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Incredible Infant is growing up! We are blossoming into a whole new website:  MightyMoms.club Finally!!  :-) We may not have a treehouse or a "No Boys Allowed" sign (we love our men!) but we will have what all good clubs want:  FUN! This means we're going beyond our usual fare of baby articles and expanding to include other topics ... [Continue Reading]

Your First Getaway: How to Confidently Leave Your Baby Behind

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of a summer getaway? Just think of the possibilities. You could... Relax on the beach. Read a whole book. Eat a meal in peace. Enjoy your husband without interruption. Please girl, you could take a nap! Sounds like paradise, doesn't it? I know what you're thinking. "Yes, it sounds lovely in theory...but I'm a mom.  How on earth am I ... [Continue Reading]

How I Plan to Make Father’s Day Extra Epic This Year

Dads are pretty important. Besides being hilarious and creative in their parenting approach, they are a valuable source of wisdom and encouragement for us and our kids.  #YouDaRealMVP That said, they can be incredibly frustrating to buy for.  Hence all the "Dad Gift" stereotypes: A tie A wallet A hat or baseball cap Some picture to put up in his cubicle There's nothing wrong ... [Continue Reading]

GIVEAWAY: 4 Reasons Keeping a Baby Journal is a Brilliant Idea

Do you know one of the first lessons Amy and I teach our sleep coaching clients? Keep a baby journal.  It is one of the biggest littlest things you can do to improve your baby's sleep, your sanity, and everything in between. Today we're partnering up with Duo Diary to give away two Mama & Baby Health Diaries. These diaries not only will help you track your baby's health and sleep, ... [Continue Reading]

Bayboo: A New Level of Fabulous

There's always this one thing of baby gear that sneaks up on you. One day, in the midst of all the chaos, you suddenly realize that life would be a whole lot more difficult if it weren't for this one thing. Well, today I've got a one thing that will amp your Fabulous Life Level up to 11. It's a baby blanket. No, wait.  It's a swaddle wrap. No, wait.  It's a nursing cover. No, ... [Continue Reading]

DIY: Build a Baby Car Kit in 3 Easy Steps

Has this ever happened to you before? You're out running errands, when baby feels the urge to empty his tummy of everything he's ever eaten. Suddenly you find yourself in the bathroom, searching your bag for something to mop up your baby, yourself, your diaper bag, and the old lady he unloaded on at the grocery store. At the bottom of the diaper bag, you uncover, like an enthusiastic gold ... [Continue Reading]

What is Your Mothering Style?

The following photos have been used according to the Fair Use Clause, in which I am permitted to use movie stills to comment on the movie in question. In this case, I'm commenting on the personality types of the characters. Congratulations, ladies.  You're about to read the longest post ever written on Incredible Infant. Clocking in at 5370 words, this blasted wonderful article has taken ... [Continue Reading]

Everything Pregnant Mamas Need to Know About the Zika Virus

There's a new disease spreading across the world, causing health officials to sweat bullets. In fact, this article said it could be a bigger threat than Ebola (which killed 11,000 people). It's called the Zika virus.  Have you heard of it? Here's what has got the health officials so nervous: Infected people have no symptoms. There's no vaccine or treatment - prevention is the best ... [Continue Reading]

The Dreaded Doorbell: Hilarious Ways to Avoid the Afternoon Wake Up

You JUST managed to get your active little guy settled down.  His eyes have drooped closed and you tiptoe out of the bedroom with a maniac grin on your face. You're FREEEEEE!!!! Kicking your heels in some absurd Irish jig, you celebrate silently with ridiculous abandon.  Why not?  You worked friggin hard for this silence! And no one's watching, right? Except someone is watching.  It's ... [Continue Reading]

Mamaraderie: The Art of Making Mom Friends

You spy her across the playground as you both sip on your Mickey D's Diet Cokes. On top of your mutual caffeine addiction, you see that you share a love for Vera Bradley and your two-year old boys. "She could be the one!" you think as you begin to imagine the possibilities... Mani/pedis. Coffee and conversation. Someone to watch your toddler so you can stroll through Target in ... [Continue Reading]