Do Cradle Cap Products Really Work? (It’s Testing Time.)

Cradle Cap Products: Do they Work?

Cradle cap. Also known as (to myself) scale scalp, dragon dandruff, funky flakes, and newbie noggin. It's yellowish.  Crusty.   And very common. It's also harmless (except to your ego). I remember Elena's cradle cap being so bad that I made her wear a hat every day. I may have looked like the world's most sun-sensitive helicopter mom, but in reality I was just  tired of the look of ... [Continue Reading]

Our Baby’s Milk Protein Allergy: How We Battled the Big Bad Milk Monster – and Won

Our Baby's Milk Protein Allergy: How We Battled the Big Bad Milk Monster and Won -

The following post was written by the wonderfully talented Chelsea Stanley. Chelsea is an Incredible Infant monthly columnist, sharing her parenting struggles and offering encouragement to moms in similar situations.  Get to know her better. Once upon a time in the land of brats and cheese, a mama and her baby set off on a long journey. They'd sail through a river of green poo, trek ... [Continue Reading]

5 Photo-Worthy Baby Spring Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Photo-Worthy Baby Clothing Trends You Don't Want to Miss!

It's been kinda exciting around my house recently. On Monday I walked outside and saw a brownish greenish patch of land in my backyard. At first, I thought it may have been a "dog spot", but on closer inspection (but not too close) I realized that, yeppers, there was no snow on that spot. As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, a Home Depot commercial came on during The Big Bang ... [Continue Reading]

The ABC’s of Moving Your Baby to One Nap (Without Losing Your Mind)

The ABC's of Moving Your Toddler to One Nap (Without Losing Your Mind)

Sometime between 15 and 18 months, your child will go through a major napping adjustment. It's a weird time. Some days he's a happy bubbly little guy that just doesn't seem tired for his  morning nap - but MY GOODNESS what a monster he becomes around dinner time! Or there are days where it seems he'll fall asleep anywhere. It feels like you're gambling with your family's ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Bonus! What Parenthood Does For Your Taxes

Baby Bonus! What Parenthood Does for Your Taxes -

The Tax-Man cometh... ...and three things are about to happen. My psychic powers really shine here.  AHEM.   *finger to temple* *adjusts turban* Option A:  You will get a big refund check. If this is you, you're being ripped off.  (Surprised? Check out Money Tip #3.) Option B:  You will get a small refund check. Option C:  You will have to send the IRS a check. ... [Continue Reading]

19 Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas You’ll Love

19 Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas You'll Love -

Several months ago I was asked why there aren't any party planning posts for baby showers. After all, the First Birthday Series continues to be one of our most popular series! The reason is simple, really. I didn't think of it.  Never. Even. Occurred to me. You subscribers. You're the true brains of this whole outfit. In your honor, I humbly submit this:  our very first baby ... [Continue Reading]

Having a Bad Mom-Day? Read This.

Having a Bad Mom Day?  Read This.

I’m a proud sponsored blog partner and happy panelist for the Sisterhood of Motherhood program.  That said, I’m pretty pigheaded about being told what to do, so all the opinions shared are 100% authentic “Heather” thoughts.  Keep reading for additional disclosure.   I was a perfect parent.   ...and then I actually HAD KIDS. Then it all went to *foghorn sound*. I've shared some of ... [Continue Reading]

Wraps, Slings, Carriers, Oh My! How to Pick Your New Favorite Parenting Gadget

Wraps, Slings, & Carriers Oh My! How to Pick Your New Favorite Parenting Gadget

  A couple of weeks ago I talked about why babywearing should be kicked out of the crunchy moms category. ALL parents can benefit from carrying their baby once in a while. Sometimes it's about the baby. I babywear to soothe King Crankpants during the dreaded "witching hours" of 6-9pm.   Sometimes it's about the parents. Hands.  They're nice.   The obvious problem here is choosing ... [Continue Reading]

25 Secrets to Rekindle Romance on a Diet of No Sleep

25 Secrets to Rekindle the Romance on a Diet of No Sleep -

Does the thought of a little romance for Valentine's Day leave you yawning? Well, peel away the crust from your sleep-deprived eyes. I'll be cupid. Just for the day. (And without the cloth diaper.) After 6 weeks of a doctor-induced "no fly zone" across the bed, it can be a challenge to kick-start the intimacy that made your bundle of joy in the first place. Let's go through your ... [Continue Reading]

7 Reasons Babywearing Isn’t Just for Crunchy Moms

7 Reasons Babywearing Isn't Just for Crunchy Moms -

As I stated last week, I'm on a mission to break down the us/them mentality that sucks the peace out of motherhood. We need to stop reaching for parenting categories, and instead hold out a hand to the parents themselves; no matter which category they are in. Take, for example, babywearing. Traditionally, wearing your baby during the day is seen as "crunchy" - for a specific category of ... [Continue Reading]