3 Hocus Pocus Tips to Overcome the “Witching Hour”

3 Hocus Pocus Tips for Witching Hour

The following is a guest post provided by Holly Klaassen.  Thanks Holly for sharing your expertise on fussy babies with us here at Incredible Infant! If you’ve had a baby for...I don’t know...more than about 3 hours, you have very likely experienced the ‘witching hour’. If you’ve managed to escape this joy, here’s a brief description: It’s the period between about 5pm and midnight where ... [Continue Reading]

What Every Parent Should Know About Flying with a Baby

Flying with a Baby

It's one thing to take a long your baby on a long car ride. It's a completely new nightmare to enclose your infant in 2x2 space and tell him he can't move for several hours while sitting in a capsule with hundreds of complete strangers. Strangers who all seem poised to mark up some "Parent Evaluation Form" the flight attendants must pass out when you land. It's nerve wracking. Today ... [Continue Reading]

Free is Fun: An Uncommon Giveaway for Baby, Mom, Dad, & Home!

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Confession:  I haven't bribed my wonderful readers in months. *tear* In deathly fear of the Blogging Nazi, who decrees ALL blogs must have giveaways (No readers for you!), I humbly submit this post. *insert halo over head* Rocky over at Uncommon Goods....(sidenote: I'm so glad his name is Rocky.  It would be bad advertising, I think, to work at Uncommon Goods and have a name like ... [Continue Reading]

Does Your Baby Have Sleep Apnea?

Baby Sleep Apnea

Does this sound familiar?  The doctor has told you he doesn't need to eat at night anymore. You've been working through the Sleep Shuffle.  You've avoided all the typical sleep coaching mistakes.  And yet he STILL is waking up multiple times at night. You feel hopeless. Exhausted. Lost. ....hold on... Is that Heather?!  Standing at the bottom of the Exhaustion Abyss with a ... [Continue Reading]

10 Stylish Easter Outfits for a Well-Dressed Baby


There's something really satisfying about well-dressing my children. It's like putting a nice frame on the Mona Lisa.  You know the masterpiece stands by itself, but you just can't help drawing attention to it anyway. That said, I will confess to you, dear friend, that Isabella is running around the house today with a rat's nest hair-tangle the size of Texas on the back of her head, and I ... [Continue Reading]

A Day in the Life of a 9-12 Month Old

A Day in the Life of a 9-12 Month Old

Oh, the joys of being 10 months old! You get to discover all kinds of new ways to drive Mom crazy.   Things like: emptying every cabinet, basket, and drawer that's not already baby proofed. holding the spoon by himself, and watching the food fly, and fly, and fly... pulling off his socks at every opportunity And plenty of other fun (video-worthy) milestones you'll definitely want ... [Continue Reading]

Which Convertible Car Seat is Best For My Baby and My Vehicle?

Which Car Seat is Best? http://www.incredibleinfant.com

The time has come. He's about to burst out of the newborn carrier, and your right arm has gotten so strong you're accidentally walking in circles. It's time to move him out of the carrier and into a convertible car seat (a car seat that can face forwards or backwards). But there are hundreds of convertible car seats out there. How do you know which is the safest, and the most ... [Continue Reading]

The Fast & Furious Route to a Perfect Nap Routine

The Fast & Furious Route to a Perfect Nap Routine

Babies = Chaos.  A loveable chaos...but still chaos. *whispering* What if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way? That you can spot a kind of loose rhythm to your baby's cues that will save yourself a world of worry and pain  later on in the day? I'm going to share the typical daily baby napping routines that you can use as a road map to follow your baby's signals all the way ... [Continue Reading]

Safety Spotlight: Playtex Infant Carrier “Hip Hammock” Recalled


Every month I dig around and pull out the most recent baby product recalls and organize them into downloadable documents and email them to my subscriber list. One particular recall caught my eye and I've decided to make it my "Safety Spotlight" of the month. The product is the Playtex Hip Hammock Infant Carrier, and over 300,000 are being recalled in the US and 36,000 in Canada. The ... [Continue Reading]

34 Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Baby’s First Year

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas

Last month the kids and I discovered an entirely new giggle-worthy Dr. Seuss book called Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  (We were surprise, surprise making an oobleck.) Every child needs at least one Dr. Seuss book on the nursery shelf.  He's an icon of childhood. Reading those books to your baby is like a creativity christening. The good doctor would have turned 110 on March 2nd, so in ... [Continue Reading]