22 Solutions for When Your Diaper Pail Smells Like Crap (Literally.)

Are you tired of dunking all the couch cushions in Fabreeze before visitors arrive? Are you weary of the welcoming stench of "A Baby Lives Here" when you walk through the door? Oh, the fecal funk.  Nothing says "welcome to parenthood" like the whiff of sulfur anus in the morning. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to place our offspring's post-digestive matter inside a solid ... [Continue Reading]

18 Baby Halloween Costumes Under $18

Your first baby's Halloween. It's a great holiday, isn't it? You get to dress your baby up in something adorable and then strut around the neighborhood and have people gush over how delightful your offspring is. Oh, and you don't have the share the candy-loot. #winwin (Now that I'm thinking about it, a t-shirt with the phrase "Yes, I made this darling baby." would be totally ... [Continue Reading]

Finding Ped Charming: Is Your Pediatrician a Prince or a Toad?

Once upon a time, you thought you found your “Ped Charming.” It seemed like a match made in Heaven. He got rave reviews from your Facebook friends. The office staff rolled out the red carpet when you came to visit. And…swoon…he was even in-network. But then you tied the knot, and reality sank in. He looked good on paper, but you’re quickly realizing that this story may not have a ... [Continue Reading]

The Mom Revolution You’ll Want to Be a Part Of

I'm going to shatter a rule here. Despite what the title says, I'm not going to start this article talking about a revolution.   *bloggers everywhere faint*   (We'll get to the bloody revolution, people.  Bear with me.) I'm going to start this article talking about a recipe. A recipe every mom knows by heart. Break out your Rachel Ray mixing bowls, slip on a sexy hairnet (I know ... [Continue Reading]

Paging Dr. Right: 7 Questions to Find Your Perfect Pediatrician

You know about the stork, right? The lanky bird who's supposed to drop your baby off on the doorstep? Well, there's another package besides your baby left there as well.  A big heaping steaming pile of decisions. Graco or Chicco? Ergo or Moby? Huggies or Pampers? And those are just the easy ones! Your kid will still graduate if you choose the wrong diaper brand, but there are ... [Continue Reading]

6 Baby Constipation Remedies to Defeat the Nefarious Villain: Backed-Up Bowel

I never realized how obsessed I'd be with poop.  That's one of the sentences I wrote down in Bella's journal describing our trip to see a poop specialist (i.e. pediatric gastroenterologist) three weeks after she was born. Honestly, it's one thing all pre-parents say they will NEVER do, and then promptly forget 3 hours after childbirth. Why the flip-flop? Because we quickly realize that ... [Continue Reading]

How to Handle Family Members Parenting Your Child

The following is a guest post provided by, Melissa Lawrence, co-founder of CloudMom.com  I think the subject of "relatives parenting" is one we can all relate to!  See her full bio at the bottom of the article. Any parent with a large extended family knows this struggle...You’re at a huge family gathering and your child has been spoiled by your parents, your siblings, or extended cousins. ... [Continue Reading]

Ending the Mommy Wars Forever

Instead of handing out diaper bags at the hospital, they should hand out bulletproof vests, camo makeup, and a few defensive surveillance drones. Because when you leave that antiseptic-smelling building with your little bundle joy, you're not just heading home. You're heading into a war zone.  A war zone of opinions. Judgments. Sighs. Rolled eyes. Tsking. You're entering ... [Continue Reading]

It’s Time to Ditch the Baby Scrapbook

Read the words below, and then tell me how those words made you feel. the baby scrapbook Did you feel warm and fuzzy, thinking over all the memories and "firsts" you've captured over the months/years of your child's life? Or did you feel an ache deep in your soul of time lost and memories faded? Did guilt-hit you over the head like a bag of bricks? (Of the non-Lego variety.) Yeah.  Me ... [Continue Reading]

Confessions of an Introverted Mom

I'm an introvert. I'm also a mother. These two sides aren't really friendly with each other.  In fact, they seem to pull in separate directions. After all, when you're a mother it's insanely difficult to find "alone time".  (Case in point, the so-called "Bathroom Break".) I've gotten a lot better over the years at finding the balance between accepting my introversion, but not ... [Continue Reading]