How to Create a Stylish Nursery Without Lifting a Paint Brush

How to Create a Stylish Nursery Without Lifting a Single Paint Brush -

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “It’s time to decorate the nursery for your little one”? Do you think about buying the crib and changing table? Do you think about hanging a cute saying on the wall? Do you not even know where to begin? It just seems like such an overwhelming process! Well, for many people, it starts with painting the nursery walls – blue ... [Continue Reading]

Extra! Extra! Baby Formula Ditches GMO Ingredients

Baby Formula Ditches GMO Ingredients -

This post was sponsored by Similac, who asked me to share this new formula with my readers because it's worth sharing. For more information on my disclosure policy, check out this über boring interesting post.  Options. A beautiful thing, really. It's nice to  gloss over the yellow gown (which makes me look like a sickly vampire) and choose the vintage flirty blue dress instead. It's ... [Continue Reading]

Ron Swanson’s Top Tips for the Manliest Father’s Day Ever

Ron Swanson's Top Tips for the Manliest Father's Day Ever -

We love moms here at Incredible Infant.  But we’re also BIG fans of dads.  To your baby, Daddy is... tickle monster provider coach protector encourager and ultimate super hero. To you, he’s a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, and a hand to hold. How do you honor such a man? To answer that question, we’ve enlisted the help of the manliest man we know.  The one, ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Sunscreen: The Smart Mama’s Guidebook

A Smart Mama's Guidebook to Choosing a Baby Sunscreen

I'm not a big "Let's Build a Bunch of Hype Over Nothing" kind of person. But sometimes a few horns need to be honked.   Check out what the Skin Cancer Foundation says... Just ONE blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles a person's chances of developing melanoma later in life. 22% of all children will get a sunburn in their first summer of life. 45% of all children will get a ... [Continue Reading]

4 Epic Mom Fails We’ve All Experienced (Or Will Eventually…)

4 Epic Mom Blunders We've All Experienced (Or will eventually)

No matter how perfect we try to be, every now and then we all experience one of those epic mom fails that are just so spectacular that some nosy blogger has to write a post on it. *clearing throat* What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? In an attempt to "make us all stronger," I'm rolling out the top 4 blunders that plague all mothers. If, for some heavenly reason, you've not ... [Continue Reading]

19 Memorable Gender Reveal Ideas You’ll Cherish Forever

19 Memorable Gender Reveal Ideas You'll Cherish Forever

  There are three significant dates during pregnancy. The day you discover you're expecting. The day you discover WHAT you're expecting.  (Spoiler: it's human.) The day your little expectation becomes a bawling bundle of reality. We thought it would be fun for all our Future Mom Club Members out there to share some of the most creative ways to  reveal your baby's gender to ... [Continue Reading]

Going There: 5 Steps to Heal After a Disappointing Delivery

Going There: 5 Steps to Heal from a Disappointing Delivery -

They say mothers forget their labor pain. That’s the only way to explain why we’d be crazy enough to birth more babies. Am-I-right, ladies?  But for some mamas, the pain doesn’t go away. No, some wounds are deeper and cut to the heart. Maybe your delivery dreams of having a "shareworthy" birth story were shattered… Maybe you didn’t have time to prepare and the whole thing is lost ... [Continue Reading]

Is it Magic? Hazelwood as an Effective Eczema Remedy for Babies

Hazelwood & Eczema

Hazelaid agreed to sponsor this post and give away multiple hazelwood necklaces for my readers to test and report back on.  All comment reviews and opinions are from either myself or my readers. Is your baby covered with puffy red dots? Did the doctor use the dreaded word ECZEMA at your last well-child visit? I usually restrain myself from using bad language on this blog...but in the ... [Continue Reading]

How to Spot the Early Signs of Autism in Babies & Toddlers

How to spot the early signs of autism in your toddler -

Christopher was 3 years old when it happened. He acted different, played with toys in his own way, and seemed out of touch with the world around him and I didn’t know WHY. After an evaluation, my world went completely upside down. He was autistic.   Looking back at the years prior to this bombshell, the phrase "If only I had known..."  keeps popping up.  So many frustrations would have ... [Continue Reading]

Enter the $660 Sleep-Stakes Giveaway!

Sleepstakes Giveaway

I remember what it's like being a sleep-deprived parent. Grabbing the salt container instead of the sugar for my coffee... Wondering how the stapler got in the freezer... Awkwardly standing in the middle of the grocery store because I couldn't remember why I was there... In honor of these "What the..." moments, we are launching our first ever Sleepstakes Giveaway.  (Get it? ... [Continue Reading]