I ♥ Honesty

Privacy Policy - Working Baby

Yes, we really do have to talk about this legal stuff.

There are few things you should know about me and this blog.

If you’re looking for my email privacy policy, look no further.

Firstly, I’m not a doctor.   I’m not a nurse.  I’m not a pharmacist, phlebotomist, hematologist, zoologist, or a dentist.   I have no long list of capital letters after my name.

I do, however, like to research.  I use online medical journals, medical books, and personal interviews to gather information about medical topics pertaining to newborns, babies, and infants.

Occasionally I will request my father-in-law (an ER doctor of 25+ years) or my sister-in-law (a nurse practitioner) to review an article to provide insight and check facts.  If I use them, I’ll list them as an article resource.

When in doubt, give Doc a shout!

I also TRY REALLY HARD to cite my medical sources, so you can check my phraseology and facts if you want to. Look for them at the bottom of posts where applicable.

All this to say that I cannot give you any medical advice about your baby.  If you have a medical question, seek someone with a medical degree.

This Blog Provides for My Family

The only reason I’m able to stay at home with my kids while my husband works is because of my baby websites.

As much as I LOVE doing what I’m doing (writing, researching, and interacting with parents all over the world), it’s pretty time-consuming.  It eats up time that I could be spending taking my kids out to the park, taking them to gymnastics lessons, spending time with my husband, or folding laundry reading.

It was clear in 2007 that I needed to either figure out how to work from home, or leave the house for the workforce.  We decided to give online writing a chance first.  And I’m so thankful we did. 

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, check out my post 20 Ways to Work at Home without Selling for some possible WAHM ideas.

So, to be 100% upfront and honest with you, let me share the ways this blog provides a secondary income for my family.

Affiliate Income

Occasionally when I’m discussing a particular product, I’ll use a special link that gives me a “finders fee” for referring readers to a particular website. You should assume every outward link on this website is an affiliate link.  If it isn’t then I’ve screwed up somewhere. 🙂


On occasion companies will pay me to write a sponsored post about their product or service. If a post is sponsored, it will say so at the top.

Friends don’t let friends do fake endorsements.

Suggesting you spend your hard earned money on something I wouldn’t buy myself, give at a baby shower, or recommend to my sister, is not how I do things.

Companies who sponsor me to write take my opinions at their own risk. I’m not going to pretend your “Baby Chef Knife Teether Toy” is a good product. (So if you make those, you probably don’t want to pay me to write a sponsored post about it.)

Companies interested in sponsoring posts can drop me a line and we’ll talk shop. 🙂