The Dreaded Doorbell: Hilarious Ways to Avoid the Afternoon Wake Up

You JUST managed to get your active little guy settled down.  His eyes have drooped closed and you tiptoe out of the bedroom with a maniac grin on your face. You're FREEEEEE!!!! Kicking your heels in some absurd Irish jig, you celebrate silently with ridiculous abandon.  Why not?  You worked friggin hard for this silence! And no one's watching, right? Except someone is watching.  It's ... [Continue Reading]

Mamaraderie: The Art of Making Mom Friends

You spy her across the playground as you both sip on your Mickey D's Diet Cokes. On top of your mutual caffeine addiction, you see that you share a love for Vera Bradley and your two-year old boys. "She could be the one!" you think as you begin to imagine the possibilities... Mani/pedis. Coffee and conversation. Someone to watch your toddler so you can stroll through Target in ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Sunscreen: The Smart Mama’s Guidebook

I'm not a big "Let's Freak Out Over Nothing" kind of mother. But sometimes a few horns need to be honked.   Check out what the Skin Cancer Foundation says... Just ONE blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles a person's chances of developing melanoma later in life. 22% of all children will get a sunburn in their first summer of life. 45% of all children will get a sunburn in ... [Continue Reading]

21 Adorable Infant Swimsuits You’re Going to Gush Over

Have plans to introduce your baby to the wonders of outdoor water this summer? Sure, you could let him run around in a diaper and a really good baby-safe sunscreen, but why would you? For less than two movie tickets, you can cover that tiny tushie with something so charming he'll leave a string of gushing female fans in his wake. Here are my favorite infant and toddler swimsuits that ... [Continue Reading]

Is Your Baby Getting These Key Nutrients In His Baby Food?

Pssssst! What is the greatest secret in parenting? This: We're all winging it. We are tossing out ideas and hoping they stick.  It's a undercover game of trial and error. If I give her this toy, will she stop crying? Does he need a diaper change?  or a bottle? Or, how about this one: If I "accidentally" bump my husband in the leg at 2am, will he do the  feeding?   That's okay most of ... [Continue Reading]

The 7 Most Disgusting Places in Your Home

Let me confess something: I don't change our bedsheets every weekend. I regularly neglect Refrigerator Duty I down-right HATE Window Wednesdays. My home isn't filthy, I regularly disinfect and dust.  (You know, the "standard cleaning" kind of tasks.)  It's just not Mary Poppins Approved kind of clean. I often feel guilty about those "other" cleaning tasks that I struggle to check ... [Continue Reading]

5 Baby Carriers That Deserve More Recognition

It really is unfortunate that mothers only have two arms.  Not to mention you moms out there with sensitive high-needs babies.  You actually have ZERO arms because you're holding someone 24/7. Unless you use a baby carrier, of course. It's like growing a new set of limbs.  Your baby is snug as a bug in a rug holster, while you get to actually get things done. Now, though, you have a new ... [Continue Reading]

Say “I Do” to Your Perfect Birth Provider (Part 2)

This post is part two in a two-part series (ok, so it's more like a mini-series). In Part 1, I talked about using the same care in planning your "birth day" as you would in planning your wedding day. Because you'll remember that day forever. I gave a lot of details and suggestions for how to choose your "wedding coordinator"—i.e. birth provider. So, stop right there! Do not read any ... [Continue Reading]

Stealing Mom-Time: 6 Crucial Tips Your Mother Forgot to Mention

  It's not really your mother's fault, you know. She didn't mean to overlook these tips. How could she know how crazy life would be in the 21st century?  With all these gadgets and gizmos, you'd think the pace of life would simmer down a little. But no.  We're all running around like crazy minions without a master. And don't forget the Sanctimommies.   Those bossy-pants ... [Continue Reading]

How to Fast Track Your Healthy Meal Planning

One of the very first recipes I ever made as a newly domesticated wife was from my Grandmother. Sooo sweet, right?  Except for the fact that my Grandmother was a terrible cook. In in act of insane marital bliss, I chose her "Six Can Casserole" as my chefly debut.  Gonna impress the Hubster of mine, right?  Wrong. Ladies, bask in this culinary brilliance: 2 cans of boned chicken ... [Continue Reading]