

Challenges of Motherhood

While some moms will tell you that they love the newborn stage, Chelsea would tell you it’s been a real struggle for her.  She has fought (and is still fighting) through the thick fog of food allergies, reflux and breastfeeding battles with her own incredible infants.

Along the way, though, she has learned how to advocate for her babies, and she hopes her story will encourage other moms who find themselves in similar situations.

She has also entered the new (to her) territory of Toddler Land and is excited to take you along on her journey.  You’ll have a front row seat as she navigates through the goods, the bads and the just-plain-grosses of the terrific twos!  (One of her biggest pet peeves is scaring mamas with terms like “terrible twos,” so it’s the “terrific twos” around these parts.)

Outside of Incredible Infant

When she’s not writing for Incredible Infant, she loves spending time with her family (including her FOUR ridiculously beautiful sisters), snuggling her boys, and sipping on large Mickey D’s diet cokes.

She has a real heart for women’s ministry and uses her God-given talent to write for women’s events at her church and for her own blog, Daughter Redeemed.    

Chelsea’s Articles

Chelsea's articlesI’m unbelievably excited to have Chelsea on board here as a monthly columnist.

I have always found her writing entertaining, encouraging and helpful. (Sigh.  I can’t think of an “e” word…#alliterationaddict)

All of her articles will have the “Chelsea” graphic shown here in them.  So you can play “I-Spy” and track them all down when you’re awake at 3am.


You could just use this list.  *wink*


  1. Hi..I would like to know the diet plan that Chelsea followed while fighting against baby’s CMP n other allergies….as my 5 mth old baby has similar issue…n so i m on dairy /soy/wheat/seafood/egg free…gluten free diet.

    Pls. Help!!!

    • I’m so sorry to hear your little one is suffering from allergies. It’s so tough when you’re in the thick of it!

      I’m planning to do a post on this in the future, but in the meantime…here are some freebie tips 😉

      You may already have the list of all dairy ingredients, but just in case you don’t, this was super helpful to me when shopping:

      My diet consisted of mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat (LOTS of meat!), gluten-free pasta corn tortillas/tortilla chips.

      For dinner, I found that using cheese as a condiment was helpful. For example, I’d make gluten-free spaghetti (Ronzoni brand was by far the best in my opinion) and my husband would put parmesan on his, but I wouldn’t put any on mine. Or for tacos, he’d have cheese, and I’d do guacamole. Guacamole and hummus were staple items for me and give a similar texture to cheese. Instead of butter, I used Earth Balance Soy Free butter spread.

      For breakfast, I ate fruit and either gluten-free oatmeal or gluten-free Chex cereal with almond milk pretty much every day. I used almond milk, but found that I’d get sick if I had too much of it, so I never drank it as a beverage. I just used it with cereal and when baking.

      For lunch, I’d often eat a plate of tortilla chips guacamole, lettuce, tomato, olives, onions or a hummus platter with carrots, cucumbers, etc, or salads with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar as dressing. I would also eat tuna, chicken, turkey. Most tuna has soy, but the tuna in water does NOT.

      For dessert, I rarely ate ice cream because dairy free is SO expensive, but when I did indulge, I would get coconut ice cream and put chocolate syrup on top (dairy/soy free!). From everything I’ve read, soy lecithin/cocoa butter doesn’t cause any allergies, so I would eat things with those ingredients…including some brands of chocolate chips. (I’m not a doctor, though, so make sure you check with your child’s doctor first!)

      A lot of the chain restaurants now have allergen menus. I could find something to eat at most chains using those menus. Usually steak…I know, rough 😉

      As moms, we’re often so wrapped up in our babies’ health that we forget about our own. So please please please make sure that you’re talking to your own doctor about your diet. He/she may want you to take certain vitamins while you’re on a restricted diet. Mine wanted me on a daily multi-vitamin and additional calcium, but that may be different from you.

      I hope this helps a bit! You’re doing great, mama. And remember…if for some reason the diet doesn’t work out and you need to switch to formula…you’re still doing great. Hang in there!

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