What is Incredible Infant?

What You Need to Know About Incredible Infant Welcome!

You’ve landed your pretty little fingers on the 2nd-born brain-child of Heather Taylor.

Incredible Infant was born in 2013 after I decided that my first-born website (2007), called The Essential Infant Resource for Moms was moving into spinsterhood and needed to be replaced.

You can still pay the EiR a visit, in its lonely corner of cyberspace, but like 26-year-old Disney Park Princesses, it’s been reduced to playing the role of “Old Villain” and will eventually fade into nothingness.  (It’s a cruel, cruel world wide web.)

This shiny, new website, however, is guaranteed to last forever.  (Or at least until the Cylons take over.)

Why Incredible Infant Exists

Because I get emails like these:

Am I turning out to be a dumb mom? or just a normal ‘new mom’? Please help or give me some insight.


At 37 I thought I would instinctively know what is right or wrong and what my little man needs from me.


I’m suffering from Post Partum Depression due to my lack of being able to help her like a “good mom” should. …I don’t know what to do (she cries constantly) and my doctor’s office is no help at all! They make me feel dumb for calling all the time with questions.

These are the emails that keep me rise-and-shining at 5am, when every bone in my night-owl body is screaming to sleep til 8.

Since I can’t really hug these moms and dads (yes, I get dad emails too) I have to do the next best thing: use my nimble fingers on the keyboard to offer encouragements…suggestions…hope. 

Parenting is by far the hardest job in the world.  And it’s fifty times as hard when you feel like you’re doing it all alone.

The 4 Goals of Every Post

Let me pull back the curtain, put my serious hat on, and reveal the four goals I have with every post:

  • Provide factual, well-researched information about a particular topic that new parents care about, will find interesting, and isn’t found on other (boring) baby sites.
  • Sprinkle every post with humor so that it’s actually FUN to read from beginning to end.
  • Make you feel comfortable enough to comment on posts; pointing out things I missed, adding suggestions I never thought of, and thereby adding value for other searching, suffering parents.
  • Be so entertainingly helpful that you will think, “DANG, GIRLFRIEND!” and share that post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites and giving hope to another exhausted parent. 

It’s a simple plan, really.

Be the baby site you always hoped to find.
Over-deliver on all your expectations.

Gathering Around the Coffee Table:
The Incredible Infant Team

I discovered recently that over 6 million visitors walk through the Incredible Infant cyber-door every year. 


Did I run all those numbers again, to make sure?

Yes. (Math and I aren’t friends.)

Did I call my husband in a panic and tell him that  I needed to “re-edit every article on this site because people are actually reading these things, and now the world knows just how crazy our family is, and why didn’t you stop me from sharing my shoplifting story…  And poo jokes!  I told poo jokes!” ?


Did the kids and I do some Gangham Style-ing in the living room?

Abso-freaking-lutely.  (Because the Taylors aren’t anything if but 12 years behind the times.)

After the dance-off (Elena won, that girl is a Gangham goddess), came the tidal wave of “my gosh I’m drowning in work” stage.

Reality is a cruel mistress.

But God, on the other hand, always comes through with his promise to give me “All that I need for life and godliness” and he knew that I was most CERTAINLY not having a “godly” attitude with 4 hours of sleep every night.

So He saw fit to financially bless this website and enable me to hire some pretty awesome moms to help me carry this mission of encouraging new parents.

Which was a perfect fit to the 2nd mission of this website:  to provide additional income to moms who want to stay at home with their kids.

There are really two teams of women who make this website work.

Since I’m in both teams (like Jean-Claude Van Damme in this video) I’ll go first.

Heather Taylor: Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO)

Heather Taylor This is me.  I’m not to terribly interesting, but if you’re bored I spill my guts here.

The main summary (for you sleepyheads!) is this…

  • I grew up in Iowa and now live in Wisconsin.  (Go Pack!)
  • I’m married to my favorite man in the world. (Sorry, Dad.)
  • We have three beautiful and precious girls, ages 11, 8, and 5.
  • We have two male shih tzus. (You know, for balance.)
  • I LOVE writing and connecting with other mothers online.  (This means you.)

I also completely fail the Blogger Stereotype Test, yet here I am…blogging.  #rebel

The Git’r Done Team

It takes a lot of work every week to keep things organized and running smoothly. Since I’m not doing this blog full time, I rely on a team of incredible other “full-time-moms, part-time-helpers” to keep things moving.   God brought them along at just the right time, for just the right purposes.

Don’t forget.  These are part-time workers.  I’m not running a Fortune 500 company here, people.  We are talking about 5-10 hours a week.  After all, these ladies have a lot of important work to do (kids to raise, meals to cook, etc.)  I’m thankful for every second they offer.

Jenny Blake:  Agent of Awesomeness

Jenny BlakeJenny is my OLDER sister.  She’s seen me at my worst (when I cut holes in her favorite sweater), and at my…worst.  🙂

As my sister, she can hold my feet to the fire and say things (“Heather, I totally don’t get what you’re talking about there.”) and be all kinds of offensive because she knows we will always work it out. (Or Mom will kills us.)

Next to Cameron, she’s the person that makes me laugh the most.  I’m so thankful for all her help.  She’s an unbelievably important piece of this whole puzzle.

Amy Potts:  Certified Sleep Consultant

Meet Amy Potts!I’ve known Amy Potts for at least 5 years, and the word that always pops to the front of my mind with her is kind.

She is literally the sweetest person I’ve ever met.  And not in the oh-my-gosh-I-want-to-vomit-this-is-so-fake type of sweet.  She’s so humble and genuine that you know it’s the real 24-carat deal.  

That was one of the many reasons I approached her 2015 and asked if she would join me in becoming a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach.  The process is exhausting and intensive, but she succeeded and officially received her fancy-pants certificate in January, 2016.

She and I work together to overcome even the toughest sleeping challenges.  I’m confident we can help you, which is why we have a 110% Money-Back Guarantee.

We will get your baby sleeping better, or we pay you. 

We are crazy confident.  Obviously, I can’t offer this deal if we don’t have an amazing track record in helping exhausted parents just like you.  

Click here to see how we will fix this sleeping thing once and for all.

Alicia Hess: Rockin’ Researcher

Awesome AliciaAlicia Hess, also a mother of four, and I were first introduced last year and became fast friends.  In fact, my 5-year-old Bella and her Luke informed us both last week that they are going to get married and move to Texas. (Luke wants to be a cowboy.)

Friends now, family in 15 years.  Score! 🙂

Alicia helps me manage advertising requests, recall alerts, and social media content  I am so thankful for her help!

Lauren Hengeveld: Art Director

LaurenLauren Hengeveld is the mother of two precious boys:  Ivan (3) and Abraham (5 mo.) Besides running around after those two adventurers, she’s also the Art Director here at Incredible Infant.

In her pre-baby job she was a senior graphic designer for Crate and Barrel, creating gorgeous packaging and surface patterns for products in their catalogs.  You might even have some of her work in your home! 🙂

Naturally, I scooped her up as soon as I could! I’m so blessed to have her on the team!

Christi Bennett: Graphic Designer & Writer

Christi BennettChristi is another SAHM and brilliant graphic designer that I have been blessed to get to know through church and mutual friends.

Besides writing the occasional guest post, Christi also took over creating the graphics for article posts in November.

They look soooo much better with her eye on the helm of the creative process!

Rachael Dadabo: Rockin’ Researcher

The Talented Rachael Dadabo! Rachel Dadabo, mother of four ages 6 months to 9 years, has quickly become my secret writing weapon.

She loves to research things, and is the hidden talent behind the baby wearing series, baby shower party posts, and all kinds of other articles that require in-depth research.

The Wondrous Writing Team

Besides myself, there is a group of other SAHM moms who write regular posts for you to enjoy on Incredible Infant.  

Each of them have a theme or subject that they will mostly be concentrating on, but I’m not going to tell you what those are, because I’m mean it’s more fun this way. 🙂

Read their articles and see if you can guess!

The Most Important
Incredible Infant Team Member

…is you.

You, my friend,  make this whole thing work.

You tell me if I screw up something. (And I fix it.)

You comment if a post touched and encouraged you.  (And I do a happy dance.)

You send me adorable pictures.  (And I gush over them. Seriously. My girls’ favorite thing about this blog are your baby pictures.)

You ask me questions.  (And Rachael and I research answers and turn it into a blog post.)

 Without you, this blog would be nothing but an exhausting hobby. 

Thank you.

Thanks for subscribing.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for commenting.

Thanks for making this blog better.

I sincerely hope it can be mutual.

I hope we can help you feel like a better, more confident parent.

And perhaps, if we’re lucky, even give you a few extra smiles. 🙂


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  1. Christy M says:

    love this so far!!

  2. oh my gosh!

    first of all I don’t even have a kid, but I am sooo loving this blog of yours. I guess that speaks volume about 1. my insatiable nerdiness, and 2. how great of a blogger you are.

    not meaning to suck up but you know what I mean….I’m gonna save this blog url and visit til I get some young uns of my own, after which I’d probably not have time nor energy to read here….so either that or I become a spinster and a forever fan haha 🙂

    • Wow Dianne! Now I’m all blushing! Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoy it! And when your time comes, and you have questions about green poop and leaky boobs, I hope you can jump right in! On the other hand, if you’re reading it already, you’ll probably be an OLD PRO by then!! 🙂 Thanks friend! 🙂

  3. Forget the Cylons: Did you hear that Google just bought Boston Dynamic? And changed their name to Skynet? (jk…for now, at least)

  4. Brenda Martinez says:

    I just want to say I am in AWE of your blog! Lucky to have come across it. Easy to navigate, fun (and funny) to read, and your advice is spot on! You also show respect and appreciation for all types of comments, even if you don’t agree with them. Thanks for creating an awesome resource for new moms!

  5. Melinda says:

    Hi Heather
    Have you considered putting a paypal donate button on your page, for those of us who are so thankful for your help that we want to return the favour. Your time, commitment and love are obvious in these pages. I would swing you a 20 right now 🙂 (mulitpy that by 2500 and you have a brilliant income/career/vocation).
    Thanks and take care of yourself too

    • haha! You are sweet Melinda! I appreciate the offer. How about we make a deal? If you want to support what I’m doing here, you could purchase The Milestone Marker or sign up for the Napping Know-How Webinar. That way we are supporting each other. You get something tangible and useful, and I get to continue working on this wonderful blog to encourage parents and support my family. A win-win! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for posting information on acid reflux. I found the information, as well as the mom posts and responses extremely helpful. My son suffers from silent reflux. We had previously tried similac advanced, similac sensitive, nutramigen, alimentum, and similac total care. We changed from Dr. Browns bottles to MAM for gas and colic and since our son has a lip tie, this was the best bottle for him. We also started seeing a chiropractor, and gave him powder probiotics in his bottle for a few weeks. His doctor first prescribed him Zantac, but then we switched to Axid. And after feeling like I was going to lose my mind from my screaming newborn who appeared in constant pain and discomfort, I came across this website and read through each and every post related to this article to try and figure out a solution for our son. It was helpful to read the experiences of the other moms, as well as Heather’s encouraging feedback. We switched to Enfamil AR and thank God this has been very helpful! He truly seems like a happy baby now- finally!! Huge improvement so far! We saw changes after 2 days of switching formulas. Good luck to all the moms of reflux babies! I can finally see the light! 😉

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