Confessions of an Introverted Mom

Confessions of an Introverted Mom -

I'm an introvert. I'm also a mother. These two sides aren't really friendly with each other.  In fact, they seem to pull in separate directions. After all, when you're a mother it's insanely difficult to find "alone time".  (Case in point, the so-called "Bathroom Break".) I've gotten a lot better over the years at finding the balance between accepting my introversion, but not ... [Continue Reading]

5 Smart Ways to Organize the Toys In Your Home

5 Smart Ways to Organize the Toys in Your Home -

T.O.Y.S. Every baby has them. Did you have a baby shower? You were probably given a few baby toys! Has your baby had his first Christmas? He probably received a few new toys!! What about celebrating that special first birthday? Let me guess… she probably received A LOT of new toys!!! Am I right? The toys accumulate so fast that pretty soon they’ve taken over the house. They’re ... [Continue Reading]

Your Baby Isn’t Going to Nap in the Car Unless…

Your Baby Isn't Going to Nap in the Car Unless...

Temperament.  It matters. Yes, in a perfect Pixar world you'd put your baby in the car seat and he'd sleep all the way to Radiator Springs.  (If that's you, congratulations.  You can stop reading.) For the rest of us, though, napping on a road trip is hit or miss.  Today I'm going to share two main approaches to tackling this age-old problem. The first approach I'm calling "The Mater Method". ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Road Trip: The Secrets to a Happy Car Ride {Part 2 ~ Packing Printable!}

Baby Road Trip: Secrets to a Happy Car Ride (Part Two) -

In our last episode of "Tear-Free Travels", we puttered down the highway, visiting the quaint village of Safetyville and sauntering through the rolling hills of Playdom. We completed half the journey.  Today we're going to finish our little adventure. It's time to dry up your baby's monsoon of road trip tears. Our odyssey today is going to carry us to... The Cliffs of ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Road Trip: The Secrets to a Happy Car Ride {Part 1}


Let me predict your future. If I'm right, you have to read the rest of this article. If I'm wrong, I will change 10 up-the-back-into-the-hair dirty diapers for you. * *You will have to arrange my transportation to your home, but I'll bring the wipes! Agreed?   *handshake* Here's the bet: At some point you're going to take your baby on a road trip.   How'd I do?  Ready to ... [Continue Reading]

How to Create a Stylish Nursery Without Lifting a Paint Brush

How to Create a Stylish Nursery Without Lifting a Single Paint Brush -

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “It’s time to decorate the nursery for your little one”? Do you think about buying the crib and changing table? Do you think about hanging a cute saying on the wall? Do you not even know where to begin? It just seems like such an overwhelming process! Well, for many people, it starts with painting the nursery walls – blue ... [Continue Reading]

Extra! Extra! Baby Formula Ditches GMO Ingredients

Baby Formula Ditches GMO Ingredients -

This post was sponsored by Similac, who asked me to share this new formula with my readers because it's worth sharing. For more information on my disclosure policy, check out this über boring interesting post.  Options. A beautiful thing, really. It's nice to  gloss over the yellow gown (which makes me look like a sickly vampire) and choose the vintage flirty blue dress instead. It's ... [Continue Reading]

Ron Swanson’s Top Tips for the Manliest Father’s Day Ever

Ron Swanson's Top Tips for the Manliest Father's Day Ever -

We love moms here at Incredible Infant.  But we’re also BIG fans of dads.  To your baby, Daddy is... tickle monster provider coach protector encourager and ultimate super hero. To you, he’s a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, and a hand to hold. How do you honor such a man? To answer that question, we’ve enlisted the help of the manliest man we know.  The one, ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Sunscreen: The Smart Mama’s Guidebook

A Smart Mama's Guidebook to Choosing a Baby Sunscreen

I'm not a big "Let's Build a Bunch of Hype Over Nothing" kind of person. But sometimes a few horns need to be honked.   Check out what the Skin Cancer Foundation says... Just ONE blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles a person's chances of developing melanoma later in life. 22% of all children will get a sunburn in their first summer of life. 45% of all children will get a ... [Continue Reading]

4 Epic Mom Fails We’ve All Experienced (Or Will Eventually…)

4 Epic Mom Blunders We've All Experienced (Or will eventually)

No matter how perfect we try to be, every now and then we all experience one of those epic mom fails that are just so spectacular that some nosy blogger has to write a post on it. *clearing throat* What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? In an attempt to "make us all stronger," I'm rolling out the top 4 blunders that plague all mothers. If, for some heavenly reason, you've not ... [Continue Reading]