5 Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends for Mom & Baby in 2014

5 Fall Fashion Trends for Mom and Baby - http://www.incredibleinfant.com

Feeling a little frumpy? Do all your clothes (and baby's) have spit-up stains on them? Want to freshen up and feel like your old self again? Perfect timing!  Today we're going through 5 of the big fall fashion trends named by Vogue, NYMag, Fashionista, and Elle. Prepare to feel fabulous. Hint: Mom Jeans are still suffering under this Saturday Night Live parody. Avoid. Fall Fashion ... [Continue Reading]

Do You Struggle with the Baby + Toddler Balancing Act?

Do You Struggle with the Toddler + Baby Balancing Act?

Have you seen this quote from Jim Gaffigan? You want to know what it's like having a fourth kid? Imagine you're drowning... then someone hands you a baby. The only change I would make to that quote is to take out the word "fourth," because that's the feeling I had after every kid. It's like your life is suddenly off-kilter.  The nice daily spinning rhythm you worked so hard for is ... [Continue Reading]

How to Overcome Your Baby’s Separation Anxiety

How to Overcome Your Baby's Separation Anxiety

On a scale from 1 to 10, how freaked out does your baby get when you're not with him? Is he a one? Glad you exist, Mom, but I'm totally rocking these toys over here. I'll let you know when I'm hungry, otherwise leave me be. Or is he a ten? Must. Grip. Shirt.  Is she trying to move away? SOUND THE ALERT! *waaaaaaaaaaaaaail* Today we're going to dig into the deep dark scary world of ... [Continue Reading]

The Minimalist Way to Set Up Your Baby’s College Fund

Minimalist Way to Set Up a College Fund

This post was written with the support of Dave Ramsey.  Cameron and I have been using Dave's techniques since we lived in Nashville in 2001. (For once we were actually in the "pre-trendy" category.) They've been a blessing to our family, and I'm sure they will be to yours as well.  Let's do an experiment. I'm going to type out some words, and then you tell me what happens when you read ... [Continue Reading]

The Indiana Jones Guide to Finding the Right Baby Formula

The Indiana Jones Guide to Finding the Right Baby Formula

I've been asked to become a Similac StrongMoms Ambassador to share formula tips with parents.  In fact, they're sponsoring this post and provided me with research.  My opinions, like encouraging all moms to give breastfeeding a try, are completely my own.  Enjoy! Sometimes I like to daydream over what the "unwritten" chapters of a beloved character's ho-hum everyday life would look ... [Continue Reading]

12 Tests That Prove You’re Ready for Parenthood

Ready for Parenthood? Incredible Infant

Have you ever stopped to consider just how completely crazy parenting is? How it must look from the outside looking in? Ever look back at your PK days (pre-kids) and shake your head at just how naïve you were? Last week I was sent a hilarious email from one of my wonderful South African readers, Renêe. (Thanks  Renêe!) It was a collection of four tests to help parents determine whether ... [Continue Reading]

How to Fix the “Baby Not Sleeping” Nightmare

How to Fix the Baby No Sleeping Nightmare

By far the worst part of babyhood is the utter exhaustion. The nightly ritual of dragging yourself from sweet happy slumber into "mom and dad" mode. Walking, feeding, shushing, singing...all to comfort our helpless brood into ssnoozes. We cross our fingers and hope for a "good" night, where we lull them into sleep and they stay that way until morning. My purpose in writing this article ... [Continue Reading]

An Open Letter to Exhausted Moms Everywhere

Open Letter to Exhausted Moms

Okay, show of hands: Who else is sick and tired of vomit, screams, and poop? Anyone?  Anyone? (Bueller?) I know that motherhood is supposed to be the Great High Calling of Femalehood and all that, but some days... ...some days I'm just not feeling it, ya know? Like the day that I wore a shirt with a Poonami stain all over town (because I was carrying Bella on my hip, of course) and ... [Continue Reading]

What’s Your Baby’s Poo Telling You? (Warning: Humor Ahead)

What's Your Baby's Poo Telling You? Http://www.incredibleinfant.com

Last Christmas my husband gave me a little book called What's Your Poo Telling You.  (After fourteen years of marriage...who needs romance? Give me laughs.) What's Your Poo Telling You is informative. It's also disgusting...hilarious...and it has a brown cover. (Details.  They matter.) I keep it in the guest bathroom. Mostly because nothing warms the cockels of my hospitable heart ... [Continue Reading]

Remember the Old Woman in the Shoe? The Twin Scheduling Secrets She Would Have Killed For…

Remember the Old Woman in the Shoe? The Twin Scheduling Secrets She Would Have Killed For

Have you heard the original version of The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe? It goes like this... Not sure why it's the kids'  fault that she had so many kids......but evidently they drove her so batty she starved and beat them. *Way to start off with a downer, Heather...* ACTUALLY, I think that little nursery rhyme should encourage you. No matter how overwhelmed you feel, it's ... [Continue Reading]