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The Breastfeeding Mamas Guide to an Allergy-Free Diet

The Breastfeeding Mama’s Guide to an Allergy-Free Diet

Do you suck at dieting? Me too. Except for this ONE diet. That diet I rocked, mostly because the stakes were so great. When I found out my baby had milk allergies, I went on an allergy-free diet and never looked back. Do you suspect your baby has allergies? Are you considering switching to an allergy-free diet so you can continue to breastfeed? If you answered yes, then this ... [Continue Reading]

23 Jaw-Dropping Nursery Themes You’ll Want to Peek At

Pop your popcorn!  Grab your fuzzy socks! It's time for the Netflix version of Incredible Infant! All year, the other ladies and I work really hard to deliver thoughtful, well-researched posts to help tired mamas and papas savor (and survive) the baby-stage. This post, though.  This is complete fluff.   There's nothing deeply moving here. (Unless your hormones are in full ... [Continue Reading]

5 Genius Tips from a De-Stressed Mom {with Giveaway!)

Close your eyes for a second and think about this word: Motherhood. Do you see sweet tender moments of cuddling, tickling, and smiles?  Or do you see yourself harried, stressed, and overwhelmed? Life can all too easily start to feel like an upward slog of tasks.  If you're increasingly feeling the pressure of the daily grind, keep reading. This will help.  Pinky-swear promise.   You Need ... [Continue Reading]

So Long Sophie: 8 New Baby Teethers That Will Make You Drool

Ah, Queen Sophie.  Undisputed ruler of Teethington. She's been reigning the baby teether market for decades.  (Seriously.  Do you know even ONE person who doesn't own her?) That crown may be slipping!  There are some new up-and-commers eyeing the throne.   Doth thou hear the drums of an approaching battle?  Is it thou possible a civil war is lingering on the horizon? Which ... [Continue Reading]

How to Decipher the Baby Cough Code: Easy Clues to Follow

You're skipping down the Parenting Road, feeling like you're finally starting to "get" how this whole thing works. And then--out of nowhere --red lights start flashing.  Alarms begin blaring.  It's Panic City, and you're standing there vulnerably naked.  Shocked. Your baby's immune system is under attack.   There's a war going on in there, under those adorable little fat rolls and pudgy ... [Continue Reading]

Rock your Resolutions: A Mommy’s Map to Conquering the New Year

Do you see it out there? Over yonder? Beckoning you on the horizon? The giant 'X' marks the spot: the actual achieving of that elusive goal. But how do you get there? Does this sound a little too familiar? In 2013, you sprinted straight toward your New Years' Resolutions with enthusiasm. But, tired and out of breath, you wore yourself out by February 7th. Womp womp. When 2014 ... [Continue Reading]

Heather’s Favorite Holiday Pinterest Fails of All Time

Many of you already know this, but I'm Martha Stewart's worst nightmare. I'm not crafty, nimble-fingered, or artsy-fartsy.  (I may be the latter half of that phrase, or it could be the dogs.  Like I claimed.) I don't sew.  (Even buttons.) Glitter is a banned substance no amount of having-three-girls will overcome. I own a glue gun, but only because a friend pitied my kids. In fact, I ... [Continue Reading]

The Do’s and Don’ts to Help Your Baby Sleep Away From Home

Some babies are great little travelers.  You could take them across three time zones and they'll just smile and snooze. Other babies...not so much. It's Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. Dr. Banner and the Hulk. To them, WE'RE the ones causing all the hubbub.  Taking them all over the planet, away from their happy places, forcing them to smile at all kinds of strange-faced "relatives" who want to ... [Continue Reading]

10 Delightful Baby Stocking Stuffers Under $8

Let's start this article by addressing the giant elephant in the room: Why bother giving your baby a stocking in the first place? Eh? Eh?  Did I read your mind OR WHAT! That's a fair question.  After all, your baby is 99% clueless when it comes to the holidays, so why go to the trouble of filling up a decorated toe-cover? Two reasons. Taking items out of something (like a holiday ... [Continue Reading]

Rockin’ Around the Felt Christmas Tree: A DIY Baby-Friendly Tree

[sc:KatieTop ] It’s that time of year again!  There's a TON of things to do. Hang up your stockings...wrap all those presents...gulp gallons of hot chocolate...decorate your Christmas tree... ...and then keep your baby from destroying your Christmas tree. #amiright Yes, we all love to make the home warm and cozy and colorful at Christmas time. The atmosphere seems magical with ... [Continue Reading]