The One Simple Thing We Can Do to Save More Premature Babies

November is Prematurity Awareness Month.   Despite this title, though, it is NOT a way to bring awareness to the awkward Uncle Joe who's always asking you to pull his finger at holiday gatherings.  (You're confusing that with Immaturity Awareness Month, which I believe starts on April 1st.) It IS to bring awareness to the fact that the US is 6th with the highest number of premature ... [Continue Reading]

36 Sweet Ideas for a Sugar and Spice Baby Shower

A fall due date has its advantages… Cute and comfy maternity clothes. Hilarious Halloween costumes. A guilt-free slice of pumpkin AND apple pie at Thanksgiving. And adorable fall-themed baby showers like the dream “Sugar and Spice” shower I'm sharing with you today! The sights, smells and flavors of fall perfectly fit this girlie-girl theme. So throw another log on the fire, grab ... [Continue Reading]

7 Simple Mistakes That Will Ruin Baby’s First Thanksgiving

It's your baby's first Thanksgiving! Your baby will be the center of attention, being gushed over in every corner of the room by relatives who've been waiting months to see your little protégé. It's a combination of excitement and nervousness.  It's your debut as a parent, and you want everything to go perfectly. Every parent has felt that anticipation...and eventually watched it crumble ... [Continue Reading]

Could an Adoption Be in Your Future?

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, something very near and dear to my heart.  I have two adopted nephews and an adopted niece whom I love dearly.  I've asked a guest writer, Kristie Nixon, who has working through her own adoption story for the past few years, to shed some more light on this life-changing process.   When you hear the word, "adoption," what kinds of feelings pop ... [Continue Reading]

The Free Baby Samples You’re Probably Not Getting (But Should Be)

The first thing I do when I see the word "free" is to search for the asterisk. You know, this thing: * The thing that says "we're not telling you everything, but am banking on the fact you're going to miss this little star-doohickey and forget to read the fine print at the bottom."  Go back and read the title of this post again.  Notice the lack of a snowflake. That's because I really ... [Continue Reading]

7 Simple-Yet-Brilliant Ways to Reuse Empty Baby Wipe Containers

What do you do with baby wipe containers once the wipes have all been used?  I’m guessing you throw them away.    Am I right? I know that my baby wipe containers always end up in the trash.  100% of the time. What else am I supposed to do with them? In fact, I purposely buy wipes in those soft travel packs (you know, these ones) so that they take up less space in the trash can.  Should I ... [Continue Reading]

How to Earn $775.55 While Doing Your Holiday Shopping

It's a billion times easier to spend money than it is to save it. Normally. But I've discovered a way to save money while spending it.   Sounds fishy, right? Like I'm about to introduce a Timeshare or something. Nope.  It's legit.  You make purchases online, and money gets placed in a savings account, college fund, or even a "Let's Head to Vegas" check to cash. Since money ... [Continue Reading]

27 Cures for Mommy Cabin Fever

Let's do a quick health check. Are you showing any of these symptoms? You caught yourself looking longingly out the window and dreaming of a Hawaiian getaway at least 20 times in the last hour. You haven’t showered since…. um… wait, what day is today? You accidentally woke your child up from his nap because you were dancing and singing the Hallelujah chorus a little too loudly when he ... [Continue Reading]

How Judgmental Are You, Really? (A Simple Quiz to Find Out)

First impressions.  They happen. It's impossible to NOT have first impressions about people. Our brains are wired to do them automatically.   It's tied to the whole "Fight/Flight" response. For example, if I was walking down the street and I saw Jason in a hockey mask wielding a chainsaw, my first impression would say "This person isn't looking for a hug."  (Probably saving my ... [Continue Reading]

23 Parents Nailing the “Homemade Baby Costume” Thing

There are two types of parents in the world. Those who have a craft area in their home. And those who don't. I'm quite firmly entrenched in the second category.  I bought my first glue gun last month.  I'm 37.  Why did I make this  purchase? Because my BLASTED sister introduced Isabella to the wonderful world of Creative Galaxy on Netflix and now my 5-year-old knows that things ... [Continue Reading]